Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1042

...................................................... In the world does not have certainly! This is a few words that all research Magic Formation people know, but in fact, Zhao Hai believes that these words not only can be able to use on Magic Formation, same can use on Cultivation World formation. It looks like 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation is the same, this is Zhao Hai has seen strongest one type of Formation, on him may cut the Yin-Yang two air/Qi, below strangles to death Strength of Five Elements, regarding Spiritual Attack, same can achieve to strangle to death, it can be said that absolute certainly. However is such one certainly, must leave behind life force, can arrange successfully, otherwise entire formation is impossible to arrange successfully. Actually regarding a arrange Five Elements Certain Kill person, this life force has on equal to does not have, the formation arrangement Ran person can set one to relieve the request of Formation at will, but regarding the to break Formation person, they actually must from the innumerable possibilities, find the method of that break the formation, that is almost impossible. This is also the 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation most unusual place, other formation, so long as you thought the means eradicating Formation to be OK, but 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation was not good, if you could not find the request of that break the formation, you forever may not want to break 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation. Said strictly that 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, cannot calculate measures one type of formation, but is energy formation of one type of thought that when formation arrangement needs energy, needs the strength of thought that actually not formation flag or formation disk that needs general formation arrangement to use, this is one type of purely with the thought and energy arrange formation, because of this, therefore this formation does not have the means to eradicate with the ordinary method. But the Zhao Hai Sentient surrounding, had had such one layer 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, any has evil intention attack spiritual force to be strangled to death by this 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation regarding Zhao Hai, but wanted to break the 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation in Zhao Hai Sentient, only then means that met the break the formation requirements of Zhao Haibut break the formation request of Zhao Hai only then, moved away from Space hundred Spirit Tree, can break the formation. This request is nobody can achieve, the person who sole can achieve is Zhao Hai, therefore Zhao Hai was not worried 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation in own Sentient was broken. However Zhao Hai will certainly not put this 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation not to use, in fact now Space has withdrawn to arrange the Five Elements certainly type Great Formation method, moreover already unified this method and Zhao Hai Magic Staff, in other words, Zhao Hai momentarily can put forth 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation now, 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation that but Zhao Hai arranges now, with that 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation that hundred Spirit Race people arrange, in the lethality, is no comparison between them. In fact this is also 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation another characteristics, with according to the strength height of formation arrangement person, decided that 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation Mightby the Zhao Hai present strength, his arrange 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, absolutely does not have the means to collaborate compared with Wang Hang Certain Kill Great Formation under arrangement with hundred Spirit Race these people, after all at that time the arrange that 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation hundred Spirit Race people, were immortal level Expert in hundred Spirit Race.

Zhao Hai has opened the eye slowly, he knows that 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation of originally in Underworld completely vanished, now Underworld here, in not any Forbidden Land. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, appears in the Snake King domain, Snake King has not actually rested in own domain, he is waiting for Zhao Hai to the 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation not far place now, this touches Zhao Hai somewhat somewhat. Zhao Hai found Snake Kingto let Snake King returned to own domain, told him, later there in having thing carried on attack to them, they can optional going there, then his returned to in Space. Now Zhao Hai was not small in the Underworld there domain, naturallythis must be counted these Darkness Magic Beast domains, Darkness Magic Beast by Zhao Hai conquer, there is his domain he now has not wanted to use the Darkness Magic Beast strength to help him in any case nowgo on an expedition poor. Zhao Hai returned to Space time, Laura they were also sitting in the there puzzled look at screenlook at Zhao Hai to come back, Laura their immediately welcomed has come up said : Elder Brother Hai, are you said strange, just hundred Spirit Race arrange that five virtue Certain Kill Great Formation suddenly vanish from sight.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said :I to know, this 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, has been withdrawn now by Space, has put in Staff, moreover in my Sentient, 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation was defending.Said that Zhao Hai also they said to Laura the plans of hundred Spirit Race. Laura their understand what's the matter, several people of cannot help but fear, Laura is said : really has not then thought that hundred Spirit Race person so intelligent, good Elder Brother Hai you were unexpectedly tenderhearted at that time, has not destroyed their corpses, otherwise could not obtain hundred Spirit Tree.” Zhao Hai nodded with a smile said : „, but you have a dream cannot think that what ability these hundred Spirit Tree have.” A Zhao Hai such saying, to Laura their appetites hanging, several people hastily closely examined, Zhao Hai also told Laura them hundred Spirit Tree functions, hears Laura they are one, Laura they have not thought that on these hundred Spirit Tree can grow the floating island unexpectedly, moreover these floating islands can enter to the outer space in unexpectedly. Several people then the understand these hundred Spirit Tree extraordinary places, Zhao Hai looked at several people same, to be honest, he has not thought. These hundred Spirit Tree unexpectedly such formidable.

Zhao Hai looked at hundred Spirit Tree, deep voice said : suddenly, „ Cai'er, is quick. Cai'er appears in the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai has been pointing at hundred Spirit Tree said : accordingly, Cai'er, you pay attention to a point, these hua on hundred Spirit Tree, after the hundred days, will die of old age, you must before they died of old age, receives these hua, but that hua wound treatment wondrous medicines, but, later has picked some leaves, after everyone/Great Clan, takes the leaf, when the tea drinks.” Cai'er has complied with one, then turns the head to Zhao Hai said :, Young Master, can we suppose time to add region hundred Spirit Tree here? Can such words add the growth of hundred Spirit Tree?” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought of this point, now a Cai'er such saying, to was makes Zhao Hai think through, his quickly said: Right, this method is good, haven't I thought? Cai'er is intelligent.” Cai'er one hear of Zhao Hai quart he, smiling child two of young lady, then must suppose the place that hundred Spirit Tree are at for the time adds region. Cai'er here just had the movement, hears in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds:, Paper was unable to set up because of Host level carries on the time to add, asking Host to excuse me, hoping Host can continue to try hard, soon Level Up.” Zhao Hai one puzzled looked at Cai'er said : slightly, what's the matter Cai'er? How will level insufficiently affect the setting that time adds?” Cai'er shook the head said : don’t know Young Master, this situation I am also first meeting, normally the time adds, is no matter the level matter, how this time also don’t know were, possibly because of hundred Spirit Tree level too high reasons.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „unable to establish, hundred Spirit Tree opened hua in any case now, so long as the hundred days can when the time comes we have a floating island finally available, ok, did not need to manage him.” Cai'er nodded Laura they also to hear the prompt sound at this time, several people also ran over, are listening to Zhao Hai with the Cai'er words, when Zhao Hai said that Laura said :, considers as finished Elder Brother Hai, these hundred Spirit Tree originally are the treasure of Heaven and Earth Treasure kind of shape, we can obtain were very lucky, makes him so long.” Zhao Hai nodded said :, can obtain is our luck, makes him so long, no matter he, walked, we entered the room Cai'er, made two leaves to come, we made tea to drink.” Cai'er complied with one, Zhao Hai has led Laura they to enter the room.

After how many people sit down, Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, we unified Rebel Army also to tidy up Darkness Magic Beast now, what next does need to make? With the Dark Spirit Temple operation, must cope[ from] by alliance?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : we cope with Dark Spirit Temple[ from] by alliance there once for a while also has Rebel Army to do business with Dark God, if we cope[ from] might very much by the alliance[ from] will be advanced Dark Spirit Temple that to go by the alliance, when the time comes we passive, but we must cope with Dark God,[ from] will stand most from the beginning possibly by the alliance, this will win some time to us, we will monitor[ from] has been OK by the alliance, when we will wipe out the part of Dark Spirit Temple influence, even if will be[ from] will be responded by the alliance that will want with. Dark God alliance, did not have what threat to us, moreover really the incorrect words, we can also a Darkness Magic Beast clan, adjust to monitor[ from] by alliance, if they dare to act unreasonably, made Darkness Magic Beast tidy up them.” Laura nodded said :, this is also good, Elder Brother Hai, do not subdue Blood Spirit Beast? What when wants does the collection go?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : has waited for two days, over the two days I rested well, then in subdues Blood Spirit Beast, person who in Blood River there, has certainly Dark Spirit Temple is staring, if I subdue Blood Spirit Beast, the sound feared that was small, when the time comes the Dark Spirit Temple person definitely knows, then must make war on equal to.” Laura nodded said :, just right they called in the Eddie woods Space over the two days, making them prepare, waited for Elder Brother Hai you to subdue Blood Spirit Beast, our immediately/on horseback and Dark Spirit Temple made war, Lizzy, Megan, your didn't in the gang have what issue?” Lizzy and Megan shook the head, Lizzy said :, does not have the issue, but Elder Brother Hai, should you now the first Dark Spirit Temple there terrain income to Space in? Like this copes with Dark Spirit Temple to come, was more convenient?” Zhao Hai nodded said :, feel relieved, this I will process, happen, I rested in Space over the two days, use two days time, received in the Dark Spirit Temple map Space, was really, I to present don’t know this Underworld big, if this time cannot Dark Spirit Temple eliminating, them rushed to other places, was causing Dark Spirit Temple to come, to us, was a ting troublesome matter.” Laura nodded said :, Underworld big, how many years old Lich don’t know Jim their these lived don’t know, we want to clarify, feared that is not easy, Elder Brother Hai your meaning?” Zhao Hai deep voice said :, „, no matter big, he will always have the end, after Underworld, is our latter hua gardens, we must grasp here each inch land to be good.” a.