Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1053
Chapter 1050 fortress

Sought the subscription, asked to hit to enjoy, asks, watched the floating astronomy study literary show, clear(ly) space presented respectfully! .................................................................. The Eddie woods stand in the Blood River, he knew the plan of Zhao Hai, to be honest, his plan approval very to Zhao Hai, he has experienced fierce location of this cutting motion, like the Five Elements skeleton and Brother Bunge such do not subdue, big shortens the conquer Dark Spirit Temple time. look at front tuck dive Blood River water, Eddie woods is actually similar to the raging fire burns day fiery at heart, they must cope with Dark Spirit Temple finally. Although was saying the Eddie woods loyally now already completely in Zhao Hai, but they actually had not forgotten cheerfully regarding the Dark God hatred that currently finally has opportunity to revenge, his how possibly not happy. At this time Zhao Hai appears in the side of Eddie woods, the Eddie woods also felt that existence of Zhao Hai, Eddie woods immediately/on horseback has bowed to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, the person has gathered, you looked when we did move?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : immediately to move.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, on Blood River the water, suddenly has formed a bridge, this bridge has the surface rice width fully, stretches across entire Blood River. Zhao Hai who waved said : „to fly fly, walking bridge that will not fly, after opposite shore, lines up in formation.” The Eddie woods complied with one, immediately transmitted orders, these Undead Creature although to some Blood River also fears, but they Venerable the command flew toward the Blood River opposite shore. Actually Zhao Hai can deliver to the Blood River opposite shore them directly, but Zhao Hai such has not actually done, he must Blood River opposite shore these Dark Spirit Temple to have a look, how having a look at them to cross Blood River. Blood River these years, have prevented Dark Spirit Temple to attack the Rebel Army first choice defense line , is a most important defense line, moreover in the past Rebel Army, rushed to the Blood River opposite shore through Blood River time, has paid not the small price, if let the Dark Spirit Temple person saw them such with ease Blood River, regarding the Dark Spirit Temple person, was not a small attack. War, when the Eddie woods they to Blood River near, started, the psychological warfare, the war of morale, the war of imposing manner, these are part of war, if uses these thing, Libra of that fight can not drown oneself inclines toward your this side. Such that really such as Zhao Hai they think, in the Eddie woods they, when near Blood River gathers, Dark Spirit Temple of opposite shore keeps the look at Blood River person, already present they, moreover passed on returned to this information Dark Spirit Temple. However these undead have not cared this matter most from the beginning, in their opinion, the Rebel Army person, with the strength of Blood River, protect stray dog of life, the self-preservation must with the strength of Blood River, do not mention attacks them, therefore they have not cared, but passed on information, they do not believe that the Eddie woods dare to attack them.

However what makes them not think, just vanishing to feed in them, saw on Blood River appears a bridge, then these Rebel Army people flew from Blood River above, but Blood River calm, simply did not have attack these people, these these Dark Spirit Temple remained behind undead to fluster. But now they want to draw back have not used, Blood River river surface although is not narrow, undead that but can fly regarding these, is not the width absolutely, they quickly Blood River, toward these Dark Spirit Temple remained behind undead to throw. Dark Spirit Temple these remain behind undead immediately to want rebel, their population were too what a pity few, almost rebel, by Rebel Army these undead destroying completely. However they before being destroyed completely, actually the here situation passes on returned to Dark Spirit Temple there, Zhao Hai also knows certainly that this situation, he has the means to prevent, opposite party spiritual force is not very strong, these time for signalling, therefore passes on very far distance, but if he must prevent, can definitely intercept with own spiritual force, but Zhao Hai such has not done, he wants adjusts Dark Spirit Temple army to here, has prevented, on answering not to point. Zhao Hai they also arrived at the Blood River opposite shore at this time, look at this lands that some Eddie woods their ji move, actually here does not have what difference with their side, but the Eddie woods they actually felt that is very different. Zhao Hai has not cared about their feeling, but is deep voice said : pitches camp.” The Eddie woods they one recover, immediately/on horseback has complied with one, ran to pitch camp, their following some time will defend in here, was Zhao Hai they attracts the Dark Spirit Temple attention. In the Zhao Hai eye, here is not the main battlefield, the main battlefield is Dark Spirit Temple there, so long as has destroyed completely Dark Spirit Temple, that other these undead said. However Zhao Hai also knows that the following some time, the here tactical situation is beyond example frigid, because the Dark Spirit Temple person will regard the main attack here the direction, army help unceasing coming, Eddie woods their all the pressures of withstanding are very big. although said that the Eddie woods they are undead, but establishes starting from academy that moment from Zhao Hai to them, they became an independent race, this, not only Eddie woods their ideas, similarly are also the ideas of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has regarded the race that them could have independently. Because this has type idea, therefore Zhao Hai does not want to let Eddie woods their bringing death in vain, therefore from most from the beginning, Zhao Hai started the layout, must attack Dark Spirit Temple morale, enabling the Eddie woods their pressure to be able light. camp that this Zhao Hai constructs is not that ordinary camp, here was regarded by Zhao Hai completely is God Race there fortress must construct, in here, Zhao Hai, not only with Earth element Magic, has completed hundred meters high Stone City wall, meanwhile in the city wall upper garment Magic Cannon, took these blood Thunder Qiu Javelin, has the netg nag continually, is all can thing that in any case is used to oppose the enemy, Zhao Hai this time not stingy, all took coming out. That blood Thunder Qiu who now in Zhao Hai Space produces, Level Up, inside not only includes huge energy, but also includes deadly poison, this deadly poison deadly poison that can come out from Underworld Black Sea there, has very big lethality to Undead Creature. Besides these thing, in this camp outside, Zhao Hai also caused a moat, the water of this moat, but brings from Blood River, but in the water has plenty Blood Spirit Beast, these Dark Spirit Temple people, feared that has not attacked in the city, has suffered heavy casualties.

Zhao Hai has regarded here completely is the war has hit last , because of this, therefore he special being careful, he must use this opportunity, swallows entire Underworld one. So long as has destroyed completely Dark Spirit Temple, that Dark Spirit Temple control these undead insufficient to ponder, have destroyed completely Dark Spirit Temple this influence, remaining that Freedom Alliance, Zhao Hai does not care. Because has this idea, therefore Zhao Hai can leave to try, must this fortress, build impregnably, such here can attract many Dark Spirit Temple undead army, he will deal with that person in Dark Spirit Temple relaxed. What enemy no matter deals with, Zhao Hai can leave to try, these time is also same, although Zhao Hai knows, that person in Dark Spirit Temple, may is only Doppelganger of Cultivator person, the strength will not be strong, but Zhao Hai has not actually treated it lightly, he wants is paying the minimum price simultaneously, opposite party complete elimination. Reason that Zhao Hai such worries handles this matter \; first, because he must obtain the buried treasure, but another more important reason is, after Zhao Hai presently obtained that heart, practice, complete left his imagination, believes that could not want how long, he can cultivate until Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula First Layer Peak, when the time comes he have to ascend, if before ascend, was unable to handle the Underworld here matter, and other his ascend may on not the means. fortress with the Zhao Hai effort, bit by bit established, these undead although want to help, but they were Darkness attribute, energy also all was Dark Energy, regarding them, wanted to use Earth element Magic to construct city wall is impossible, therefore their simply did not have the means to help. Is good because of Zhao Hai strength very formidable, quick city wall establishes, Magic Cannon and netg nag also installed on, old undead in some Space, were teaching Dark God here undead, how use Magic Cannon and netg nag these thing, these thing used, Might was not small. although said that Underworld here undead, these formidable, the strength also want on strong several compared with God Race there Expert, even if these ordinary undead, defense strength is also very astonishing, but these weapon of Zhao Hai present also after the improvement, Magic Cannon are Universal Machine manufactures, before using to be many, no material, this can make the life that Magic Cannon used longer, moreover Magic Formation on Magic Cannon, was after improving, this by Magic Cannon lethality even bigger, was these undead to, will not have the good fruit to eat. After Zhao Hai constructs these thing, is three days later, has been able to use three days, establishes fortress, feared that is also only then Zhao Hai can achieve. This fortress constructs according to Blood River, he has three city wall, moreover this city wall is not the rectiunear figure, but completes all kinds of edges and corners, is Zhao Hai against makes bastion construction on Earth, this can let Magic Cannon and netg nag has the even bigger wielding leeway. Outside city wall is the Fangcheng river, inside has plenty person Blood Spirit Beast in ambushing, was waiting for the Dark Spirit Temple person's arrival, but Lizzy they also continuously in Space, attention of intimate Dark Spirit Temple army trend. Dark Spirit Temple army, soon arrived at fortress here, but this time they only set out a military strength of few part, possibly in their opinion, crossed Blood River Rebel Army, regarding them, is not too has threatened greatly, they only sent a military strength of few branch to cope with Rebel Army, but actually the majority of military strength, strongly to Freedom Alliance there, evidently they probably is the preparation Rebel Army tidying up, immediately began to Freedom Alliance. Zhao Hai sees this situation, varies really speechless, he was really don’t know must say that any was good, really also had such matter, Dark Spirit Temple really not Rebel Army, when dish. Zhao Hai sees this situation, does not have immediately to begin to Dark Spirit Temple, now Dark Spirit Temple there garrison troops although are not many, but Dark Spirit Temple moves to cope with Freedom Alliance truly somewhat to stem from the meaning of Zhao Hai the army, Freedom Alliance there, is very near to the position of Dark Spirit Temple main shrine, if Zhao Hai cannot attack in a short time the Dark Spirit Temple main shrine, Dark Spirit Temple will cope with Freedom Alliance army immediately/on horseback to turn back in order to help friendly forces, will turn back in order to help friendly forces will be quick, if army real returned to Dark Spirit Temple there, the plan of that Zhao Hai on will have wasted all previous efforts, will alert the enemy.

Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai has not begun, he must and so on, so long as his here tidied up these to cope with their Dark Spirit Temple armies, Dark Spirit Temple sends to cope with Freedom Alliance army certainly to come attack their here, so long as Dark Spirit Temple there army moved, Zhao Hai can cope with Dark Spirit Temple, from Blood River to Dark Spirit Temple, even if were these undead Expert, must require the several days time to be good. After Zhao Hai has completed fortress fourth day, Dark Spirit Temple army to fortress outside, these people arrived at outside fortress dumbfounded, how regardless of they have not thought that will see Stone fortress in here, and has the moat. Dark Spirit Temple these undead dull look at this huge fortress, at once don’t know must say that any was good, the fortress that Zhao Hai constructs is very big, inside can install about 100 million undead, but army that this Dark Spirit Temple sends, about 500 million, let five hundred million undead, wants to capture such a military equipment fortress of tooth, that is almost impossible. These Dark Spirit Temple high level undead of lead, stayed in there, this aspect they were really don’t know either deal with, that several high level undead collected in together discussed that finally they decided that first tried to attack, had a look to say. Quick, undead that about 100 million can fly flew, throws toward fortress, Zhao Hai now simply not in fortress here, but sits in the Space there look at screen, the matter that these defend a city, gives Lizzy, he will not meddle. Lizzy has not actually moved, but lets in the city these undead, adjusts Magic Cannon, crossbow arrow also prepares, momentarily can attack, then stop in there is waiting. These undead rushed to the fortress previous about kilometer place quickly, Lizzy immediately ordered to shoot, threw place energy light beam and crossbow arrow of direct these undead day lid at once shoots. These undead simply have not met attack that this has wanted, stayed in there at once, has recorded including the avoidance, but these Magic Cannon and crossbow arrow will not stop, struck directly in the crowd, at once hit undead such as rained general fell from sky. But this has not ended, then came second to strike and arrive, in Space second round attack shoot out time, these Dark Spirit Temple undead one sobered, a person went all out in the future will run, immediately randomly has become one group, otherwise they removed the safe distance, although struck to kill much by Magic Cannon and crossbow arrow, however ran away were more. Dark Spirit Temple that this undead may not undergo the training, can say that completely is one group of motley crew, by the fortress fire and crossbow arrow blow to the head, one gave to hit. roa.