Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1022

Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai these time has not prepared make a move, the Eddie woods they also fully can deal with a Dark Spirit Temple people who this time attacks in any case, he leaves make a move not to be different. Eddie woods look at in front of him that two Dark Spirit Temple person, he did not suspect that now the Zhao Hai words, by dealings attack his defense area, most were also Expert of one with him with level, but these time actually came two, what most important was, these two person undead he knew that was Expert that in Dark Spirit Temple became famous, it seems like Dark Spirit Temple prepared to suppress him really well, had not been unified Rebel Army by his means. Eddie woods look at two deep voice said :, Devil Witch, the blood bone, has not thought that this your fellow did collaborate unexpectedly? what? you think you to collaborate, can send me in the deathtrap?” The skeleton blood bone smiles said : strangely, „the Eddie woods, we will have how possibly such idea, this time we take such big risk to come attack your here, but we also know that is kills undead by we two strengths you, wanted the severe wound you, that all were easy to do, not?” The blood bone said that also reasonable, risk come from Blood River that he said that on Blood River also don’t know what's the matter, like just attack, but belongs to most primary level attack, Advanced level Blood Spirit Beast, but in these Blood Spirit Beast common situations cannot make a move. Dark Spirit Temple after many years of experiment, summarized a rule finally, if king level other Expert, must through Blood River, likely not cause in Blood River king level Blood Spirit Beast attack, but if were two or over two king level other Expert through Blood River, that may cause in Blood River very much other king level Blood Spirit Beast attack, moreover other attack their king level Blood Spirit Beast, can be king level don't Expert about two times that must cross river. Ten li (0.5km), through king level other Expert, will not cause every other in Blood River other king level Blood Spirit Beast attack, this is also the reason why Rebel Army can defend these many years. Because of this situation, therefore Rebel Army here, only needed every other about ten li (0.5km) to put king level other Expert to assume personal command to be OK, did not need to be worried that the position, will have many king level other Expert attack. Naturally, a place simultaneously through two king level other Expert, will not necessarily meet attack, meets the attack probability, only then about 50%, in other words, the blood bone and Devil Witch together comes the attack Eddie woods, really has the danger, they will have 50% probabilities on Blood River, will receive six other to eight king level Blood Spirit Beast attack, naturally, 50% probability successful passing. But is very obvious, this their luck was good, passing that succeeded. However such as decides time comes the attack Eddie woods Dark Spirit Temple king level Expert to have three, they by the king level Blood Spirit Beast attack probability were increased to Blood River about 80%, if four king level, they will be turned into 100% by the attack probability, in other words, so long as there are four God Rank Expert strong together to get up from Blood River, certainly will receive king level Blood Spirit Beast attack. Because of this, therefore the person of Dark God level, does not dare in the same place, making two God Rank Expert together cross river, that feared that is three not, because, because of 80% by the attack probability, was really too high, but wanted on Blood River by attack king level Expert, basically undead on wound, moreover many of dying, few of wound, even if is wounded to run away to come out, was the wound was very heavy, needs training good long time to be good.

Because this all sorts of reasons add in together, therefore the blood bone will say that they run risks the attack Eddie woods. But two king level Expert, are very difficult King Expert hunting and killing, most can only be the severe wound, therefore the Eddie woods do not fear these two fellows. Yes, the Eddie woods with these two fellows to the war, may be injured very much, must recuperate for a long time, but do not forget, he can returned to Space, so long as his returned to Space, can make Space give him wound treatment, he is almost at any time can complete such as beginning, naturally cannot fear injured. The Eddie woods look at blood bone and Devil Witch they, coldly snorted said :, „the Dark Spirit Temple fellow, is some only will play yin to seek the scheme fellow, you do not want to notice that Rebel Army was unified? I also told you, I will certainly unify Rebel Army.” That Lich looked at Eddie woods one, coldly snorted said :, you think how you have lived today.” Said body of that Lich slowly changes pale, finally integrated Dark mist unexpectedly, but on skeleton blood bone like the Crystal same skeleton, turned into blood red slowly. Then in the hand of blood bone left ghost's head thick-backed great blade, carries on the handle the head of that Malicious Ghost, looks like like momentarily can fly to bite. This Great Blade is also blood red , the back is very thick, to the person the one type of very serious feeling, the hilt is very long, can both hands hold the blade, this blood red Ghost Head Broadsword, understand at a glance that is a extremely powerful fellow, its attack strength does not allow to look down upon absolutely. undead weapon, is own body transforms generally, this almost became a undead instinct, so long as level has reached the silver level, can in the friend own body, transform weapon, this weapon hard degree, is proportional with this undead level. After the blood bone puts out own Great Blade, smiles one strangely, a blade attacks toward the Eddie woods, but his attack probably is also a signal, making these he came to Eddie woods have attack with under the hand/subordinate of high level undead also immediately that the person who did not have had two, one was Coulee another positive. although Coulee with the present has not been considered as that other true king level Expert, looks like the Eddie woods is the same, but they to that level were also half-step remote, reason that they have not begun, was they prepares to cope with that two king level other undead with Eddie woods together. Do not think that Lich vanished has thought to be all right, in fact that Lich method, they one, but vanished in Dark mist, did not arrive at their attack that moment, was nobody knows them in there, therefore Lich, not only formidable Magician, similarly, in Dark mist they were also most formidable Assassin.

Because Lich is almost to the physical attack immunity, therefore they can the stealth generally in Dark mist, carries on attack to their enemies, because of them to the physical attack immunity, therefore ascended the sky also seized in their thing the attack ability, they can only command(er) Dark mist, or use the Magic attack enemy, but was this, did not have anybody to dare underestimated they. The Eddie woods now have put also out own snake sword, fought with the blood bone in one, again the person was not first time to the war, strength ten familiar with opposite party, therefore their although hit very lively, but actually fully. The Eddie woods must leave leeway the ample force to come against these Lich, the blood bone to leave leeway the ample force similarly against Coulee and will be positive, after all Coulee and their strengths, have also hung up the number in Dark Spirit Temple there. Blood bone now in curious, Kampala that don’t know continuously with Coulee and always been together ran up to there to go, because could not find Kampala, therefore blood bone careful, after all Kampala was Lich, if he hid in Dark mist, that blood bone has to against. Zhao Hai sitting reluctantly in there, he did not have what interest to such fight, even if Lich of that stealth in Dark mist he knows that he in there, simply constructs to him does not threaten in anything. But Devil Witch and blood bone also noted Zhao Hai, after all Zhao Hai has not hidden the personal appearance, he sat in there, looked like a viewer, but this actually remarkable, the audiences were hitting to live to kill, only then he sat in there, thinks that was unremarkable difficultly. Zhao Hai to does not have what feeling, but possibly is his appearance, was really too rampant, therefore has caused the Devil Witch disaffection, Devil Witch put the Eddie woods not to go to attack unexpectedly, but slowly toward Zhao Hai here float over. His seam is very slow, probably is feared that the too big movement, will bring to the attention of Zhao Hai, this is also Lich characteristics, their although can integrate in Dark mist the body, but they after all are not true Dark mist, therefore they make extremely in the fierce movement, will cause Dark mist bo to move, by person present trail, therefore they move in Dark mist have been very young The heart, meets very slow. Zhao Hai looked that Devil Witch must come attack unexpectedly he, he cannot help but smiles, then immediately told Coulee and Devil Witch in own mind in there, making them go to attack Devil Witch.

Coulee and present equal to are Zhao Hai summoned creatures, therefore Zhao Hai can directly carry on communicate in the brain with several people, therefore he can tell them the Devil Witch position clearly. although said that Coulee and will be growing perceptibly by physical attack, but this not equal to their not Magic attack, in strength strength to their this level, optional transformation of energy between physical attack and Magic attack. Coulee weapon is double-edge Uncle, but weapon is his nail, after they obtained the instruction of Zhao Hai, has attacked to Devil Witch for a while. Devil Witch thought attack Zhao Hai, but he never expected Coulee and presently he . Moreover the position also looks is so accurate, their attack make a move, Devil Witch felt the danger, his immediately/on horseback cries out strangely, before to own body, has arranged a Magic non- cover, simultaneously the personal appearance sharply dodges toward side. However as the matter stands his expose own personal appearance, Coulee and pursued pursuing to the end and hit hard immediately, but the Eddie woods and blood bone also present the here situation, the Eddie woods looked at Coulee and appearance, knows that this certainly was Zhao Hai make a move, but the blood bone somewhat was puzzled, don’t know Coulee and how presently Devil Witch, he also thinks that was the Kampala not Devil Witch position, then tells Coulee. In fact the Underworld people know that must cope with the Lich best means that is makes Lich cope with Lich, because Lich of two stealth in Dark mist, can each other present opposite party, therefore copes with Lich with Lich is the best means. Because of this general knowledge, therefore the blood bone thinks that is Kampala present Devil Witch. However as the matter stands he was worried, what because now attack Devil Witch is only Coulee and will be positive, the Kampala form did not have appears , this tenth horizontally in his thorn. a.