Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1049

! .................................................................................... In fact does not have quite strangely what, now the big heart although sheep does not have what wisdom, but he has the simple analysis capability, this also has the simple wisdom. But wisdom life form major characteristics inherit, they hope that their bloodline can continue, own knowledge can inherit. Humanity actually is also this, humanity in order to have been inherited by own wisdom, therefore the people understand the writing, the people continued by their bloodline, therefore had the race. The big heart is also same, although his wisdom returns very simple, but this does not interrupt him to want the idea that own race continues, that small heart because of this idea all production. Because the big heart is only an organ, in the normal situation, he is impossible multiplication race idea, but this big heart to is an accident, this big heart went out from the antiquity big god, but on a big god the most important organ, naturally was strength formidable, moreover he had one type of to record to seek the ability of matter, looked like computer of automatic long journey is the same. Afterward defended the heart clan final generation to defend the person of heart, with own complete Life Force, ji lived this big heart, also passed to own part of Divine Sense the big heart, as the matter stands the big heart naturally also had Divine Sense, he will be impossible other races so to be likely intelligent. Last generation of defending heart, what is the strongest wish? Must continue own race, but was a pity at that time entire Underworld here only then he, he naturally was impossible to continue his race, but this obsession has also passed to the big heart, was because of this, therefore the big heart will have to continue the race the idea. Also let alone, on this big god thing is not general, this thing wisdom although is not much, but withhe also really finds out the method that one type of reproduced according to instinct, splits. This big heart uses the method that thin xiong splits, makes small Doppelganger to oneself, this Doppelganger is capable of big heart completebeing a pity that does not have what wisdom, because had this presently, therefore the big heart was not making Doppelganger, but found the way to protect itself.

This is also that defends the strong aspiration of heart person, therefore the big heart has gotten down the several layers test on supposing, one is outside these Blood Spirit Beast, if you could not defeat Blood Spirit Beast not possibly to come to here comfortably, second told people the experience of matter, looked that you can accept, this was goes to the head of Zhao Hai to pass on thing, if this method Zhao Hai could not bearthat to sorry, was given the impact by that spiritual force becomes the fool, may no wonder the big heart. If these two tests crossed, that look at you to have greed, the big heart said that must deliver you that copper cauldron, only asked you do not move him, if you greedy wish received the big heart and copper cauldron, you had bad luckthat copper cauldron to carry on attack to you, moreover attack very unusual of copper cauldron, covered you in inside, then like building up thing same direct refining, but that copper cauldron defended a treasure of heart clanafter their many year of worship, already became one. Top Grade Magical Treasure, if at that time were not the enemy extremely in the great strength, the person were too many, defends a heart clan not to place here the copper cauldron not to use. But if you do not receive the big heart, making his relieved stayingthat undergo his test in here on equal to, he will give you copper cauldron, is giving to you that small heart that he split, but that small heart the big god heart split, can purify bloodsped up absorbing Heaven and Earth strength/Origin Qi, expanded the meridians of wide person, the wondrous use was infinite. But after this heart has given Zhao Hai, the heart of Zhao Hai originally replacing, becomes Zhao Hai truly in the heart, resulted in this heart, Zhao Hai obtained has defended an inheritance of heart clan, only then obtained this heart, Zhao Hai when the use copper cauldron, by copper cauldron attack, simultaneously outside these Blood Spirit Beast attack he, conversely, he cannot command(er) these Blood Spirit Beast, in other words, Zhao Hai has become has defended a person of heart clan now. This has not calculated that looks like that Zhao Hai thinks wants, to defend the heart but in the past this Space control, left behind also many treasure . Moreover the inheritance of their Cultivation Method and some magic arts, did not compare any Cultivator Sect to be weak, can say, when this defended heart clan called the god protected the place, was not weak in hundred Spirit Realm, but after that war, was adding on these Cultivator people, has regarded a cemetery here, god slowly protected here, on turning into the Underworld appearance, although Law of the Heaven and Earth had not changed, but here actually throughout. Cannot leave any Expert. But defends heart clan thing of inheritance, actually not in big heart, but in copper cauldron, if Zhao Hai is greedy, not only cannot obtain these inheritance, but also by copper cauldron to refining, but now Zhao Hai obtained the heart, that copper cauldron naturally recognized Zhao Hai give priority to. Just, shot white light in Zhao Hai head, tells Zhao Hai this matter, Zhao Hai after understanding the beginning to end of matter, has cannot help but scratched the cold sweat, although he did not care about the refinement of that copper cauldron, in if were received by that copper cauldron really has refined, that was also a ting troublesome matter. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed, this person of that did to fight the good deed to be good, if he had the greed, now definitely troublesome is encumbered, that will be defended an inheritance of heart clansman. Zhao Hai sighed, rub rub big heart said : I also defend the person who the heart put, later protected your duty to give me, feel relieved was good, in Underworld, I ensure nobody can cope with you, even if were that Dark Spirit Temple person who the person was worried about, recalled very much will be tidied up by me.” Big heart very happy appearance, beat a few tricks probably fiercely, Zhao Hai then received the copper cauldron, flashes body returned to in Space.

Zhao Hai entered the process of cauldron heart palace, Laura they also saw, their don’t know these many matters, only saw certainly that heart suddenly has flown in the body of Zhao Hai, then together the moon's orbit shot the head of Zhao Hai, cannot help but somewhat was worried, but looked that Zhao Hai shut the eye to open, they also on complete feel relieved. Looks at Zhao Hai to come, Laura their immediately welcomed, Laura face worry said :, Elder Brother Hai, just what's the matter?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, is all right, feel relieved was good, but this time good matter.” Said that Zhao Hai obtaining has defended heart clan a matter of inheritance they to say to Laura. Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that also very happy, they have not thought that also will really have such good matter, they actually obtained an inheritance of race. Zhao Hai looked at several people of said :, was good, this several days I must guard an inheritance of heart clan to reorganize first, you go busily, after I inherit them reorganizes, in guards a heart clan is keeping many treasures to get up to come out , can don’t know these treasures also use now.” Laura they nodded, now Zhao Hai does true, they naturally will not oppose. Zhao Hai turns, bronze ancient cauldron appears in the Zhao Hai front, Zhao Hai just about to received the cauldron to defend an inheritance of heart clan, suddenly hears in Space to come prompt speaking sounds specially:, Existing special refining ability treasure Cauldron, treasure Cauldron may the refining world myriad things, but the reconstruct world myriad things, are close because of the treasure Cauldron ability and Universal Manufacturing Machine ability, withdraw the treasure Cauldron ability, in join Universal Machine, Universal Machine Level Up, is special because of the treasure Cauldron ability, withdraws its ability join to Blood Staff, Blood Staff will have the similar ability with treasure Cauldron.” Zhao Hai is listening to this prompt sound, he has not thought really that this treasure Cauldron let Universal Manufacturing Machine Level Up unexpectedly, this was the good deed, and has withdrawn the treasure Cauldron ability, join to Staff, this regarding Zhao Hai, has been possible absolutely to be the good deed. Zhao Hai originally also thinks somewhat was a pity that this treasure Cauldron was too easy-to-use, therefore he wants to leave behind itself to use, but Zhao Hai also knows, if delivers to Wild Dragon Island there treasure Cauldron , helping to meet even bigger regarding these people, what a pity treasure Cauldron only then, he has used, the Wild Dragon Island there person has had more than enough, has not thought that Space this issue solving, currently his Staff had the treasure Cauldron same ability, then delivered to Wild Dragon Island there to be just right treasure Cauldron. At this moment, Universal Manufacturing Machine there suddenly has emitted nose light, waits for white light to vanish, ten Universal Manufacturing Machine in the place changed greatly. Originally Universal Manufacturing Machine there is separates, looks like looks like ten workshops, does not have attractively what, but seems like now different, now ten workshops completely vanished, turned into a huge enclosed factory, in front of the door of this factory, section is printing row of ten Magic Formation, in another side of factory, abreast in row is printing ten Magic Formation, looked that what this situation Zhao Hai was any meaning looked like on understand to afterward in refining thing, so long as put on Magic Formation, then the factory on can carry on to refine voluntarily.

The appearance of look at this factory, Zhao Hai cannot help but selected, now this factory, is a high five layers building, in vain by the outer wall, above was also inlaying the glass, looked from the shape that looked like the beforehand that multipurpose manufacture type is the same, was not excellent understood at a glance that this was one makes this appearance specially the house, very beautiful. Zhao Hai arrived at Universal Manufacturing Machine there carefully to look, this turned the head Cai'er said :, Cai'er, how this can Universal Manufacturing Machine use now?” Because of Cai'er with a Space body, any change of Space cannot hide the truth from Cai'er, therefore Zhao Hai will ask Cai'er this question. Cai'er puts out one pack of paper said : hastily, Young Master, this is the instruction booklet, you look.” Zhao Hai received the paper to look, this Universal Manufacturing Machine was really Level Up, now not only can make some lives, but can also make some living creatures, compared with saying Zhao Hai , to let Argali long even bigger, can deliver to Universal Manufacturing Machine , the Universal Manufacturing Machine Argali gene will be more perfect. Not only and this, Universal Manufacturing Machine, manufactured a sword before, if Zhao Hai does not want to use, can only lose in Space is putting, but now is different, if Zhao Hai does not want to use that the sword, can attain Universal Manufacturing Machine here to come the sword, becomes various ores sword reconstruct, facilitates. a.