Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1028

.................................................................. As soon as these teachers listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but has gawked, then mutually looked at one, then simultaneously shaking the head said :, thanked mister, had these to be enough.” Zhao Hai has not thought that really so will be simple, his look at these person of said :, everyone/Great Clan, if has any condition, although raises, I will certainly satisfy everyone/Great Clan.” Just that Dwarf laughed said :, mister, you have considered thoroughly, we want to find a place, research own technology well, regarding other aspects, is not attention, invited mister feel relieved, so long as you experimented us in the material handling, other, were not the issues.” Zhao Hai one hear of Dwarf said that cannot help but laughs said :, good, everybody said that my feel relieved, feel relieved, everybody was at thing that in the school uses, I certainly same will not be short, invited feel relieved, was good, has soon attended class, I was not losing time, everybody invited.” These teacher have stood, walked to Zhao Hai gave a salute turn around, waits for these teacher to exit from the conference room, Kampala and Jim have also stood, they have also hung a teacher status in the school, will live in the here teaching, therefore they must attend class. They to Zhao Hai gave a salute, walks outward. When the pomelos walked, Zhao Hai then turns the head the look at Eddie woods and Coulee their said :, what kind of? Later this school was a school of undead clan, slowly will have the students of other putting to come here to attend class, I know that this came to a undead clan, the significance was out of the ordinary, therefore looked for you, making you also make a testimony, witnessed the coming of this time.” Eddie woods three people slowly have stood, then Eddie woods serious look at Zhao Hai said :, thanks a lot mister gives us this opportunity, just as was mister said that this regarding a undead clan was really too important, can be popular witnesses this historical moment, even if were the fire of next quarter my spirit soul has extinguished, I was also content.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, was good, that do not say arrives seriously, these days you I know at the matter that Underworld there handles, dry is very good, I think now Rebel Army person, already complete gave up the vigilance to you, meets seems like we begins.” Eddie woods one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but shows a faint smile said :, I was already waiting for this day, mister said that when moves?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, was quick, now you must in all situations Rebel Army tell me that some of your Rebel Army altogether many to your same Expert, altogether many cities, these cities turn over to that Expert tube, each city has these Expert to assume personal command, after these situations said that we can move.” The Eddie woods nodded, meaning of his understand Zhao Hai, his immediately/on horseback deep voice said :, now our Rebel Army control in hand city, altogether 121, 21 seek control in my in hand, remaining 100, separately by other seven big Expert control in hand, these seven people are Brother Bunge two, with Five Elements skeleton five people.” Speaking of the here Eddie woods to stop, looked at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai nodded said :, then said.” The Eddie woods nodded said :, „ Bunge two brothers, are two Lich, but they are different from ordinary Lich, ordinary Lich uses Magic attack give priority to generally, but Brother Bunge two, are actually the short distance assassinates give priority to. Zhao Hai one hear of Eddie woods said that cannot help but has selected eyebrow said :, „does Lich carry on the short distance assassination? A little meaning, then said.” The Eddie woods nodded, then said :, this brothers two also don’t know obtained two weapon from there, these two weapon, invisible shadowless, what most important is, these two weapon, even if Lich does not have undead of entity also to operate like this, nobody sees these two brothers' weapon to has been anything wants, had seen the person died, their forms of combat on are hide in Dark mist, then proximity slowly, in leaving you about five to ten meters step, they on control weapon, suddenly will kill, general is likely me. The person of strength, even if cannot by them as soon as strikes to kill, will be seriously injured, therefore these two brothers in Rebel Army, are the rare skilled people, their in hand control 30 cities.” Zhao Hai nodded, beckoned with the hand, Eddie woods then said :, „the Five Elements skeleton, is five people, these five people are five variation Skeleton King, in them strongest one is the Metal element skeleton, nobody knows him to name, he called the [gold/metal] skeleton by all means that this [gold/metal] skeleton also don’t know walked anything to transport, he can Metal Manipulation, not be certainly many in the Underworld here metal unexpectedly, but his don’t know had actually found big pile of metals of there, then daily these straps on the body, in attack, these metal was opposing the enemy on command(er), these metal. In in his hand, ever changing, very difficult entangles.” Speaking of the here Eddie woods to stop, then turned the head to Coulee said :, Coulee beforehand and that [gold/metal] skeleton has fought, but also ate to owe, Coulee, you said.” Coulee nodded, deep voice said :...... is, strength very formidable of that [gold/metal] skeleton , he when command(er) metal, these metals attack strength, but also is bringing his energy, very formidable, moreover this energy can attack, can nearly attack, may attack, may guard, these metals in in his hand, can optional change shape, very formidable. ”

Zhao Hai nodded, Coulee then said :, strength placed second was that Earth element skeleton, this skeleton super strong, but had defense strength to be strongest, his attack first was the thunder ten thousand, but average person simply could not break his defense, his Life Source Weapon, was one compared with the sledgehammer, attack gets up irresistible.” Looked at Zhao Hai one, Coulee then said :, third is the Fire element skeleton, he controls is Yin Fire, however his controlling mouth wanted much better compared with general Magician, was very difficult to deal with.” , Fourth is the Water element skeleton, the control water, is not the common water, but is the blood of Blood Pond, in the blood of Blood Pond, originally has massive energy, therefore his controlling water attack, is not the average person can block.” , Fifth is the Wood element skeleton, his very special, mister should also know that in our Underworld there, wants to look for plants is not that easy, but don’t know he had actually found a big tree in there, but this big tree, simply does not need to grow in earth, so long as absorbs the Blood Pond water to him, he can grow in there, that person this big tree belt on the body, now this big tree had turned into one height hundred meters, about 40 thick big trees, entire big tree all over the body blood red, on tree not leaf, One maliciously hard many compared with the branch, in the fight, his command(er) this big tree is carrying on attack and defense, in five people, his strength is not considered as actually weakest, besides [gold/metal] skeleton and earth skeleton almost, other three skeletons, the strength should about the same.” Zhao Hai nodded said :, originally because of this, therefore called the Five Elements skeleton, this arrived is ting is interesting, um, if received in them Space, the strength between families increased certainly, that two Lich, I to their weapon to was being interested.” Eddie woods look at Zhao Hai said :, mister, should we first to that make a move?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, is not anxious, come, has a look at the map, influence that they are, in marked on the map, most important sections out, they stay in that city generally, like this we can tidy up them.” Said that Zhao Hai has wielded, three-dimensional hologram map appears on desktop/tabletop, naturally, this is projection makes, is not the entity. The Eddie woods looked at projection on table, in has verified with own memory, then one by one pointed out that these people control city, in the hand of that seven big Expert, altogether control 100 cities, Brother Bunge control five 20 cities, in the Eddie surrounding in woods and during Five Elements skeleton domain, but to Eddie woods control domain nearest/recent is the domain of wooden skeleton and water skeleton, each of them's in hand control ten place cities.

Actually originally Eddie woods control city also only then ten, the remaining 11 cities, originally does not turn over to Eddie woods control, but is person in hand of control in them like Coulee, they do not turn over to any tube, but afterward by the Eddie woods unifying, therefore has become the Eddie woods domain. After waiting for the Eddie woods several people of influence branches the Zhao Hai sign comes out, Zhao Hai also cannot help but nodded, must say, position that they are at now, but also really not much, they to the Blood River nearest/recent place, if day of Dark Spirit Temple has broken through Blood River, attacks the responsibility first is they. Zhao Hai look at by them the domain of wooden skeleton and water skeleton, turns the head to his Eddie woods said :, we start from the two sides first, the first wooden skeleton and water skeleton tidying up, has then been coping with several other skeletons, finally copes with Brother Bunge, do you look?” The Eddie woods nodded said :, does not have the opinion, I thought that we first tidy up the wooden skeleton for good, that tree of fellow, no matter is placing there, very conspicuous, so long as found that tree, can find him, has tidied up him, we cope with the water skeleton in the concentration of effort, so long as takes them, even if other pill individual alliance gets up, we did not need to fear.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, good, that such manages, you returned to Underworld there are waiting first, this several days I determined that a position of undergrowth skeleton, then can cope with him.” The Eddie woods complied with one, Zhao Hai had waved, delivered returned to Underworld them, this was leading Laura their returned to Space Villa, then his immediately assigned out wooden skeleton control these cities, careful was seeking for the trail of wooden skeleton. Zhao Hai looked at Eddie saying that first all these wooden skeleton resident cities, blood Tree City, this was the wooden skeleton by own that big tree name city, was the den of wooden skeleton, what was a pity, the Zhao Hai pass/test has not seen that big tree of wooden skeleton in blood Tree City, but had found big pan of wooden skeleton in another city, not only had found the wooden skeleton, pleasant surprise! a.