Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1027

...................................................... The Eddie woods they stand in there dull, they felt that the fire of own spirit soul, the diameter soon flew from own body, they never expected, Zhao Hai asks them to come, to meet today because of this matter. Some little time the Eddie woods recover, look at Zhao Hai that his facial expression ji moves, flutters said :, Young Master, what you said is really? Can build school for us really?” Jim reprimanded said : what is must build the school to us, has built the school, that school under I hid to construct with the Kampala eye, that can also have the mistake, today makes you come back, must your look at these to enter a school.” Eddie woods their three one dull, then three people of having a good laugh as if by prior agreement, but Zhao Hai actually from their laughter, listened to feeling sad. Eddie woods their wisdom do not lower compared with the person, because of this, therefore they a understand undead clan in various plane status, but today Zhao Hai such does, on equal to official recognize their status, recognize existences of their this race, how they have been able not happy. Some little time three people of mood calm slowly, Zhao Hai looked at next time, turns the head to Kampala said :, let's go, the time was also similar.” Several people nodded, look at Zhao Hai that facial expression ji moves, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, calls Laura them, several people of flashes body appears in Hell Space. To be honest, Hell Space here is not quite suitable to build the school, because here was really too dark, these were a Underworld enhancement version, in such place, possibly to be how suitable to build the school? However Zhao Hai built the school in here, because regarding Space undead, Hell Space was their genuine families. undead synthesizes academy, establishes in stopping of Bone Mountain, after this Bone Mountain is Zhao Hai, takes in Spaceto be used for Kaiden's that Bone Mountain, the bone field constructs in the mountain, but on the mountain of most surrounding, stands erect undead to synthesize academy. But in the sky of undead synthesis school, actually one group of giant brights stands on the undead comprehensive school, but this group of brights with will change the brightness according to outside time, maintains consistent with the outside world time.

This idea is Zhao Hai wants to come out, he from Human Race, Demon Race, Elven Race and Dwarf Race also has in the Gnome clan reassigns teacher the time, has thought of this point, teacher that these reassign Also is selective, they must not have the malice to undead, must be able to adapt to the life of Hell Space here to be good. Such person is not difficult to look for ” the present, no matter Human Race or Demon Race, no matter Elf or Dwarf, in them have some wholeheartedly to make study literary, puts the person in oneself Domain wholeheartedly, such person, often one year or several years, leave living place will not be far, can be nerd of different realm version ”, but such person, making them go to undead to synthesize academy there teaching well in not, the although Hell Space environment was not quite good, but undead synthesized the academy there environment, absolutely was in Hell Space the best place, compared with other's Space was also. It is not bad, therefore these people come here teaching, so long as you can endure lonesome not, that all said. But these were selected other round trip Space abroad studies by Zhao Hai undead, elects carefully, academy that they must go to must carefully choose, can say this time to let a undead clan official becomes in Space Great Clan, Zhao Hai has abandoned many thoughts. When Zhao Hai their appears in undead synthesizes academy, somewhat shockspresent entire undead to synthesize on Bone Mountain that academy was at, had been sphered by undead all round, undead has not made noise, undead has not moved heedlessly, all person static standing in there, look at undead synthesized academy. The construction of undead synthesis school, is Zhao Hai makes Universal Manufacturing Machine suppose the place the blueprint, then constructs from Space directly, the material of mainbody is Bone, all commonly used facilities in this school, almost all are Bone make, the Bone fence, the Bone house, the Bone table, the Bone chair, Bone netg, besides these thing, other thing is actually not Bone makes, likely is the cup, the bowl and so on, these are the normal daily necessities. However is so, entire undead synthesizes academy, appears some gloomy fearsome, but also has the beauty of one type of alternative, after all this is coming out of Universal Manufacturing Machine design. Entire academy is divided into four parts, a drill ground, second is a classroom building, third is a laboratory, fourth is the dormitory area, very simple four region, but constructs actually much, entire undead academy, can hold the fifty thousand famous teachers and students, obviously the scale of this school big. Now teacher of these clans arrived at undead school here, moreover to settle down was good, but this opening ceremony they must participate today, Zhao Hai has not arrived at time, they already appears when big gate of school, but sees outside the school that dense and numerous undead, even if these puts on research wholeheartedly, is not the scholar who foreign object disturbs, feels own scalp some hemp. Came in this time Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai saw that these undead know they are thinking anything, Zhao Hai may not have to be frightened, his daily deals with these this undead these undead is his under the hand/subordinate, he has anything to be good to fear.

Do not say Zhao Hai, even if Laura they are frightened, do not forget, Lizzy they daily command(er) these undead fight, Laura also observes in the one side, in this case, they will fear how possibly undead. Zhao Hai just arrived at academy in front of the door, gathers round academy these undead, almost at the same time has knelt down, to Zhao Hai good a worshipping on bended knees big ritual, then has stood, this completely is they from, not some people of organizations. Zhao Hai has not thought that can be this, but he also received this ritual, after these undead stand, Zhao Hai look at their said : „a undead clan, from the date of my making a debut, has followed in my side, is I most faithful ally, most loyal under the hand/subordinate, is the sword of my in hand most advantage, but since continuously, a undead clan not by the people recognize, a you probably forgotten clan, I establishes this today academy, gives a undead clan and other race equal status, on is must tell you, in my Zhao Hai In the heart, you had not forgotten, you are always under the hand/subordinate that I most trust, is my in hand sharpest sword, therefore starting today, your undead clan, will be the same to other Space races, you can come here to study, study thing that you like, you can go to other Space studies, studies you to think that useful thing, therefore in here, I announced that undead synthesizes academy, officially establishes!” Without the applause, these undead static gazes undead synthesis school, nose static is listening to the Zhao Hai words, many skeleton undead, their eyes fire of spirit soul, in gently is shivering, demonstrated mood that their ji moved. After the Zhao Hai voice falls, all undead in time simultaneously has knelt to Zhao Hai, after three kowtow, they have stood, although these undead have not made noise, but Zhao Hai knows, starting today, undead synthesizes academy, will be sacred land in Space undead clan heart. After waiting for these undead to stand, Zhao Hai then deep voice said : good, now starting from, the a batch student, enters the school.” Is quicker a batch student who was elected to go to school, walks toward academy, when arriving at Zhao Hai and these teacher, they will bow to salute to several people, later enters to the school. undead of a batch admittance has the twenty thousand person, besides teacher of various clans, but also some level quite high undead teach in the school, teacher that these undead were also trained, some day they can appears in Space all academy, become teacher of various Space clan students. In these undead teacher, there is a a large part is Lich, some are the skeleton, Zombie and vampire, Lich most are good at research thing, their research achievements, has plenty can, but vampire that other undead and other races study, skeleton and Zombie forms of combat, After many years of evolution, has established own one set of system, this set of system will be applicable to all races not necessarily, but is used for the Professor student, has own unique point.

Before long all students have moved in academy, academy big gate under the gazes of all undead, has closed slowly, entered undead academy undead academy, is impossible to come out easily, even if were outside all undead exits to fight, the undead student and teacher in academy, staying that must feel at ease did not permit in academy, only till they graduated. Saw that academy big gate has closed, Zhao Hai they also entered academy, these undead are for a very long time is not willing to depart, undead academy here, regarding them was really too important, just as was Zhao Hai said that here became sacred land in their heart. After two hours, these undead divergence slowly, but Zhao Hai they actually sat in the school practice large building conference room, in this conference room, besides Zhao Hai and Laura them, Kampala, Jim, their several people are also sitting with the Eddie woods, remaining was these teacher that various clans chose, Zhao Hai wants to open a little while today to these teacher, having a look at them also to have any need. These teacher although are various come from clans, but they regarding Zhao Hai are actually the incomparable respect, therefore sitting of each and every one old honest feast in there. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : first I to thank you to arrive at the Hell Space here teaching, if no you, the undead synthesis school cannot manage, please feel relieved, in this academy, you obtain best allowance, all your needs, free are provided by me, what does don’t know everybody have to request?” Dwarf stood got up said : mister, we did not have too many requests, my this time, was teaches to forge, I hoped the sufficient iron material.” Zhao Hai smiles said : everybody not to need to be worried that met Bi Kai in this aspect academy the supply, moreover in the life, everybody ate, with, will not certainly have any difference with Clan, everybody in the here work full three years, after waiting for the this Realm student to graduate, everybody can choose to go home, I will not stop absolutely.” a.