Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1051

! ............................................................ Has eaten meal, Zhao Hai went to the Hot Spring pond to relax on pulling Meg, but Laura they after teasing the sentence of Meg, outside running up to went to research Universal Machine. Zhao Hai these days also really feels very tired, daily in there read these Cultivation Method and so on thing, finally reads his first two big, the full brain was various Cultivation Method, his spiritual force formidable words, feared that was already possessed by the Devil. Now finally processes these Cultivation Method, naturally must relax well, but Meg meets a good massage technology, therefore Zhao Hai received Hot Spring Chi Li Meg, came to a affectionate couple bath. In the Hot Spring pond well after Meg has been gentle one next, Zhao Hai lies down on Stone of Hot Spring pond, the bosom is holding Meg, Meg like is cat lying in the bosom of Zhao Hai, has this moment, Meg seems like the Zhao Hai wife, normally Meg poses as the servant, made that Zhao Hai also very much not bears. Zhao Hai is holding Meg, said : Meg, discussed you in a soft voice, these many years, you have followed silently in my side, did not seek the attendance of repayment such a daily life of everyone/Great Clan person, I know that in these people, was you are most laborious, thank you.” Meg lies in the Zhao Hai bosom, one hear of Zhao Hai said that her was the ratio drinks mi to be sweet at heart, her said :, Young Master, these were I are willing to do in a soft voice, you have not been unfair to me, I liked this feeling really very much, I know that I did not have Laura Elder Sister they to be intelligent, can look after Young Master like the present you, I already very happy.” Zhao Hai held the hand of Meg cannot help but to tighten, his deep voice said : „, Meg you were very not intelligent, you they did not miss compared with Laura, moreover you worked steadfastly, some Laura their no merits, so long as you want to do, you can handle anything, even if made the mistake has been able to be what kind, I.” Meg actually shook the head said :, „, Young Master, I do not like the present life, I imagine now this, shi has waited you until old, could not take a walk, or you did not want me.” Meg that Zhao Hai holds tightened his suddenly to remember a joke, before Earth accessed the net, he has listened to a joke, said that a successful man was carried, is always standing a woman, but this woman was not his wife, but was his mother-in-law, because his mother-in-law has accused him to select his fault, when he all making the mistake changed, he also on succeeding. At that time Zhao Hai also thought that this although is a joke, but some truth, but he did not think so now, a man, if willing to pay all women like Meg for you, he did not succeed difficultly.

Zhao Hai is very satisfied, in this life, can have like Meg Laura them the woman has cultivated in the side, he is very satisfied. Meg also from the Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate effort, felt that Zhao Hai said to her love, she is very satisfied. Meg already knows own this life already with Zhao Kun in together, she loved Zhao Hai, the initially Zhao Hai playboy the time, she loved him, now she loves him. Now Zhao Hai is getting stronger and stronger, Meg felt that present Zhao Hai is far from her, therefore felt that now Zhao Hai to her love, her very Ran satisfies. Meg actually in front of them has in Laura feels inferior, Laura they are young lady's status, even also has princess's status, only then her one, is a status of servant , because of this, therefore she will feel inferior. They have lain down in Hot Spring some little time, this walked out from the Hot Spring pond, Zhao Hai to outside of villa, look at Laura they were busy in there, he has not said anything, has not gone to prevent, he has put out one set of small furniture, sits drinks tea in there, look at Laura they are busy in there. Laura they in busy, but Zhao Hai is actually lying down in the one side, they do not have point vitality, because of Laura their very clear, Zhao Hai busy time, they are also resting, moreover must say that in Space is busiest, must say that was Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has rested for three days in the Space city, has rested well for three days, was obtained thorough relaxation by own spirit, but Laura their these three days actually continuously in being busy improving crops in Space, looked like Zhao Hai said that they also straight some on hidden. After three days, Zhao Hai finally restores, he also prepared to guard a buried treasure of heart clan to get up, defended a heart clan to account for the dominant position innumerable years in Underworld here, their accumulations were quite rich, if were not the person rebellion in clan, defends a heart clan also to control here to the present. Now Underworld here was destroyed, Law of the Heaven and Earth probably appears change of a little bit, therefore Underworld here although can appears also wants strong Expert compared with God Race and Atlanta Continent there, but likely genuine Cultivator that level Expert, was actually impossible in appears . Zhao Hai deep cut the big heart to pass to his these thing, carefully looked, finally has discovered same thing, since last defended a person of heart clan dead, Underworld here Law of the Heaven and Earth has probably changed, but these changed part of reasons are because that defended a heart clansman death, part of reasons were because this Space had been regarded the cemetery by the Cultivation World person, entire Space was destroyed, had part reason is actually because big heart.

The big heart had simple Spiritual Wisdom, his very clear, if lets Cultivation World these people, can run up to Underworld here to come at will, he was dangerous, sooner or later one day by Underworld these people presently , because of this, the big heart slowly was also changing this Space Law of the Heaven and Earth. Do not think that this is the difficult matter, this Space originally is the big god opens, but the heart is on the big god the most important organ, therefore this big heart a little control Space ability, although this ability remains not much, but cannot support the big heart to think transform at times, Underworld here Law of the Heaven and Earth slowly lived some changes, the strength too high person, on already impossible appears in here. After having found out this situation, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, but he also somewhat sighed, before Underworld here, definitely is not this, was that the Cultivator person has stayed the place, the energy balance results in? But you are having a look at the present, had been made into this appearance, must say that this person of that has day xing that one type of destroys probably inborn, arrives at there to destroy there. Zhao Hai has not thought must restore Underworld to the beforehand appearance, most minimum now is not good, now he did not have that strength protect Underworld here, if restores Underworld here to the beforehand appearance, perhaps these Cultivation World people will run over, Zhao Hai has not grasped deals with these fellows. However with according to the information that on the big heart keeps, Zhao Hai wants to guard a buried treasure of heart clan to take back to own in hand, some difficulties, because in these buried treasures, there is a a large part, ” wants to receive in hand in the Dark Spirit Temple control range these buried treasures, first copes with Dark Spirit Temple to be good. However this plan 1 with the Zhao Hai arrives does not have what conflict, his sooner or later must cope with Dark Spirit Temple, first has tidied up Dark Spirit Temple, in these buried treasures digging, in any case these buried treasures placed there that many years, if were stolen that also already to be stolen away, if had not been stolen, this several days time will not have anything to change. Zhao Hai gave first in Rebel Army here some buried treasures, in Rebel Army here, defended heart clan altogether five buried treasures, was not many, moreover inside thing also not very precious, was some ores and so on thing. prompt of Zhao Hai on according to big heart, arrived at the first storehouse treasure trove point first, this place before a Bone Mountain belowthat war, has made the Underworld here terrain have not the small change, good present Space received in the Rebel Army here map Space, Zhao Hai with prompt of big heart, is then sectioning out a general position on the map, this will look for also convenience one like this. Looked atthis Zhao Hai to that Bone Mountain is not very high Bone Mountain, is similar to Underworld other Bone Mountain, here also has many low level skeletons Zhao Hai not to manage them in activity ”, immediately/on horseback summoned Blood Lotus, ran away toward underground. Has penetrated into the underground hundred meters, Zhao Hai then stopped, this the first storehouse treasure room of buried treasure is here, before inside is some, Underworld here unique ores, this ore according to recording intent of big heart, unexpectedly is the one type of medicinal ore, this ore can use the special technique, withdraws the one type of liquid, if this type of liquid drinks directly, can propose the intensity of person of high skill body, increases the defense capability of add people body, if joined to several other medicines, that can also make the medicine, effect very good.

Zhao Hai can computation on map, presently this first conceal treasure room in should in this Bone Mountain , the specific position not quite to be however good to look. Without the means that Zhao Hai can only put up Blood Lotus to run off in Bone Mountain below, hopes that can look for that storehouse treasure room, naturally Zhao Hai is not a plan does not have, he on the Space screen, his all the routes of walking past, to express with the color, like this can he take the child long route. Zhao Hai has not worried, after all this matter needs to be patient, he also had has prepared at heart, but was putting up Blood Lotus moving forward slowly, he believes that the Space computing power will not make a mistake. After one hour, in Zhao Hai in advancing, his suddenly was still feeling that front soil quality had some slight changes, Zhao Hai immediately slowed down Blood Lotus, four really looked at one, soil quality sang had some changes. Zhao Hai cannot help but more careful, moving forward slowly, in front of suddenly very towering appears a piece Stone, Zhao Hai immediately was stopping, he has sized up that Stone one carefully, this Stone obvious has to process the trace, Zhao Hai at heart cannot help but[ is popular] exerts, he knows that he found the place. Must say that this buried treasure inside thing, regarding Zhao Hai is not good thing, but the joyful feeling of that present buried treasure, makes Zhao Hai feel ten points[ is popular] exerts. Zhao Hai careful put up Blood Lotus to pass through that flagstone, this stone blocks had a about two meters level, moreover quality of material very hard, but regarding Zhao Hai was actually not the issue, across the flagstone, Zhao Hai entered in a giant stone chamber, entered to this stone chamber, Zhao Hai one tarries. a.