Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1046

The source, here certainly is the help head of Blood River. Zhao Hai almost can affirm this point, his immediately/on horseback command(er) abandons Blood Lotus, flushes away toward cavern, entered this cavern Zhao Hai to feel the differences. This cavern here water face is thicker, meanwhile is having the thick fragrance, this fragrance although is very thick, but actually does not fumigate the person, rushes to have feel of person to arrive energetically, very comfortable. Besides these, Zhao Hai unexpectedly present, has massive Blood Spirit Beast in this cavern, moreover these Blood Spirit Beast, are blood red , moreover nearly in transparent, looks like very beautiful. However Zhao Hai actually feels that these Blood Spirit Beast attack strength very formidable, each strength is not lower than the Eddie woods, the good Zhao Hai nearest/recent strength increased much, otherwise he also is really not these Blood Spirit Beast matches. This cavern is not big, the diameter is about one meter, below also 50 centimeters high bloody water, but in these 50 centimeters deep bloody water, actually lives in high level Blood Spirit Beast that braves greatly, the strength is the oddness of formidable. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, knows, if such kills directly, that is a little is not quite not really realistic, Zhao Hai does not have the means that he must stop cavern mouth there, in did not go toward cavern, said that also strange, he does not enter cavern, these Blood Spirit Beast in hole does not come out attack he, this before him Blood Spirit Beast completely different that sees. Zhao Hai can only the release blood needle, search toward cavern, this blood hole does not have the life, therefore some Blood Spirit Beast do not pay attention to the blood needle. Zhao Hai returned to in Space, several people closely were staring at the screen now, they also know that their immediately must find the Blood River true source. The blood needle flew for more than ten minutes in cavern, the suddenly front openness, Zhao Hai they are one ”, because front there unexpectedly was piece of very big Space, in this Space huge cavern, cavern under was a lake water, a great lake of piece of blood red in the above of this piece of great lake, actually did not have point Dark mist, from the level of the lake to the cavern hole top, the foot had on 100 many meter high entire cavern cave wall, all was Bone spells becomes, looked like probably is the strong/sturdy appearance. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback command(er) Blood Spirit Beast was looking in all directions, suddenly he among giant a stone column by great lakes attracting, this stone has set up very big, the diameter about five meters, has stretched out the level of the lake about hundred meters high, this stone column unexpectedly is the midheaven, moreover Zhao Hai also notes, is not this Space does not have Dark mist, but was this Space Dark mist by the stone column attracting. This presently Zhao Hai very curious, he to wants to enter to the stone column in has a look, but afterward thinks or considers as finished, how he felt that this stone column likely is on the television that type, the person hides in the water, then extends a reed tube to the water surface on carries on the breath the appearance, thought of this scene, Zhao Hai does not have the courage to drill toward that stone column, he does not want to turn into others' grain ration.

Besides this stone column, Zhao Hai also present on stone column not far level of the lake, probably is spring samekeeps has the water to brave outward, this attracts the scene of braving, was really the marvelous sight. Looked has met this marvelous sight, Zhao Hai then deeply goes toward the lake, Zhao Hai looked, this lake was the Blood River true source. Zhao Hai spiritual force searches toward underwater. Has been shocked, in this lake is growing some blood red water plants in all directions, can see Blood Spirit Beast in there leisurely is swimming, all around is grotesque rocks is also rugged, simple li shone. Zhao Hai has not thought that this lake underwater surface li such will have shone unexpectedly, his immediately command(er) that blood needle, hovering in all directions in lake, receives on the scenery in entire lake the child screen. However when blood needle to blood, Zhao Hai really has also gawked, in place in this lakes, very big pits, this pit deep, Zhao Hai could not have seen, but felt that cannot see, under pitch-dark. But that extends on the stone column to level of the lake, extends from this lake, in this hole nearby place, can present spring, blood red spring water, spurt toward from spring. Zhao Hai immediately command(er) the blood needle, is searching toward that pit , after waiting for a blood needle to enter that deep hole the dozen minutes, Zhao Hai present suddenly appears a piece of tiled roof-peak! Not wrong, is a piece of tiled roof-peak, is the top of glazed tile, can look at this piece of roof . Moreover the completeness of very preserving. Zhao Hai stares, his immediately made the flying needle stop, he has not thought that will see a roof in here, moreover was a well-preserved roof. This roof seems like destroyed, this makes Zhao Hai feel very strange, if this house, constructs on the level of the lake most from the beginning, in the thorough water, that certainly impossible preservation completeness of such, now this house preservation completeness of such, feared then that is only then an explanation, this house itself constructs in the water. Moreover Zhao Hai also noted another matter, was the surroundings of this house, did not have Blood Spirit Beast appears , only then some water plants, Blood Spirit Beast did not have.

Because of these unusual places, making Zhao Hai be careful, his underestimated was sizing up all around, does not have presently anything, and he presently. The blood needle can the scout range. Was compressed in here. Originally the scout range of blood needle is the original ten thousand meters, but now the scout range of blood needle, is actually be only the kilometer is less, was suppressed ten times unexpectedly many. Laura they also see the here unusual place, how many people have not spoken, the look at screen that below decides, carefully observed a draw, he behind of this piece of roof, within however two stone columns, this makes Zhao Hai feel very strange now, he remembers that on his level of the lake only saw a stone column comes, how does here have two? Looked at all around one, presently here really does not have what danger, Zhao Hai then command(er) the blood needle downward to dive, before long, a giant palace on appears in the Zhao Hai front. This Great Hall only then a main hall, the surrounding is also boundless, but in the ground actually with the high grade stone material spreads, very smooth, entire place Great Hall has about fifty meters high, the long more than 200 meters, the wide also more than 100 meters, the Great Hall wall pounds with one type of Stone, this Stone also don’t know is red , was not afterward is given to dye by the lake water becomes red looked like bright red incomparable. The Great Hall top, is Zhao Hai saw that spreads with the glazed tile, this glazed tile on faint dodges light li is very bright. Zhao Hai in the Great Hall surrounding two revolutions, presently anything specially, this has not sought Great Hall in front of the door, is hanging the a piece plaque, on that plaque wrote, but was a pity very much that is Zhao Hai has not seen the one type of typeface, his character did not know. Outside Great Hall altogether has stone steps 99 these not beyond the consideration of Zhao Hai, his command(er) the blood needle was entering in Great Hall. Entered to Great Hall in Zhao Hai was shocked, this Great Hall passing through the gate put giant copper cauldron copper cauldron also don’t know to put many years, above carved li bright flower min, Zhao Hai carefully was looking, that flowered min probably was the mountains rivers, the flower-and-bird fish insect, everything in the world, was almost all-embracing, nothing which is not contained. However Zhao Hai attention is not this copper cauldron, but is Great Hall inside thing, in entire Great Hall, top besides this copper, is only suspending same thing, a heart of heart incomparably huge! This giant heart, fully more than 40 meters high, more than 100 meters, the width also almost dozens meters, in place Great Hall of sitat side, almost gave to pile up with entire Great Hall. Zhao Hai sat in Space the heart of dull look at this incomparably huge some little time Zhao Hai calm, his personal appearance moved, immediately appears in Great Hall to Great Hall in the look at this giant heart of short distance, has taken to Zhao Hai shock even bigger.

What most important is this heart above flesh and blood very fresh, the above vein is clearly discernible, in Zhao Hai careful observation this heart time, the suddenly heart moved, then shrinks toward in outward, a stuffy thunder same sound passed to the ear of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai one has tarried, he has not thought that this heart unexpectedly is live, still in beating! Saw that here Zhao Hai face cannot help but changes, he has not thought really will have this matter, this heart is living unexpectedly, incomparably huge, puts the heart in palace to live unexpectedly! This was too inconceivable! Zhao Hai cannot direct four to size up, he really wants to have a look, oneself entered in others' belly not to know. What a pity, he sees according to is the wall of palace, but this sized up is makes Zhao Hai present really some thing, on the wall of this palace, was drawing many murals. Zhao Hai careful look at these murals, these murals look like very exquisite, although don’t know has soaked many years in this water, but does not have point drawing back , still ten brightness, this made Zhao Hai affirm, this Great Hall constructed in this water most from the beginning. Zhao Hai browsing bit by bit mural these murals on wall are being were narrating probably ten points end all year round the story, above does not have writing interpretation, but Zhao Hai actually understood. On the mural most Thunder Hua from the beginning, is piece of Primal Chaos, anything does not have, then appears during this Primal Chaos world a giant egg, had a person to breed in this egg, then this person has grown up, he has worked loose the egg, is his able to hold up the Heavens and support the Earth, the Heaven and Earth separated appearance. Zhao Hai sees here, cannot help but has feared, because this on Pangu with Earth opened the day the story to look like, simply was exactly the same, this was also the Zhao Hai surprised place. Does here have what relationship to be inadequate with Earth? Thought of here, the heart of Zhao Hai beat fiercely, his impatient in the future look at , the following story also very much looked like, the body of that big god marked turned into the mountains earth, however in here, the story appears the a little bit deviation, in this story, finally has marked body not complete information of that epoch-making big god, but has left behind a heart! Different with the fairy story of China in the future story, here does not have Lady Wa to make the person, has not overcome nature, but after says the big god is epoch-making, ground appears myriad things, one crowd of Houzi/Monkey present the heart of big god, has lived in side of heart, they are protecting this heart, but the heart also in transform slowly they, finally this crowd of Houzi/Monkey evolution has been becoming the person! a.