Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1029

Zhao Hai presently the place of wooden skeleton is not blood Tree City, but in drop blood city, but this drop of blood city, actually leaves the Eddie woods domain closest city. border! Drops the blood city is the border city of Eddie woods and wooden skeleton, but now the strength of Eddie woods damages greatly, at this time, the wooden skeleton went to the drop blood city, meaning, but was very thought-provoking. But those who make Zhao Hai unable to think, in drop blood city, not only wooden skeleton king level Expert, with wooden skeleton in together, four skeletons, but face of these five skeletons are also various, a skeleton of golden yellow sits down, suspends one to annoy the big iron chair, whole piece iron chair don’t know has multiple, flood pale of faint trace, is wanting to come this is the [gold/metal] skeleton. The skeleton of another purple skeleton specially big, very sturdy, sits in there, firm as a mountain, overwhelming power especially, understood at a glance that is a strength greatly invincible fierce gentleman, it seems like earth skeleton without doubt. The third skeleton is actually blood red , looks like somewhat slender, especially sits by the earth skeleton, is appears jiao is smaller, moreover from the shape of skeleton, this unexpectedly is a female xing skeleton. Fourth is actually a black skeleton, pure black , does not have point exception face , however in his head, actually grows explosion silver to be long, that long gently is swinging with the wind, is being constituted by Yin Fire unexpectedly, was needless saying that this surely was the hot skeleton. Last skeleton is also blood red , but actually be stronger than that female xing skeleton, height actually no less than that earth skeleton, in in his hand, but also takes the turning weaponry that a branch of blood red is making, seemed like the wooden skeleton without doubt. The Five Elements skeleton gets together in the drop blood city, this was more thought-provoking, if their territory to the Eddie woods does not have thoughtsto fear that was these was just born, has not opened the wisdom the grey skeleton not to believe. Zhao Hai saw this situation, two eyes has cannot help but narrowed the eyes, chuckle said : interesting Too interesting, it seems like does not wait for us to begin, they instead to must begin first, that is good that do not wait for them to begin first, Lizzy, immediately/on horseback assembles the army, besides these people in undead academy, all people assemblesour immediately to move to me. ” Lizzy has complied with one, has prepared, the Zhao Hai personal appearanceappears in Underworld, the Eddie woods they in Three Holy cities, they and other Zhao Hai information, actually has not been thinking in a flash now that they just came back, Zhao Hai came. Eddie woods puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : how did mister such quickly come?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to come not to be good, must get the gate to come in others, just I looked the Five Elements skeleton to gather drop blood city there, if we in do not move, feared that was they must first begin, prepared, our immediately/on horseback moved. ” The Eddie woods stare, then face sinks, coldly snorted said : these fellows have dared to extend the claw to me unexpectedly, it seems like they think really our present strength losses are serious, want to say the fire took by force.”

Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : this not to be just right? We catch the whole lot in a dragnet them, avoid looked, walks, our immediately/on horseback moves.” The Eddie woods have complied with one, then Zhao Hai waved, they entered in Space, next quarter they already appears in drop blood outside the city. But waited for their appears in drop blood outside the city, the Eddie woods to be shocked ” the present entire drop blood city by undead sphering, billions high level undead encircling the water collected the drop blood city does not pass, was a fly cannot fly, naturally, if Underworld had the fly. look at that dense and numerous undead, even if the Eddie woods felt that some scalp hemp, do not say other people, less than look at their appearances, showed a faint smile said : „the Eddie woods, you acted, received them.” The Eddie woods have complied with one, has flown the sky of drop blood city, deep voice said : five mouse Chinese wild ginger, dares to plan me, Come out here!” Sound distant spreading, the entire drop blood city can hear. This naturally also alarms the Five Elements skeleton, they truly were discussing how must cope with the Eddie woods, but they have not arrived, the Eddie woods will get the gate first, moreover comes is so quick, they impossible with the change of spiritual force frequently attention outside the city, naturally also don’t know drop blood city oneself passed through is surrounded. However the sound of Eddie woods they can hear, this hears the Eddie woods the sound, their immediately has swept toward outside the city with spiritual force, this sweeps them to stare, then fast flew from in the city. This departs, the Five Elements skeleton was shocked, such big scene they have not seen, do not say that five people of this time is secret makes an appointment with, simply all has not brought own under the hand/subordinate in the side, even if all brings own under the hand/subordinate in the side, is impossible to compete with these many high level undead. Five people fast fly the Eddie forest, looked at Eddie woods one, the wooden skeleton is a landlord, has to walk said : „the Eddie woods, do you want to do? With no reason at all brought army to sphere my city, do you want to make war with me?” Eddie woods coldly look at wooden skeleton said : do not open the eye to talk nonsense in there, why you gather in here, you should be clearer than me, I did not waste breath, today you either submit to me, if gave me dead!” The Five Elements skeleton heard the Eddie woods saying that knows today is impossible to have friendly, wooden skeleton coldly snorted said : Eddie woods, your although formidable, but you wanted to leave behind our five, that was impossible, so long as we flee today a person, do not want to stay in Rebel Army.” The Eddie woods have a good laugh said : HaHaHa, you were really too naive, you think that you could also get away? I do not fear to tell you, I must separately look after a period of time your, but you gather now together, happen to have given me opportunity, said in me, submits, either dies!” The temperament most irascible earth skeleton, cold sound said : that so many idle talk, under the hand/subordinate sees the true facts.” Said that his two hands wields, in hand are many two beating a drum jar [gold/metal] Chui, the hammer has roared, attacks toward the Eddie woods, other four skeletons also moved, used the most adept strength to attack respectively toward the Eddie woods, what obviously they hit was the idea of capturing the ringleader first. But at this time Zhao Hai also moved, in his hand were also many two beating a drum jar [gold/metal] Chui, moreover his hammer earth ku is bigger, Zhao Hai also dashes to the earth skeleton. The Eddie woods had also put out own sword at this time, attacks toward the water skeleton, but Coulee they also moved began, its this these Undead Creature have not been shutting, threw toward the Five Elements skeleton.

The Five Elements skeleton one time comes out although not to bring many soldier, however in the city their soldiers are also many, looked to hit, these people naturally also came out to enter the war. The soldier of although Five Elements skeleton belt are few, but this time their bring out may be elite troops, to assure their securities, when their these soldiersin meeting by Lizzy and plum thumb command(er) these Undead Creature, almost in instantaneously was actually strangled to death most probably, this is because Lizzy and Megan must branch out the reason that the energy copes with the Five Elements skeleton, otherwise feared that was these Undead Creature one cannot be inescapable. But at this time Zhao Hai had actually fought with these earth skeletons in together, has to recognizethat earth skeleton very be really strong, compares Innate Divine Strength of Barbarian person also to want much stronger, the Zhao Hai strength is not small, four sledgehammers in airborne often intersection, presently ear-spitting yu deaf sound. But at this time the [gold/metal] skeleton made his turn into huge metal sphere the metal chair, the rotation of this metal sphere whirling, is departing many Little Jin from metal sphere is Zhu, shoots toward Zhao Hai undead army. Zhao Hai that fights with the earth skeleton, was actually coldly snorted one, then the [gold/metal] skeleton felt these small metal sphere that own release went to one stopped, then some metal sphere unexpectedly were not receiving his controlslowly and gathered in big metal sphere. Sees this situation, the [gold/metal] skeleton cannot help but gawked, meets to focus on the fire of spirit soul flashing several, obviously he was startled, he was also person of the having fought many battles, very clear appears this situation, only then one type of explained thatnearby this is more formidable than his strength, meets Metal Manipulation undead to exist. Thinks of here, the [gold/metal] skeleton cannot help but stops the child to discharge small metal sphere, looks toward all around, but he has not had any suspicious person. Melts there to know that achieves this point, Zhao Hai that fights with the earth skeleton, Zhao Hai originally can control Strength of Five Elements, but these abilities he little uses, but the [gold/metal] skeleton dares to use to control the strength of [gold/metal] in his front today unexpectedly, that Zhao Hai that will be polite, comes one to tit for fat directly. But that side wooden skeleton control own blood tree, with some high level undead buckets in together, these undead strength although has also been falling far short compared with him, but actually walks the onset and retreat to be apart from, he simply does not have the means with these undead in a short time. The wooden skeleton first time experienced fierce of Battle Formation, however his felt very strange at heart, his understand, these undead did not run from there, he does not believe that the Eddie woods will have such strength, if the Eddie woods had such strength, near that Blood River, he will not eat that big owing. Thinks of here, his vision cannot help but transformed on Zhao Hai that fights with the earth skeleton, wooden skeleton very clear, the issue on appears on this mysterious law Old Wang, before they had not possibly heard, under the hand/subordinate of Eddie woods will really have law Old Wang that such can hit. But now most miserable was the hot skeleton, attack of this getting angry skeleton, could count in several skeletons, after all no matter any fire, was good at attacking the enemy. However he to these Undead Creature in Zhao Hai Space, these Undead Creature in Zhao Hai Space, actually has not feared Yin Fire, because beforehand Zhao Hai received Yin Fire Space, moreover his Yama Ship reforms with Yin Fire, all Undead Creature in Space, do not fear Yin Fire.

Does not fear Yin Fire attack, this equal to the hot skeleton strongest attack breaking, therefore hot skeleton now very distressed, it can be said that in undead by Space was being pursued hitting. attack of [gold/metal] skeleton was limited, the earth skeleton had been blocked by Zhao Hai, the attack too big effect of hot skeleton, the water skeleton compelling to be thrown into confusion by the Eddie woods, but wooden skeleton although looks like most does not have what danger now, but wants to request other people is actually impossible. In this case, the Five Elements skeleton suffers a defeat and flees is only the sooner or later matter. Actually if Zhao Hai must use fully, now the Five Elements skeleton was extinguished, but Zhao Hai has not thought must use fully, he wants through these fights, gains in some fight experiences, now his strength although is very strong, is really true make a move opportunity are not many , because of this, therefore he lacks the fight experience, in opposing the enemy, that is suffers a loss very much. Before reason that near Blood River, Zhao Hai did not have make a move, fears expose, moreover at that time, he was showing weakness by the enemy, naturally impossible make a move, but he prepares subduing the Five Elements skeleton now, that naturally must personally make a move. These under the hand/subordinate of quick Five Elements skeleton were extinguished, then army advanced drop blood in the city, starts Undead Creature that catches in the city these nobody to manage, all catches in them child Space. Must know that in Underworld here, each city is not small, perishing of in the city are also many, takes the drop blood city, drops the blood city is not small town, in the entire city has about 100 million undead, must face is actually billions enemies . Moreover the strength is not lower than his enemy, opportunity that in this case, these undead naturally continually escape does not have, is less than one hour, entire drop blood in the city undead was seized. Seized these undead, Zhao Hai undead army the Five Elements skeleton encircling, but at this time, the hot skeleton in Five Elements skeleton had been injured, the earth skeleton did not feel better, by Zhao Hai complete was pressing hitting, [gold/metal] skeleton although turned into a big axe own metal sphere, but actually and will be bringing some undead tying down by Coulee, simply could not withdraw, but the water skeleton was actually given completely the suppression by the Eddie woods, could not pass through 100 moves in the hand of Eddie woods evidently. For those the wooden skeleton, now has still not received the too big threat, but actually also by large quantities of undead entangling, cannot be withdrawing, do not say that saved others. The wooden skeleton looked that in the city undead army has encircled, he knows that today they ended, opportunity that their simply has not escaped. Now is placed in front of them, only then two roads, either were besieged lethal, either submits to the Eddie woods, in the head of wooden skeleton is waging the intense ideological struggle. But at this time the hot skeleton by these undead to capture, big pile of undead had then been encircled, the hot skeleton vanished to lose, saw this situation, the wooden skeleton knows that cannot wait, his immediately/on horseback deep voice said :, Eddie woods mister please stop, I am willing to submit to you.” His although said stops, but he has not actually stopped, still makes his blood tree keep off these undead, but he is also keeping off now, has not been counter-attacking. But when his this saying exit / to speak, these gathered round his undead also to stop the attack, but still encircled him in middle. a.