Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1036

Pressure thing, belongs is spiritual force attack one type of, generally is high level Expert, naturally, this that low level the person uses refers to the person, but some life form, they have one type of innate skill, inborn can use pressure method, looks like Dragon Race on Ark Continent, other people's that pressure, regarding Zhao Hai, almost does not have what influence. However this time pressure is actually somewhat different, this time pressure Zhao Hai can feel unexpectedly that must know, Zhao Hai present strength with him, when Ark Continent is no comparison between them, in this case, he can also feel that this pressure, this may absolutely not be the simple matter, this bites soul Snake King, thinks that to is not simple. Zhao Hai stopped, the stern-faced look at front, although his spiritual force can sweep the opposite party, but opposite party also like him, with spiritual force oneself wrapping, now what therefore he cannot see the opposite party to be long is anything wants, looks like the opposite party could not see his long what is the same. Quick bit soul Snake King to approach Zhao Hai, getting closer and closer, less than one kilometer, 500 meters, 100 meters, Zhao Hai and bit the soul Snake King spiritual force simultaneous cover the opposite party, they saw the type of opposite party finally. Bit soul Snake King Stop, he has not thought that will meet a humanity in here unexpectedly, he has thought was that is only high level the black to be able Magic Beast to look for his trouble, has not thought that unexpectedly was a humanity. But Zhao Hai has also been shocked, truly bites soul Snake King before him, this has about hundred meters greatly superfluously, the wooden barrel is thick or thin, a scale of grey , is dodging cold light, but those who most make Zhao Hai surprised is, this bites the head of soul Snake King, grows pair of antler same corner/horn there unexpectedly is being the snake, clearly is the flood dragon! The flood dragon is not the dragon, does not have completely the Morph Form dragon, but Zhao Hai has met a flood dragon in here unexpectedly! Isn't he possibly surprised? At this moment Zhao Hai actually calm, but that flood dragon also stopped one, Zhao Hai paid attention, this truly is one looks like the big snake flood dragon, the snake looks like of this big snake in very with his impression, but a little, he does not have the eye! Zhao Hai when is gazing at that flood dragon, that flood dragon also in gazing at his a person and a beast is sizing up the opposite party with spiritual force, some little time, in the head of Zhao Hai suddenly transmits sound speaking sounds:, 1 divination are you who? Why runs up to us to bite the domain of soul snake to come up?” Zhao Hai stares, but his immediately understand, has bitten soul Snake King to speak to him, in fact this cannot be the speech, this was the one type of spiritual communicate method, the strength to their this level, used this energetic method communicate, was very normal. Zhao Hai deep voice said :, has seen Snake King below Zhao Hai.” That big snake slowly is approaching to Zhao Hai, approaches while said :, you had not said why you do come?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this Zhao Hai to come is to tell Snake King, I later piece clothing/taking entire Underworld, here also will be my domain, I want to come to come!”

The rampancy was too rampant, this saying said was really too rampant, one by Zhao Hai this rampant words is given to have a scare toward Snake King that Zhao Hai approached slowly, then his fierce bellowed, spiritual force went all out pressed toward Zhao Hai, it seems like Zhao Hai gave ji to get angry him. Zhao Hai has not actually moved him to raise spiritual force, steady defending, Snake King one presently spiritual force attack had not thrown with the whole person. He now was very near to Zhao Hai, this threw is almost blinks arrived in Zhao Hai front blood red poisonous mist, spurted toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai moves, Space rift appears , that rolls poisonous mist one to be received in Space by him together, then Zhao Hai wields, a head of huge red hammer direct Snake King hits. Snake King worthily is Snake King, his although by Zhao Hai that was said Space rift making to be shocked, but immediately responded, a body pendulum, tail hits toward that hammer. The Boom! hammer was given to repel by Snake King tail, but Snake King actually left a pain to roar, he has not thought that the attack strength of Zhao Hai this hammer was so strong, has attacked his several scales unexpectedly. Zhao Hai has not thought that the scale of this Snake King so is unexpectedly hard, he used Blood Staff to turn into the sledgehammer, one only crushed several scales of Snake King unexpectedly, has not caused the too big damage to his body. However Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback is changing, hand wields, giant sickle appears in Zhao Hai in hand, a Zhao Hai blade wields toward Snake King, Snake King does not dare on underestimated Zhao Hai in hand weapon now, was just because underestimated Zhao Hai in hand weapon has eaten one to owe, now his also that dares underestimated Zhao Hai. Their personal appearance shrinks, then like spring, a fierce upward ball, but at this time, his front suddenly appears Space rift, this ball, happen to sneaked in Space rift. Place that however Snake King response very fast, his head just in cutting through Space rift of moon/month, immediately present had not suited, tail fierce entangles, must draw back from Space. However Zhao Hai that to this opportunity, Zhao Hai will move, the in hand sickle one turned into a fork, one on the fork on the body of Snake King, then Zhao Hai fierce one pile, one advanced in the most body of Snake King Space, but has not dared to admit defeat Snake King to the present, tail laid out outside, wants to run away to come out from Space. However late, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved, the whole person appears in Space, then in hand Blood Staff one turned into to lock the sickle, Zhao Hai wields locks the sickle, this lock sickle front tool bit belt following chains one has tied down Snake King, Zhao Hai fiercely meets, has hauled in the Space city Snake King.

The entire process said that probably is time is very long, actually entire process simply has not used how long, a person of flood dragon only fought several rounds, Zhao Hai had trapped taking advantage of Space rift, Snake King introducing in Space, gave capture. Snake King just entered Space, Space immediately transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently has evil intention flood dragon shape life form to Space, surrenders, surrenders successfully, this flood dragon shape life form is the snake-shaped life form Level Up edition, has put in Spatial Shop, Host may arrive in Spatial Shop to purchase.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought that appraisal of Space to Snake King is unexpectedly same as him, said that he is flood dragon shape life form, it seems like that this Snake King is really slowly toward direction evolution of dragon. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, mister Space governed to injure to Snake King, this called own side Snake King, Snake King called own side, Zhao Hai to feel beside this Snake King enormous. Snake King sets up in Zhao Hai, leaves spiritual wave to move said : to bite soul to Zhao Hai to see Young Master, Young Master has any instructions? Zhao Hai deep voice said : „do you turn into now this appearance? Is only he by the practice?” Snake King nodded said : is Young Master, depends practices, some plants, we eat these plants, can increase the life, can increase itself[ body] in energy.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then his personal appearance movedbrings Snake King to arrive at bone field there, what Zhao Hai referred to these plants said : in phalanx field you eating was that one type of plants?” Snake King has referred to several plants with own tail, but has not actually referred to that Bone same plants, Zhao Hai looked at that several plants, nodded, making Cai'er count that several plants, it seems like these plants have the advantage regarding Snake class evolution very much. However Zhao Hai also thinks that Snake King will say that Bone plants, but Snake King has selected, this arrives is disappoints Zhao Hai somewhat, but did Zhao Hai refer to that Bone plants this plants you having to eat to Snake King said :?” Snake King nodded said : to return to the Young Master words, eats me not to have eaten, this plants does not have what use regarding us, after having eaten this plants, has not increased our lives, has not increased our[ body] in energy ”, moreover eats up this plants bites the soul snake, in dying, did not have including the fire of spirit soul, the body also met vanish from sight, will only leave behind 1 or 2 root Bone, therefore this plants regarded as unlucky thing by us. ” Snake King this saying to is makes Zhao Hai onethen one happy, to Bunge two brothers the situation that the situation that because Snake King said that said variation that bites the soul snake really very like, Bone that after these bit the soul snake died, to keep, was very likely the soul soldier ”, if were really, that Zhao Hai also almost can know this plants use.

Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : your does there have under the preservation, Bone that after these do eat this plants snake has died, leaves behind?” Snake King although don’t know Zhao Hai why such ji moves, but he also knows that very heavy of these Bone regarding Zhao Hai want, Bone that therefore his immediately/on horseback said : some Young Master, these snakes keep, is regarded as the portent of disaster, therefore has been kept on the mountain, place not far away that I live.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to lead me to have a look.” Said that Zhao Hai waved, has bitten the domain of soul beast with Snake King returned to, Snake King is bringing Zhao Hai to Bone Mountain that on he lived, then on the mountain section of road, to behind mountain cavern, this cavern is not very big, is not very deep, in cavern scattered is putting some Bone, these Bone each look like like is Crystal carves Narui, li is very bright. In these Bone, not only has to bite the fang of soul snake, but also Bone of other has plenty places, Zhao Hai even also saw a well-preserved snake head, naturally also has to be small, Zhao Hai even saw several scales, only then the scale of palm of the hand size. Snake King to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, these Bone in here.” Zhao Hai nodded, then release spiritual force, searched toward that pile of snake bones, this searched Zhao Hai immediately to determine, these snake bones were really the soul soldiers! Zhao Hai one happy, he finally presently that Bone plants use, can make the beasts produce the soul soldier now, although now Zhao Hai also don’t know these Bone after letting the person can manufacture the soul soldier, but also is useful, but a little can actually affirm that these soul soldiers have certainly the even bigger use. Zhao Hai has thought that he decided tube these have not made Bone of soul soldier to be called the soul bone, he waved, received these soul bones, turns the head you to keep the here rest to Snake King said :, but has remembered, later in presently such Bone, collects to me, no matter you bite the soul snake, is other Magic Beast.” Snake King has complied with one, Zhao Hai then flashes body returned to in Space. ...................................................... I know that look at this chapter of friend possibly to believe that my setting to the flood dragon, was too a little weak, but everyone/Great Clan do not worry, Snake King this flood dragon, produces in Underworld after all, does not produce in Cultivation World, therefore the strength is not very strong, later Zhao Hai to Cultivation World there, these issues will have slowly explain/transfer, asking everyone/Great Clan do not worry! a.