Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1032
Bunge two brothers, by the Lich status, actually do not need Magic to attack the enemy, but uses the assassination well method, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai feel that accident, but Zhao Hai is surprised, is weapon that they use.

Lich, truly is ten branch other races, they do not have the entity, therefore they almost do not fear physical attack, but similarly, because they do not have the strength, therefore they do not have the means to carry on physical attack, they no matter attack defend, by Magic give priority to, because in Underworld here, has not suited they use below. This to did not mean that Lich does not have the means to take thing, in fact they can take thing, but not with hand, but with own spiritual force, like controlling thing takes thing, normally as the matter stands, they can also carry on physical attack, after all they can control the thing. However general Lich will not use weapon with control this method, because of this method, has a shortcoming inborn, because comes control with spiritual force, when the attack enemy, their spirits will also be attacked, that is the prestige danger. In adding on a Lich clan has inborn hidden in the Dark mist ability, if they are taking weapon, in Dark mist quick by person present, that Lich to such will not have done silly. However this Bunge two brothers actually by assassinating to become famous, this is also Zhao Hai in the reason that they are interested. But said honestly that Zhao Hai is not they who they are interested, but is weapon that they use. The Underworld here honored and popular characters know, Bunge two brothers, they most special is weapon that they use, two brothers everyone weapon, that weapon is what nobody has seen, has seen the person died, that weapon that but a little can actually affirm, decides is not every thing. Lich does not have the entity, but Brother Bunge naturally are no exception, this they cannot integrate in their bodies like other Undead Creature weapon, but these many years, have actually never had the person to see Brother Bunge's weapon, are they in the use of murder, the use truly are not Magic, therefore Underworld all people suspected that Brother Bunge two, obtain certainly weapon that two years of extraordinary weapon Lich has been able to use. Lich can also be assorted the purification entity, looks like initially Zhao Hai had seen in Kampala in the room that Magic is the same, so long as compresses the Magic element to a certain degree can make the Magic entity change, turns into the Blade and Sword same shape, but if uses such Magic, uses to carry out the assassination, that is incorrect. The Magic compression is a although process, this process possibly very much breaks, but if you run up to others behind, then in reducing the Magic manuscript assassination that certainly is don’t know how the successive dies, because your here compresses Magic from the beginning, the opposite party knew, opposite party immediately will react, when your Magic has not compressed completes the opposite party already avoid or counter-attacks. If you raise advancing line of Magic to compress, that is also incorrect, because of such one, intense Magic bo moves, will bring to the attention of enemy, moreover you compressed good Magic also to have the entity, this took entity weapon not to have what difference with you, presently therefore the people in Underworld can be affirmative, Brother Ji Benhe used was not Magic, but was two specially weapon. But these two weapon, actually Zhao Hai regards as important, Underworld here level did not lower, king level Expert like Eddie woods, their strengths, in most Inferior level Cultivator compared with Lu Wei that wisp of different soul mouth wanted to be many strongly, in other words, Underworld here Space level, want to be higher than God Realm there. In this case, Brother Bunge can also with pair of weapon, rush out, if big reputation, moreover nobody sees is any weapon, this itself explained that this to the weapon uncommon place, but can also look from this point, this that Brother Bunge use to weapon, can reach the Cultivation World level fully.

More thinks that Zhao Hai more is interested in weapon to this, he wants to know really that this to weapon is any thing, if takes to weapon this, to own Staff, can have the help of even bigger. Now Zhao Hai Staff, fused too many thing in inside, attack strength very formidable, but Zhao Hai always felt that Staff show Space is very big, therefore he such is careful to weapon to Brother Bunge's this. In Zhao Hai governs the Five Elements skeleton all[, from] is subdued after undead, Zhao Hai prepared to begin to Brother Bunge, just before Zhao Hai began, God Realm there suddenly held the flames of war, Zhao Hai paid attention to God Realm there situation several days, presently does not have what important matter, this matter that made a fresh start to arrange to cope with Brother Bunge. Brother Bunge in Underworld here are very famous, can say that they are Rebel Army rulers in fact, naturally, that is before the Eddie woods do not have appears , but appears of Eddie woods, was official looking like Brother Bunge has challenged, but Bunge two brothers, used the previous Dark Spirit Temple matter to suppress the Eddie woods, they will be are threatened by the Eddie woods to their rule to the Rebel Army. But this time Brother Bunge have made a mistake scheme, they have not thought that the Eddie woods under the support of Zhao Hai, the strength already crossed their imagination, they have not thought that the Five Elements skeleton is not complete submitting to them, unexpectedly dead/die from hitting the idea of Eddie woods, had been subdued finally by Zhao Hai, can say that now considers Brother Bunge, has become the loner. However is this, Zhao Hai does not have underestimated this to the brothers, this can lead Rebel Army to the brothers with Dark Spirit Temple deal with these many years, possibly is not the simple character, facing such character, any mistake, is very dangerous, if made them give to run, ran up to Dark Spirit Temple there to go, that matter may trouble. Zhao Hai also feels very curious to Brother Bunge, this pair of brothers' strength, in Rebel Army is strongest, they are also the actual rulers in Rebel Army, but they probably have not actually thought that must make all influences in Rebel Army submit to them, even if copes with the Eddie woods, is because the Eddie woods want to unify Rebel Army, before Eddie woods this idea, they have not carried on the suppression even also to allow to the Eddie woods the Three Holy cities city to exist likely, this to is by some Zhao Hai accidents. However no matter what, Brother Bunge these time must submit to him, if their non- diameter clothing/taking that does not have anything saying that only then a character, kills! Plan of this Zhao Hai motion with coping with the Five Elements skeleton almost, first found Brother Bunge with Space, then begins to them directly, in surrounding arrange large quantities of military strength, * the brothers control all cities has surrounded then Gibbon, coming around one to encircleamong opens hua. Reason that Zhao Hai dares such to do , because he has that energy, his in hand has that military strength, therefore he dares to do, Zhao Hai presently the in hand military strength, fully 10 billion, surround more than 30 cities, that is handles, therefore Zhao Hai will set this tactic. The Eddie woods they also agree such to do, the Eddie woods do not believe that is adding on Zhao Haiseveral people not to take Brother Bunge with him and Five Elements skeleton, so long as takes Brother Bunge, that other these people, is a cinch. Zhao Hai had determined with Space position that Brother Bunge are, they now in the key city that they govern, is 30 urban most that city, in soul soldier city.

In this soul soldier city, only then tower, this tower is also Zhao Hai in Underworld here has seen highest, thickest stone tower. Entire tower high 200 meters, the diameter of tower thickly also about 100 meters ”, therefore this tower although is very high, but looks like the feeling of actually giving very sturdy. On the tower also continued Underworld here to be used to the well architectural style, did not have simplyfrom outside simply could not see that this tower had any special place. However Zhao Hai actually noted, on this tower somewhat careful min principlelooked like looks like the blood vessel of person, so long as came across the war, Zhao Hai believes that this tower like Kampala their these tower, can from to the blood of outflow Blood Pond, then turn into entire city the central control stage institute in defense Magic Formation to be. Brother Bunge live in this tower, in inside tower along with their brothers two beyond, massive Lich, these Lich is their under the hand/subordinate, Bunge two brothers is Lich, therefore they regarding other Lich extremely caring, therefore in their witches, besides Lich, were not having other undead. Zhao Hai Magic Staff also already received in the map of soul soldier city Space actually, now happen to takes to use, Zhao Hai looked with Space, Bunge two brothers in inside tower, have not gone out. In fact Zhao Hai finds from Eddie woods there that Bunge two brothers have other Lich same problems, likes research thing very much, therefore they, so long as when does not have the war, generally cannot leave tower. Zhao Hai also saw Brother Bunge through the screen two, this Bunge two brothers, long to does not have any special place, is also similar to general Lich, is not in the Zhao Hai imagination such, insidious of face, conversely, these two brothers long is also the person with dignified good looks, although also like other Lich, on the face has the beard, one pays the old person appearance, but absolutely was also considered as on is a very attractive that old man. Zhao Hai had determined after the Eddie woods their status, prepared to move, this Zhao Hai preparation was divided into two batches the in hand armed forces, the a batch 12 billion people, from the Five Elements the domain of skeleton and Eddie woods, the entire Brother Bunge's territory surrounding, some people gave the plum thumb command(er). Another a batch is bringing the Eddie woods by Zhao Hai, the Five Elements skeleton brothers, Coulee they, is getting 1 billion armies, gives to sphere the soul soldier city, these ordinary soul soldiers give Lizzy command(er), Zhao Hai they specifically are responsible for coping with Brother Bunge. After arranging these, Zhao Hai made the people prepare to move, they must first in the Five Elements skeleton and in the Eddie woods territory, undead that release braved greatly, these undead looking like Brother Bunge's territories slowly will interpolate, this all the way only then meets Undead Creature, no matter the level height, one rate grasped Space. This process requires some time, 12 billion, that is not hundred two hundred thousand, these many people, even if release also requires very long time, is adding on also needs to dress ranks, therefore this hua went to Zhao Hai they five days.

After five days, after Megan complete the team reorganizes, Zhao Hai they left, so long as instantaneous, Zhao Hai their appears in the sky of soul soldier city, but ten hundred million undead also appears slowly in soul soldier outside the city, the entire soul soldier city encircling watertight. Zhao Hai they such big sound, naturally cannot hide the truth from Brother Bunge, their immediately present Zhao Hai they, present outside the city more and more undead. Their facial expression changes, spiritual force sweeps together, transferred the army of entire city, simultaneously opened Magic Formation, prepared against resist the enemy person. But Zhao Hai has actually wielded, his in hand departs together red light, this red light gathered round Brother Bunge's tower to transfer several, gave to destroy these min roads on tower, making tower not have the means to lose the blood of Blood Pond passes through in Magic Formation in city, such Magic Formation cannot play the effect. Bunge two brothers also present this situation, they brought large quantities of Lich to fly from tower, a face pale station Eddie woods their front, this Zhao Hai has been possible not to have the preparation to install the little brother, he stood in there, the Eddie woods and Five Elements skeleton stands in his side, the body of such Zhao Hai naturally showed 1 u to come out. Brother Bunge look at this situation, stares, in two people of eyes flashes through radiance, in them deep voice said : your excellency who? Why comes to my soul soldier city? Eddie woods, this what's the matter?” The Eddie woods show a faint smile said : we are Young Master under the hand/subordinate, all matters take responsibility by Young Master.” Said that not in talkative, when this naturally also on table they submit to the meaning of Zhao Hai. Brother Bunge looked at Five Elements skeleton one, in eye were many a restlessness, then they carefully have sized up Zhao Hai, superficially Zhao Hai naturally does not have anything specially, he is still a appearance of dusk law Old Wang, even including energy bo moves does not have, stands in there, is similar to a piece Stone is the same. But more is such Brother Bunge more does not dare underestimated Zhao Hai, they looked at one mutually, bows said : not to know that to Zhao Hai who this mister is? Today soul soldier matter, so-called what?” Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : two has not needed to install silly, I do not believe that the matter to this situation, why two also don’t know I came, two, we in circling, I come today, but came to say one with two, calculation that starting today, in Rebel Army, my Zhao Hai said that all people must submit to me, refused to accept had a fate, the death! Two must submit to me, makes me regard food the fires of your spirit soul, oneself elect.” Brother Bunge looked at one mutually, they have not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly such overbearing, came up to bring to light the words said that this fully explained that a leeway of maneuver did not have, they also know that today's matter cannot be friendly. a.