Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1034

............................................................ Zhao Hai nodded said :, „didn't that you afterward have to look have bitten the soul snake? Look must by presently also has variation bite the soul snake.” In Brother Bunge nodded said :, returns to the Young Master words, looks for me, not only has looked, but also moved my under the hand/subordinate to look, however the final result was not quite ideal, we have slaughtered many bit the soul snake, did not have to find variation, not only bit the soul snake, I have also looked for many other Darkness Magic Beast, the final result was the same, we obtained can only be the fire of spirit soul, in has not obtained any soul soldier.” Zhao Hai nodded, he can also guess, can make spirit soul weapon bites the soul snake, certainly is variation bites the soul snake, but this snake may also with, but cannot ask, if he looks hardly, feared that will not find. Zhao Hai has given back to Bunge two brothers two soul soldiers, these two soul soldier although are good thing, but regarding Zhao Hai actually useless, but other people in Space do not need this thing, gives Bunge two brothers to use. Zhao Hai also asked Brother Bunge they can anything, not leave Zhao Hai to expect, two brothers also like making some research and so on work, Zhao Hai led on them Wild Dragon Island, has given Jim. Because the Bunge two brothers in hand has the soul soldier, therefore regarding research very knowledgeable in spirit soul aspect, happen to makes them help Jim. After Brother Bunge send off, Zhao Hai on returned to soul soldier city there, the collection of Brother Bunge receiving in Space, must say that Brother Bunge these years collections are also many, even Jim are many, was a pity, these thing that they collect, the quality does not have Jim to be so good, most minimum that small bone beast does not have. But at this time, the entire soul soldier city basically the Eddie forest they have given to seize, in the city all undead caught in Space. Zhao Hai has not actually managed them, now Brother Bunge were received in Space, other people in their domain were insufficient to ponder, but Zhao Hai to wants to go to the Darkness Magic Beast domain to transfer the extension, has a look also to be able in presently some variation Darkness Magic Beast, got so far as two soul soldiers. However Zhao Hai also knows that this matter is not easy to take your time, now first Brother Bunge's domain receiving real.

The following matter 1 did not need Zhao Hai to manage, Brother Bunge this was grasped, the person in his domain was the group dragon does not have, in adding on the Eddie woods they brought undead army outside to attack from, Mei Mu command(er) undead army from outside to inside was attacking, Brother Bunge under the hand/subordinate these person of there could block, less than one month of time, Brother Bunge's territory thorough became Zhao Hai. Until now, Zhao Hai unified entire Rebel Army, official became one of the Underworld three big influences, but Zhao Hai also knew, in Underworld here, the domain that Rebel Army seized is smallest, if did not have Blood River to be away from, feared that was the present by Dark Spirit Temple extinguishing, Expert in Dark Spirit Temple be more than Rebel Army here, majority of Expert cannot cross Blood River. However Zhao Hai sharply has not been expanding own domain, such words will only cause others' suspicion, moreover Zhao Hai to that[ from] does not have too many interests by the alliance, he is interested throughout is Dark Spirit Temple, he wants to know that fellow in Dark Spirit Temple, what fellow to the lord is, if can from that fellow there know after Underworld here ascend where, that on was better. Now the entire Rebel Army domain in Zhao Hai control, had originally planned Zhao Hai is the plan at this time, goes to Blood River there to receive some Blood Spirit Beast toward Space, but he actually changes the mind now. Blood Spirit Beast now first does not worry, he wants to go to the Darkness Magic Beast domain to have a look first. Actually if said strictly that Underworld here has four big influences, except for Rebel Army, Dark Spirit Temple and[ from] by the alliance beside, one was Darkness Magic Beast. But Darkness Magic Beast not like undead, high level must some Commander low level, but also gathers in into the city, Magic Beast is not, Magic Beast high level truly can some Commander low level, but like person undead, normally does not let these low level Magic Beast shi periods of five days, high level Magic Beast generally is also the go it alone, when copes with the foreign enemy, they will convene together to move oneself fast in low level Magic Beast. Moreover Magic Beast to on undead shortcoming, is inborn Spiritual Wisdom is insufficient, undead to humanity, their Spiritual Wisdom can't compare with humanity, but Magic Beast to undead, their Spiritual Wisdom can't compare with undead. This did not mean Magic Beast on complete does not have spirit soul, high level Magic Beast has mystical powers soul, this is basically same as Ark Continent and God Realm there situation, but Underworld here Magic Beast will want Spiritual Wisdom difficulty. Zhao Hai wants to go to Darkness Magic Beast domain there to have a look \; first, wants to have a look at the Darkness Magic Beast strength, two want to take a look, can find the 1 or 2 variation soul beast. However looks like in Zhao Hai, the variation soul beast should also not be good to look, Zhao Hai and had asked Bunge two brothers, want to know from their there, this variation Magic Beast has any special place.

However had asked later Zhao Hai is actually somewhat disappointed, because variation Magic Beast does not have much difference with ordinary Magic Beast, considers from the semblance, you cannot look at these are variation Magic Beast, these are ordinary Magic Beast, this is Zhao Hai looks for variation Magic Beast, increased many difficulties. However Zhao Hai is also wants to try one's luck, has a look at Underworld here Darkness Magic Beast while convenient is any levels, later Underworld here was his rear, equal to was the backyard of his family, he naturally must understand how well family thing of backyard was not. It can be said that entire Rebel Army here lived any matter, bystander simply don’t know, because Zhao Hai subdues the Rebel Army domain, the sound that makes is not very big, moreover most from the beginning he subdues is the domain of Five Elements skeleton, the first Five Elements skeleton tidying up, has then been subduing their domains, the sound that like this makes is naturally small, not by others presently. But afterward when tidying up Brother Bunge's domain, Zhao Hai truly was hua some time, moreover made not the small move, but this Zhao Hai cut off the enemy's retreat and annihilated them, the bystander naturally will not know. Because of this, therefore entire Underworld person don’t know Zhao Hai unified Rebel Army, in Dark Spirit Temple and[ from] looks like by the alliance, in Rebel Army presently wants simply that influence to unify Rebel Army, therefore they dropped regarding the attention of Rebel Army here. Even if these also in the attention, has not used, now all in Undead Creature that in the Rebel Army domain moves, is Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate, these people to Zhao Hai are certainly the loyalty of place, naturally impossible to live any matter Rebel Army here, reported toward the organization that in they are, therefore Zhao Hai control Rebel Army matter simply nobody knows now. The entire Rebel Army influence after this month of reorganization, complete integrate, now Rebel Army here is outside in the loosen tight, the although each every city looks like still in making the transaction, however the external person actually does not think that in these cities all undead, were a person actually. After Rebel Army here integrate finished, Zhao Hai started to carry on next step to plan, went to the Darkness Magic Beast domain to transfer the extension, before, Zhao Hai they called in the Eddie woods Space, now the Eddie woods became Rebel Army outside king, Zhao Hai to strengthen the Rebel Army strength, but also used some Underworld plants in Space, raised promoted into several people for king level Expert, such Rebel Army strength not only has not been weaken, counter- to was formidable. But in person who these promotes, will have Coulee and will be positive. Zhao Hai is always not a stingy person, he to his under the hand/subordinate is very good, Coulee and he in under the hand/subordinate that Underworld here will earliest accept, he naturally to two special attendances. This Zhao Hai calls the person in Space city, is not many, only then the Eddie woods, Coulee, just and Five Elements skeleton several, other people may not have the qualifications to be summoned by Zhao Hai.

After Eddie woods several people entered Space, to Zhao Hai gave a salute, Zhao Hai waved, making them sit down, his then open the mouth and said:, Present Rebel Army here unified, but I have not wanted to make war with Dark God now, I want to go to the Darkness Magic Beast domain to have a look, said that how many do you understand Darkness Magic Beast?” Eddie woods one hear of Zhao Hai said that to has gawked, this month of time, he basically has not entered Space to come, moreover Zhao Hai has not managed him at the matter that Rebel Army there handles, therefore he and don’t know matter about the soul soldier, Zhao Hai suddenly said that must go to the Darkness Magic Beast domain, he somewhat cannot help but strange, because before him, hear of Zhao Hai have said that when handled the Rebel Army here matter, he was must receive Blood Spirit Beast in Blood River, his understand Zhao Hai why suddenly change has not planned. However he is said :, Young Master, we regarding the situation understanding of Darkness Magic Beast there is not many, the Darkness Magic Beast domain is not so is good, these Magic Beast strengths are very strong, even if Magic Beast of my such strength is not rare, therefore in the common situation, we won't go to the Darkness Magic Beast domain, why Young Master suddenly want to go to there?” Zhao Hai said to several people the matter of soul soldier, said, Zhao Hai deep voice said :, I think that this soul soldier will have very big use to me, therefore I want to go to the Darkness Magic Beast domain , can look find this variation Magic Beast, if can find, that naturally was the self-respect, I want to raise a batch such Magic Beast in Space, had a look whether in the future to make Space produce the soul soldier.” One hear of Zhao Hai said why Eddie woods understand Zhao Hai must go to the Darkness Magic Beast domain finally, he nodded said :, although these years we regarding the understanding of Darkness Magic Beast there are not many, but which places are the high level Darkness Magic Beast activity domains, we almost know that Young Master, so long as received the map of Darkness Magic Beast domain Space, I can the Zhao Hai finger.” Zhao Hai nodded said :, good, you finger.” Said that he has referred to screen, screen last present appears the map of Darkness Magic Beast domain. a.