Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1040

Chapter 1037 Level Up, is insanely long! Sought the subscription, asked to hit to enjoy, asks, watched the floating astronomy study literary show, clear(ly) space presented respectfully! ...................................................... That powder witch vanish from sight, Zhao Hai also returned to by small tree, his hand rub on small tree, probably just movement was presently exactly the same. Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, he can affirm that he was just was not having a dream, moreover oneself just did not go to other place, but in own Sentient. Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, he definitely just certainly was dispersed god soul of witch to speak with Zhao Hai, he just did not go other where, but in own Sentient. However what Zhao Hai not understand is, before loose witch, appears these people what's the matter? Why meets Immortal, meets Monk, meets Scholar, meets Daoist priest? This what's the matter? although do not understand is any meaning, but Zhao Hai actually also knew disperses the desire of witch, originally this five colors light wall is called 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, specially to protect this tree. Regarding dispersing the witch makes him shift this tree to safe place request, Zhao Hai that is complies unconditionally, this tree is Zhao Hai has not seen the variety, Zhao Hai can definitely receive in Space him, Space there most suits various plants growth, wants to come him President in Space is very good, moreover can increase the add some experience to Space. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at around one corpse of that 100 hundred Spirit Race people, although had just dispersed the witch saying that so long as invested these corpses into 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, that 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation will break, moreover can obtain the 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation formation arrangement method, but Zhao Hai actually does not want such to do. Zhao Hai just also heard to disperse the witch saying that 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, is they use the final physical strength, strength of Bu to become collection lark, even if were he broke Great Formation, obtained the Great Formation formation arrangement method, feared that was the impossible cloth to leave Great Formation to come, because he did not have the strength of lark. said it, making Zhao Hai put in Great Formation these corpses, Zhao Hai also really somewhat not being able to get down hand, he is Undead Mage is not fake, but he only receives the corpse of enemy generally, then turns into Undead Creature, the corpse of person on one's own side, only if it is necessary, otherwise he will not receive. The loose witch with him cannot be a person on one's own side, but is not absolutely is the enemy, making him such invest the corpses of these innocent people into 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation in ruins, his straight cannot get down this hand.

said it, now he is method of also it doesn't matter don’t know break the formation, he can definitely exit through Space, the Zhao Hai plan, exits with the Space belt the corpses of hundred Spirit Race people, then found a place to bury. Reason that Zhao Hai can think must bury the corpses of hundred Spirit Race people, but also is able to discriminate a reason , because these hundred Spirit Race people are Expert, Expert died, should to him the Expert dignity, but all listens to disperse the meaning in witch words, they fall to today's this situation, because of Human Race, Zhao Hai at heart cannot help but somewhat is not unexpectedly guilty. Zhao Hai sighed, waved, received the corpses of hundred Spirit Race people, then Zhao Hai has sized up that small tree, then Divine Sense searched toward underground, how long he must have a look at the tree root of this small tree, this can better transferred to this tree Space. The loose witch said that this tree is their hundred Spirit Race most precious objects, hundred Spirit Tree, facing such treasure, Zhao Hai do not dare to have bold neglecting, therefore he is seeking for hundred Spirit Tree roots with Mind Power very carefully. However what stems from the Zhao Hai meaning is, ten points tree that the tree roots of these hundred Spirit Tree grip unexpectedly, moreover area also very big that the root unfolds, in these hundred square meters Space, unexpectedly by the tree roots of these hundred Spirit Tree overspreading, but the main roots of hundred Spirit Tree, were grip about the underground kilometer. One meter high tree, can his root grip about the underground kilometer unexpectedly? This lets Zhao Hai being startled very. The Zhao Hai body root moved started Space rift fully, together this entire Space has occupied huge Space rift appears in the Zhao Hai top of the head, slowly upward pressed. The Zhao Hai finger nearly this Space rift, the placard the nearby of five colors wall, is only slicing toward the ground, must say that Zhao Hai also really must thank this 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, because this 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation is keeping off, therefore the tree root of this tree, can occupy these hundred meters Fang Yuan, if no this 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, the real don’t know these hundred Spirit Tree trees can spread to arrive at there, by that time he wants to dig this, took the effort. But Zhao Hai also presently, this 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, the entire these hundred square meters places, with outside Underworld complete separated, even if were underground is also, earth of here, is very ordinary soil, underground does not have presently existence of any Blood River, here completely did not belong to Underworld to be the same probably. Zhao Hai did not have the thoughts tube that many, full command(er) Space rift, bit by bit downward pressed, fortunately in approaching the 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation place, not tree roots of hundred Spirit Tree, therefore Zhao Hai can make Space rift such smooth below press, to hundred Spirit Tree lowest level with the department, Zhao Hai then received, received in entire tree hundred Spirit Tree the world. This Zhao Hai received hundred Spirit Tree Space, planted directly in Space Villa side, he just hundred Spirit Tree brought to Space, in Space transmitted prompt speaking sounds: High level tree class plants, level excessively is presently high, Host has no right to scrutinize the material, because of Host income high level plants, Space Level Up to 100 Level 10, Host may in time purchase ten low grade Cultivator background, 20 ordinary background, asking Host to continue to try hard!” This was makes Zhao Hai stare, he has not thought that these hundred Spirit Tree level so were unexpectedly high, not only he could not observe the material, one made him rise 8th level unexpectedly, Space level one turned into 100 Level 10 unexpectedly, this may absolutely be a big harvest.

However this has not ended, waits for Zhao Hai to plant hundred Spirit Tree, after having irrigated Spatial Water, these hundred Spirit Tree unexpectedly by his naked eye obvious fast is growing, only blinks, this was long a kilometer altitude, then Zhao Hai feels energy in Space, fast flows toward the tree trunk, making entire Space be centered on hundred Spirit Tree probably, formed a giant whirlpool to be the same, spitting that kept was biting spatial energy, but this tree was also gets bigger and bigger, got bigger and bigger, finally the big tree turned into about one kilometer high, has waited right up to 100 meters colossus., The entire big tree, the villa blocking, increased the plain meaning of villa. But at this time hundred Spirit Tree also stopped the growth, was not absorbing Space energy, instead to was releasing energy toward the Space city, some little time stopped. But Zhao Hai presently along with hundred Spirit Tree toward outside energy, in Space energy probably increases the one type of active ingredient, Zhao Hai has been able to feel probably that in Space all plants are cheering is the same. At this time Laura they also came out from in the room, each and every one dumbfounded look at this huge hundred Spirit Tree, they really being startled. At this moment, Zhao Hai presently, on these hundred Spirit Tree unexpectedly appears 100 flowers, these hundred flowered each face were different, some are list , some are , each flowered about one meter size, looks like very beautiful. Zhao Hai stands on the tree, on feeling this tree transmits the intermittent delicate fragrance, this fragrance very special, initially smell not very thick, the flavor makes the person feeling very pale, but this faint flower fragrance, actually gives people the one type of sincere plain feeling, making the person smell feels to be refreshing. Laura they could not direct to attract the nose, Megan was said : quite fragrant, this flavor was really fragrant, Elder Brother Hai, was this that barely alive small tree? Did you use Magic to him? Used the time to add?” Zhao Hai shook the head said :not to have, I have not used Magic to him, is not long with the time, he is long is so big, is really mysterious. Laura smiles said : I to want by the villa to plant a big tree, now was just right, had this tree, all were perfect.” Zhao Hai smiled said : this tree to call hundred Spirit Tree, just these people under tree, was a person of lark clan, their original living place possibly was Cultivation World, but afterward by Human Race there snatching, has given to rush to Underworld here them, they to preserve relic in oneself clan, was this hundred Spirit Tree, in hundred Spirit Tree surrounding arrange Great Formation, before is not, I have rushed to that light wall, hundred Spirit Race people sent silk Divine Sense finally in the lark village, on was hopes that I transferred to hundred Spirit Tree the place that suited hundred Spirit Tree to grow, Therefore I transferred to him Space.” Laura they puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Laura is said : Elder Brother Hai, these matters do you know from there?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I not to mean, hundred Spirit Race people have sent Divine Sense on hundred Spirit Tree, just my hand hit rub to hundred Spirit Tree time, that Divine Sense directly passed to my Sentient, therefore I know.”

Laura their said : „, you were not only rub that tree, obtained these many information?” Zhao Hai said : rub that tree? Can't? Did I just probably stay in Sentient for a long time?” Laura shook the head said : not, I noticed that your rub was good to set up, that has dull how long.” Zhao Hai changed mind one to want also understand what's the matter, wants to come that to suppose the shade is an information, he received this information, felt that has probably used a long time, actually was also blinks the matter. Has thought through this point, Zhao Hai nodded said :possibly is I is very long, was good, here that in Sentient the feeling time passes also nothing, I went to Underworld there to have a look, they said one to Snake King, making them do not approach 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, if they approach there, feared that will be immediately is twisted the fragment. Laura nodded said : well, this matter should tell Snake King their one, Elder Brother Hai, that 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation was really too fierce, you later did not want to take such danger, our worried to death.” Zhao Hai look at Laura, micro smile said : good, I knew, your feel relieved, all right, such risk or Worth to take, do not have what danger to me in any case, do not forget, no matter Staff is my Crystallization, is not easy to damage, don't worry.” Laura also knows that urged to be also useless, Zhao Hai strength in that pendulum, moreover this risk, truly has been worth, if important did not brave like this, Space did not have the means to unfold, she must nod, was not urging. roa.