Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1043

Laura nodded, Zhao Hai this saying he to is the agreement, after Underworld, was their front, if here cannot assure 100% securities, then regarding them, can be a hidden danger throughout. Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, shows a faint smile said :, was good, do not think that many, this time I must find the Blood River source, in this Blood River can produce that many Blood Spirit Beast, his source is not certainly simple, perhaps also has any treasure.” Laura smiled said : Elder Brother Hai, you now were more and more wealth mi, gold coins did you look do not glance? Is only staring at these Heaven and Earth Treasure, these thing may with, but cannot ask, do not have the too big expectation.” Zhao Hai laughs, at this time Meg also went against a pot of tea to walk, puts on the tea the table, to Zhao Hai their one cup, this has smiled but actually said :, Young Master, you taste, this is with the tea that the leaves of hundred Spirit Tree make.” Zhao Hai nodded, the low fork looked at tea in cup, this teacup is the white enamel, in teacup is actually the light green tea soup, has not drunk hears a delicate fragrance taste, this flavor sneaks in the nose, on the direct impact forehead, lets your head becoming clear. Does not need to drink, light smells this flavor to know that this was good thing, Zhao Hai to sip one absolutely lightly, somewhat bitter and astringent, but actually the delicate fragrance flavor melted in your oral cavity, making the pore of your whole body breathe general, this flavor, fantastic. Zhao Hai closes the eye, has tasted good long time, this let out a long breath said :, good, this flavor fantastic, Meg, prepares a point, sends to Wild Dragon Island on, lets the father-in-law and Grandpa Green they tastes, this thing can supplement spiritual force, for them the use is very big.” Meg complied with one, Cai'er also took a teacup to drink, one hear of Zhao Hai said that ” cannot help but turned the head to Zhao Hai said :, Young Master, I looked at this, we hundred Spirit Tree leaf to Universal Analyzer, gave to analyze, had a look whether to be joined to several taste medicines, made the herb tea, such words effect will be better, Young Master did you look?” Zhao Hai nodded said : also well, makes herb tea to be also good, but cannot lose this delicate fragrance the flavor, otherwise may not be beautiful.” Outside Cai'er complied with one ” the flashes body to run up to went, Zhao Hai simply has not exited, Universal Analyzer there really did not have what good quality of being worth looking, but put thing, came out from that had the result, did not have any meaning. Before long Cai'er came back, his in hand also takes a paperis looking like is the formula of herb tea, Zhao Hai received the medicine to look, this herb tea, on front is in some Space some medicines, dozens types, Zhao Hai has not managed, threw the note to Cai'er said :, Meg, you made some herb tea with Cai'er, then gave Wild Dragon Island to send.”

Meg has complied with one, followed Cai'er, Laura look at their backs, show a faint smile said :, in our Space has child Cai'er and Meg, was really more relaxed, so long as our normally that matter were good, family's matter all gave them.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, on the face has gentle , must say that Zhao Hai these women, are longest with his time on Meg, but normally Meg most has not had the feeling, because her majority of time is looking after Zhao Hai their daily life, this originally is a not too conspicuous duty, simply cannot bring to the attention of people. However Zhao Hai actually knows, own basic necessities of life, before on the one hand, cannot leave Meg, because Meg most understands him, Meg looks after most good that he looks, he can always in himself in the liking position, find thing that oneself need, all these are the Meg merit. Has drunk one cup of tea, the Zhao Hai look at screen, let out the blood needle that Blood Staff turns into, this time target is the Dark Spirit Temple domain, these time is mainly investigates. After blood needle release goes, Zhao Hai the Eddie woods they calls in Space, Eddie woods these days was good Rebel Army complete integrate, but these integrate are in secret is carrying on, has not put on outwardly, they still with[ from] is done business by the alliance, moreover as before, separates with[ from] is done business by the alliance, lets[ from] by the person of alliance, simply don’t know Rebel Army already by integrate. Must say that in the Rebel Army domain, but also has really much[ from] is being moved by the alliance and Undead Creature of Dark God, for wants the scout Rebel Army here sound, was a pity that these Undead Creature have Master, so long as they transfer one to come out in Space, turns into Zhao Hai, the nature impossible to pass on information went back, therefore outside now Rebel Army has not passed to by unification information,[ from] what was lived by the alliance and Dark Spirit Temple simply don’t know Rebel Army here. The Eddie woods are leading Coulee, just and Five Elements skeleton will arrive at Space Villa, after Zhao Hai has saluted, after Zhao Hai lets several people will sit down, this deep voice said :, „the Darkness Magic Beast there matter has been solved, then we must dispatch troops to cope with Dark Spirit Temple, your there preparation how?” Eddie woods one hear of Zhao Hai said that said : that ji moves, Young Master feel relieved, our there already prepared, momentarily can leave.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : do not worry, now left too to be early, waits for me to process Blood River there these Blood Spirit Beast after a period of time, can leave.” The Eddie woods nodded, the facial expression somewhat is slightly depressed, he wholeheartedly wants to abandon must counter-attack Dark Spirit Temple, this thinks that this immediately can counter-attack, has not actually thought that must wait.

The appearance of Zhao Hai look at Eddie woods, showed a faint smile said : well the Eddie woods, do not worry, counter-attacks the Dark God show, that was the sooner or later matter, did not miss this while, so long as I have subdued Blood Spirit Beast, when the time comes we can go forward or retreat depending upon circumstances, that isn't it better? The Eddie woods nodded said : are, Young Master, my understand.” Zhao Hai look at several people, smiles said : my these time to be called you to come, must say one to you, these days, makes some to promote the strength as far as possible fire of plants and spirit soul, with[ from] by alliance there the quantity of transaction can also, separate to buy greatly, making these people think that we are best because of internal strife this , to promote some Expert, best is can promote several king level don't Expert many, like this we resist with Dark Spirit Temple can having confidence.” The Eddie woods nodded, then puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, certainly said that you don't prepare make a move? If your make a move, our simply do not need to fear Dark Spirit Temple.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : I naturally to want make a move, but you should also know that in that Dark Spirit Temple, Expert, the strength of that person is not simple, I want make a move, blocks that person, other Dark Spirit Temple people must think your, understand?” Eddie woods several people of immediately/on horseback said : are, understand, have please been short of his feel relieved.” Zhao Hai waved, has delivered several people, his Underworld here matter he prepares to give the Eddie woods to go to the tube, his very clear, the strength of Eddie woods is good, moreover in the future he, if in ascend, even if has Space, also impossible to come in returned to Underworld, the strength achieves a certain degree, comes under the influence of Law of Space to be too big, Underworld here he, if leave, cannot, otherwise bring in the penalty of Law of Space, therefore he must leave behind a person to manage Underworld, but now target of Zhao Hai designation is the Eddie woods. In the following two days of time, Zhao Hai to is very relaxed, everyday drinks tea in Space, Bubble Hot Spring, relaxed well. But these blood needles that over the two days his release went, also passed on the map in majority of Dark Spirit Temple domain, regarding the Dark Spirit Temple there situation, Zhao Hai also had certain understanding. In fact Zhao Hai besides entering Dark Spirit Temple there release blood needle, but also toward[ from] by alliance there release blood needle, because[ from] by alliance there is also a potential threat, he has to guard. Two days later Zhao Hai felt finally own spirit and recovered to best degree, this prepares to leave Blood River there.

Previous Zhao Hai in 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, has insisted for more than ten hours, but gives to be much more tired really him, no matter spiritually on the body, he felt that very exhausted , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai must well under the rest, in order to avoid lives any accident. Zhao Hai never underestimated any match, Leo wrestles the rabbit, tries especially, 1 divination looked finally others suffer a loss can only be one, therefore Zhao Hai each motion very front Bo Xin. These time goes to Blood River there, Zhao Hai is very careful, the Eddie woods have also said that not only Blood River there has numerous Blood Spirit Beast, some Blood Spirit Beast strengths, have reached the king level level, even if were king level Expert wants audiences Blood River previous in the past, was unsafe, let alone his these time must arrive in Blood River, naturally was must add many carefully. Zhao Hai these time like the previous time, oneself will not fly to go, he wants to summon presently Blood Lotus to come, to sit comes up in Blood Lotus. Blood Lotus is that huge lotus that Yama Ship turns into, but this lotus is also can be either big or small, Zhao Hai these time wants to make Blood Lotus change is small, then sneaks underground, enters from underground to Blood River, this most at least most from the beginning will not bring to the attention of Dark Spirit Temple, when later sound noisy big time was saying that noisy big time's matter, can conceal the truth for a while is for a while. Zhao Hai does not want to let Laura they, they stayed in Space were good, will not have any matter in any case, but Laura they were said that did nothing, Zhao Hai does not have the means finally, must make Laura they also arrive in Blood Lotus that Space. Must say that Space in this Blood Lotus, besides hundred Spirit Tree, other all with Space Villa there also really has not been looks like, said it, this Blood Lotus present fighting strength is very strong, if has any danger , can also they deliver returned to Space Laura at any time, Zhao Hai has not been blocking them, they liked with. All prepared, Laura they also arrived in Blood Lotus, Zhao Hai then bleeding, they walked the appears place to the Blood River not far ashore, came out from Space, leisurely entered underground directly, no matter Rebel Army or Dark Spirit Temple there remained in the Blood River nearby person, not presently their sounds, but at this time Zhao Hai the diameter has been putting up Blood Lotus, silent toward Blood River. a.