Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1030

Chapter 1027 subdues the Five Elements skeleton Sought the subscription, asked to hit to enjoy, asks, watched the floating astronomy study literary show, clear(ly) space presented respectfully! ...................................................... earth skeleton one hear of wooden skeletons have surrendered, cannot help but roars said : your this not to have courageous spirit thing, you do not match to make undead.” although he stubbornly, however is very good because of his defense that Zhao Hai presses, therefore also has the ample force to speak with the wooden skeleton. But his this saying exit / to speak, doesn't Zhao Hai what? you want to submit to deep voice said :? To die? Gives up that almost endless life, turns into others' food? Is this courageous spirit that you want?” The character character executes the heart! These words that Zhao Hai said could be said as the character character execute the heart, he hit the mark these undead weakness, the undead life almost did not have the end, if like Jim, wholeheartedly is only thinking the research anything's person, they will not care about the life and death, they already looked through the life and death, the life and death did not have any difference regarding them. However the earth skeleton they are different, they the person like Jim, they did not taste the taste of authority, they think that is living, thinks live is longer, wants to obtain the even bigger authority, therefore they do not want dead, this is also the reason of wooden skeleton surrender. But Zhao Hai has exposed their weakness with the words, making these undead imposing manner cannot help but one weak, such that really such as Zhao Hai thinks, his this saying exit / to speak, the earth skeleton does not make noise, his although is still defending, but during this defense, has before actually been short , the air/Qi of that aggressive. Zhao Hai is the match of earth skeleton, the nature first felt that the change of earth skeleton, this has also studied one move, some time, in this fight, the pressure can actually become the last straw that broke the camel's back. After Zhao Hai present the change of earth skeleton, the hammer that he attacks afterward had the change, this hammer hits, the earth skeleton just about to resists, but the Zhao Hai in hand sledgehammer actually in instantaneously turned into large net, one earth skeleton covering, earth skeleton one startled, wants to struggle, the Zhao Hai round trip receives, this large net earth skeleton Rau Rau has tied up, the earth skeleton wants to struggle not opportunity. Seized the earth skeleton at one fell swoop, Zhao Hai turned the head to look toward the [gold/metal] skeleton, must say in several people, [gold/metal] skeleton originally was threatens in a big way, who made him meet Zhao Hai, finally this threatened to be fallen lowly, now the [gold/metal] skeleton has to turn into the big axe the iron ball, with Coulee and close combat, this was the way that the [gold/metal] skeleton most was not good.

The [gold/metal] skeleton looked that Zhao Hai turned the head to come to him, he knows today is thorough ended, thought of here, his movement cannot help but received, deep voice said : my willing to surrender.” The water skeleton looked that several people fell, several people grasped was grasped, the surrender of surrender, remaining she still resists anything in that she also fell, to this, these wars was finished. Zhao Hai they also received hand, Zhao Hai turned the head to nod to the Eddie woods, Eddie woods immediately understand the Zhao Hai meaning, he turned the head to look at Five Elements skeleton said : „, since fell, that followed me.” Said his appears Space rift, when he flew first. Five Elements skeleton several people look at this situation, cannot help but stares, but they do not want to walk now must walk, can only the hardware the scalp enter Space rift. Enters Space rift, in Space immediately/on horseback transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently Five Elements yin attribute Undead Creature, surrenders, surrenders to complete, withdraws its ability, strengthens the Host Five Elements control ability, the extraction completes, the strengthening is completed!” Zhao Hai felt that energy in own body was probably stronger a point, other to did not have too to feel greatly, he also knows that his strength on very strong, therefore this Five Elements energy regarding him, increased was not many. At this time, the Space prompt sound in one time resounded said : present variety war old tree, withdrew seed, seed to withdraw, may purchase in the store, this tree can the Hell Space planter, advocate attack, was yin attribute.” Zhao Hai one hear of this saying have cannot help but gawked, afterward on understand, this so-called variation war old tree, should be that big tree of wooden skeleton, before Zhao Hai had not thought of this point, now a Space such saying, he to thinks. Then Zhao Hai gave the hot skeleton that was injured to govern to injure, then their three called Space Villa with the Five Elements skeleton the Eddie woods. Laura they in letting these Undead Creature battlefield cleanups, did not have what to be good to clean actually, this time they destroyed completely the drop blood city, are been directly many by undead that they massacred, most undead were grasped in Space. Now Laura they must do in release goes drop blood city undead that these grasp, like this others will not see that any flaw came.

Zhao Hai entered the room to meet, waved said : you also to sit, the Eddie woods they were obedient sat, the Five Elements skeleton also sat in there, now they had been surrendered by Space.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : has not thought that these has tidied up your five, this arrived is convenient, below we must do, was first subdues you five territory all undead, finally in coping with Brother Bunge two, the Eddie woods, the specific matter you discussed that so long as has subdued well undead in their territory, but do not make the too big move to come.” Eddie woods several people complied with one, turn around have arrived at side Laura on turn around, the content on look at screen, the screen last present demonstrates dropped the blood city there situation, dropped blood in the city these to be grasped Space Undead Creature to go by release now, naturally, now they are the Zhao Hai people. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, shows a faint smile said : well, is very good, what you do this Zhao was more and more smooth, does Cai'er, drop nearby the blood city to have presently the suspect?” Cai'er shook the head said : Young Master feel relieved, because of this time motion suddenly, therefore not by person present, now nobody knows this information.” Zhao Hai then relaxed, then he showed a faint smile, turns the head their said : to be then good to Laura, Rebel Army took into my hand.” Laura also smiles said : „, has not thought really such smooth, Elder Brother Hai, I think these people am not that fierce, you are far with the Eddie woods fought the difference compared with initially.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : you too to underestimate me, since having studied Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula, I was progressing every time, previous time I and Eddie fought was so long \; first, because every time ran into such match \; second, temporary general idea, therefore met such, now makes you fight with the Eddie woods, the Eddie woods after to were not my match, if I if used the change of Staff to attack to be able, that Eddie woods on were not the match.” Laura smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, I think today you how many, when copes with their, already should use the Staff change function, if you have used the Staff transformation function, that will use such long time, I presently Elder Brother Hai you probably have entered an erroneous zone, Elder Brother Hai, do not forget, Staff is your weapon continuously, no one can rob, if you did not use the Staff transformation function, that too didn't waste? You should in fighting, many use Staff transformation function, like this after opposes the enemy, you can within the shortest time, making Staff change kill the shape attire of enemy effectively, this should be your forms of combat!” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has thought that by Staff win victory a little not military, now by a Laura such reminder, Zhao Hai present, oneself a little extremely Yu Yufu, looked like Laura said probably, Staff was his special-purpose weapon, had more than enough to others, moreover he can also reclamation at any time, if he put Staff not to use, that called the waste. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai somewhat cannot help but embarrassed, he looked at Laura said : reminder thank you, before is me, wants to miss, good, later I will improve.” Laura happy has kissed Zhao Hai one, she most appreciates is Zhao Hai this point, he knows can change mistakenly, moreover very good at listens to the suggestion, will not put out the androcentrism stance/framework/shelf, not because others pointed out that his mistake is angry, this is the Zhao Hai biggest merit.

At this time the Eddie woods they also reached an agreement to walk, the Eddie woods bowed to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, we have reached an agreement, after going back, can carry on.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to go, has remembered, secret carries on, present, had anything to need to tell me that we rather spent time, must guarantee keep secret xing of this matter.” The Eddie woods they have complied with one, bows to Zhao Hai, turn around walked, Zhao Hai turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, monitors them, has a look to have any need we to help, gives them to help, so long as we domain smooth taking of Five Elements skeleton, Rebel Army were our.” Cai'er has also complied with one, meaning of his understand Zhao Hai, only then Zhao Hai has taken the Rebel Army domain, they have become one of the Underworld three big influences, moreover with the Rebel Army here domain, is adding on the Zhao Hai in hand person, they can expand outward, swallows down entire Underworld. Underworld regarding Zhao Hai, regarding Space important xing, Cai'er very clear, can say, no matter God Realm or Atlanta Continent, for them, its important xing does not have compared with the means and Underworld, is only Underworld Dark mist, can prevent most life form to enter to Underworld, also in other words, this equal to was Zhao Hai had one, very safe rear base, but this base can also deliver the manpower resources, the continuous manpower resources, this to Zhao Hai was too important. What most important is, these big skeletons and these special plants of Underworld, by present Space 100 multistage level, actually also unqualified know that they are anything, this sufficiently brought to the attention of Zhao Hai. Now they must do must take Underworld here, takes Underworld here, can full went to Atlanta Continent there to look for ascend Magic Armor, if ascend Magic Armor, that can only in God Realm there ascend, although in God Realm there ascend, possibly be chased down by Lu Wei useless, but there are these military strength that Underworld there provided, Zhao Hai also fully can support one with Lu Wei, so long as the Zhao Hai strength came up, but also with fearing trivial Lu Wei? Moreover Zhao Hai had suspected a matter, that fellow in Dark Spirit Temple, thinks is coming control Underworld through Dark Spirit Temple, not only certainly to let Underworld here provides under the hand/subordinate to him, perhaps also has other point, but is any point Zhao Hai now is indefinite. roa.