Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1025

Does Chapter 1022 have the unexpected benefit? Sought the subscription, asked to hit to enjoy, asks, watched the floating astronomy study literary show, clear(ly) space presented respectfully! ........................................................................ God Race commoner also quick on present the Space advantage, Space here although has looked like probably is nobody manages, however in the person of here life, actually must be restrained by the law, but the Space law is very complete, each legally, is corresponding the corresponding punishment, but the punishment are most, closes the confinement. That black, close Space, became Nightmare of Space all race making mistakes people, nobody wants to go to there, in strong Expert, so long as were closed the confinement, will feel better to die than living, because has this restraint, therefore person nobody in Space has dared to make a mistake. But such restraint not only can not to make a mistake, can let forget to hate, because all your around person has not conflicted, everyone crosses and average faint, even some diligent people, will also get better and better, in this case, you will forget quickly to hate, can only proceed to look that can only think was lived the good life by oneself. The Space situation is so, if you are one only remember the person who hatred, you will practice with the massive time, waits one day to revenge, but you presently, your neighbor, have not actually practiced, his everyday industrious practical training, then used thing, exchanges better thing, became by own life getting better and better, getting better and better that look at others crossed, but you can only meet the standard that everyday ate to the full, your will feel better at heart? Not, naturally not, therefore you have to spend more time to go to the work to do, by own life also dry is better, the life of wait for you, your hatred was also slowly pale. But God Realm there person quickly presently, in some special good area, in the there church started appears all kinds of books, but in the place that these bore a grudge specially, church there does not have these books. This difference let many God Race people honest, after all revenged that for the ancestors is only the hatred, but their races must continue, for their children, they can only put aside the hatred. But reason that the God Race person knows existence of Wild Dragon Island, because of the reasons of these books, to let God Race better understanding Space, Zhao Hai in giving God Race these books, specially manufactures, has in the book about Buda Family, about Ark Continent, about Ark Continent and God Race this war, something about Space introduced that lets God Race person understand, they why to today's this situation.

It can be said that such introduction is very useful, must know that now in God Race Space there is not only then Taurus God Race person, but also other has plenty God Race people, after the introductions of these books, other God Race people will shift hatred target to the bodies of Taurus Continent these God Race people, the body of God Race High level person even shifted to these dead. The people are this, in presently own enemy extremely in the great strength, does not have the means revenge, they in the subconscious to hating shift, Zhao Hai capture this psychology, having made the hatred of God Race person shift. Zhao Hai also discussed with Great Demon King constructs academy time, later on returned to Space Villa, has arranged Cai'er, making Cai'er prepare one set of standard textbook, then Zhao Hai starts to each one Space, discussed this alliance academy construction issue with these races. Each every race in Space, besides Thunder Clan, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, other races entered to Space in sometime, but these days, enough Space changed them, even if cannot completely change, but let them to Zhao Hai dislike is not being completely. So long as to Zhao Hai dislike, these people will not oppose to construct the alliance academy matter, because this helps the descendants good deed. Then, the Eddie woods they hit to live to kill in Underworld there, but Space here is actually a piece of happy looks like glory scenery, naturally, Zhao Hai these time has established academy, had not forgotten that a undead clan in Space, now a undead clansman number in Space are many, was adding on these undead to have the intelligence, the intelligence was not worse than the average person, therefore Zhao Hai also divides alone a race them now. Zhao Hai raises a status of undead clan, must give the person in Space to set an example, because these undead are most loyal to him, therefore Zhao Hai improved the undead status, lets in Space all race understand, so long as is loyal to Zhao Hai, even if undead, can cross well! This looks like probably very absurd, however in Space here has actually caused very in a big way instead thinks that does not calculate in Ark Space there, is in Demon Realm Space there, always does not lack Dark Magician, they have regarded undead for the slave, does not have the slave of thought that but now Zhao Hai suddenly has actually given undead by average person same allowance, this regarding these Space various clansman impulse is how big. But makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, his decision, lets these undead in Space unexpectedly, to Zhao Hai grateful, even there are many undead because of this matter but evolution.

Zhao Hai most from the beginning is really some not understand, why these undead are evolution, afterward after Cai'er and Laura their analyses, Zhao Hai general guessed correctly the result, these undead because of the heart of grateful, they want to be Zhao Hai handles more matters, wants better gang Zhao Hai, therefore meets evolution! This results analysis made Zhao Hai don’t know say that anything was good, but he on understand, he has underestimated quickly in Space many undead wisdom, has underestimated in Space these undead potential. These undead although in Space to his absolute loyalty, but these undead after having wisdom, had own idea, not that person in others regard in him the situation of slave, but also still not hopes regretless, wholeheartedly only wants to make for that person for offering, therefore these undead somewhat idle is also normal. However Zhao Hai these time improves the undead status the achievement, was actually one received the hearts of all undead, these undead originally were loyal to Zhao Hai, now was more loyal, they want to be Zhao Hai handle the matter, wants to be enhanced by own strength, enhanced before that type does not matter, the practice also because of Zhao Hai order such reason completely different, now they are wish of sincerity enhances, because such punctured ji , ji many undead potential, their strengths one under were promoted! After knowing such result, Zhao Hai somewhat has not known really whether to laugh or cry, he has not thought that he is intentional an action, will bring unexpectedly also the repayment of accident. Zhao Hai handles these matters in Space, altogether used seven days, actually these seven days, his need has not handled too many matters, the matter of teaching material, gave Cai'er to be responsible, but Cai'er did was thorougher, she these requests of Zhao Hai, each every some situations in Space, Zhao Hai in hand various Magic and Martial Skill books and texts, has put in Universal Analyzer, was helped to make by Universal Analyzer most suits the Space teaching material, although can like this flowered money, but regarding Zhao Hai, what spent not to calculate, only then thing completed. On line. After waiting for Universal Analyzer to cause has most suited the Space teaching material, Cai'er made Universal Manufacturing Machine take the first set as the main source, started the mass the manufacture teaching material, the issue of such teaching material was solved. But other constructs the academy matter in each every Space, did not need Zhao Hai to worry, because in each every Space came originally to have own academy, even if like Dwarf Race, originally did not have the academy place, so long as complied with the proposition of Zhao Hai, can construct academy, won't Zhao Hai worry, matter that therefore Zhao Hai must handle, was actually not many. Seven days, entire alliance academy framework has built, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, he in time returned to Underworld.

The Underworld here war, had ended five days ago, does not leave Zhao Hai to expect, these under the hand/subordinate of Eddie woods had the serious damage, besides the Eddie woods, other Coulee, 40 high level undead under the hand/subordinate, only lives finally 16, five hundred million undead army, live finally, only more than 100 million, in others opinion, the Eddie woods these time can be said as strength/Origin Qi damages severely, wants to probably restore to the beforehand level, how many that don’t know needs year. Rebel Army feel relieved, Dark God also feel relieved, therefore these specifically aims at the Eddie woods the war, carelessly ended, but the Eddie woods their these time is not a harvest does not have, the blood bone and Devil Witch these two Dark Spirit Temple Expert, was stressed one to make into the severe wound to run away, can say that in High level time to war , the Eddie woods won. The Eddie woods also achieve such that Zhao Hai said that returned to his a domain after battlefield, he does not have to expand, but started low-key, made a fully defensive the appearance. Looked at Eddie woods such performance, these people in Rebel Army also on feel relieved, their other wanted was such result, they do not want to notice that the Eddie woods were expanding, now the Eddie woods were honest, that was best, his under the hand/subordinate these cities, these people did not have the ability to snatch, after all this time Eddie woods have not been injured, have his such king level Expert not to assume personal command, nobody dares easily extended the claw to the Eddie woods under the hand/subordinate these city. Zhao Hai these days although continuously in Space about the academy matter, but regarding Underworld there he very cared that looked to be so good, he who the Eddie woods arranges the matter that do him also on feel relieved, is this result that he wanted, but does not unify the Rebel Army best opportunity now, just after war, Rebel Army these people, but also was maintaining to the Eddie woods the vigilance, at this time attacked, will not succeed. Therefore Zhao Hai lets the Eddie woods low key, he control all cities were also low-key, such procedure, must Rebel Army these, removed the bottom feel relieved, when they have put aside the vigilance completely, was the time that Zhao Hai moved. When Zhao Hai returned to Underworld, he now in the Eddie woods control city, coming many level not to calculate that low undead, these undead come in the city to do business probably, but actually meets in the city tour dang in all directions, but they have not annoyed any matter, probably is the same in the observation, naturally, the whereabouts of these people cannot hide the truth from in the city these undead, after all in the city these undead, are Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate, but Zhao Hai also knows that these person, is in Rebel Army other influence sends out scout. roa.