Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1026
The Eddie woods are waiting for Zhao Hai in Three Holy cities here now, reason that he does not have returned to Space, has stayed in Three Holy cities here , because here needs him to assume personal command, similarly, post-war the has plenty matter has also needed to process. Because of this all sorts of reasons, therefore the Eddie woods had not entered to Space in these days, keeps the Three Holy cities here person to assume personal command. But Eddie woods such procedure, to give in Rebel Army other influences by doing of deterrent uses, if the Eddie woods and Coulee will have will be separating, many people in Rebel Army, might assemble large quantities of Expert to come to carry on attack very much to three people, will look like in Rebel Army these people, so long as gave to extinguish three people, obtained three people the fire of spirit soul, they can definitely with three people the fire of spirit soul in making three Expert. Reason that the Rebel Army person will not make the Eddie woods die in Dark Spirit Temple in hand, the Dark Spirit Temple person, obtains Eddie woods the fire of spirit soul, is causing Expert to cope with them, but they can actually Eddie woods kill, then put out the fire of his spirit soul, causes Expert to come, does not have ambition Expert. This is not Zhao Hai guess carelessly, but might very much becomes the fact, the strength and ambition of these people's in Rebel Army regarding Eddie woods, dreading, have been adding on this time matter, they wanted the kill Eddie woods. This time matter they were the Eddie woods offending miserably, they also know, so long as the Eddie woods were not a fool, knows that was planned, by the temperament of Eddie woods, is will not let off absolutely their, for after did not let the Eddie woods, retaliated them, they naturally were hope to give kill the Eddie woods first, this forever neverly recurring will contract. Because has thought of this point, therefore the Eddie woods keep certainly holy city here, the Eddie woods, Coulee and stay the three people in together, these want to plan their people, thinks to be good well. Zhao Hai to Three Holy cities time on present, now the Three Holy cities here situation is not good, in the city not only has plenty other people of influence in scout, but also these people not only in scout, but also very rampant, in the city it can be said that runs amuck overbearing, but the Eddie woods have been enduring. Looked at Zhao Hai to come, the Eddie woods their immediately gathered in Zhao Hai tower, Zhao Hai looked at Eddie woods one, face of Eddie woods now is not very good, naturally was not injured, but was the air/Qi. Zhao Hai looked that the Eddie woods face knows he is thinking whathe did show a faint smile said : „the Eddie woods? Felt that is angry very much?” The Eddie woods snort|hum said : Young Master, I have thought to exit these fellows extinguishing really now, looks at their each and every one rampant appearance, when really I quite bully.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : your three fools, I let your low key, does not make you bear patiently, like the situation, you, if make a move does not teach their, they will be getting more and more rampant, moreover may also suspect that you will have any big movement, therefore more at this time, you more must kill their power and prestige, so long as does not expand, their you will not be what kind.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that the Eddie woods stare slightly, then two eyes one bright, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master you wait / etc..” Said that this fellow flew from the tower window directly, in the city has transmitted before long intermittently rumbling sound, obviously was the Eddie woods has killed to the bang these rampant fellows directly. The appearance of Zhao Hai look at Eddie woodsshows a faint smile, he has not prevented the Eddie woods, just as is such that he just said that if now Eddie woods performance extremely in weak, will only make Rebel Army these people be terribly suspicious and fearful, therefore at this time, the Eddie woods was stronger.

His strong performance, these people think that the Eddie woods are counter- strong do, so long as the Eddie woods do not expand, these person complete feel relieved. Before long the Eddie woods flew, his face was really better, but he bows said : to be unfair to Young Master to Zhao Hai, I cannot complete the matter that you arrange.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, beckoned with the hand said : not, you do is very good, is very good, this matter does not blame you, you have not experienced such matter, how therefore don’t know processes, sits, we discussed that below must make anything.” After several people sit down, Zhao Hai calm said : this our plan very successful, already Dark Spirit Temple and person of rebel grass, gave to hide the truth from, below we must do, was, when appropriate opportunity, can dispatch troops to official unification Rebel Army.” The Eddie woods nodded said : „, from the present situation, Rebel Army was given to conceal the truth by us, but Dark Spirit Temple there a short time in attack, these days, enough we will not have handled very my Ran matter.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, must use these days, has subdued the entire Rebel Army influence first, then in doing next step plan, now because of both sides just retreat, therefore I have not wanted to go to Blood River there to receive Blood Spirit Beast, we must do, is first received Space the maps of Rebel Army all influences, when the time comes we must begin, can at any time sends under the soldier their city, not only like this held a suddenly xing this superiority, can in a short time, seal up information that we attack.” Eddie woods several people nodded, they regarding Space although have some understanding, what walks the understanding is too few, therefore in this regard, they must listen to Zhao Hai. Can the Eddie woods to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, how we now do?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : what now we do not need to make, now you must do your in hand city market control, if dares in the city to cause trouble, must tidying up maliciously, be this, the opposite party will jump over will not suspect you, because this will be your character, overbearing, a little will be a little mindless, if your suddenly were low-key, these fellows instead attended the meeting to let one's thoughts wander, understand?” The Eddie woods nodded said : are, Young Master invited feel relieved, my understand.” Zhao Hai nodded saying that said : these days I do not act quite well, if I act, these fellows have guarded, this to our later plans very disadvantageous.” The Eddie woods smile said : this simply not to use Young Master your make a move, if this matter cannot handle continually, we were not too useless, Young Master your feel relieved was good, this matter gave me.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well that this matter to manage on give you, receives the matter of map toward Space, I came the strength to be good, you held your in hand matter on the line. ”

The Eddie woods complied with one, Zhao Hai had waved, the Eddie woods their then leave, waited for the Eddie woods their leave, Zhao Hai to put out Magic Staff, then separated the innumerable blood needles from Magic Staff, flew outward. These blood needle although ten points are small, but can actually play with Magic Staff same doing uses, can receive in Space the Underworld map, but Zhao Hai wants is this effect. What most important is, Zhao Hai does not dare release too big thing, for example Command Token and so on this is in Underworld, here almost all thing, will use spiritual force, especially Lich, their stealth to Dark mist, that is very difficult to look, if with too big thing, has been possible to trouble to present that by Underworld these undead. After release blood needle, Zhao Hai on feel relieved, the Underworld here matter has also given the Eddie woods them to do, Zhao Hai does not prepare to do too. Now Zhao Hai wants also to receive in Space Blood Spirit Beast really very much, but he knows that now was not time Dark Spirit Temple army although retreated, but Zhao Hai very clear, currently Blood River there certainly has many Undead Creature to monitor, at this time, he went to there to subdue the Blood Spirit Beast words, certainly will cause Rebel Army and Dark Spirit Temple attention that to Zhao Hai is not the good deed, will bring many inconvenient to his later motion. Therefore Zhao Hai now is not good to do because of the Underworld here really what nose matter, Zhao Hai must returned to in Space their together with Laura be the alliance academy matter is busy. This busy is for half a month, the time Eddie woods of half a month they in full control his under the hand/subordinate these cities, Eddie woods under the hand/subordinate have had more than 20 cities, in each city, Expert of minimum level like Coulee assumed personal command, in fights with Dark Spirit Temple, the loss of Eddie woods was too heavy, his under the hand/subordinate not that many Expert, therefore in many cities, likely Coulee Expert has not assumed personal command, this regarding the rule of Eddie woods, but very disadvantageous, the other person in Rebel Army, can definitely call this opportunity, gives these city. Has occupied, therefore this matter must process well is good. However the Eddie woods currently have Zhao Hai this big backer, manpower issue naturally do not use extremely in the worry, now in Zhao Hai Space, high level undead more than one like Coulee, Zhao Hai has given out Eddie woods ten at will such as Coulee general undead, enough he used. Zhao Hai is can also level undead like Coulee help the Eddie woods in the multi- factions, but Zhao Hai such has not actually done, because in that case, only will make Rebel Army these people pay attention to the Eddie woods. Ten such as Coulee that undead, looks like in the Rebel Army person, if the Eddie woods promote fully, can achieve, after all Eddie woods in hand control more than 20 cities, are adding on Coulee they many years of accumulation, wants to cause ten Expert to come to achieve, if in many, that did not say. although these ten high level undead join, making the Eddie woods restore strength/Origin Qi, however looked like in Underworld these people, the Eddie woods defend a city now , the attack was insufficient, does not have what good worry. Also Eddie woods such procedure, let Rebel Army these person of feel relieved, in their opinion, Eddie woods this has put out all family properties, made ten Expert to help his town scene fully, now the Eddie woods get up to expand are impossible, because he took to manufacture that ten Expert all family properties, was not having the ability, the undead army that manufactured more [gold/metal] skeleton ranks, the army, has not considered relying on these Expert, the Eddie woods were not the ability the expansion. But the Eddie woods want is such effect, he also present, after Zhao Hai he has dialed that ten Expert, other these scouts of influence one has been short, his in hand these city markets also restored calm, this superficially, probably is because these person of existing Expert assumed personal command not to dare to cause trouble, in fact because of Rebel Army these people, has not actually been regarding to threaten the Eddie woods.

although already knew this result, but the Eddie woods felt that an intermittent anger, when his Eddie woods such had been despised, even if Zhao Hai to his courteous reception, Rebel Army these bastards, dare such to him, how he to be able not to be angry unexpectedly. For half a month passed, the Eddie woods have stabilized finally own in hand all cities, at this time, Zhao Hai suddenly called in him Space. Eddie woods although don’t know Zhao Hai called in him Space at this time for anything, but he has not neglected, immediately returned to Space, arrived at Space he present, Coulee and also, Kampala and Jim who for a long time does not see also, Coulee and is also same as him, puzzled appearance, but Kampala and Jim are actually not, they are look at Zhao Hai that face ji moves. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, shows a faint smile, turns the head to Eddie woods said :, „the Eddie woods, Coulee, will be positive, you called you to come, lived relationship to an important matter of undead clan, making you make a testimony, witnessed the birth of this historical moment.” Eddie woods three people of puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : today, Hell Space there each undead synthesizes academy to complete, on this day, will have come from Demon Race, Human Race, Dwarf Race also had the foreign students and large quantities of undead with Elven Race teacher enters to undead synthesizes academy to go study, will have also the undead foreign student to go to other Space academy to go to school, can say, starting today, your undead clan, had with other race same status, you can be the same to go to school like the ordinary person, but was not everyday wants the fight!” Boom! Zhao Hai this saying without doubt is a incomparably huge bomb, one they give to explode fainted the Eddie woods, the although Eddie woods they have with the human same wisdom now, but they have not actually thought some day they will have with human same allowance, is they are full of wisdom, therefore they know that wants with human same allowance that is impossible, undead is undead, they will only be regarded different type by other's race, regards the devil, regarding is a tool, never will actually regard them is one type of life form, a race. Because does not want to become others' tool, therefore they meet rebel Dark God, Has established Rebel Army, but they had been subdued by Zhao Hai finally, although their Zhao Hai is loyal, but their group to[ from] by incomparably yearns for the flame that has actually extinguished. However at this time, Zhao Hai told them, undead can go to school, can have other races teacher, can go to other academy to go to school, can sit with other race together in the classroom has studied, such opportunity, such allowance, was they have a dream has not thought. a.