Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1048

! .................................................................................... Zhao Hai comes out from in the room, by Laura they present. Laura they have been paying attention to the Zhao Hai room, therefore Zhao Hai this comes out, their immediately present. Several people of immediately welcomed, Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, cannot help but shows a faint smile said :, What happened? have I rested how long?” Laura white Zhao Hai said :, added that you have rested for three days three nights, Meg said you to be all right, we also think that you had any accident.” Zhao Hai smiles said :, this time has not really thought that fellow one passes to me these many thing, therefore digests with such long time, but these time to obtained an advantage.” Laura stares, puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : what advantage?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, arrives at sand there to sit, Laura they have also sat down, how many person of said : Zhao Hai then turned the head look at I to think that the origin of that big heart, you also general did know? On picture like that mural, that big heart, is that clan has been protecting relic.” Zhao Hai when looks at these murals, Laura they also saw these murals through the screen, naturally knows that Zhao Hai this saying is any meaning, they also truly understood the origin of that giant heart through these murals. Looks at Laura their appearance, Zhao Hai knows[ answered] case, his then said :, „ just,

Information that just I received, is Underworld here from, epoch-making continuously to the matter that the present lived, the matter of heart. ” Laura their these was evoked the curiosity, eager look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai look at said :, „the beforehand matter you knew, since that big god has been epoch-making, Underworld here continuously at show, but this heart truly will be the post- next life matter of that big god, on the mural has also drawn, said that person will live the matter of young man heart ji, that person after his complete Life Force heart ji will live, this heart in here has beaten, because was put in the lake water, therefore he can only draw some lake water from the beginning., Then in puffing out some lake water, such don’t know many years, suddenly Underworld here appears Space rift, but comes out from this Space rift is not the person, but is corpses, before is, we have seen hundred Spirit Race corpses.” Laura they one dull, they have not thought that really such matter that big heart actually still remembers, Zhao Hai look at Laura they, show a faint smile said :, „ did not want underestimated that big heart, that was one can the heart of epoch-making big god, was on him the most important place, was the wondrous use was naturally infinite, was good, then downward said that the corpses of more and more hundred Spirit Race people fell Underworld here, but Underworld here originally destroyed was unbearable, so many deceased people, by adding over a hundred Spirit Race these people, Underworld here Death Qi slowly were getting more and more more and more. Many, slowly has formed this Dark mist that refuses stubbornly to dissipate, but the big heart can actually absorb among Heaven and Earth all strengths to use for oneself, therefore he slowly stretched out two core barrels from Great Hall, then made two of some rebirth thing in lake along these upward make one to enter two stone columns with the core barrel, before was us, behind Great Hall two stone columns that saw, stretched out the level of the lake slowly, in the Dark mist attraction heart on has not stretched out the level of the lake in addition, was only adds the merit turned into the blood to be able the blood after the heart, dispersed into to the lake water., Slowly has formed Blood River and Blood Pond, became provides for the blood that entire Underworld has to be able the strength. Speaking of here Zhao Hai to stop, said :, these year of Underworld exhibitions, under the gaze of that big heart, that big heart actually ting were then intelligent, he thinks that Dark Spirit Temple there with no reason at all do not unify here, in fact he thinks that the Dark God there person possibly was in the past these people who ran from here, I thought the Underworld palace here person, was the person of Cultivation World, otherwise the Cultivation World person, will not throw hundred Spirit Race corpses to here comes, these year of Cultivation World also had some people to remember that the here matter, had the person to probably obtain. Big heart, therefore meets appears to seek Dark Spirit Temple, this Dark Spirit Temple must unify entire Underworld, actually to find big heart.” Laura they dull look at Zhao Hai, they have not thought that really can be this, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that but also is is very reasonable, because before they knew regarding Underworld here were too few, therefore does not dare to guess randomly, but now is different, Zhao Hai knew from big heart there many Underworld matters, were unifying their some inferences, they believe that matter that they guessed correctly, to[ really] how many solid matter did not miss. But the key of matter Megan presently Zhao Hai says is, her look at Zhao Hai, two eyes feel relieved said : Elder Brother Hai, you meant that big heart can absorb Underworld Dark mist, then transforms the blood energy? He can also absorb the strength between Heaven and Earth for oneself again, transforms the blood energy? Must really be such words, we whether that heart surrendering, that perhaps meets the has plenty advantage.” Zhao Hai nodded, then that big heart on look at screen, sighed, shook the head said : to consider as finished, we do not lack this thing now, but regarding Underworld, this big heart, was actually very important, if this big heart were given to take away by us, that Underworld did not have the blood energy, Underworld here Undead Creature and Darkness Magic Beast must not know what to do on don’t know.” Megan they also nodded, if in other place, this big heart received also received, no big deal, but here was Underworld, after here, was their latter hua gardens, if here to disaster was too miserable, how that also after hua garden. Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, shows a faint smile said : this big heart, although in not own wisdom, but simply will actually analyze, I went to say one with him, making him not need to be worried, otherwise has been having the heart disease, that may trouble.”

Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that has smiled, such long time in Space, because the Space city opened simple science and technology Space, matter that therefore Laura they knew regarding some earthmen, they also knew, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said the heart disease and so on joke, their also understand what's the matter. Zhao Hai returned to Underworld there, through with Lou Liu of heart, he knew, this Great Hall is called the cauldron heart palace, specifically is used to deposit this heart. Reason that Zhao Hai this time has not received this heart toward Space, is because Zhao Hai does not endure to receive this heart, he was defended a heart clan being moved. Before this defends a heart clan is, has protected that race of heart, their clan arrives at the last person time, is thinking how must protect the heart, Zhao Hai is moved by them, therefore he can not be cruel enough to receive in Space this big heart. Moreover just Zhao Hai in information that in big heart there obtains, is asks Zhao Hai the big heart do not shift, so long as Zhao Hai does not shift the big heart, the big heart gives Zhao Hai that copper cauldron in Great Hall, that copper cauldron is an extraordinary treasure, generally Qi Refining thing, can only build up the dying thing to come, but this copper cauldron is different, this copper cauldron can refine some living creatures, for example Blood Spirit Beast on is an example. The Blood Spirit Beast predecessor, is only one type of known as soul chapter of octopus Magic Beast, after the refinement of copper cauldron, turned into Blood Spirit Beast, but this is the copper cauldron most unusual place, but this copper cauldron that defends the person of heart clan, with defending the mi method refinement of heart clan, is a rare treasure. If in average person opinion, this big heart does not have no attack strength, but these Blood Spirit Beast are impossible to enter to Great Hall, this is that defends the people of soul clan after building up is becomes Blood Spirit Beast, to Death Command that Blood Spirit Beast issues. Blood Spirit Beast cannot enter to Great Hall, big heart do not have no attack strength, in this case, the average person certainly will receive the copper cauldron and big heart. However Zhao Hai actually does not want such to do, he regarding defending a heart clan rigid is very affected, but this big heart, now looks like, to his doing with is not very big, this big heart inhales in Heaven and Earth strength/Origin Qi the heart at most, then changes the blood energy, this regarding Zhao Hai, does not have a weak same ability simply, therefore Zhao Hai has not thought to this big heart income to Space.

Zhao Hai arrives at the big heart, with hand rub gently the big heart, was muttering said : here is belongs your, your well lived in here, that cauldron was useful to me, I took away, feel relieved, I will not make any wound happy to your.” Said that Zhao Hai loosened the hand, he is just about to go toward copper cauldron there, suddenly Great Hall vibrated, Zhao Hai one was shocked, his immediately/on horseback protective shield, that big heart protecting, but he was shocked quickly, because person present, in the below of that big heart, emitted a heart, this dirty ratio that big heart must be smaller, only then the size of normal person heart, but was actually beating, looked like a that big heart, but must have the vigor more. Zhao Hai some look at that small hearts of being perplexed, in this time, that small heart in a ground ball, are throwing toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai felt red light flashes, then that small heart submerged Zhao Hai[ body], vanish from sight. When Zhao Hai is startled, his suddenly feels that own heart position, a colic, then felt very comfortable, then Zhao Hai felt that own heart each beat was very powerful, he absorbs Heaven and Earth strength/Origin Qi also increased, his ** also formidable, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai feel very puzzled. In this time, is projecting a white light from the heart, on shot Zhao Hai to have directly, Zhao Hai knows that these time definitely was any information, therefore he has not made 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation prevent, but overall received this white light. Just as is such that Zhao Hai thinks, this white light heart to the information that Zhao Hai comes, moreover explained that the origin of that small heart and why Zhao Hai will turn into this appearance the reason. a.