Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1050

.................................................................. It can be said that present Universal Manufacturing Machine, can be called is multipurpose, because of present Universal Manufacturing Machine including the living creature can evolution, this absolutely be the one type of very formidable ability. Present Universal Machine did not need according to turning control, but was the voice control, Zhao Hai wanted to make any thing, so long as put on the material Universal Machine, was OK to Universal Machine in a moment. although now outside the Universal Machine workshop is ten Magic Formation, thing that but his everyday makes, the output actually compared with enhanced about five times, said that original Universal Machine, a day can make 5000 jin (0.5 kg) liquor, ten Universal Machine can also make a fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg) liquor, but a day can actually make two ten fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg) liquor now, this output difference is such big. Understood after Universal Machine function, Zhao Hai cannot help but nodded, he presently this Universal Machine cannot make live thing, but can the live thing improvement, but is this, was very great, but was a pity, when don’t know Universal Analyzer can Level Up. Zhao Hai looked at Universal Manufacturing Machine one, this turns the head to Laura their said : this Universal Machine but now was serious, had these many functions, if did not need too to waste, Laura, you later can try to find the solution, had a look whether well with this Universal Machine, that Magic Beast in Space, improved, these specifically were used to eat the meat, improvement well, let their long even bigger, these were used to fight, must well make, was been stronger by their fighting strength.” Laura nodded said : feel relieved Elder Brother Hai, how I know do, not only these Magic Beast, these plants, Elder Brother Hai you think that if Bread Tree improving, enabling him to be able knot more bread, that was not better this your feel relieved to be good.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, first do not take care this matter, comes with me, I must guard these Cultivation Method that heart clansman inherits, records, then passes to the person in Space, after the person in Space now fighting strength is too low, we went cultivate there, they feared that could not add on too many busy.” Cai'er has complied with one, followed Laura Zhao Hai they actually in there research this Universal Manufacturing Machine, the look at that Universal Manufacturing Machine operating manual that several people of keeping, is thinking how thing in Space, to optimize. Zhao Hai returned to own room, immediately has sat cross-legged to sit down, this defended a heart clan in the past with Cultivation World these people to meet as an equal, in fact, Cultivation World these Cultivation Method has plenty from defending Cultivation Method of heart clan the show came, can say that defended Cultivation Method of heart clan, was the bases of ten thousand law. But this defends in an inheritance of heart clan, almost contained has defended in a heart clan all Cultivation Method, in which epoch-making Secret Art was the general outlines of ten thousand law, wonderful incomparable. This epoch-making Secret Art, defends most important Cultivation Method of heart clan, because this Cultivation Method defends ancestors of heart clan, after understanding big god epoch-making deed, after Cultivation Method that nine years of contemplation of creates, it can be said that defends a heart clan all kinds Cultivation Method first ancestor. This opens the day walling merit, but about 2000 characters however are actually words of wisdom, making the person provide much food for thought reads one to have the new sensibility every time probably. Moreover Zhao Hai felt that this opens the day walling merit, probably with Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula in some places, things in common, therefore Zhao Hai naturally is more careful read. Now Zhao Hai enters the one type of very marvelous condition probably, he closes one's eyes, the thin fine goods read the day walling merit, Stellar Secret Art was not revolving on own initiative, but each inferior revolution, probably was smoother than before, before being many, extremely the place of understanding, currently has the one type of suddenly open feeling, making him profit a great deal.

How many don’t know read to spread, Zhao Hai feeling suddenly spiritual, one sobered from that wonderful condition, he has opened the eye slowly, grew foul air, turned the head to look at one also to stand dull look at his Cai'er said : Cai'er, did I such sit how long?” Cai'er one recovers, 1 Bo face one red, said : Young Master, the person such has done in a soft voice is having two days.” Zhao Hai nodded, he felt suddenly an intense vomiting intent, Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, then his quickly has arrived at the bathroom, to the chamberpot, thing of purplish black has been spurting directly. This spat trough about purplish black thing, this thing was smelly a rank stink, the probably decayed blood was the same. Cai'er looked at Zhao Hai to spit, this may give to scare her, she knows that Zhao Hai strength, the person of strength like Zhao Hai, was impossible to fall ill, she thinks that Zhao Hai has been injured, Cai'er small face pallid said : Young Master, did the person want? Fell ill?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to have, was only some Cultivation Method breakthroughs just, in adding on that heart[ body] in bad blood compelling, will therefore spurt, all right.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Cai'er then relaxed, Zhao Hai rinsed rinsing mouth, the mouth did not have that taste rank stink, simultaneously he also felt own unprecedented spirit, the body also probably became more powerful, moreover on him was also having a fragrance, one type of was thick, but was not fierce, the mellow incomparable fragrance, this fragrance although was thick, the person but who actually the qi person, did not smell instead attended the meeting to feel to be refreshing. Zhao Hai knows that this is the reason of that heart, but he does not have to think on one will emit the fragrance to come unexpectedly, to be honest, he regarding man with perfume and so on thing, is some dislike, has not actually thought that own body instead to has emitted the fragrance, this makes him also not bear. Zhao Hai sighed, turns the head Cai'er said : Cai'er, you, the epoch-making Secret Art, this merit for the ancestor of all kinds Cultivation Method, practiced the date, had epoch-making powerful energy, Cultivation Method two is mad give priority to by Heaven and Earth, the air/Qi of Heaven and Earth was Yin-Yang, the Yin-Yang two air/Qi in the side, the heart such as the bright mirror reflected Universe, in the body flesh and blood ocean, the inspiration such as 111 turn over to the sea, aspirated the mouth to spit the ocean......” Cai'er keeps records Zhao Hai these words, before long the epoch-making knacks of more than 2000 characters were read by the Zhao Hai Don't have been completed, Zhao Hai deep voice said : Cai'er, this Cultivation Method is all kinds Cultivation Method first ancestor, must preserve surely well, when the time comes can put in major academy this Cultivation Method, making these this institutes study, later this Cultivation Method was Space foundation Cultivation Method.” Reason that Cai'er has complied with, Zhao Hai will decide as foundation Cultivation Method also to have the reason the day walling Secret Art, although this merit very profound, but from the wording understood that actually appears very straightforward, only then cultivation level to the person of Zhao Hai this level, will feel this Cultivation Method profound place, therefore Zhao Hai did not fear that these people cannot learn this Cultivation Method. Read the epoch-making Secret Art soldier, Zhao Hai starts the ginseng to be auspicious to defend other heart clan Cultivation Method, outside these Cultivation Method may probably put in the future gives the person study in Space, Zhao Hai naturally must carry on the ginseng to be auspicious first, then outside putting. Defends Cultivation Method of heart clan is not many, altogether added more than 300, these France , China had some profound, moreover above has also indicated that the strength did not arrive harmfully study like Cultivation Method, Zhao Hai although also makes Cai'er record, but has not actually put in academy to go to these students in academy to be possible, no matter that if were seen by them study, but that did not have the advantage harmfully. After waiting for Zhao Hai all Cultivation Method record, Cai'er records to consider as finished, altogether is 360 Cultivation Method, this is only the practice method, in the Zhao Hai brain county is also also saving many crafting, the manufacture medicine some method even also Formation knowledge, these thing may be defends the precious wealth that a heart clan keeps, Zhao Hai naturally will not waste, has also recorded these thing.

After these thing record, Zhao Hai has elected simply some makes Cai'er deliver to academy, these profound, he has delivered to Wild Dragon Island. When Zhao Hai handles these matters, past more than ten days, these more than ten in days have given to be busy at unbearably him, these Cultivation Method were only reads do not say that on some time must carry on the ginseng to be auspicious. When Zhao Hai comes out from in the room, somewhat was actually shocked, Laura they actually did not have in the room Zhao Hai to change mind one to want also to know, Laura they were run certainly research Universal Machine. Before Laura, is Merchant doing business is her hobby , because of this, therefore after one present new Cultivation Method of ten thousand volumes of machines, Laura that is also idling living, their several today days in Universal Machine there research, if in animal and plants better use Space, to achieve maximum benefit point. The row, has improved several types of thing in them, first improves is Argali, Argali now is one type of Magic Beast that in Space most often eats, not only pulp very tasty, but also the xing sentiment is docile, wool, sheepskin, Yang Gu also useful, is in Space all people by one type of Magic Beast that like. This Argali originally is not small, but Laura wants Argali to make that will reform greatly also improves from now on Argali, will look like has raging bull to be so big fully, will vary not to affect the taste, will not affect Argali character, will not have the harm to the person body, in fact, has carried on the gene optimization to Argali. Then other with person life related Magic Beast, Laura they also has carried on some improvements, is only these Magic Beast, suffices them busily last period of time, do not say that they also want to improve some grain and vegetables. Zhao Hai walks from the villa, really in sees Laura they to be good in Universal Machine, several people were saying anything, their front suspended thing that was suspending, Zhao Hai looked, was various plants seed. Zhao Hai has arrived at several people of sides, because several people actually discussed extremely in investment, simply presently his arrival, Zhao Hai has not stood in there, look at Laura several people, a face not bore. He makes Laura they use Universal Machine to improve thing in Space, but wants to look for a matter to do to them, feared that they were extremely bored, has not made them sink mi in, now looks like, in Laura they complete sinking mi arrived, this makes Zhao Hai not bear very much. suddenly did Laura stop, what taste said : „? So to be how fragrant? Do I have been in that taste probably? Has anyone of you scratched the perfume?” Lizzy their several people shook the head, Zhao Hai has covered the head, solid don’t know must say that any was good, in this time, Meg is turning the head to see Zhao Hai, her immediately/on horseback pleasantly surprised said : Young Master, you finished.” Laura they, as soon as listens to Meg such to call, turns the head look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai look at their appearances, have smiled bitterly next step: Your several, is similar point good, throws me to the one side does not manage, I stood here quite a while, you present.” Laura they spit the tongue, several people of these days light were busy Universal Manufacturing Machine, to be honest, this feeling also was really makes them have some on hidden.

However Laura immediately has attracted nose said : Elder Brother Hai, on you so is fragrant? Has scratched the perfume?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : scratches any perfume, you are not don’t know, I never scratch that thing, this fragrance is because that small heart, now that small heart has become my heart, naturally me[ body] in bad blood removed, then on me had child taste.” Laura lies to the body of Zhao Hai smelled, then nodded said : really nice-smelling, this flavor makes person smell very comfortable, Elder Brother Hai, you in we one, we process well this.” Said that she has referred to front of them these thing. Zhao Hai looked at one, nodded said : what seed this is?” Laura smiles said : not to have anything, is green leafy vegetables seed, we want the green leafy vegetables improving, but you also know, if green leaf dish, if long is too big, inside leaf vein will become very thick, will eat not to be delicious, we will be trying to find the solution.” Zhao Hai nodded, this green leafy vegetables are one type of look like the rape same vegetables, eats the taste to be good, but is looks like a little small, Laura they want to become him in a big way. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, turned the head to be good to Laura said :, do not make, green leaf altogether was in itself that, in big had feared that changed flavor, became the cabbage, good not to have made, entered the room to rest, Meg, went to do some to me quickly delicious, this several days I slandered to go bad.” Meg complied with one, turn around ran, how Laura they have not actually managed Zhao Hai saying that still has put on the races of these green leafy vegetables Magic Formation, then proposed one pile of requests, Universal Machine also really added the merit to leave new seed finally, but the light looked that seed could not look at anything, Laura they have not cared, inscribed a label that race, then has put in Space Warehouse. Has waited for several people to make, their returned to in the room, at this time Meg also had then prepared the meal, everyone a piece beef steak, but also adds on some greens looks like li is very bright, Zhao Hai looked that these thing have cannot help but gawked, he little eats the beef steak generally, Meg also little does, they eat generally is[] country cuisine, how also don’t know Meg remembers to make the beef steak today. The Meg look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile said : Young Master, tastes, the beef steak that after this is we improve the cow makes, the vegetables are also, you try the flavor to be what kind, was right, the spice that uses has also improved.” Zhao Hai one hear of Meg said that has tapped the head, looked like they is really somewhat fascinated. a.