Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1041

................................................ The Zhao Hai personal appearance has flashed before from Space, he arrived at Underworld now, is preparing the Snake King domain, was in this time. Zhao Hai personal appearance just appears in Underworld, suddenly he one decided in there, two eyes was atheistic, entered with him to own Sentient, saw that the loose witch was the same. Zhao Hai suddenly presently arrived in their Sentient, because his previous time had come, therefore knows that his Sentient is any appearance, all around is the mist, does not look like any special place. In Zhao Hai puzzled time, suddenly dispersed the witch appears in the Zhao Hai front, previous loose witch appears time, unemotionally, but these time dodged witch appears , actually completely changed a type, a smiling face of loose witch face, look at Zhao Hai, bowed ritual said :to see Zhao Hai to be small Friends. ” Zhao Hai stares, does look at disperse witch said : loose witch? Unexpectedly is you? Weren't you dissipated?” The loose witch shows a faint smile said : well to Zhao Hai, is below, the Zhao Hai little friend was courteous.” Zhao Hai knit the brows said : to disperse witch, what do you mean? Are you can never dissipate? Has been entangling me?” The loose witch felt Zhao Hai at heart does not bear, his quickly said: Reason that the My friend misunderstanding, I appears , because the little friend has met requirements of our lark clan, can see me.” What meaning does Zhao Hai frown said : „? The loose witch, you talks clearly to me.” The loose witch shows a faint smile said : My friend do not worry, listening to me saying that previous time you see, truly is my wisp of Remnants Soul, but is not complete, reason that previous time you before seeing me, but also saw a Demon Path people, a Buddhist Sect people, a Confucian Sect people and Dao Sect people is because that is we test on the person, previous time I have told you, we have rescued Human Race, he actually brought large quantities of Human Race to slaughter our lark clan, this by our how possible feel relieved, therefore under we supposed. This test.” Speaking of here he to stop, Zhao Hai face ugly said : also in other words, if previous time I promised any school of Cultivator, I did die now?”

Loose witch slightly said : Cultivator? What meaning? These people who my do not understand, I said that is Immortal Cultivator you do not need to be worried, if you promised them, you will not resist stubbornly many are expelled Five Elements Certain Kill Space, is more impossible to receive our requests.” Zhao Hai does look at disperse witch said : „is really only such simple?” The loose witch shows a faint smile said : naturally not to be impossible to be so simple, if mister you see my wisp of Remnants Soul, by his request, was invested finally actually the corpses of our hundred Spirit Race all people into 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, you not only cannot break 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, cannot obtain the 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation formation arrangement method, opposite instead attended the meeting detonate 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, burn both jade and common stone!” Zhao Hai gently knit the brows said : is the well can like this? Also has other break the formation methods?” The loose witch shows a faint smile said : really to have other break the formation methods, wants broken 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, only then completed our request to be good, the little friend you must know that you can see us, naturally explained that you had the means through 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, you naturally did not need the method of break the formation, if you have gone bad a corpse of our lark clan, also represented you to our lark clan, without any pity like the person, that our how possible feel relieved processed hundred Spirit Tree give you?” Zhao Hai one wants also really to be that a matter, a person of this lark clan rather dies, wants protect hundred Spirit Tree obviously hundred Spirit Tree to them how importantly, such important thing, how they possibly give them not person taking care of feel relieved. The loose witch look at Zhao Hai appearance, showed a faint smile said : My friend to come already understand our meaning, our lark clan, is will not make the friend suffer a loss absolutely, now 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation broke, my wisp of Remnants Soul could not support how long, but invited little friend feel relieved, you wanted you not to destroy our corpses, has not destroyed hundred Spirit Tree, our arrange 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, will shift to little friend your body, outside your Sentient, on cloth one layer five virtue Certain Kill Great Formation, no matter Spiritual Attack Five Elements Yin-Yang attack, will be blocked by 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, moreover this from now on. Turned over to mister you to rule, even if were mister you destroys hundred Spirit Tree, 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation not backlash you, this was our lark clan gives mister your gift, asking mister you to accept.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought that really will have such good matter, has given him unexpectedly a defense of five virtue Certain Kill Great Formation, moreover protects his Sentient. This enters to disperse the witch said : My friend, you do not need to revenge for a lark clan, the Universe myriad things, extinguish, originally is the natural law, my lark clan is Human Race extinguishes, is the Universe rule, but hundred Spirit Tree actually non- are the clan of my lark clan, in the past Human Race yu destroyed hundred Spirit Tree, actually destroyed the branches of hundred Spirit Tree, but does not have presently, under hundred Spirit Tree grew a seedling, this showed sufficiently that Universe yu made hundred Spirit Tree go on living, therefore asked mister to look after hundred Spirit Tree well, these hundred Spirit Tree before my lark clan, on existing. In hundred Spirit Realm, my lark clan, although after 1 million years of research, still research leaves hundred Spirit Tree abilities extremely, now I hundred Spirit Tree these abilities, tell the little friend to know.” Said that disperses the witch to change into five colors light, prints Zhao Hai[ body], when Zhao Hai has not received these information with enough time, the personal appearance of loose witch in appears , but his personal appearance was paler than before, he to Zhao Hai bowing body said :little friend, I and other reasons performed in this slightly, when a lark clan also eliminates from the world, hoping the little friend can look after hundred Spirit Tree well, 1 j, The friends, parted forever. ” Said his personal appearance slowly changes pale, then another hundred Spirit Race person appears , after Zhao Hai bows vanishes, then in hundred Spirit Race person appears , after Zhao Hai bows vanishes, enough 100 after Zhao Hai saluted vanished personally, waited for that person to vanish finally, already pale can only see a shadow. Zhao Hai knows that this is a lark clan to him was expressing the sentiment of grateful, he not polite, received this ritual, later Zhao Hai feels in own Sentient, in any unusual bo has not moved only felt that outside own Sentient, set up four five colors light walls, his Sentient protection firmly.

Zhao Hai this five colors light wall probably is presently different from that five colors light wall that he sees, Zhao Hai probed is only searching a next beforehand that five colors light wall to shield spiritual force with own spiritual force toward the five colors wall, but these time has not actually thought that Zhao Hai spiritual force one searched in the five colors light wall. Zhao Hai spiritual force just searched, in Space immediately/on horseback transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently anything has the protection of light wall Five Elements strength, the extraction can the strength operational method, join to Space, increases Space to protect energy, if no Host to permit that” anybody dares through the world crack friendly from entering to Space, will be strangled to death by the Five Elements light wall, any evil intention spiritual forcesuch as dares to attack Host, will be strangled to death by the Five Elements light wall. ” Simultaneously Zhao Hai also felt one can completely control this Five Elements light wall, his then feel relieved, but he has not thought must receive this Five Elements light wall, because this is the one type of protection to his Sentient, Zhao Hai can affirm, if some people dare to use Spiritual Attack to him, certainly by Five Elements light wall strangling to death. After having subdued the Five Elements light wall, Zhao Hai in examining that group in Sentient has dispersed the witch to his thing, that rolls thing, was actually one group of information, Zhao Hai spiritual force just searched, that group of information immediately have appeared. In this group of information some situations about hundred Spirit Tree, arrangement and break the formation some situations about 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation. These hundred Spirit Tree in hundred Spirit Race there, the full name are called the lark star tree, what most important is, this hundred Spirit Tree, hundred years open hua, open the hua post- hundred days of result, this sets up don’t know to live many years, had the effect of live myriad things, the tree opens the hua hundred days of datessuch as promptly to pick hua, its hua may be used as medicinehas the living corpse, the meat from the effect of bone, such as used with other medicinal herbs together, the effect was altogether better. But leaves of hundred Spirit Tree, when used to soak in water drinks, can play increases cultivation level, strengthens the physique, the effect that letting spiritual force can return to normal quickly, it can be said that one type of restores the spiritual force good medicine. Most unusual is hundred Spirit Tree fruits, hundred Spirit Tree open time hua every hundred years, each hua opens hundred, each hua opens the hundred days, after the hundred days result, finally on the same day then mature, but the mature fruit, will be separated from hundred Fruit tree automatically, these Fruit tree after being separated from hundred Fruit tree, increasing slowly, biggest, can turn into a diameter is not smaller than 10,000 square meters kilometer, is not bigger than in a 1 million square kilometer star of the planetoid, in this star the planetoid, is one type of li floats in in midair, has oneself gravitational force small planet, he will not fly. Meets outside planet, however on this small planet, the people can like the life on ordinary planet, be able farming, to construct housing, just on these planet, does not have the minerals, looks like drifts in in midair small island is the same. But other 99 small fruits, can turn into the Space airship, this type of airship is actually one type of collection Chu, the planter, energizes as one equipment, no matter, so long as the first blood drop on the airship, the airship will turn into a palm of the hand big boat appearance, in this small on the ship, like is the planetoid, there is own gravitational force, the person can live above, can above farming, thing that can also obtain you, puts on this boat, this boat area, is 10,000 squares square meter, is not absolutely is small. Moreover this boat, but can also provide energy to Master, if Master, when with person battle,[ body] in energy was insufficient, boat will provide to be able own energy Master, if on boat thing, level is high, that boat will provide to be able Master energy to be also higher, if on boat has not planted thing, that boat can also provide energy to Master, but that energy will be much smaller. In the past hundred Spirit Race and Human Race wars time, hundred Spirit Race are almost boat that every lark fruit turned into, this gave Human Race to incur the loss of very enormous, was because of this, therefore Human Race will send out Expert, has ruined hundred Spirit Tree, because hundred Spirit Tree were destroyed, in the additional over a hundred Spirit Race population was really too few, therefore had been robbed hundred Spirit Realm by Human Race.

If Master does not consume the strength of lark fruit, that lark fruit almost can last forever in Heaven and Earth, because other people can absorb in Universe all energy, supports own existence, if above thing, they can attract Universe energy, lets plants grow, after waiting for plants to grow up, will form life energy, but the lark fruit will absorb this life energy, instead is giving back to Universe, forms the energy loop body that an independence has. But planetoid that the lark fruit turns into, is impossible to subdue, they li in planet will only float, if li in planet floats for ten thousand years ago, 1 divination planet can fly in Universe from planet, when law this they fly in Universe time, will form one to be small on the planetoid Ran Transmission Formation, on spatial Transmission Formation, can planetoid direct hundred Spirit Tree of Transmission on Transmission Formation that to planet are, also in other words, the planetoid that so long as on hundred Fruit tree grows into, after ten thousand years, can turn into one to be able alone in Universe li in small planet that floats, but on planet that this small planet, Transmission Formation can direct returned to hundred Spirit Tree be. Besides these, these small planet that the lark fruit turns into, can attract the strength of Universe, instead gives back to hundred Spirit Tree, this strength through hundred Spirit Tree instead also to planet that hundred Spirit Tree grow. After knowing hundred Spirit Tree these functions, Zhao Hai has been shocked, he has not thought that existence how these hundred Spirit Tree go against heaven's will unexpectedly, in can form the small shape star unexpectedly, there is independent gravitational force does not form, this simple was too inconceivable. Zhao Hai also understand, why hundred Spirit Race people said that now hundred Spirit Tree were relic of their clan, in fact, any race, obtained hundred Spirit Tree, will regard hundred Spirit Tree is relic, because this tree really went against heaven's will. Besides hundred Spirit Tree, in that group of information also has the information about 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, this 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, is one type of is including Heaven and Earth Five Elements, Universe myriad things energy Certain Kill Great Formation, can say, no matter all forms of energy, can be strangled to death by 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, even if spiritual force is also same. Must arrange 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, must satisfy a condition, the person of arrangement, needing Strength of Five Elements be balanced, within has the strength of Heaven and Earth, spiritual force must maintain consistently then good, reason that hundred Spirit Race can arrange this 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, because of them through 1 million people of experiments, finally the arrangement that only then these hundred people can succeed Great Formation, other people in the testing arrangement Great Formation process, were dying by Great Formation backlash. But must eradicate this 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, actually also very simple, must eradicate 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, only then a method, meets the formation arrangement person's requirements, looks like of hundred Spirit Race arrangement is the same, so long as you do not destroy their fleshly body, does not destroy hundred Spirit Tree, the shifts of hundred Spirit Tree securities, in does not destroy in their fleshly body situation, safe leave Great Formation, Great Formation broke. If Zhao Hai formation arrangement, Zhao Hai can establish a request, for example Zhao Hai can establish, so long as some people said one, hello can break the formation, such simple request, can establish kills him to be able break the formation such request, no matter what, 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, must establish the break the formation request well in any case, otherwise Great Formation is impossible to arrange successfully. a.