Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1023

! Expert contests, a side can pay fully, a side is actually the scruples layer on layer, in this case, that victory and defeat has almost it can be said that been clear at a glance, at once Eddie woods attack broad and magnificent, but the blood bone can only the passive defense. The although Eddie woods were in the upper hand, however his these under the hand/subordinate had not actually been in luck, must say that these under the hand/subordinate strengths of Eddie woods are not bad, well Coulee they are worse are not many, but they face now, is each one idea in the person of Coulee that strength, although holds the superiority in the quantity, however in the quality, they actually does not occupy any superior influence. Fell at once leeward, but below these Undead Creature small soldier were more miserable, although their quantities were many, however their defense areas so were big, was adding on these Undead Creature is Underworld here delivers, although passed through surrendering of Space, but they not by Lizzy with Megan command(er), regarding Battle Formation anything, not understanding, therefore they also can only be now noisy crowd same chaotic fight, completely not methodicalness. In this case, they face Dark Spirit Temple Undead Creature that continuously wells up, at once has been at leeward. Zhao Hai has not begun, before this is them, reaches an agreement, Zhao Hai also felt, Blood River both banks has plenty person correct use spiritual force investigated the look at here situation, but now Zhao Hai with one layer spiritual force wrapping up, having made itself these people feel that he was a piece Stone. This is not difficult regarding Zhao Hai, after all in his Space various types of elements have, not like Underworld here, besides Dark Elements, other element almost vanish from sight. In Zhao Hai came to assign out earth element from Space, oneself wrapping, if like this light examined with spiritual force, that Zhao Hai was a piece Stone. Zhao Hai knowsthis Dark Spirit Temple regarding the attacks of other defense areas certainly not extremely in the violence, because they mainly cope is the Eddie woods, must make the Eddie woods the strength damage greatly, the person who therefore regarding other defense areas, Dark Spirit Temple sends, should tying down, does not make them support the Eddie woods to be good. But this was also just right for in Rebel Army most people to hope that the Eddie woods were bad luck, they can various means not support the Eddie woods, now Dark Spirit Temple has happen to given their this excuses, they were certainly glad to take advantage of the situation to back down without losing face, in treating Eddie woods issue, Dark Spirit Temple and Rebel Army, have had the tacit understanding in the darkness unexpectedly. Zhao Hai already anticipated regarding this result, he also wants to let Dark Spirit Temple and Rebel Army person such does, these days Eddie woods show was too quickhas caused Rebel Army and Dark Spirit Temple vigilance, now the person in Rebel Army faint alliance has coped with the Eddie woods, this will make the Eddie woods unify the Rebel Army step to reduce, but these time was actually good opportunity, let the Dark Spirit Temple Rebel Army person, relaxed the vigilance good opportunity. It can be said that except for the Eddie woods, Coulee and three people, other Undead CreatureZhao Hai was the preparation is used to sacrifice, only then these people died, other vigilance of talented person complete relaxation to Eddie woods, that is also their sole opportunity. The fight is getting more and more frigid, eight undead that the blood bone and Devil Witch bringpresent only remaining four, but more than 40 Expert that the Eddie woods bring, now also only remaining more than 20, but that 500 million pass through Space transform undead, now remaining about 300 million, in the battlefield did not have only the blood. However to see broken bones and unbending corpses everywhere, these are Zombie, Zombie that died completely.Flutters dang in the battlefield the fires of massive spirit soul, the fires of these spirit soul, are undead that these died remain, but approaches Blood River there the fire of spirit soul, submerged in Blood River, don’t know by Blood Spirit Beast eating, turned into new Blood Spirit Beast, the fires of other spirit soul, slowly flutters dang toward Blood River there. How Zhao Hai possibly lets off this opportunity, his hand moves, the fires of these spirit soul, were received in Space by him, level of fire of these spirit soul are not low, later can regard in Space these Undead Creature tonics.

The fight of Eddie woods and blood bone, Eddie woods now comprehensive is at the winning side, although after such fight of long time, the blood bone almost can affirm that Kampala truly has not come, he left fully, but Eddie woods originally had been in the upper hand, he in wants to move back to one layer, is almost impossible, their strengths must work as, he at leeward was very difficult to move back. Coulee and will be besieging the Devil Witch situation to be also good, both sides have fought an evenness now, Coulee and also slightly will be at the winning side, but wanted to tidy up Devil Witch in a short time is impossible. Zhao Hai has not worried, these Undead Creature endurances want well person much stronger, illuminates their this fighting methods the words, must get the several days time. Looked that really did not have what change, the Zhao Hai flashes body entered Space, outside made them hit, Zhao Hai can affirm now that the Rebel Army person will not make the Eddie woods die, because the strength of Eddie woods was placed in there, if the Eddie woods died, that biggest beneficiary was Dark Spirit Temple, but Rebel Army here could not obtain any advantage, instead attended the meeting to lose Expert, this matter Dark Spirit Temple person is will not do, they were only want to suppress the Eddie woods, may not want the Eddie woods dead, therefore Zhao Hai not cunning Eddie woods was safe. Looked to Space in that Laura they have not been staring at the fight on screen unexpectedly, but away to Hell Space there looked that stretch of bone field. Now bone field there grew massive Darkness plants, naturally, most is bone armor Combat Suit, next is Bone plants. although don’t know this Bone plants can do, but this plants important xing, Cai'er is also knows that therefore this tenon plants are also many. Laura their full of enthusiasm look at this stretch of bone field, was chatting at the same time, Zhao Hai arrived at several people of said : „. What was chatting? How to have looked at the Eddie woods their fight?,” Laura they turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, Lizzy had curled the lip said : „. Looks to have any meaning, looks situation that they fight, several days had not feared that cannot make any result to come, making them hit, we are disinclined to look.,” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: „. I was also look somewhat have been tired, came , did you run up to here to come? Aren't you do not like the here environment?,” Speaks the truth besides these Undead Creature, few people will like the Hell Space here environment, even if Zhao Hai is also same. Laura smiles said : „„ not anything, what wants to come to see this bone field is, like this we also well achieve to know in heart, later has the opportunity words, meets the similar field, we also well receive in Space are Space increase the new paddies , helping Space Level Up., ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „„ to consider as finished, this matter may with, but cannot ask, walks, goes back. here does not have attractively what.” Laura they have complied with one, with Zhao Hai returned to the villa, Zhao Hai also had several people to go to Wild Dragon Island there, Zhao Hai wants to have a look at Jim in there what kind. Directly went to Jim's Laboratory one to Wild Dragon Island there Zhao Hai, Jim had small Laboratory, thing that he needshas put inside.

But Jim now although also in research Magic Formation, but his research that direction they are different from Kampala, his research Magic Formation, to weapon serves fire of dream of join spirit soul for his, not only pure research Magic Formation. Regarding this situation, Zhao Hai to has not said anything, Zhao Hai said that ” they will like research anything any being good on research to these person of absolute freedoms, Zhao Hai will not manage. But Jim in here thing that very delighted, he needs, here has, but experimental material that he uses, is the Advanced level goods that the glass makes, this is before him must be more relaxed. What most important is, in his research project has included many thing, but if these thing by his research bit by bit, don’t know wanted research to go that year, but was different in Zhao Hai here, in Zhao Hai here, other has plenty Lich research materials, in these materials, was Jim needs on has plenty, therefore Jim did not need himself to go to research completelythis material sharing, most welcome regarding Jim. Besides these, Jim had found many his research to other Lich and races that is interested, also has composed small Laboratory, what now Jim crosses is high-spirited, don’t know happy. Zhao Hai looked at this situation also on feel relieved, so long as Jim liked the life of here on the line, then Zhao Hai went to Demon Realm Space there to look, Zhao Hai for sometime had not arrived at Demon Realm Space to come, this time he and Laura they, as soon as arrived at Demon Realm Space to stare, they also really think one came to mistakenly the place, here that was Demon Realm Space, the simplicity is Elf Forest. Zhao Hai present a Demon Realm people had already gone to the one type of frantic situation regarding plants, in their eyes, any plants is good, therefore beforehand Demon Realm here everywhere can see plants, but Zhao Hai has not thought that they frantic such, present to Magic Armor here. Takes a broad view to look, almost could not see to construct, all was all kinds of plants, even if were outside the house of Demon Race person, crawled completely vine plants, appeared the plain nature. Zhao Hai is really don’t know does not know what to do to this situation, but those who make Zhao Hai not know whether to laugh or cry, not only these Demon Realm commoner are this appearance, even if the Great Demon King royal palace is this appearance, this was really makes Zhao Hai don’t know probably say any good. Zhao Hai to the Demon Race royal palace time, Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King are processing the document in the royal palace, must advocate, since entering to Space, only then the Demon Race here person most lets Zhao Hai feel relieved, because Zhao Hai present, the Demon Race person is really the unprecedented unity, before they possibly had some conflicts in Demon Realm there, but regarding the Demon Race person, conflict point to compete for land, the population, to go on living, in this Space, they do not use now competes for these also to be able live well, therefore in nobody in going to war, although their each and every one still long very ferocious, but actually compared with any one. The crime rate of race lowers. Zhao Hai regarding this situation also very surprised, he has not thought really that before has been talked into is the Demon Race people of combative and evil synonym, will be easy getting along with so. Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King looked at Zhao Hai to come, immediately Zhao Hai welcome to the room, simultaneously have let people prepare the food and wine, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, they slightly somewhat are presently fat, are mad to be much better compared with before. Zhao Hai cannot help but smiles said : „. Good, but it seems like your two good, was fat. Great Demon King laughed said : „„ this not to hold mister your luck, we, had a dream have not thought one day has met the last present day.,”

Zhao Hai look at they smile said : „. Good, we did not want the smalltalk, Great Demon King Your Majesty, my this time, was asks you to have the matter to discuss that I thought your Demon Race person probably liking plants, you regarding plants understanding of specially how? Has the person to become the Potion master?,” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Great Demon King cannot help but two eyes bright said : „. Does mister want to recruit some Potion masters to go to your under the hand/subordinate? Good the child, our Demon Race person has plenty wants to become the Potion master now, moreover they regarding the special xing understanding of plants is also very good, now has been able the dispensing.,” Zhao Hai said : „. Oh? Right? That fantastic, this, you choose 100 people, I bring to come up to Wild Dragon Island them, lets their study study Potion study well in there. If they are interested in other matters, can study study other.,” Great Demon King immediately/on horseback nodded said : „. feel relieved mister, this is not a problem, do not say 100 people, 1000 people, ten thousand people is not a problem, but mister, my also matter requests you, hopes that you can comply.,” Zhao Hai smiles said : „. Also politely did with me, has any matter to say.,” Great Demon King „ „ mister also knows to Zhao Hai said : that in our Demon Race also a powerful demon clan, a strength demon clan is not an intelligent race, they regarding fight very has the talent, but makes their learn manufacture medicine very difficult, but many strength Demon Race people, think the learn hammering now, I hope that mister can look for good teacher by them., Zhao Hai one hear of Great Demon King such saying, cannot help but have gawked, then he was actually lost in thought that he did not oppose that powerful Demon Race looks for teacher, conversely, he is glad to help strength Demon Race very much, the matter that but Great Demon King said that made Zhao Hai think of another matter. Currently race these many in Space, each race has the matter that they are good, however is good, not necessarily is likes, even if most people likes , was not liked necessarily by all people, like Elven Race, some people does not like these handicrafts, they like other thing. But if only depends on their clan unfolds like this, is very slow, moreover is easy to take the dishonest means that but the wisdom of these people do not allow to look down upon, their many ideas, they have large Gang very to help regarding Karen. Before Zhao Hai wants to help the people in these Space cross well, but he gave these person of thing, can take make a move thing to these person of all him, but he actually not in the attention each every Space educational problem. Zhao Hai looks like a good fisherman, he wants to help others, the fish that therefore he hits himself has seen somebody off, but has not actually thought must teach these people to hit the fishing, this is not the wise procedure. a.