Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1038

...................................................... Cuts very smoothly, found in these region with the Space map that the motion is conducted the King in Magic Beast, then Zhao Hai acts, catches in him Space, Space surrenders, all completed. Ten king level other Magic Beast, although was also Zhao Hai Space increased some strengths, but this was not, the Zhao Hai nose that Zhao Hai settled on these king level other Magic Beast has not taken in Space, still made them live in Underworld there, for was wish makes them rule Darkness Magic Beast, making Darkness Magic Beast not disturb to him. Zhao Hai subdues these Magic Beast \; first, to collect the soul bone, two to let these Darkness Magic Beast will not be disturbed by him, if, he when with the Dark Spirit Temple war, these Darkness Magic Beast suddenly comes out to disturb, that is ting is also annoying, therefore Zhao Hai must subdue these Magic Beast now. Now these Magic Beast have subdued, that Zhao Hai must carry on next, goes to middle region of Darkness Magic Beast domain to have a look, has a look at Snake King that in their mouth white light protective shield is being any thing. However after subduing ten big Beast King, Zhao Hai does not have immediately to go to region, his present time has plenty, simply does not need to worry in any case. Zhao Hai returned to in Space, has rested well several days, Zhao Hai very clear, by the Snake King strength, region cannot approach, this fully explained middle region there dangerous xing, therefore Zhao Hai plan rest well, maintained the optimum condition by oneself, then had a look among region there. Zhao Hai has rested in Space for five days, in this several days time Zhao Hai is not a harvest does not have, exactly said that his harvest is not small, this harvest is the soul bone. Cai'er in later of how knowing the soul bone to having, started to do to experiment with these Magic Beast, Magic Beast in each Space he experimented, that Bone plants her has plentywith has made experimental also no big deal in any case now. But result of experiment also lets Cai'er very satisfied, this Bone plants, specifically is used to hammer the bone probably, no matter any Magic Beast kills, so long as ate up Bone plants Magic Beast dead, then he will leave behind the a piece soul bone, but this soul bone was not fixed. The soul bone size of besides this presently beside, present, after is Magic Beast dies, has, eats up this plants quantity to have big relationship with him, such as takes Magic Beast only to eat a leaf of Bone plants, soul bone that then he produces, is the tooth size of normal person, if he eats up entire plants, weapon that the soul bone that he produceslikely the lucky Bunge two brothers will use is so big, if eats several Bone plants many, that soul bone on can even bigger. Cai'er has performed the experiment with Argali, Argali, only in eating up 20 plants, after he died, his Bone will change into the soul bone. Moreover after this Bone plants eats, does not have what dusk to do to use, besides leaves behind the soul bone after dying, when Argali is living, simply could not look that has any different place with other Argali. Because time also short reason, therefore Cai'er also experiments these thing now, but is these thing, came is very useful regarding Zhao Hai. soul bone thing can make the soul soldier besides presently him now, had not had other energy, looks like that Bone plants, now besides presently can make Magic Beast produce the soul bone, other don’t know effect are the same. However some Zhao Hai actually one type of had a premonition, no matter Bone plants or the soul bonethese two thing, have big using, therefore Zhao Hai to this different thing very meticulously.

In Space has rested five days later, Zhao Hai decided that went to middle region to have a look, middle region there although by ten points bad risk that Snake King said ”, but Zhao Hai wants to go to there to have a look, no matter what, later Underworld was his domain, left behind such a place to exist, his really not feel relieved. This Zhao Hai does not dare to neglect, he passes through from the Snake King domain, walks toward middle region, Snake King naturally follows in the Zhao Hai side. From the Snake King territory in the past, a person of snake flew for about three hours, distant Zhao Hai felt that front appears one layer thing, has blocked his spiritual force investigation, Zhao Hai has cannot help but been careful, he knows that must arrive at the place. Snake King Stop, turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, I can only deliver you to here, was proceeding, I can by attack.” Zhao Hai nodded, he also knows that Snake King to this time oneself after not being able to help, Snake King to Zhao Hai gave a salute, turn around walked. Zhao Hai slowly goes toward the forward flight, his at heart also is really somewhat anxious, flew for about ten minutes, Zhao Hai suddenly present, his front Dark mist unexpectedly slowly changed pale! Zhao Hai has gawked, these days he in Underworld, all places have Dark mist, he has been used to existences of these Dark mist, now Dark mist suddenly vanished, his some have not been familiar with. Zhao Hai stopped, paid attention to all around situation, here Dark mist changed pale, moreover faint had white light to be transparent, it seems like it was this white light has scattered Dark mist. Zhao Hai felt, presently here has not become to other party anything affects probably, he was probing toward the forward flight, more was proceeds white light to be stronger, Dark mist was pale, Zhao Hai flew for 20 minutes to control, Dark mist completely vanished, Zhao Hai front appears light wall comprised of gentle white light. Zhao Hai somewhat is puzzled, he knows white light that Snake King said that is these white light, said according to Snake King that these white light should have the lethality, is Zhao Hai not only has not felt the lethality from these white light, conversely, these white light give him the one type of abundant minute to gather supply, very comfortable feeling. Some Zhao Hai cannot help but rub brains, he can feel that in light wall of that white , simply does not have Dark Energy, conversely, Zhao Hai felt that in there Strength of Five Elements, has been able saying that light wall comprised of Strength of Five Elements! This is Zhao Hai most felt that the curious place, has almost one type of energy in Underworld here, is Dark Energy, is on this spoken parts light wall, Zhao Hai actually felt Strength of Five Elements, what's all this about? although do not understand what's the matter, but Zhao Hai presently that white light does not have what lethality to him, Zhao Hai has not cared, flies toward light wall there of that white . This flies Zhao Hai to know, although that light wall in looking like not far, but must fly not to be near, Zhao Hai flew for a half hour, has flown that light wall nearby.

To nearby Zhao Hai of that light wall present, that light wall is actually not Bai Jing, on the light wall light of often flashing five nose, look like li are very bright. Zhao Hai handle Crystallization, tests the fingerprint one that light wall, his hand just bumped into that light wall, felt that huge Twisting Force transmits from light the wall, probably was extend the hand to in a giant reamer was the same. Zhao Hai has taken back the hand fiercely, his hand is still the Crystal appearance, but Zhao Hai actually knew just him, if handle Crystallization, this hand has not abandoned. Zhao Hai is very clear, after own Crystallization, depended on by Space decides as, cannot meet bad breaking, even if this, he felt that the strength of that huge twisting striking, the lethality of this light wall has obviously how greatly. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai moves, has put out high grade steel blade from Space, high grade weapon that but this steel blade Dwarf Race builds. Zhao Hai extends toward light the wall on steel blade , the blade just put in light in the wall, Zhao Hai felt on blade to transmit the strength of huge twisting striking, but this twisted the strength of striking only to transmit to vanish. Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, does this twist the strength of striking to throw a bluff on? Thinks that here Zhao Hai received from the light wall steel blade came back to prepare to insert to the light wall. However Zhao Hai pulled out presently the incorrect place steel blade, this steel blade put in the blade part of light wall, unexpectedly already vanish from sight . Moreover the cross section was smooth, probably was used Divine Weapon efficient instrument to truncate was the same. Sees this steel blade appearance, Zhao Hai cannot help but face changes forced smile said : pit father this is, this is steel blade, gives to twist this appearance this not to want the human life steel blade unexpectedly.” Zhao Hai has thrown the steel blade third contact wall, steel blade one fell light in the wall then the lord to vanish, probably was a water drop integrates in ocean, simply was additional point water hua does not have slightly to splash. although light wall there has not transmitted any sound, but Zhao Hai actually knows that steel blade twisting has crushed by the light wall, Zhao Hai stops nearby the light wall, five colors that look at above flashes, at heart cannot help but a forced smile. This light wall is dispersing gentle white light, to person feeling of one type of very sacred, moreover on flood five colors, attractive extraordinary, however such exists, inside can actually want human life the strength of strangling to death at any time, this may comply with those words, eats human does not bring to spit Bone. However this arrived is makes Zhao Hai more curious, he felt that this ray of light wall probably was not natural creation, but was one type of, like defense demon, but this, wanted much stronger compared with defense demon. Zhao Hai very curious, this in the formation surface is any thing, impossible appears this with no reason at all, this is protecting any thing, is in the seal any thing.

More thinks that Zhao Hai more feels curious, his hand wields, Staff from own[ body] in took, then turned into an appearance of flying corner Staff, covers in his outside, then Zhao Hai oneself also Crystallization, this flew toward that light wall. The Blood Staff flying corner just entered to light the wall, Zhao Hai felt that the strength of that huge twisting striking, that strength very enormous, making the blood corner gently shiver, probably momentarily must break to be the same. The Zhao Hai full standing firm blood corner, goes toward the forward flight, the blood corner shivers was getting more and more serious, but does not have the meaning that a point must burst. Zhao Hai actually does not dare to neglect, control blood corner, while deep voice said : Cai'er, pays attention to monitor, has a look at me in same place extension circle, do not make me enter any.” The Cai'er sound conveyed said : Young Master feel relieved to be good, you did not have are transferring the circle, has been walking the straight line, has walked may slug.” Zhao Hai nodded, the stimulation of movement blood corner that speeds up, thinks that the quick point passes through from the light wall, but the blood corner was twisted the strength of striking dragging by that simply quickly. However Zhao Hai has not stopped, still advancing bit by bit, Zhao Hai is never having such slowly, probably he who the feeling time passes advancing inch by inch is the same. One hour passed by, two hours passed, three hours passed by......, Entered for ten hours, the head of Zhao Hai has perspired, he has not thought that will have crossed such long time in this light wall, he felt that his spiritual force somewhat could not follow, Zhao Hai knows, if his spiritual force exhausted, that Blood Staff will possibly stop advancing, by that time Blood Staff by light wall twisting broken, under not the support of his spiritual force, can by the light wall also volume to other's place, how finally don’t know be able. Therefore Zhao Hai had been insisting that he must have a look, in this light wall is any thing, why will have light wall such strong to exist. Also one hour, when Zhao Hai soon could not insist, Zhao Hai suddenly present, the blood corner front position, has not twisted the strength of striking to transmit, Zhao Hai stares, then the energetic big quake, he knows that he must come out from that light wall, thinks of here, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback steps up to stimulate to movement the blood corner, proceeds to flush away, the light wall strength of twisting striking probably also slowly was small, finally crossed for about five minutes, Zhao Hai has worked loose coming out from the light wall finally, he in could not feel that twisted the strength of striking. Zhao Hai cannot help but let out a long breath, has wiped head sweat, closes the transparent wall to size up all around through the blood corner, this is piece of not big Space, in this piece of Space, radiance that the above palace light is gathering softly, trim Space, only then more than 100 square meters, all around is that type of light wall, in the Space middle, small tree, this small tree has more than one meter high, on the tree is only long several root branching, the leaf is also being scattered, a dusk malnutrition appearance. In this tree, Zhao Hai actually present several people, but, is the person, but appearance very strange of these people, their although is human-shape, however long actually varies, some looks like Beastman, some looks like Dwarf, some looks like Elf, the earth deities, the Thunder Clan person, the Pegasus Clan person, has the one type of person, their whole bodies are jet black, is blacker than the black person, these person is that pure black , may not be black person that black , Zhao Hai even also saw a thumb big villain likely, in any case. Zhao Hai has seen these race here have, he has not seen these race here have, but most lets the Zhao Hai note collection is, below these people, unexpectedly also the giant, stature very tall and big of this giant, is only a head, has the body of Zhao Hai to be so high, Zhao Hai suddenly thought that this giant looking familiar of , he changes mind one to want, immediately understand, this giant took in Space the height of that giant skeleton with him almost. Zhao Hai young has counted, in this not big Space, altogether has every large or small about hundred individuals, these people sit cross-legged to sit in there, closes one's eyes, probably is flickering to be the same ripe, but Zhao Hai actually knows that these people died, their bodies did not have a point life aura. a.