Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1035

............................................................ Zhao Hai is a stratagem decides, but rear drive person, he must go to Darkness Magic Beast there to have a look, naturally the impossible preparation not to have, the these days Eddie woods they in unifying Rebel Army, Zhao Hai on release some blood needle on Magic Staff, went to the Darkness Magic Beast domain, received in the Darkness Magic Beast there map Space. The Eddie woods looked that Zhao Hai has prepared, he not polite, has arrived around the screen, carefully looked at map one on screen, then he selected in some positions on screen map has selected several, then general drew a range, then one by one said had these Magic Beast to move in these maps. Zhao Hai now Underworld here, the Magic Beast type is similar to Ark Continent and God Realm there race, most has produced some variation, but arrives does not have too special Magic Beast. Waits for the Eddie wood these high level Magic Beast region that is, after Zhao Hai said that these places that the Zhao Hai also knitting the brows head of gently, he presently the Eddie woods refers, is the surrounding of Darkness Magic Beast domain treats, what he central generation of Darkness Magic Beast domain is don’t know, but is only this surrounding generation, had no less than ten high level Magic Beast, said according to the Eddie woods words, these ten only high level Magic Beast, its strength no less than he, in other words, the strength of Darkness Magic Beast domain surrounding, on not compared with the Rebel Army difference! Is the strength of surrounding is not only worse than Rebel Army, isn't the there surface fiercer? Thinks of here, the Zhao Hai cannot help but brow wrinkles was deeper. After Eddie said that on look at Zhao Hai, his heart, or by somewhat guilty, thought one are unfair to Zhao Hai, has not added on busy of Zhao Hai at this matter. Zhao Hai some little time gains ground look at Eddie woods said : that Darkness Magic Beast domain looks like also is really very dangerous, but it doesn't matter, believes that these Magic Beast cannot be what kind of me, after a period of time I go to there to have a look, Rebel Army here has remembered on give you, before I come back, all low key processes, do not live the conflict with Dark Spirit Temple.” The Eddie woods complied with said : are Young Master invite feel relieved, we know how to do.” The Eddie woods had not said that must send for protecting Zhao Hai and so on words, because of his very clear, they gather insufficient Zhao Hai to hit, sends for protecting Zhao Hai, what that is complete is unnecessary. Zhao Hai waved, they have sent out Space the Eddie woods, after the Eddie woods they have delivered Space , the Zhao Hai look at map, has pondered. Darkness Magic Beast domain very strange, their is in also has the skeleton forest besides bone Jiashan comprised of a giant bone Jiashan, naturally, this forest is not straight plants, but is the skeleton of graceful huge Magic Beast, besides these thing, there really also has piece of Bone Swamp! here besides is comprised of Bone and bloody water, actually does not have what difference with outside world, naturally this is only the phenomenon of performance. But in Darkness Magic Beast domain there, the dense and numerous demonstrations the innumerable green Xiaoliang point, Zhao Hai is knowing that these highlights are Magic Beast, light looked that Magic Beast quantity Zhao Hai knows there can be called absolutely is Lungtan dragon xué Zhao Hai has the confidence to go to there to rush to rush. Laura they also arrived at the Zhao Hai side at this time, several people of also look at screens, Laura frowning said : gently „can Elder Brother Hai, go to there?” Zhao Hai knows that Laura they worried his security, he knows said :not to have relationship slightly, feel relieved good after the Eddie woods fought, in adding on your direction, in this Underworld did not have no thing, can threaten me, moreover I always felt that type can produce soul, The soul beast of soldier, resembles very heavy to us, therefore I must go to there to have a look, does not have a look at me not to be willingly, said it, what appearance you do not want to take a look not to have Magic Beast of eye are? ”

Laura shows a faint smile, she also believes words that Zhao Hai spoke, but is the Zhao Hai wife she is extremely worried, but she does not want to prevent Zhao Hai, she knows that Zhao Hai decision matter, is not she wants to prevent to prevent. Naturally, if she does not certainly make Zhao Hai go, Zhao Hai will not go, but such one comes Zhao Hai definitely does not meet at heart comfortably, moreover Laura also knows that Zhao Hai will go not to have any danger, she naturally forcefully will not prevent. Lizzy looked at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, or we lead army to go to there, stepped on the draw to result in these directly, you went to do anything.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :do not worry, after Underworld here, but our latter hua gardens, I naturally must have a look first, you now these Magic Beast catching up, later us what to do? Let them in Underworld here[ from] by the growth, they will possibly have produced variation in here, turns can produce Magic Beast of soul soldier, was uncertain to the Space ears of the locals. ” Laura they also nodded, these days they have also crammed ferociously the knowledge about computer aspect, after all they must use computer, some knowledge of this aspect they must know. They also know that Space now is not very flexible, likely is some Magic Beast, they are almost some products of sequencing, wants to let these Magic Beast appears variation in Space is not the easy matter. In Space truly can make some ordinary plants produce variation, but that ordinary plants must change to transfer to Hell Space after ordinary Space will produce variation, comfortable growth words in ordinary Space, is impossible to produce variation. Also in other words, in Space here, only then the environment has had the change, Magic Beast or plants may produce variation, but also has the possibility, is not certain. But Hell Space there environment with Underworld there looks like, if gets so far as in Underworld there Magic Beast Space, is impossible to produce variation, therefore Zhao Hai has not thought must catch in Space these Magic Beast in Underworld. However Space some thing of sequencing, have certain advantage, if Zhao Hai capture variation Magic Beast, he has only gotten so far as in this Magic Beast Space, later this only Magic Beast descendant or the Magic Beast that buys in the store, is variation, in other words, so long as Zhao Hai found one to produce Magic Beast of soul soldier, is living in belt returned to Space him, after that Space, be able to produce Magic Beast of soul soldier on can has plenty. Zhao Hai smiled said :Bunge two brothers, from biting soul snake there obtains that two soul, Soldiers, the place that therefore my first station wants to go to bites the domain of soul snake. Said that Zhao Hai has referred to a position on screen, that position is also the Eddie woods draws, the Eddie woods when drew this position to say to Zhao Hai, there bites the domain of soul snake, moreover had one in there formidable bit the soul snake, he has not grasped can defeat. Laura looked at Zhao Hai finger of that piece of region, the brow cannot help but wrinkled, because in Zhao Hai finger of that piece of region, dense and numerous all was the green dot, this sufficiently proved there has plenty bit the soul snake, moreover Lao Men they were the girls, regarding snake this class thing, mister on some dislike.

Zhao Hai looked at three people of one, shows a faint smile said :, was good, does not use for our aircraft s, all right, these bite the soul snake not to have what fearfulness, I have a look first, you do not need to manage me.” Several people nodded, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved vanishes in Space, next quarter he already appears , in has bitten in the domain of soul snake. This bites the domain of soul snake, is a skeleton forest, on this skeleton foresteverywhere is some incredibly big incomparable skeletons, did not defend Zhao Hai to look actually to live, these skeleton not anything specially, not like these big skeletons that he collected, was he does not have these skeletons that the means understood ”, although was standing in there, but has plenty actually made decent. Naturally, these big skeletons wanted to be harder compared with the common skeleton, but compared to the Zhao Hai collection these skeletons to fall far short, Zhao Hai knows, these big skeletons of here, but was some formidable Magic Beast skeletons, with these big skeleton completely different that he collected, looked like the difference of pig Bone and keel/Dragon Bone is the same. Zhao Hai has not flown is too high, but to the ground only about half meter altitude, is flying slowlysheep is not being he does not think that the ground walks, but in the below of this skeleton forest, completely is the blood, but also in flowing slowly, Zhao Hai does not want to step on a foot blood, naturally can only fly in in midair. Toward forward flight while is scanning all around with spiritual force, this piece of skeleton forest although does not come out superficially anything, but Zhao Hai presently, on here each Bone, has almost to bite the soul snake plate above, on some Bone is one, on some Bone has several, these bite the soul snake to vary, big has several meters fully, 1 divination actually not less than half meter, but these snake has some specially, on is their skin face ! Skin face of these snakes are the same with these Bone face , grayish white , they lie on these Bone, if looks with the eye, simply cannot look at that is a snake is not Bone, but what most important is, these bite the skin of soul snake in also to shield part of spiritual force of unexpectedly, if spiritual force low person, even if observes with spiritual force, is impossible presently these to bite the soul snake. This to has caused Zhao Hai quite yellow, this also received several to bite the soul snake to enter to Space in all the way, was the special build is quite big, these bit the soul snake also to think attack he, but was just right, all by Zhao Hai receiving in Space. However Zhao Hai this although saw tens of thousands of snakes all the way, but does not have presently that snake to have the different place with other snakes, these snakes is a type, even if inside has variation bites the soul snake, Zhao Hai also presently not. Zhao Hai has not worried, he is only calm proceeds, walks while is paying attention to these snakes, toward walks toward inside, bites the soul snake is many, is big, but these are not, Zhao Hai that Zhao Hai cares is finding to bite Snake King of soul snake. Looks on the Space map, bites the domain of soul snake is not very big, when Zhao Hai to has bitten the domain of soul snake, Zhao Hai present, this bites the domain of soul snake is very really big, feared that does not add on Carrion Swamp to be smaller than Black Wasteland. Such big domain to went out of the anticipation of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai now has worried somewhat, the main point that his these time came to wants to have a look, is possible with spiritual force presently these variation bit the soul snake, now the here domain is so big, if he wants to transfer the entire domain, that can wait till that year? Thinks to feel the headache. However now Zhao Hai a short time does not have what good means that can only walks while walked, unknowingly, he very deep entered to bite the domain of soul snake, here bites the soul snake to be also getting stronger and stronger, but could not have threatened Zhao Hai, therefore Zhao Hai has not cared. Five hours pass by, Zhao Hai suddenly felt that front has very formidable spiritual force, this spiritual force gives him unexpectedly the one type of very yin cold feeling, looks like the ice-cold snake, crawls to be the same from your body. Zhao Hai, he knows slightly, if has not guessed that wrong, this spiritual force should be Snake King, he has not stopped Ping to come, but then proceeds, because he presently that spiritual force specifically does not aim, probably is unconsciousness manifestation spiritual force is the same.

However Zhao Hai these time actually enhanced own, flew more than two to be small fully When he felt that he left that spiritual force source getting closer and closer, moreover that spiritual force was also getting more and more clear. Reason that Zhao Hai knows the opposite party did not have presently him to the present , because the spiritual force use of opposite party was inferior that he is so exquisite . Moreover the opposite party has not thought that some people will run up to here to come, therefore has not cared, but he arrived at a stand guard area now, if he is proceeding, can by the opposite party present. Zhao Hai has not actually stopped, his these time wants to come to be able this to bite soul Snake King, naturally cannot flinch at this time, he not only has not flinched, conversely, Zhao Hai in here fierce spiritual force that oneself restrain, has placed, Zhao Hai believes that the opposite party will certainly feel him. Really, his spiritual force just release came, opposite party immediately realized his existence, opposite party spiritual force immediately like tide has welled up, this ice-cold, is bringing killing intent spiritual force, presses toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai felt, oneself probably by a giant python staring, body intermittent cool. Zhao Hai spiritual force raises, if a piece sets up in Yu Hai, no matter what the tested by hardships, the giant stone of standing one's ground steadfastly is common, has blocked opposite party spiritual force attack, moving forward that meanwhile keeping. Zhao Hai such procedure, was ji gets angry the opposite party obviously, opposite party spiritual force has pressed fully, probably must the Zhao Hai pressure the meat patty! However such spiritual force attack is not useful regarding Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai forms one group own spiritual force, no matter how what you suppress, his spiritual force is motionless, moving forward that simultaneously his personal appearance also keeping. At this time Zhao Hai can feel, he left the opposite party, be only ten li (0.5km) were less, opposite party obviously also present this point, then Zhao Hai heard! a loud roar, the body of opposite party moved finally! Zhao Hai heard this roar actually to stare, because he felt the faint pressure in this roar . Moreover the snake should not such call, this Snake King was variation biting soul, Snake? a.