Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1045

............................................................ Actually Zhao Hai does not need to look also knows that they make such big move, certainly will bring to ashore the attention of these undead, but Zhao Hai this time may not care, because of his very clear, he now is also the Blood Spirit Beast appearance, making these undead of ashore see, only thinks that this was Blood Spirit Beast is fighting, simply does not think that the here surface also will really have a person. This fights murky sky over a dark earth that but hits, Zhao Hai don’t know received many Blood Spirit Beast toward Space, knows fight that he keeps, receives Blood Spirit Beast toward Space. Laura they still have a look outside most from the beginning, latter one simply does not look, they also present, these Blood Spirit Beast simply are not the Zhao Hai matches, such war does not have what meaning. But Zhao Hai actually somewhat kills now emerges, because of him presently this river water Incarnation, really very easy-to-use, doesn't need him to oppose the enemy directly . Moreover the enemy injures oneself through over-heavy labor or over-exertion is very big, although defends now has also missed a point, but regarding the spiritual force increasing spoke, the effect is very good, this is also the place that Zhao Hai most settles on. spiritual force increases the spoke to be possible not to be easy to achieve, is command(er) Blood Staff makes the war likely, each Blood Staff changes the flaw, needs spiritual force, moreover is high level thing, spiritual force that needs is many, but wanted to find the 1 or 2 type, can increase thing of spoke to spiritual force, was actually not that easy. Even if tyrannical such as hundred Spirit Tree is great, impossible to increase the spoke to spiritual force, leaves of hundred Spirit Tree, but can restore spiritual force but oneself. Reason that Zhao Hai kills in here greatly kills especially, is not because he quite kills, but is he is using this opportunity, trains this river water Incarnation ability, good to this river water Incarnation understanding as far as possible, Zhao Hai always to feel that this river water Incarnation ” the future will have big using to him. Zhao Hai don’t know have also killed how long, he only knows, when he fully has understood Guan Yu Incarnation, in front of him that probably inexhaustible Blood Spirit Beast, only remaining a couple of kittens. Zhao Hai will be certainly impolite, received in these Blood Spirit Beast Space directly, he then received Guan Yu Incarnation, was putting up Blood Lotus, the direct forward flight went. But these stand in shore undead, does not have one to dare to move, just the water in Blood River, the rough sea waves overturned the heavensalready half dead, their there that they frighten also dares to move. Actually they have not moved right, these blood counter- beasts that because just Zhao Hai had subdued him have put in Blood River, if they dare to run up to Blood River, that certainly by many Blood Spirit Beast destroying completely. Zhao Hai when fights with these Blood Spirit Beast appears , these Blood Spirit Beast also had has weakly, before has nipped a he that blood counter- beast, in the Blood Spirit Beast group can only be Blood Spirit Beast of medium grade strength, some low grade strengths, that Blood Spirit Beast defense strength and attack strength in difference many, but that Blood Spirit Beast is also blue , most Advanced level Blood Spirit Beast, its strength is not compared with the Eddie woods their difference, its face is also [gold/metal] .

In Zhao Hai Space now is only [gold/metal] Blood Spirit Beast, accepted more than 20, obviously the Blood Spirit Beast strength in this Blood River is how, adds on the Darkness Magic Beast strength to be stronger than Rebel Army unexpectedly. Moreover Zhao Hai present, these Blood Spirit Beast obviously possibly are not complete Blood Spirit Beast in entire Blood River, Blood Spirit Beast is also divided into the tribal group, what Zhao Hai destroys completely is only a Blood Spirit Beast tribal group, in this Blood River also has certainly other Blood Spirit Beast tribal groups. Zhao Hai moving forward, so long as saw that point thingimmediately received Space specially, no matter walks animal or plants, even if the sandy soil with stone blocks is also same, so long as is specially point thing, he will receive in Space. The Zhao Hai here war stopped, the river surface naturally also on calm, these undead although saw river surface calm, but actually nobody dares to rush to the river bank, is only fast toward own domain starting off, must pass on the returned to well influence this information. Naturally also present their movements, but he had not been worried, now in Blood River again by Blood Spirit Beast covering entirely, even if Dark Spirit Temple wants saying that this opportunity acts unreasonably, suffices them to drink a pot, he was not worried. Laura they also from in the room walked out, just were only noticed at this time Zhao Hai fought with these Blood Spirit Beast in there, really did not have what meaning, they did not like looking that went to the room to rest, must look at the scenery in Blood River, naturally was coming out from in the room. Zhao Hai look at them to come out, showed a faint smile said :, came out? Now does not have attractively what, I who thing in this river, can receive almost receive the Space lining, does not have attractively any.” Laura smiles said :, in the room also looks at these thing, but outside always might as well the attractiveness that wants to look, Elder Brother Hai, doesn't the Dark Spirit Temple person dare to run up to Blood River to come up?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : feel relieved to be good, they did not dare.” Several people was chatting, while proceeded to catch up, Zhao Hai has met before long one crowd of Blood Spirit Beast, this Zhao Hai does not think that has been fighting, Guan Yu Incarnation strength he was clear, has been hitting to live to kill, that was not quite silly. Zhao Hai immediately turns into large net with Blood Staff, received the Space city these Blood Spirit Beast, these Blood Spirit Beast although also think rebel, but their there is the Zhao Hai match, finally obedient was caught in Space by Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai may, not only pure in advancing, he also made Blood Staff turn into many blood needles, has sprinkled along the way, this Blood River also don’t know how long, Zhao Hai was must receive in Space Blood River all terrains along the way.

This Blood River how long, Zhao Hai also real don’t know, Zhao Hai only knows that he navigated for three days in Blood River, has met every large or small about 20 Blood Spirit Beast tribal group, still has not actually seen the Blood River source in there. But most makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, the place that they walk now, in the Space map had not included, place that also in other words, they walk now, left range this of Space map to arrive is makes Zhao Hai feel really somewhat accidentally. Zhao Hai confessed that was very high to the estimate of Underworld, he has not actually thought that Underworld so will be big, advancing of Blood Lotus in water, a point is also slower than flying in the sky, will be possibly quicker, but this, they walked in the water for three days, still has not actually seen the Blood River source, saw the Blood River length sufficiently. However this also ji had Zhao Hai that share to hold the stubbornness at heart, this returned to find the Blood River source not to be possible, moreover Zhao Hai also present, this Blood River thing of producing was different, takes now, thing that now in Blood River produces, three days ago thing that in Blood River produced varied to want. But Cai'er is actually calculating this several days they altogether to walk now has transported, wants in this way, to plan Blood River length. Zhao Hai to had not opposed that this is also he wants to know, he wants to find the Blood River source now first, then in finding the Blood River end, he almost can receive entire Underworld to Space in like this. Quick, was three days passed, these three days with beforehand three days did not have what difference, Blood River was still Blood River, but made Zhao Hai sole feel what was somewhat gratified waspresent Blood River area was narrower. Not only the river surface was narrow, moreover water current has also slowed down, Zhao Hai looks at this situation, to is some happy, because of this on behalf, them must possibly find the Blood River source. Quick was three days passed, these three days, Blood River greatly changed ” the Blood River river surface to be narrower, water current also slow, now could not be called the river, but should be called small stream. Zhao Hai also present, the blood density of this small stream Shanglibe thicker than the downstream on many, moreover in this small stream is to also find at everywhere Blood Spirit Beast, these Blood Spirit Beast also all are high level Blood Spirit Beast, Zhao Hai believes that if the Dark Spirit Temple person, dares that to be comes certainly many dead many from here ”. Zhao Hai now advancing also slow, his moving forward, subduing Blood Spirit Beast, now here Blood Spirit Beast is some high level Blood Spirit Beast, is [gold/metal] , its strength worst could also catch up with Coulee, wanted to subdue such Blood Spirit Beast not to be naturally easier, therefore Zhao Hai slow. However by the Zhao Hai present strength, these Blood Spirit Beast wants to give other party becomes anything troubles, but also Sanei is impossible, the method that Zhao Hai can use now was really too many, these Blood Spirit Beast simply were not the matches.

Zhao Hai with was long, present some issues that these Blood Spirit Beast fought, these Blood Spirit Beast strength although were good, however their intelligence actually obvious was not high, with level came compared with Blood Spirit Beast, their intelligence were misses really much. Moreover Blood Spirit Beast does not want attack has flown from Blood River undead, because these Blood Spirit Beast although take the blood in Blood River for the food, but similarly, undead the fire of spirit soul, regarding them, is the thing of big making up, therefore they met attack all from Blood River last past undead. These Blood Spirit Beast, normally does not distribute in entire Blood River, they by the form activity of tribal group, each tribal group have the fixed domain, they will little cross the domain, goes to other tribal group there, if they one, but, two tribal groups have met immediately/on horseback to live the conflict. However one, but the Blood River shore has the undead accumulation words, that entire river in Blood Spirit Beast toward the there accumulation, the time more will clamp, more many of accumulation. No matter Dark Spirit Temple there or Rebel Army there, one but hits, must undergo some time preparation, gathers the army, their army accumulation, Blood Spirit Beast naturally also on present, Blood Spirit Beast will naturally gather in river channel that undead army is, when there is undead to fly from the river surface, Blood Spirit Beast will be naturally impolite, immediately met attack. It can be said that this Blood Spirit Beast, the final point for food, completely goes out of one type of animal instinct, in adding on command(er) between these Blood Spirit Beast also not very flexible, therefore Zhao Hai can conclude, these Blood Spirit Beast the intelligence is not high. Zhao Hai entered to Blood River already nine days, these nine days his don’t know walked far, blood needle release went to many, he only knows that Blood River water current changed slow, the water surface has stricted, the water depth has shoaled, he saw the hope. At this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly present, own front appears Bone Mountain, this Bone Mountain very high, but the blood in Blood River, flows at the foot of the hill cavern. a.