Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1024

Gives the person by the fish, gives the person by the fishing! These words in[] country can be said as ancient people according to legend, but remembers these words Zhao Hai to the present, he before continuously slightly the educational problems of various Space clans. Educational problem that Zhao Hai here said that does not refer to teaching of sole Space abandoning the issue, in fact, in Space, any sole Space, has implemented all the people to make the education, therefore simply does not have the educational problem. Educational problem that Zhao Hai said that what actually said that the issue of educational level, like Magic Formation that being just like the Atlanta Continent there person hands over, naturally is no comparison between them with Magic Formation that Ark Continent there hands over, looks like adds one, one actually like is the higher digit. Now race has plenty in Zhao Hai Space, but civilization degree between these races are different, the direction of show is not quite same, if lets them[ from] by show, among that them slowly the disparity will be pulled open, this is not Zhao Hai wants to see that he wants to see various Space clans to be able[ from] by, balanced show. Zhao Hai can impolite say now that in his all Space, must speak of the military force to be strongest, Magic is strongest, is best to Magic strength research, best wait / etc. to artware research, almost all course, can find best teacher on Wild Dragon Island , because some skilled people in various clans almost centralized to Wild Dragon Island on. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but two eyes one bright, he has thought of a matter, if make Cai'er count each every course most essential thing, then makes the book, divides goes to each every Space, can't achieve to unify all Space civilization degree points? Now each every Space does not have the school, lets each every Space person to these schools, cannot learn all Space thing, isn't it better?, if in these schools, ” Zhao Hai can also lead to come up the further education him to Wild Dragon Island in presently some heavenly aptitude, this Wild Dragon Island there talented person slowly will be getting more and more, but this regarding his future, will help to be possible too to be big! Zhao Hai is thinking how forms cross Space level alliance academy ”, but that side Great Demon King anxious serious, he has not actually thought that he just proposed looks like very simple request, made Zhao Hai ponder such long time.

Great Demon King enters to Space most from the beginning time, truly is very independent, he can bargain back and forth with Zhao Hai, but now is different, now he stayed a long time in Spacebasically already by Space to transform, he completely worried for Zhao Hai now, proposed that makes the strength Demon Race person study the blacksmith, this is not the excessive request, because Great Demon King knows that Dwarf Race also in Zhao Hai Space, Zhao Hai can definitely these Dwarf Race to teach the strength Demon Race person, what this simply does not calculate matter. However now looked that Zhao Hai such long time has not spoken, Great Demon King somewhat cannot help but anxious, he feared that this matter will violate the taboo of Zhao Hai, feared that will bring the injury to the Zhao Hai benefit. But Laura they about Zhao Hai actually very knew that they know Zhao Hai has certainly thought of any matter ”, therefore like this, therefore Laura turned the head to look at Great Demon King, smiles said :, Your Majesty did not need to be worried that Elder Brother Hai has certainly thought other matter, because of the matter of blacksmith, your feel relieved was not good.” Great Demon King one hear of Laura said that this relaxed, at this time Zhao Hai also almost managed the clue to come, he gains ground look at Great Demon King said :, the proposition of Your Majesty is really very good, before I slightly this issue, now my Space here has plenty advanced thing, no matter Magic or Battle Qi, are many advanced, but everyone/Great Clan respectively is studying various, therefore level some are uneven, just a Your Majesty such sayingto reminded me, we can each every Space school series one by one, make the a batch unified teaching material, like this on can meet the same standard., But is this, school in the aspect of teaching, will certainly have the stress, for example the Dwarf Race there school, naturally is best, we who teaches dozen of artisans to hand over can the person who all wants to study the hammering, no matter that race, that Space, centralized goes to their there, making them unify to teach, main study hammering, then in study other thing, but Demon Race here, should be various types best, like this on can the person who wants study to fight the technique that fights the technique to teach, the belt to your here teach, Elven Race can teach the art, like this on. Can make each every Space have own special , but simultaneously the level can achieve the unification, do you think? ” although that Zhao Hai said are many, however in sitting may be the understand people, their immediately understand meaning of Zhao Hai, several people of cannot help but two eyes one bright, nodded, Great Demon King is happy said :, good, mister this idea is good, our Demon Realm here, besides some war techniques, other aspects, but also was really worse, in Demon Realm there, even to study does not have opportunity, now had opportunity, has not actually managed magic studies, mister such did is really fantastic.” Laura also nodded said :, „the matter of this teaching material does not need to be worried that now our in hand advanced thing were too many, these Lich these years research have not wasted, has plenty abandons is in present several Space does not have the Magic theory, we can create the book these thing, then gives the friend the friend school, enhances their Magic and Martial Skill level.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, this, so long as raises their Magic levels, the entire Space level can come up, making all people start, everyone/Great Clan together diligently, always tries hard to want much stronger compared with our young some people, but too profound thing, now we first do not take, even if takes, they could not understand, must bit by bit come, after to waiting all school alliance got up, we can from these schools select some students of talent, entered to Wild Dragon Island the study, after and other they completed study, we can in the teaching by their returned to school, like this. The entire Continent level slowly will be the same with Wild Dragon Island, in that case, Space can obtain is quicker, better show!” Good, fantastic, this idea fantastic, HaHaHa, fantastic!” Great Demon King one hear of Zhao Hai said that one has stood, is stamping the step that the ground keeps, can look, his ji very moves.

Great Demon King such ji moves also has them of reason after entering Space, although said that now lived, the food and clothing did not worry that but Great Demon King presently the Demon Race person probably had actually forgotten many thing, now many Demon Race people are shiftless, wholeheartedly is only thinking everyday ate to the full is not hungry, this was the reason that Great Demon King worried. Does not think of nationality, is doomed to be eliminated, this point Great Demon King very clear, he worried that Demon Race gets down at such show, one day will be expelled Space by Zhao Hai. However the proposition of Zhao Hai regarding him was actually too important, happen to have solved his urgent matter, Great Demon King, when presently Demon Race loses ambition in trying to find the solution, how must enhance the Demon Race competitive power, afterward after he investigated, present, was not the Demon Race person lost ambition, but is the Demon Race present educational condition cannot reach the ideal level. Before with the strength Demon Race person, fights the technique that Demon Race attached great importance, because of Demon Realm there, dangerous everywhere you study does not fight the technique, courts death on equal to, however in Space here, does not have any danger, you studied have fought the technique instead to not to use, therefore the present many strength Demon Race person, wants to study study the blacksmith, although said that the blacksmith also needed very high technology, what was more important was must have the strength, but the strength strength Demon Race person was does not lack, in adding on them was not stupid is just is not interested in Potion these thing. If in Earth, the strength Demon Race person does not want to study Magic Formation and Potion studyalso can only be clenches teeth to study because of you if study this, does not have money not to have the means to survive without money. However in Space is actually not this, in Space, you cannot learn these thing, you are also hungry undead, therefore they pass the day that on that type mixed to eat to wait for death, was naturally impossible to have any ambition. But Demon Realm regarding other course, does not have no research, wants course that teaches the Demon Race person them to be interested, that is almost impossible, even if the Potion study and Magic Formation, they also can only be illuminate write books originally research, missed compared with a Gnome clan and Ark Continent there level much. However Zhao Hai this proposition actually one helped him solve this problem, the Demon Race person, can study from course that oneself liked, even if were Demon Realm Space here cannot study, can other responsibility Space studies, what most important was, the proposition of Zhao Hai also had certain competition xing, do not forget, the best person who studied, can go to Wild Dragon Island to take advanced courses, this regarding the person in Space, absolutely was good opportunity.

In fact now all races in Zhao Hai Space, almost know that has a Wild Dragon Island such place to exist, the God Race people who even if has a grudge with Zhao Hai know that has existence of Wild Dragon Island, this is also the effect that Zhao Hai wants, he must Wild Dragon Island there, mold sacred land in Space, like this rules Space also to have the advantage to him. In fact now God Race regarding Zhao Hai also not many hatred, can say that they have accepted fate, what to do did not accept fate can also, they go to this place now, can say their life and death, complete grasped in Zhao Hai in hand, they do not want to accept fate are not good. In adding on Space some eat, some live, nobody pays tax, God Race these commoner suddenly present, own living standard not only has not become worse, conversely, was also better than God Race there. In any place, the life of commoner is not that relaxed, looks like God Race is also same, God Race wants the war, wants other conquer Space, but must go to war must have the logistics supplies, the person wants the foodgrain, the weapon, full body armor, that same is the money, but these money from there? Part from these vassal Space, another part naturally was God Realm commoner leaves. Because of this, therefore God Realm there commoner must pay tax . Moreover the tax is not low. However does not have this issue in Space, nobody comes on their tax, their works every point, can trade thing that want, this taking a walk strength. In adding on God Realm there, the war is many, the deceased person are also many, therefore people slowly have been used to the war deceased person, but before , they die in the conquer others' process, now actually in dead dog by the conquer process. a.