Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1044

............................................................ Zhao Hai first time sits on Blood Lotus carries on leisurely, must say that this Blood Lotus also is really good, this Blood Lotus advancing way, looks like probably is the flying saucer is unexpectedly same, in the advancing time, the hua petal is revolving, altogether ten eight layers hua petals, the hands of rotation between neighboring two were different, look like li shine. Zhao Hai stands in lotus now, Laura they stands in the Zhao Hai side, now lotus becomes, only then the palm of the hand shoulders greatly, Zhao Hai they also want on small several compared with the thumb person, this was also a lotus function, Zhao Hai gave a name to this function, called the microcosm. On this function Yama Ship also has, Zhao Hai copes with God Race with this function, many God Race people to dying don’t know Zhao Hai were run up to there. Now Zhao Hai also took this function, has to recognize, the function of this microcosm also really be very easy-to-use, most at least so palm of the hand big thing, in the underground stealth words, the sound that makes is much smaller, will not bring to the attention of these undead. Regarding these undead Zhao Hai is very careful, these undead have lived in Underworld here, therefore spiritual force that is various top various, he does not think that anything has not done, was given by these undead present. Actually Zhao Hai this was also some wants to be many, these undead spiritual force although very formidable, but point undead spiritual force was impossible to pass to underground goes, only then these powerful might achieve. Zhao Hai they sneak the place of place not to be far from Blood River, not long after Zhao Hai presently Blood Lotus all around land changed face , turned into rank red , but also is bringing the smell of blood, Zhao Hai knows that they went to the place quickly. Really, moving forward several minutes, front Zhao Hai feeling suddenly, water current of blood red has then headed on, Zhao Hai any moving has not done, that water current arrived at Blood Lotus outside, immediately by the one layer transparent cover blocking. The Zhao Hai book thought in Blood River, immediately by Blood Spirit Beast attack ”, but made Zhao Hai accidental was, they walked for a half hour in Blood River, still has not actually seen Blood Spirit Beast, did not have. However the situation in Blood River also really somewhat stemmed from the Zhao Hai accident, the Zhao Hai book thinks in this Blood River not to have other any thing except for Blood Spirit Beast, however true entered in Blood River, Zhao Hai knows, not only in this Blood River had thingalso has plenty thing. plants, animal has, just here all plants, is red , Zhao Hai will be certainly impolite, in thing in Blood River, he each same has only put in Space some. Zhao Hai curious looked toward all around, still does not have presently Blood Spirit Beast, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai feel very strange, before Dark Spirit Temple and Rebel Army fought, in entire Blood Riverprobably everywhere was Blood Spirit Beast, how instead to was one unable to see now. Laura around they also curious look at, this completely is a blood red world, in this world is blood red , the river water of blood red , plants of blood red , animal of blood red , Stone of blood red , all are blood red .

However makes Zhao Hai they feel what is strange, the water in this Blood River, in a outside smell smell of blood ”, but in this Blood River, in this water instead to has a sweet fragrance, this is makes Zhao Hai they feel very unusual. They walked for a half hour, but actually still links Blood Spirit Beast not to see, Laura cannot help but puzzled to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai? How hasn't Blood Spirit Beast seen? ” Zhao Hai shook the head said : my also don’t know, this matter truly is somewhat strange, first does not manage, I received in Space some to say the water in Blood River first.” Said that Zhao Hai moves, Space rift appears , in Blood Lotus side, the water in Blood River is flowing toward Space , the soil and Stone in Blood River have gone in much. In this time, in Space suddenly is transmitting prompt speaking sounds: Presently is included special energy the silt and Stone of blood long-term immersion, may be used for crafting.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that the spate and Stone in this Blood River really have such use, this arrives goes out of his anticipation. In this time Zhao Hai suddenly present, front has one crowd of black dot along with water current float over, Zhao Hai sweeps with spiritual force, presently these dot unexpectedly are each and every one very small black small insect, these small insect looked like looks like shrink the innumerable generation of small octopuses, only then the ant size, black , the tentacle was also not very big, looked like looks like the grasshopper group in blood ear is the same. Zhao Hai looks at these small insect, cannot help but some scalp hemp, because was really too many, dense and numerous big pieces, looked like real don’t know have many. In this time, among these small octopus suddenly was actually stopping, then several small octopuses toward Zhao Hai here You to come, before long arrived at Blood Lotus side, that octopus slowly approaches toward Blood Lotus on, before long lay on Blood Lotus energy protective shield. although these octopuses are very small, but do not forget, Blood Lotus now is not big, if, Zhao Hai present build, compared with these small rate fish at the worst many. Laura some of their face white look at these octopuses, although said that they do not fear these octopuses, but sees these chapters in appearance, her type feels at heart specially irritable, feeling specially repugnant. Zhao Hai just wants to receive in Space these octopuses, has not actually thought that these octopus fierce balls, shoot far away, then Zhao Hai suddenly from Blood Lotus protective shield feel, the body of this small octopus, the violent left very formidable spiritual force unexpectedly, this spiritual force direction Zhao Hai does not come the merit, but looks like the tentacle one to extend toward all around, Zhao Hai stares, why does not know these small octopus to. However was quick he to know, spiritual force of these small octopuses bumped into all around river water, that river water fast compressed unexpectedly, before long turned into one to be thicker than much blood cells face of river blood, then this blood cell grew the head, grew has caught the child, turned into Blood Spirit Beast unexpectedly!

Zhao Hai dumbfounded look at all these, he has not thought that this Blood Spirit Beast unexpectedly is this small octopus, no wonder the people want to kill Blood Spirit Beast, is almost impossible, these small octopuses only then the small ant is so big, but their manipulation Blood Spirit Beast actually be older on several thousand times than them even is tens of thousands times, you and strike, simply was not their strengths, the surface is they used spiritual force to operate river waterthis is how possible to kill them. When Zhao Hai stares, that several Blood Spirit Beast have carried on attack to Zhao Hai, such that just like Zhao Hai said that fighting strength of this Blood Spirit Beast in Blood River is stronger than in sky. Moreover Zhao Hai also present a strange phenomenon, these Blood Spirit Beast although are comes out, but these Blood Spirit Beast can actually operate the surrounding river water to carry on attack to him now, but that by Little Zhang in operation Blood Spirit Beast, probably really changed in wild beast was only same. How this makes Zhao Hai very curious his real don’t know these small octopuses achieve, but these look like the Zhao Hai attack small octopus, the strength is not very strong Zhao Hai looked that helps small octopus dealings attack, his immediately/on horseback waves, Blood Staff projects from in hand, one turned into a [gold/metal] transparent box, one that only Blood Spirit Beast in the box, then Space rift opened, being loaded with the Blood Spirit Beast box has thrown into Space. Blood Spirit Beast just entered to the box, hears in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds:, „A present spiritual variation kind of octopus surrenders, surrenders successfully, this octopus for a spiritual variation kind of variety, may in including special energy blood comes forth saves, available spiritual force forms the personal appearance the blood compression, after forming the body, carries on physical attack, simultaneously may play enlarges doing of spiritual force to use, the personal appearance that they may through forming, in the command(er) surrounding hundred meters all includes the blood of special energy to carry on fight but this octopus to have a flaw, can only in including the blood of special energy survives, whether Host must make up for its flaw such as the Host agreement to make up for its flaw, this octopus becomes Level Up controls the water octopus to survive in any waters., Can compress various types of water to form the body, the body that but command(er) congeals carries on to make the war, may carry on physical attack, personal appearance that may through congealing, enlarges spiritual force, controls to hold the water within surrounding hundred meters to fight, has the exercise water energy strength because of Host, when Space also has the high level water to exist, makes up for its flaw, will not deduct Host gold coins, is special because of its fine Divine Ability strength, prompt its ability, increases to Host[ body], looks at Host to meet in the strength, diligently Level Up.” In Space to prompt of this small octopus also really many, but Zhao Hai was also listens to understand this saying is any meaning, sentimental small octopus was one type of can only in special life form that in Blood River survived, they can use spiritual force outside their body, through the method of compression, formed the body that compression blood composed, this body not only can carry on physical attack, but can also enlarge their spiritual force, they can use this spiritual force, around the control water the attack enemy. Moreover Zhao Hai currently also had this ability, thinks of here, Zhao Hai immediately said :, makes up falls to lack.” In Space immediately/on horseback transmits sound speaking sounds:, Makes up for the octopus flaw, octopus Level Up becomes controls the water octopus, presently to control the water octopus to put to Spatial Shop, Host may go to the Spatial Shop purchase.” However the Zhao Hai present to wants to try the ability of this type of controlling water, Zhao Hai let out own spiritual force, slowly extends toward all around Blood River, is quick he to feel that Blood River all around river water really had the relation with his spiritual force, Zhao Hai immediately has been thinking the compression. Really, these river water on slowly by him compressing giant blood cell, face in this blood cell, but be thicker than the Blood River water, then the Zhao Hai intention moves, this Blood River water, turned into an appearance of person slowly, this is one wears the scale to fight armor, the hand with the large Glaive Military General appearance, the head is also bringing full body armor, even before also xiong, is fluttering the blood red beard, appears lifelike on red phoenix eyes, if one[] people, on can recognize comes out, this original. Senior general Guan Yu, Guan Yunchang! After Guan Yu's appearance concentrates, Zhao Hai suddenly feels that he probably is Duke Guan who the water of this Blood River concentrates, he even can pass the body of cross the border feather to feel that flowing of all around sea water, Zhao Hai knows, this was because of his spiritual force already the river water of these compressions to the setting, Guan Yu who this river water congealed, was he now the temporary body, External Body Incarnation. But makes Zhao Hai feel what is unusual, after this Guan Yu Incarnation concentrates, he in does not need to maintain with spiritual force unexpectedly, conversely, he can his spiritual force release to Guan Yu Incarnation outside the body, operate these bloody water, this feeling very marvelous, probably was your suddenly one obtained compared with you greatly many time of bodies, but this body can also enlarge your spiritual force unexpectedly. Zhao Hai is thinking lifted the hand, Guan Yu Incarnation really lifts the hand, Zhao Hai felt curiously, he presently can command(er) this Guan Yu Incarnation like command(er) body.

In this time, suddenly in front of him appears Blood Spirit Beast, this is Blood Spirit Beast of wolf, does not have the eye, throws toward Guan Yu Incarnation that Zhao Hai concentrates. Zhao Hai is familiar with Guan Yu Incarnation, has not noted Blood Spirit Beast, for a while does not pay attention, Had been nipped one by the Blood Ghost meat on Guan Yu Incarnation. Zhao Hai felt that Guan Yu Incarnation was nipped, but has not actually felt the pain, but the prestige realized that bit that place, slowly was good, only cross the border feather Incarnation did not change small a little bit. Zhao Hai is how understand this river water Incarnation uses, this river water Incarnation with holding one type of weapon of Divine Power operation, will damage to break will not have the too tremendous influence to Master, will also turn into the original appearance, but will shrink points. Zhao Hai wants to try, this Guan Yu Incarnation fighting strength how, Blood Spirit Beast that therefore Zhao Hai immediately command(er) a Guan Yu Incarnation blade is throwing toward one strikes off. This blade very fast, in adding on this Incarnation is in itself the water, a simply influence in this river does not have, a blade Blood Spirit Beast hewing two halves, that Blood Spirit Beast, although turned into the original appearance in immediately/on horseback, but the build went to actually half slightly. To be honest, Zhao Hai has not thought really that this Guan Yu Incarnation fighting strength so is unexpectedly strong, must know that this after river water of compression, the defense capability is also very good, these Blood Spirit Beast when fight with Dark Spirit Temple these people, Incarnation that this river water doubts, can block high level undead attack, has not actually thought that had been severed completely by him unexpectedly, obviously this Guan Yu Incarnation strong. Zhao Hai has tried the control surrounding river water, that river fruits however can by his optional control, moreover control gets up, compares does not use Incarnation the time unexpectedly also wants Shunliu, Zhao Hai to know that this is reason that because Incarnation enlarges his spiritual force. Thinks that here Zhao Hai happy, his immediately control Guan Yu Incarnation, has been killing the four directions in this Blood River greatly, not only Great Blade on hand, but also control all around river water is helping to make the war, so long as hit the body of Blood Spirit Beast slightly, immediately received in Blood Spirit Beast Space, fought murky sky over a dark earth at once unexpectedly. The liveliness that Zhao Hai don’t know, his here hits, Blood River both banks undead of these look at Blood River have actually been shocked, these undead are Dark God and Rebel Army sends, is mainly not look at Blood River, but is the look at opposite party, feared that opposite party seize the opportunity crosses river, has not actually thought that since continuously, so long as will not have undead to fly very calm Blood River from above, today one has seethed with excitement unexpectedly, the wave on Blood River will surge wave upon wave, the river water will be the tuck dive continuous, will give to make these undead how really don’t know this Blood River was. a.