Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1037

Chapter 1034 unusual middle region Sought the subscription, asked to hit to enjoy, asks, watched the floating astronomy study literary show, clear(ly) space presented respectfully! ........................................................................ After Zhao Hai enters to Space, immediately went to Wild Dragon Island there, looks Jim, Jim two is performing the experiment with Brother Bunge now, but now Jim performed the experimental target changed, turned into Bunge two brothers in hand soul soldier. Jim continuously in research, how fire of join spirit soul to ordinary weapon, but weapon of Bunge two brothers, can directly use spirit soul unexpectedly to be mad operate, normally can also with the spirit soul fusion in together, regarding Jim what this Zhao is very precious thing, Jim wants through research Brother Bunge's weapon, makes understand, how spirit soul and weapon unify in together, so long as clarifies this, his research will yield the significant result. However now Jim's research just expansion, moreover Bunge two brothers have two weapon, these two weapon volumes are also not very big, therefore Jim does not dare to carry on to these two weapon destroys the experiment of xing, can only make these two weapon maintain all year round research, as the matter stands, his research naturally also will become very slow. The key is because they have not experimented the material, regarding Brother Bunge's that pair of weapon, although Jim very wants ruining, research well, but under Jim did not have this determination. Brother Bunge's that is not big to weapon originally, if such ruins, has been a pity, after is ruining, but also does not have means research to leave any thing to come, their experiments ended , because of this, therefore Brother Bunge's that is also remaining to the soul soldier. Brother Bunge to do not have heart pain that pair of soul soldier, this pair of soul soldier's although very heavy regarding them wants, but they completely immersed to the experiment in now, regarding them, to experiment, can ruin all, in adding on them now in Space, here simply does not have what danger, kept this not to have the too big use to the soul soldier, therefore they have not given up this to the soul soldier. At this moment, Zhao Hai arrived on Wild Dragon Island, went to Jim's Laboratory directly, Jim's Laboratory, in Wild Dragon Island here, but he every week will go to undead academy there to attend class to these undead, his class hour every week be only five hours, are very not long, his time can definitely arrange. In order to facilitate exchanges among various academy, all academy of Zhao Hai in Space, is equipped with Transmission Magic Formation, this Magic Formation can make you go to another each and every one Space academy, this more convenient everyone/Great Clan exchange. Naturally, Zhao Hai is also equipped with Wild Dragon Island Magic Formation, but this Magic Formation very few, only then Jim and other small numbers of people can use.

These time because of the matter of academy alliance, Zhao Hai, not only has sent out Jim and Kampala they go , when teacher, the person on Wild Dragon Island goes to other Space academy to go when teacher, these person of normally live on Wild Dragon Island, enters and other respective research, when attended class to the student, they will go to academy, to facilitate them, therefore Zhao Hai caused this type to lead to Wild Dragon Island Magic Formation directly. Jim's Laboratory constructs in the Karen Laboratory not far place, both sides once for a while also will carry on some exchanges, now on entire Wild Dragon Island, influence biggest Laboratory is Karen Laboratory, Laboratory of other people were not good. Jim three people with the microscopic examination soul soldier, because does not hate to destroy this soul soldier, therefore they also can only use this method now, but their microscopes are also Zhao Hai provide, in Space, almost in every Laboratory has some other microscopes and Advanced level experimental apparatus, these thing are Zhao Hai makes from science and technology background there. Three people looked at Zhao Hai to come, gawked, but immediately responded, three people of immediately/on horseback came to salute to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : to exempt, the experiment was conducted how?” Jim sighed said : is not very smooth, relationship was experiments the material to be too few, we did not hate to use, as the matter stands did not have the means to conduct a deeper step experiment.” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at Jim's Laboratory, but also is good, in Jim's Laboratory tidies up also calculates that ting is clean, Zhao Hai waved, took some soul bones that from biting soul snake there obtains, said : has a look at this with Brother Bunge two weapon same soul bones, if this thing, you conduct the experiment with this, later this thing this will not be short, you also had no need to be so careful, how many must have how many.” Jim sees these soul bones, anything has forgotten, one threw, searches to observe with own spiritual force, after the proof is the soul bone right, Jim cheers, immediately has taken up a scrap soul bone, ran up to Laboratory nearby a small grinder, has put inside the soul bone. Bunge two brothers could not attend to Zhao Hai, immediately started to tidy up Laboratory, prepared to experiment the apparatus, linked with Zhao Hai unexpectedly speaks forgets. Zhao Hai looks at three people of appearances, smiled bitterly to shake the head, turn around leave their laboratories, returned to in Space Villa. Laura they in the villa, are not the Underworld there situations of now on the screen broadcasting, but is the God Realm Taurus Continent there situation, different God Race and O'Neal Clan are still carrying on the conflict of small scale in there, some both sides both losses, but generally speaking, is different God Race loss even bigger some.

However Laura she presently now although is playing his Taurus Continent there picture on the screen, they do not have to look, but chats in there. Looked at Zhao Hai to come, Laura their immediately has stood, process that just Zhao Hai and Snake King fought, they saw, Laura they also knew Zhao Hai to be all right, but don’t know Zhao Hai and Snake King fought will go to there from now on. Zhao Hai looked at Laura their eyes, showed a faint smile said : just to go to Wild Dragon Island, they have sent to some experimental materials to Jim, Cai'er, came quickly, I know that Bone shape plants was useful.” Cai'er immediately flew, to Zhao Hai pleasantly surprised said : real Young Master?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : all has eaten Bone plants bites the soul snake, after dying, doubted to take out the soul bone, was that weapon that Brother Bunge used, in other words, that thing can help Magic Beast doubt to gather the soul bone, Cai'er, you experimented, look was only then Hell Space there person Magic Beast can doubt to gather the soul bone, all Magic Beast can doubt to gather the soul bone, this processed on give you.” Cai'er has complied with one, turn around does not see, he was takes these Magic Beast to do to experiment very much obviously, Zhao Hai has not managed him, but sat on the sand, changed to Underworld there the screen, was staring at these by region that the Eddie woods drew. Laura looks at Zhao Hai also in look at this stretch a map, cannot help but gently knit the brows said : Elder Brother Hai, do you also want to go to the Darkness Magic Beast domain? Was not already present secret of soul bone? Why can also go to there?” Zhao Hai turns the head look at Laura said : to be all right, you did not see, these Darkness Magic Beast could not threaten me, I want to subdue Darkness Magic Beast in these domains, this was true unification Underworld, not?” Laura nodded, she did not have to say anything, Lizzy they have not said anything, was only several people of look at screens, on the screen on these region has sectioned out in these region strongest Magic Beast is anything, even the general strength marked continually, but this was also only a surrounding, in central there of Darkness Magic Beast domain, actually was still a blank. The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently, waved, called in Snake King Space, because the Snake King build was too big, can only wait for Zhao Hai outside of villa.

Zhao Hai comes out from the villa, Snake King immediately/on horseback salutes to him, Zhao Hai nodded, then waved, projection appears , on projection the Darkness Magic Beast domain, Zhao Hai is pointing in the domain together Snake King of some region of surrounding to Snake King said :, you look, this above target about Magic Beast information is right?” Was saying Zhao Hai while said to Snake King the Magic Beast names and fighting strength of these domain superscripts. This Snake King although has the wisdom of no less than humanity, but he actually does not know the character, therefore Zhao Hai can only give him to illustrate. After Snake King has listened to the introduction of Zhao Hai, nodded said : to return to the Young Master words, on this stretch a map introduced was basically correct, life also of our Darkness Magic Beast clan, just practiced procedure also very slow, content that therefore this above said almost not wrong, but I and these fellows , about hundred years have not related, in these hundred years, what they had to change, on were not I know.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, does not have relationship, not having the too big mistake to be good, was right, where here surface piece was region? What Magic Beast does there have you to know?” Snake King one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but shook the head said : to be unfair to Young Master, where there is I and don’t know, our simply does not have the means to go to there, there year to year by one layer white protective shield covering, on protective shield white light, has very big lethality to us, therefore our simply does not have the means to go to there.” The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently, he has not thought that really also has such place in Underworld here, but he nodded said : well, you go back, oneself practice well, if needed any thing to tell me.” Snake King complied with, Zhao Hai Snake King sending back. After having packed off Snake King, Zhao Hai returned to in the villa, carefully looked at that map, finally he decided that the horse copes to bite by a soul snake territory territory, Magic Beast very unusual in this territory, the known as steel armor pig, is Magic Beast of pig, the strength is also similar to Snake King, moreover in that piece of region is the domain of steel armor pig, that pig king not only strength big astonishment, but also defense strength compared with Snake King in many, is one absolutely the fellow who is difficult to deal with. Zhao Hai these time like coping with Snake King, from surrounding rub bit by bit in the past, the good type too to waste the time, moreover reason that previous Zhao Hai from surrounding rub in the past, wants to have a look whether to find variation bit the soul snake, now he knew the soul bone was if produced, naturally did not use at fee that matter, therefore Zhao Hai these time prepared to carry on to cut the plan! roa.