Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1047

.................................................................................... This crowd turned into Houzi/Monkey of person, had not forgotten that own mission, they are still protecting this giant heart, person slowly are getting more and more, the strengths of these people are also getting stronger and stronger, but the people are still actually protecting this heart, even has built a palace outside of heart, places inside the heart, then outside of palace, has put a cauldron, pays respect for the person. Mural to here, very exquisite, line You Chang, to the person the one type of natural and elegant feeling, has air/Qi of deity very much. However the following style actually changes, saw the people to start in here to live the fight, ripping that two groups of people kept killed, scene extremely frigid, by that picture scroll, Zhao Hai even can smell that smell of blood. Very obviously, this two batches person a batch to snatch this giant heart, the a batch person actually must protect this giant heart, therefore both sides had the conflict. Moreover conflicts more and more fiercely, the tactical situation is also getting more and more frigid, Zhao Hai has to recognize, the picture picture person, have real skill really very much, these pictures are not very big, but each dusk picture draws li is very bright, very lifelike, lets the person the feeling that has one type of to experience personally. Following several marked the tactical situation also miserably to arrive, but was very obvious, protected the group of people of heart, fell leeward, their people were getting fewer and fewer. Then the people of these protection hearts, have hit a place, heart hiding secretly, then worked as these to snatch the surface of heart person, Great Hall of entire attire heart ruining, them all has then used self-exploding class Spell, committed suicide, because their strengths were too strong, therefore this entire Continent has almost ruined, these snatched the person of heart to break Space to leave. In final of picture, is a person, protects in side of heart, but looked the place that he is at should be this Great Hall. Zhao Hai has looked at these pictures, this let out a long breath, he four has sized up one, who does not have the current trace, this made Zhao Hai cannot help but curious, should the person of that protection heart better or walks? Zhao Hai is sizing up, his suddenly present, several in the ground draws Zhao Hai to look toward the ground hastily that looked this ground really has several pictures, this marked to see the person of that protection heart old he soon not to have the ability very much in the protection heart. Then Zhao Hai saw that person to find a big cauldron from outside, then he has put some thing toward the big cauldron, finally put out a small octopus also to put in the big cauldron, then his hand has put in the big cauldron, when he when one time turned on the big cauldron, the octopus became smaller, turned into the appearance of present Blood Spirit Beast main body. Saw here Zhao Hai on understand, present Blood Spirit Beast unexpectedly is finally the person of that protection heart, with a new species that Secret Technique refined, for protected this heart. This late, in final of picture, has not drawn a person he to arrive around the heart, meets to bump into his whole body to start the light, finally he disappeared, but the heart is actually beating.

understand, this Zhao Hai is understand. This heart from most from the beginning appears time, does not have the appearance of beat is very obvious, this heart does not have the necrosis, has had afterward the person of that protection heart, presently own life completely impossible in protection heart, therefore he used Secret Technique to refine Blood Spirit Beast, making Blood Spirit Beast protect the heart, then he oneself complete Life Force, poured into the heart, let the heart from the new beat, but he has actually unravelled. Zhao Hai can affirm that finally this aim picture, is when that has not begun own Life Force pours into the heart to draw, his very clear pour into Life Force to the heart, what result later can be, because he knows, therefore he ahead of time drew this Thunder Hua, why Zhao Hai understand could not find the person of that protection heart, he has unravelled. Zhao Hai has seen finally, cannot help but somewhat is at heart heavy, that clansman to protect this heart, in can achieve this situation unexpectedly, this goes out of the anticipation of Zhao Hai. However Zhao Hai was more curious to this big heart, looks like in Zhao Hai, that big god epoch-making time, these people are obviously impossible to know that but they actually drew, moreover they actually did not have to look like[] in the myth of country's good type, thinks that the person was the god makes, but drew the person is comes by Houzi/Monkey evolution, it seems like these information have integrated to their Bone in probably were the same, this was really by Zhao Hai some puzzled. Thinks that understand Zhao Hai in has not thought that look at that giant heart, how was actually don’t know should process, Zhao Hai slowly fluttered side of big heart, look at big heart although was slow, but very powerful beat, unexpectedly somewhat was crazy for a while. Zhao Hai from this is probably dirty in the heart that beats slowly, saw clansman of that protection heart, how they are protecting this giant heart from generation to generation, to finally, them really did not have the ability to protect, but also arranged Blood Spirit Beast then to protect, Zhao Hai felt one saw was not a heart, but was a phase of history, one type of Faith, rigid. Zhao Hai could not bear put the hand on gently on this giant heart, his hand just put on the heart, felt that huge spiritual force, flushed toward his head, but quick that spiritual force has met 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, one kept off. However Zhao Hai present, that spiritual force did not have no attack xing, although keeping off by 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation probably, however response of 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation also not very intense, but blocked, has not strangled to death. Zhao Hai has gawked, he felt toward that spiritual force on with his spiritual force, he presently this spiritual force does not have no attack xing, probably is giving him to give any information to be the same. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback received this information, this spiritual force enormous, almost in passed to the head of Zhao Hai instantaneously, Zhao Hai is actually two eyes shuts, one fainted in there. Zhao Hai this faints, Laura they, but was anxious, Cai'er opened Space hastily, took in Zhao Hai Space, waited for Zhao Hai to enter to Space, to Cai'er said : quickly how Laura did immediately/on horseback Cai'er have a look at Elder Brother Hai? Was he injured?” Cai'er has complied with one, left a white light according to the body of Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai is a volume of response does not have, this Laura they were more hurried.

Meg did not have to be so flustered he carefully to look at the Zhao Hai appearance, immediately/on horseback said : Laura Elder Sister, do not fluster, Young Master was all right, he was digesting some thing.” Laura they puzzled look at Meg, before Meg smiles said : this is Young Master, appears the one type of situation, the Young Master moon/month just obtained Space at that time, various tenon function therefore Space in don’t know Space direct delivers to these functions his head, because thing are too many, therefore Zhao Hai will meet unable to bear him to faint at once to rest some time, everyone/Great Clan will deliver to in the room Young Master, making sleeping well good.” Laura they, as soon as listened to Meg to say then feel relieved, several people helter-skelter lifted in the room Zhao Hai, after to settle down was good, this came out from in the room, sits drinks tea to chat in the living room. Laura look at Meg said : Meg, before Elder Brother Hai always this? Don't you fear?” Meg shook the head to sigh said : „you are don’t know at that time the Buda Family situation miserable, can say that at that time Buda Family existed, is in Young Master one, if the Zhao Hai appears accident, Buda Family did not have us to exist does not have what meaning, therefore looked like in the grandfather and Grandma, so long as Young Master were also living, that ratio anything was strong, if Young Master died, we were impossible to live.” Laura they stare they not to think this point, listens to the meaning of Meg, they had the thoughts of burying at that time. Lizzy look at Meg said : really? You said that you have thought at that time can bury?” Meg nodded said : at that time Buda Family on only remaining Young Master such legitimate teaching other people, if Young Master had any accident that we to lose the meaning of going on living, the grandfather and Grandma were the Buda clan raise, their all for Buda Family, if Buda Family does not exist, they think that they also lost existence intent to discuss, therefore the grandfather and Grandma had prepared at that time, if Young Master had the accident, we on will bury.” Lizzy they held breath. The cold air, they have not thought really that then situation can be this, several people of eager look at Meg, hope that Meg talked about some then matter. Meg smiled said : you also to know that at that time in Aksu Empire, old King wanted to cope with Southern King, but Buda Family is an old King in hand sword, inserts in a Southern King heart sword, old King, Buda Family is the scenery is naturally infinite, but old King dies, coming to power new King is the Southern King support, that can also have Buda Family? Therefore Buda Family almost exterminated an entire family, Young Master was fed Water of Nothingness, moreover in the water of that nihility was put probably also other thing, after Young Master has drunk that water, faints mi not to awake, continuously several months.” Speaking of here, the facial expression that in Meg eye cannot help but appears fondly remembering reason that her deep voice said : at that time these people have not been ruthless to our Buda Family \; first, to fear the grandfather Grandma strength, two were their simply does not care in him, in their opinion, Young Master simply could not become any climate, therefore they were not worried, but the fact was also so, at that time Young Master went out of the playboys in Aksu Empire, almost these playboys have done the misdemeanor he has done . Moreover the strength was very bad, otherwise Ryan Elder Sister does not want completely all means to break an engagement at that time.” Ryan one hear of Meg spoke of her, her face cannot help but red said : „, then Elder Brother Hai truly was not quite also good because of the Aksu Empire reputation.” Meg forced smile said : „is not only not good, it can be said that was rotten to the core, Young Master also thinks to be violent I, afterward my rebel had not succeeded, therefore we just arrived at Black Wasteland most from the beginning time, my fearing Young Master, does not dare to make him look the face.”

One hear of Meg said that Laura they have gawked, they have not really thought that in the past Zhao Hai also had such one, this with the present Zhao Hai contrast was really too big, simply was two people. Meg look at their appearances, know that they in thinking anything, she smiled bitterly said :at that time Young Master is really this, but Young Master after drinking the water of nihility, several months woke, when he woke, we arrived at Black Wasteland, since Young Master awoke, he like changing one, the starting matter came very earnest, followed a prescribed pattern, moreover randomly will never crack a joke, to our very good, even if to these slave also very good, most from the beginning gave these slave commoner status is Young Master raises comes out, Zhao Hai also obtained Space, our Buda Family then bit by bit. The show, can say , if no Young Master, without this Space, feared that is the present Ark Continent person, God Realm, Demon Realm, other races in Space are any appearances, but also did not say. Laura several people nodded, the matter that latter looks unfamiliar they also knew, if no Zhao Hai and Space, first, the Ark Continent person feared was undead light also all becomes the slave, was God Realm there feared that was the scenery is still infinite, but Magic Beast there what, that really has not said now. Meg grows up with Zhao Hai together, the matter that Zhao Hai handles from infancy to maturity she knows, but this merit Laura they do not have, in adding on Laura they several people of thoughts now all on the heart of Zhao Hai, can listen to beforehand Zhao Hai has done the dirty business, on the contrary will make they to Zhao Hai understanding, the heart will be also nearer. Laura they listen to the Zhao Hai beforehand matter now, is regards a story to listen, after all before Zhao Hai, matter that handles, with present completely different, what they love is present Zhao Hai, is not beforehand Zhao Hai. Several people chatted a while day, looked that Zhao Hai has not awaked, respectively went back to rest, she already already passed through has been used to such life, only then can follow side Zhao Hai, they will feel very comfortable. However Laura they have not thought that Zhao Hai these time will faint to rest such long time, enough three days three nights, Zhao Hai this time corona rested for three days three nights then to wake. Zhao Hai wakes to open the eye to look that presently are lying down in their in the room, Zhao Hai changes mind one to want on understand what's the matter, he has stood up the body, has moved, hid too long time, but also was some is not quite really comfortable. Has moved some little time, Zhao Hai then from in the room walked out. Comes out from in the room, he hears in the living room to have the voice of speech, is Laura they, they somewhat are worried about Zhao Hai, after all the Zhao Hai this corona mi time was too long. However Cai'er said that Zhao Hai does not have the matter, their although somewhat was worried, but has not been in the very scared and on edge situation, therefore several people also sit in the living room now are merry, cannot see to have any difference. a.