Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1031

Actually in Underworld there, so long as you have subdued most Advanced level these undead, remaining these Inferior level undead were easy to do, the territory of Five Elements skeleton is this, they after the Eddie woods reach an agreement, on returned to own territory, to own territory, they have naturally been able to make their these under the hand/subordinate enter to Space. Wants Underworld there level is very stern, the Five Elements skeleton even can order his under the hand/subordinate dead directly, if his under the hand/subordinate dares rebel, they can direct make a move, the result that under the hand/subordinate, said it, these high level subordinate under the hand/subordinate, has the contract relation with the Five Elements skeleton, but these person contracts will not melt Magic, therefore they must listen to the Five Elements skeleton. Receives after all under the hand/subordinate of Five Elements skeleton in Space surrenders, their remaining duty only then, Wang Hang skeleton control these blood in these cities by undead received in Space. Compared to subdue these under the hand/subordinate of Five Elements skeleton, this duty is most difficult to complete, even if level ratio these of Five Elements skeleton[ from] is wanted Advanced level by undead many, these[ from] will look like the Five Elements skeleton to salute by undead, but, these[ from] not necessarily completely will actually listen to the order of Five Elements skeleton by undead, after all the Five Elements skeleton does not have contract relationship with them. Zhao Hai has also asked the Eddie woods, in Underworld here, even if looks like Eddie woods level undead, did not mean that can receive under the hand/subordinate infinitely, like the Eddie woods, his subordinate under the hand/subordinate, most impossible 100, but under the hand/subordinate that these 100 under the hand/subordinate, they can receive, most impossible 90, then more will be downward, will hand over gradually decreasing progressivelyis the common silver skeleton his under the hand/subordinate general cannot likely about 20. Like the army of Eddie woods, becomes Gold [金] character tower-shaped establishes, he subdues some level high undead, making these undead go subdued undead slowlyto compose army. However the Eddie woods they will not brave rashly has used oneself 100 under the hand/subordinate quotas, in that case, regarding them, is not cost-effective, if, in meeting level high undead, but they actually used the quota on some low level undead, that too did not delimit 1 Ok. For this reason, the King like Eddie woods, signs the contract with him truly undead is not many. However because of Underworld here meeting has plenty[ from] by undead, they will submit to the rule of Eddie woods, becomes his under the hand/subordinate. This submits to equal to is not establishes contractthis submitting to not to need to establish the contract, will look like the one type of weak one is seeking the protection of Expert, the Eddie woods will protect them, but they will be the Eddie woods work, this also will be a Eddie woods under the hand/subordinate army constituent, but will be very obvious, these will submit to Eddie woods undead, the status might as well with the Eddie woods will have these undead of contract ”, if the Eddie woods obtained good thing, can become a Divergent Technique skeleton by a golden skeleton, that Eddie woods will surely give this opportunity with him or he. under the hand/subordinate has contract relationship undead, but will not submit to his undead, this is the disparity.

However in Rebel Army here, advocates[ from] by undead is many, they do not want to submit to Expert, although do not submit to hand Expert, their dangerous big increase, but has plenty undead wants to work as one[ from] by undead, they do not want to submit to anybody. But in each every cityhas plenty these advocates[ from] by undead, these undead in the city, although must salute undead that they are higher than to level ”, but wish makes them obey unconditionally, that is impossiblein city, undead of City Lord rank, will not force these undead to submit to him, in that case, leaves the date of perishing city not to be far. For these reasons, must therefore subdue the Five Elements skeleton in control these cities[ from] by undead, is not that simple, if made these undead run, they will tell other undead this information, to there Brother Bunge knows that this information, they will possibly take an action. although Zhao Hai can subdue Brother Bunge through strong method, but Brother Bunge in under the hand/subordinate these cities, billions and billions undead, by the Zhao Hai present strength, are impossible one to eat up, only then has subdued in Five Elements skeleton these cities[ from] by undead, he may achieve, but before that Zhao Hai condition this information does not pass on, if made Dark Spirit Temple there obtain information, their troubles on even bigger. Five Elements skeleton under the hand/subordinate control 70 cities, these 70 cities are varying, however in the common situation, lives or the skeleton of transaction in these 70 urban comes forth, the total must in 6 billion to 7 billion, a enormous digit, not be so good to subdue. Truly Zhao Hai dreads is not these ordinary undead, but is the fellows in these Dark Spirit Temple, if lets that fellow in Dark Spirit Temple, knew their here situation, will certainly arrange, at that time, Zhao Hai has troubled, therefore all want keep secret to be quite good. However is good because in Underworld here, after some high level undead, other these strengths are not very high undead, generally will not go to other cities, they only nearby the city that in oneself will be at will move. As the matter stands has created, communication of Underworld here next minute reaches, it can be said that seal, also has given Zhao Hai opportunity, each and every one defeating opportunity. Therefore Zhao Hai has not worried, he starts from the territory of wooden skeleton water skeleton first, subduing bit by bit, one after another subduing of city market, many a little makes a mickle, this slowly can in all undead the entire Five Elements skeleton territory subdue.

Zhao Hai very has the patience, is about one day subdues two cities not to have the issue, are getting more and more along with his in hand person, more than a day subdue several cities is not impossible, after all now Manager of these cities, are his person, there are these people to coordinate, must subdue these[ from] by undead, is not the too difficult matter. However is this, Zhao Hai has also used for nearly one month, this Five Elements skeleton under the hand/subordinate all[ from] has all been subdued by undead, next step can prepare to begin to Brother Bunge. When has subdued these undead, the Zhao Hai series has recorded, by skeleton that Space surrenders, crosses hundred 3 billion, this absolutely is a ten points enormous digit. Fortunately, Zhao Hai besides Hell Space dark attribute Space, bought several dark attribute Space before, now happen to uses secure to govern these undead. This to does not mean Hell Space An Zhi not under that many undead, because puts in all undead Space, is not good to manage, therefore Zhao Hai divides the palace these undead to five Space, each Space 2 billion undead, moreover in these Space, Zhao Hai has established undead academy, naturally, has latter constructed these undead academy, most these undead from the beginning synthesize the academy branch, teacher teaching of inside not other race, but on is like this, was felt very happy by these undead. The Five Elements skeleton most from the beginning and don’t know this matter, afterward Eddie told them, in Zhao Hai Space, is undead builds the school, moreover undead can also same be educated with other races, this makes Five Elements skeleton ji very move, respected to Zhao Hai. This month of time, Zhao Hai Five Elements skeleton territory in all[ from] has been subdued by undead, but God Realm there is actually not peace. In Taurus Continent there, O'Neal Clan already complete standing firm, came several higher level Magic Armor after the fellow, O'Neal Clan has probably the energy, they start to Taurus Continent each every Space carries on the exploration and mining, Taurus Continent that several Space, is Barbarian Space, Thunder Clan Space and Pegasus Clan Space, now these Space nobody, naturally was unable some people to prevent them to mine. Therefore O'Neal Clan has bought large quantities of slaves in Atlanta Continent there, arrives at these plane to mine, did not want underestimated these slaves, Atlanta Continent there bought and sold the slave is not a day or two, therefore regarding control very much one means of slave, in Atlanta Continent there, the slave did not need to work directly, they must train close, train their learn to use ordinary civil Magic Armor, only then after their learn civil Magic Armor, they will have to sell.

O'Neal Clan one obtained equivalent to several Ark Continent that big domains now, naturally was needs the mass the manpower to mine, therefore they bought has trained the slave. Reason that O'Neal Clan will worry such , because also has different God Race this enemy, their very clear, different God Race this enemy, is very formidable, if they cannot show as soon as possible, that and other future different God Race, when a time attacks them, they did not have the means to resist. But those who make O'Neal Clan not think, different God Race attack such quickly came, this was just peaceful less than two months of time, different God Race in one time exchanged fire with O'Neal Clan. This O'Neal Clan and exchanging fire of different God Race person, is not too large-scale to war, but is a one type of kind of vacation harasses the tactical in sao the fighting method, exchanges fire in the small range, but lets a O'Neal Clan anxiety. Exchanging fire of here also has naturally brought to the attention of Zhao Hai, he has not thought of different God Race unexpectedly within such short time, made war with O'Neal Clan. However what Zhao Hai looks at some time also presently different God Race to hit was any idea, different God Race strong are many in population on, therefore they want to use the battle of this type of small scale, exterminate slowly fell the O'Neal Clan effective strength, accumulated the minor victory to win, grinding dead O'Neal Clan bit by bit. Their ideas are good, but application of tactics arrival, in adding on their also missed compared with Magic Armor, therefore the victory was not ideal, looked after looking at several days, did not have the interest. Now Zhao Hai thoughts not in different body of God Race and O'Neal Clan, but on Brother Bunge, in this pair of Eddie woods mouth unusual Brother Lich, to has aroused the Zhao Hai very big interest! a.