Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1033

................................................ overbearing, is not who can have, overbearing in having the situation of absolute strength, will have, this is one type of imposing manner, one type of control, one type of is self-confident, one type of to own strength absolute self-confidence, similarly, to match absolute control, this can be called is overbearing. But imposing manner that Zhao Hai displays now, is the absolute self-confidence, because of his very clear own strength, he is completely confident to oneself. Brother Bunge looked at one mutually, they are also Underworld extremely Expert, naturally also felt that Zhao Hai imposing manner, they did not have any moving to do, their personal appearance hidden entered in Dark mist. But also all hidden entered in Dark mist with their together appears these Lich vanish from sight, the Eddie woods they noticed that saw these Lich hidden entered in Dark mist, cannot help but has alerted. Zhao Hai is actually coldly smiles said :, this method, for me useless.” Said that his hand wields, in Dark mist suddenly appears innumerable undead, these undead appears immediately before their bodies has used Magic energy attack. But thin this attack, these Lich immediately came, but at this time, these Lich immediately was given to lock, then Zhao Hai in hand Magic Staff one turned into a giant bell lock, Zhao Hai swung the bell lock gently, in this bell locked left sound bo, this bo one such as the visible nature was common, proliferated toward all around, all heard this ting Lich is face of pain, Magic also uses not to come out, at this moment, these Lich side appears innumerable Space rift, them. Received in Space directly. However from beginning to end, Brother Bunge two both do not have appears , even if Zhao Hai with the bell lock carries on sound bo attack time, they do not have appears . Zhao Hai is actually two eyes one bright, then shows a faint smile said :, interesting, your weapon, can resist my sound bo spirit soul attack I to be interested in your weapon unexpectedly. ” The Zhao Hai voice just fell, Bunge two brothers suddenly appears in Zhao Hai, two manpower proceed to wield, has probably any thing to be in attack Zhao Hai. Sees this situation, Eddie woods cannot help but face changes said :, Young Master, be careful.”

However he said already late, weapon of Bunge two brothers, punctured the Zhao Hai clothesBunge two brothers to look that this weapon was so smooth punctured on the clothes cannot help but face of Zhao Hai one happy, their very clear, was impossible to live to their this weapon attack person ”. Clang! Clang! two, that two weapon strike Zhao Hai with the body, actually left the metal quite same sound, but Zhao Hai he had turned around at this time, two hands extends, capture different thing. Looks at the Zhao Hai movement, Brother Bunge cannot help but stares, then face big change, they finally presently, they depending on becoming famous weapon, is unexpectedly useless to Zhao Hai. When they want to receive that two weapon, actually presently in the hand of Zhao Hai suddenly appears two Space rift, then they lost the contact with their weapon. Felt one completely lost the contact with their weapon, on the face of Bunge two brothers first 1 u left the flurried facial expression, but Zhao Hai has not actually given them opportunity, his hand moves, in hand in appears that big bell lock, Zhao Hai swung the bell lock gently, on the face of Bunge two brothers also appears of pain, then Zhao Hai waves, Space rift appears in the Brother Ji Benhe side, then two only giant palms has extended together coming out from Space riftone capture the lucky Bunge two brothers, drew them to Space rift. Ten then Space rift vanished. Zhao Hai wields, the bell locked in one time turns into Staff, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at the Eddie woods their said : „the Eddie woods, here give you, has remembered, I must live.” The Eddie woods they already making to be shocked by Zhao Hai just attack, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that they cannot help but stare, Eddie woods quickly said:, Is, invited Young Master feel relieved, here gave me.” Zhao Hai nodded, the personal appearance moved vanishes in same place, the Eddie woods were actually let out a long breath, then turned the head to look at Five Elements skeleton one, forced smile said :, „ walked, worked, did not want absurdly Young Master explain/transfer. The earth skeleton turns the head look at Eddie woods said :, „the Eddie woods, heard that you fight with Young Master, but also almost mutual wounds? What you said is real?” The Eddie woods, how he real don’t know must also reply is good, this Eddie woods present, attack method diversification of Zhao Hai, complex, if makes him fight with present Zhao Hai, he believes that time that oneself insist, not Bunge two brothers long many, but his initially truly really has fought with Zhao Hai, moreover they almost mutually wounded, but this saying he says now, feared that also nobody believes.

Thinks of here, the Eddie woods cannot help but not aerobic looked at earth skeleton said :, you were not have also hit for quite a while with Young Master, I think that Young Master wants to try our strengths, teased us to play, was good, worked.” Several people nodded, immediately/on horseback has carried on attack to soul soldier in the city these Bunge two brothers under the hand/subordinate Expert. But at this time Zhao Hai actually entered in Space, he has not certainly heard the Eddie woods the words, if he hears the Eddie woods, feared that will smile also bitterly, his initially may not want to try the Eddie woods the strength, but has gone astray really the road, Zhao Hai this time is first time uses such attack style, his suddenly present, originally attack can also like this. This attack Zhao Hai used the Zhao Hai complete method, the Space help to determine that these Lich positions, then turned into Little Bell with Staff, carried on sound bo spirit soul attack, in the ability of oneself crystal Incarnation body, has blocked Brother Bunge's attack, then used weapon with the hand capture Bunge two brothers of crystallization, received Space Warehouse weapon, in using sound bo spirit soul attack made Bunge two brothers not have the means to begin at once, then used Space, caught in them Space, this set of merit struck to say that took a walk with Zhao Hai on many thing, but has actually achieved one point, That is to battlefield comprehensive control, vanishes from Bunge two brothers in Dark mist, all entered in Zhao Hai control, what attack they will make, all these during the computation of Zhao Hai, therefore he can such quickly end the fight. Such forms of combat Zhao Hai is not the first use, before he also used several times to transfer many strengths to cope with the forms of combat of person, but has not actually felt like this time conveniently, this time he felt completely is the one type of control strength completely control strength, this is really very satisfying. Zhao Hai enters Space, does not have immediately to summon already surrendered Brother Bunge, does not have immediately to put out Bunge two brothers well weapon, but is static standing in there, closes one's eyes, was recalling just combat process, he this time combat process has gotten down a final decision to himself, that is perfect, this time combat process does not have thing of too many hua sentry post, all very solid use, perfect. Zhao Hai finally understand, this is the forms of combat that most want, before his all fights, always felt that has missed a point anything, now he knew, was the feeling of this control he before and person fights, was almost this feeling, but this fight, happen to made him find this feeling. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, on the face 1 u left the smiling face to open the eye slowly, walked toward the villa, Laura they were staring at the screen in the villa, now on the screen the Eddie woods they with undead army, are seizing soul soldier in the city all recording spirit, Lizzy undead army is coordinating the Eddie woods in command(er) their motion. But Megan command(er) undead army was also encircling Bunge's their territories at this time, now these undead in Bunge territory the present matter has not suited, various cities started to defend Magic Formation simultaneously to send for the soul soldier city requesting reinforcements. This matter has no need for Laura helping, therefore Laura looked that Zhao Hai came in immediately to welcome to smile said :, today Elder Brother Hai, attacks was very smooth.” Zhao Hai knows said : slightly, „, is very smooth, Laura, your language has reminded me thank you, otherwise today's attack so will not be smooth.”

Laura shows a faint smile, has not been saying anything, Zhao Hai look at her said :, goes, helping Meg prepare to me delicious, today my special happy.” Laura complied with one, turn around then Meg walked toward the kitchen, but Zhao Hai actually waved, called Brother Bunge. Simultaneously Zhao Hai also puts out weapon that Bunge two brothers have used, these two weapon take Zhao Hai to stare, because this different thing looks like simply likely is not weapon, instead to like the tooth of Poison Snake, curving, midheaven, but abundant minute of sharpness. But most makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, these two rooted teeth are not very big, be only his palm length, seems looks like two small curved awls, transparent face , likely is not weapon, is more like two handicrafts. At this time in Space transmitted prompt speaking sounds:, „The unknown animal tooth, may be the weapon use, may carry on physical attack, the supplementary has mystical powers the soul attack ability, can nourishing in spirit soul of person, be spirit soul weapon, withdraws the weapon ingredient, join to devil Blood Staff, devil Blood Staff Level Up becomes spirit soul weapon, Host may put in Staff to oneself spirit soul in carries on nourishing, nourishing time is longer, compatibility between Host and Staff is higher, Staff Might is bigger, note: Spirit soul weapon is Host lifelong weapon, increases to increase along with the Host strength.” Zhao Hai has gawked, spirit soul weapon this thing he first time heard, but listens to the introduction of prompt sound, probably is good thing. Zhao Hai turned the head to see Brother Bunge said :, „did you obtain these two thing from there?” Person of immediately/on horseback said : in Brother Bungereturns to the Young Master words, his tooth that this different thing, after is we massacres Darkness Magic Beast to have bitten soul snake, obtains, that is variation biting soul, The snake, we took very big effort to massacre him, but after massacring him, that snake did not have the fire of spirit soul . Moreover the snake disappeared in blinking, the ground only remaining these two poison fangs, we want to bring to come back research, has not actually thought that poison fang with our spiritual force contact, immediately integrated in our spirit soul, we can like using weapon the use he, very convenient. ” a.