Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1054
Dark Spirit Temple these high level undead one on méng, they did not have noon thinks that will make into this appearance, their this attacks, such ended unexpectedly! Was this too also quick a point? Also, in Rebel Army that fortress, what shoots is what thing? Will the lethality so be why big? Directly these undead shooting dead? Dark Spirit Temple person dull look at that fortress, they are really some don’t know must take this fortress to be what to do good, at this time, intelligent Dark Spirit Temple high level undead, suddenly said :, they can come from Blood River, represented Blood River there not to have Blood Spirit Beast? We can also from Blood River previous in the past, if possible, we first go to carrying their Lair, then comes back to tidy up them.” As soon as that several Dark Spirit Temple person listened to him saying that gawked, then laughed, said loudly:, Right, you said was too right, they can come, we can also pass, walk, we arrive at the river opposite shore, the line carrying was saying their dens.” Said that their immediately command(er) a batch Undead Creature is flying toward the Blood River opposite shore, but they just arrived on Blood River, Blood Spirit Beast to them present attack, moreover these time presently attack Blood Spirit Beast to them, strength formidable, these rushes to undead on Blood River, simply cannot live. Looks at this situation, these Dark Spirit Temple undead have to stop, because of their very clear, so long as in Blood River also has Blood Spirit Beast, they wanted to break through Blood River are not that easy matters. That undead of several lead gathered together, in which face very difficult looked that he just offered advice, wants to rush to the river opposite shore to carry that undead of Rebel Army den. Other undead also look at his them not to say anything, they also know, the advice that just that undead offered was not the bad idea, the advice that opposite that undead offered was good, but they underestimated the Rebel Army ability. Several undead silent some little time, deep voice said :, must the situation repayment of here to Sir Dark God, not think of really that Rebel Army can by Blood Spirit Beast attack, this situation not be been unimportant regarding us unexpectedly, asking Sir Dark God to send reinforcement, no matter what must this fortress putting down, if cannot put down this fortress, that Rebel Army was in our domains settles nail/saboteur when the time comes they to attack on equal to attacks, wants to defend defends us to be too passive.” Several people of undead nodded, although they do not have study rehearsing soldier formation arrangement of system, but this does not represent they such simple truth not to understand. That undead of speech looked that several people nod, his immediately/on horseback deep voice said :, sends a squad person to go back to notify, other people, the organization attack, our here has 500 million military strength unable here to hit, we can also try their actual situation, when Dark God Your Majesty has sent out army, can dang put down them at one fell swoop.”

That several people nodded, speech undead immediately arranged him to send squad person returned to Dark Spirit Temple there to notify first, then organized these undead, making them stand simply a team, then his look at these undead said :, „your cowards listened to me, we were a undead clan, a clan that we were originally died was Sir Dark God has given us a life, our lives were Sir Dark God, now our enemy on front, if we cannot eliminate them, that Sir Dark God. Will have the danger for Sir Dark God, I hope that you listened to me clearly, must take this fortress, I will work as the supervising combat armed forces in behind personally, so long as after I had the person the team, immediately has killed him, now, advancing, for Sir Dark God!” These undead also shouted loudly said :, for Sir Dark God.” Said that overran toward fortress. These undead almost in that fellow by Dark Spirit Temple brainwashing, therefore a saying for Dark God, their anything can not care, includes own life. Zhao Hai already had the preparation to this situation, must say in this world, with any thing control person, economizes, can let the words that the person is dead set on, that only then wanted, that is Faith, if with the Faith control person, economizes absolutely, can let say that to the best method that you are dead set on. But obviously, that person in Dark Spirit Temple came control these undead with this method before, when that is leading undead said for Sir Dark God, these undead will blow out so strong morale. Regarding this situations, Zhao Hai had already thought that therefore he has not been startled, he has not gone to chaotic command(er), command(er) matter, gives Lizzy their these professionals to be quite good. These Dark Spirit Temple undead had morale by undead of that lead to ji, then these undead start not awfully clashes toward fortress. However outside fortress about the kilometer place, waits for them is in fortress the Wuqing/ruthless fire, no matter Magic Cannon is also good, is the netg nag is also good, may be the Advanced level goods that in Universal Machine produce comes out, simply does not need to fear that the service life the issue, is adding on the ammunition to be sufficient, but the attack of Dark Spirit Temple also does not have what methodicalness, proceeding of complete noisy crowd clashes, what such attack wants to produce to threaten to fortress is almost impossible. That undead of several lead had not participated in the attack, they have been observing fortress, they want to take a look, this fortress defense capability how. After having looked, they have to recognize, this fortress defense capability is very abnormal, they attacks, but times by these fires keeping off outside fortress the machine, have wanted in kicking fortress, is almost impossible.

Looked some little time, Advanced level undead suddenly said :, cannot in such attacked, we must try to find the solution.” Several other undead puzzled look at he, his deep voice said :, gathers all Lich, all bow and arrow undead also concentrated to get up, making Lich find the way to dive fortress city wall there, then discharged Magic, these wild arrows of attack opposite party, so long as broke a gap, that was easy to do, making bow and arrow undead attract their attention, coordinating Lich to move.” That several undead do not have what good means that therefore has to comply, quick large quantities of Lich and bow and arrow undead was concentrated, these bow and arrow undead are also one type of of skeleton, the skeleton can refining from their body leave weapon to come, but these bow and arrow undead are when refining weapon, has chosen bow and arrow this weapon, they mainly also by long-distance attack give priority to. The bodies of these bow and arrow undead look like be more fragile than other undead, but their spirit laws, are quicker, the arrow that they use is they Bone that uses Underworld here to find at everywhere makes generally, but everyone will have ten, arrow that oneself refining comes out, these arrows are true Assassin, each arrow has the one type of special ability, very formidable. After these bow and arrow undead and Lich were concentrated, that several Advanced level undead immediately ordered to them, how tells them to do, these bow and arrow undead and Lich understand their meanings, have also gotten down to prepare. Must say these bow and arrow undead, if makes them use the ordinary arrow, they are impossible to project that far, this time must attract the attention in fortress, must be good with the arrow that their refining comes out. Quick these bow and arrow undead arrived at outside fortress a kilometer place, prepared bow and arrow, under an order of Advanced level undead, unification has shot the arrow. When these bow and arrow undead arrow shoot out, these Lich also started toward fortress in stealth, these high level the gazes of undead intimate fortress, how having a look at fortress this time to deal. originally looks like in these high level undead, goes to war, nothing but was getting one group of people in the past, the everyone/Great Clan rush a while, was then watching the Expert duel, branches out victory and defeat. However this fortress here actually gave their on well a class, let their understand, went to war is not that simple, these high level undead also bright folding booklets, this went to war looks like two Expert is contesting, you left to incur, must look opposite party how also incurred, if opposite party also incurred not well, will fall on leeward, must puncture ji compared with their positive duels anxiously.

Under the attention of these high level undead, fortress there suddenly raised fiery red light screen, one fortress keeping off in inside, the arrow that these bow and arrow undead have shot going, meets this light screen, in abundance exploded, a simply point does with does not have. Then saw fortress inside Magic Cannon to come a salvo, but the place of this time their salvo, unexpectedly was not the bow and arrow undead direction, but another direction, after waiting for that energy light beam to explode, in place that they exploded, fluttered dang the fires of several groups of spirit soul, was very obvious, there these Lich stealth directions. Sees this situation, these high level undead somewhat could not sit still finally, they have not thought that this method also by the opposite party to to break, but those who make them unable to think, the opposite party can presently these stealth Lich, this really be unexpectedly makes them feel very curious. Must know Lich Stealth Technique, even if were high level undead not necessarily can be able presently to result, they in stealth, simply any energy bo have not moved, truly has achieved silently, but the opposite party can actually presently, this not be absolutely simple. They there know that Lich Stealth Technique although is fierce, but there is doing shortcoming of Space this going against heaven's will, in strong Stealth Technique is unable leisurely the shape. Dark Spirit Temple these undead, a gearing attacks of several ten times, but all they were given finally actually to repel by Zhao Hai, but that knot died undead the fire of spirit soul, was received in Space by Zhao Hai, but the fires of these spirit soul good thing, to enhance Space these undead level. The attack of Dark Spirit Temple this several times, lost was big, their not Battle Formation, but proceeding of noisy crowd flushed, was repelled, was flushing, such loss naturally was very big, these ten times attack, made Dark Spirit Temple there lose about 100 million undead unexpectedly, obviously the frigidity of tactical situation. a.