Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1055

............................................................ Dark Spirit Temple army has besieged fortress three days of times, these three days , a army nose of Dark Spirit Temple has paid about two hundred million undead prices, but they still have not actually overrun to including the fortress moat near, fortress inside firepower was really too fierce. First time meets such counter-attack Dark Spirit Temple army, how real don’t know must complete, these undead although fierce do not protect dead, but projects on not to have rub including the wool of enemy now, this was too really discouraged, now morale low fearfulness of Dark Spirit Temple army here. But that several that in Dark Spirit Temple leads, really does not have the means that they are not the general's talent, truly said that does not have in Dark Spirit Temple here extremely in the nice regular troops, in this case, they want to capture fortress are almost impossible. However Dark Spirit Temple army has not retreated, they also, when arrival of reinforcement, three days ago they have sent for inviting reinforcement, but this comes, most quickly also ten days, therefore they can only wait now, moreover they have not dared to attack fortress now, they feared that is attacking, oneself must be annihilated. This Dark Spirit Temple sponsored 500 million army to cope with Rebel Army, only three days, they lost 200 million, in words that this got down, in less than ten days, they must die. That several high level undead has to think, wants to call before the relying on strength attacks fortress, but the result is not quite ideal, Expert in Eddie woods their Rebel Army, in fortress, their simply do not have the means to attack. although they have also attacked twice, but is only the fire in fortress suffices them to drink a pot, do not say that stands on fortress, to the Eddie woods that they eye covetously they, in this case that several high level undead chose decisively has encircled not to attack to fortress. But Zhao Hai was actually pouring society at this time the response of Dark Spirit Temple there, the person of that delivering a letter, is very quick, because the person few does not march forward like army, but must consider that many issues, therefore their very fast, in having quite a while about can arrive at Dark Spirit Temple. Now Dark Spirit Temple and must cope[ from] by these armies of alliance, knows here information, perhaps they also and other Rebel Army eliminated information. Now fortress here did not have the war, Lizzy they also to relax, must say that command(er) defended a city also really very much gets the advantage, especially in Underworld here, these Dark Spirit Temple high level undead were not assorted too many attacks a city a move of technique except for proceeding to is proceeds to clash, facing such enemy, Lizzy defended the city, that naturally accomplished a task with ease, she has not used these Blood Spirit Beast in moat to the present, that gives Dark Spirit Temple but afterward main dish of army preparation. In the afterward several days time, fortress here to was wind Ping Langping, although said that Zhao Hai currently has the strength at one fell swoop extinguishing such Dark Spirit Temple these armies only will have aroused Dark Spirit Temple there the vigilance of person, therefore Zhao Hai decided to keep them, after Dark Spirit Temple army came, was making the decision.

Similar to the time that Zhao Hai calculates, that squad the person who went to Dark Spirit Temple to notify, although most is mad crazy Dark God massacring Dark God transferred all army to come toward Blood River city here, preparation at one fell swoop Rebel Army extinguishing. Dark God this wants instead presently, confirmed idea of Zhao Hai, that Dark God certainly is only Doppelganger, moreover cannot leave Dark Spirit Temple, this regarding Zhao Hai to is Mou Hao information. Because Dark Spirit Temple army itself already outside , therefore these time adjusts the armed forces is quick, Zhao Hai will calculate them is about ten days Blood River here, but in fact they only used for nine days to arrive. Many undead that this these undead very much catch up with all the way have fallen behind, look at this chaotic marching Zhao Hai was really speechless, facing such enemy, if they have not been able to win, they simply bought the a piece bean curd to kill. army that this Dark Spirit Temple sends altogether has about 5 Billions, moreover afterward also will have the reinforcement continuous arrival, such army quantity was not too watched by Zhao Hai, such as for the conclusion war as soon as possible, Zhao Hai simply will not use anything to cut the motion, direct army pushes, extinguished them to walk. Dark Spirit Temple this time outside has sent Blood River here their army, Dark God city there that but Dark Spirit Temple is at also has no less than five hundred thousand undead, these undead although seem like in the city trades probably, so long as waits till when necessary, these undead can definitely turn into the qualified soldier, after all in Underworld here, each undead is the qualified soldiers. Moreover in all around of Dark God city, four satellite towns, in these four satellite towns, each in the city has about two hundred thousand undead, when necessary, this is also the strength that cannot be estimated lightly. Zhao Hai also present, Dark God in the city these undead had not used, it seems like that Dark God is very careful, but regarding this situation, Zhao Hai also already had the preparation, the opposite party impossible protection not to have, so long as adjusts army, the remaining these armies, Zhao Hai do not pay attention. After Dark Spirit Temple reinforcement to fortress here, the simple recuperation, immediately has carried on attack to fortress, but at this time Zhao Hai had not actually gone to the attack Dark God city, he must wait, present to the Dark Spirit Temple here army, only then the leading troops, behind also many armies must come, after he must wait till these armies, he in copes with Dark Spirit Temple. Also in three days, Dark Spirit Temple all army will arrive at fortress here, Zhao Hai has calculated, Dark Spirit Temple these time toward the army that fortress here sends out already about 10 billion, this absolutely is a very big digit. However Zhao Hai was not worried that he instead to is some happy, these armies arrived at here, he coped with Dark Spirit Temple there to be relaxed.

Arrives at the fortress here later second day in the Dark Spirit Temple army, Zhao Hai is bringing ten hundred million undead army appears in Dark God city there. Zhao Hai came out to be divided into two batches army, a batch has given to sphere entire Dark Spirit Temple, but another a batch left outside the city to give to sphere the entire Dark God city. Before is Zhao Hai such that thinks, Dark God city here undead saw Zhao Hai they sphering Dark Spirit Temple, in the city all undead not awfully attacked toward Dark Spirit Temple here. However they have met quickly very intense ambush, these time with these undead that Zhao Hai comes, may be old undead in Space, they have fought many battles, skillfulness that very even if in nobody command(er) situation, their Battle Formation can also utilize, do not say that currently also has Megan in command(er). Huge Circle Formation is centered on Dark Spirit Temple has launched, although this looked like has protected Dark Spirit Temple probably, actually completely shut off with these undead this relations Dark Spirit Temple. Zhao Hai has not taken care outside matter, he is sizing up this Dark Spirit Temple carefully, this Dark Spirit Temple is spells all over the body by black Bone, crosses hundred meters highly, occupies in also about thousand square meters, was considered as absolutely on is a big shape has constructed, but the architectural style of this building, making Zhao Hai look has the one type of warm feelings, was typical[] country architectural style. Great Hall of four square shapes, in front of the door has two to blame beast bone lou to protect the gate likely, the gate is also spells by Bone, above is putting together the designs of various monsters, the roof is the keel room, the outside upturned eave, the above of ridge, is bone lou of monsters squats in there, entire Great Hall looks like Ghost Qi is dense. If design anything of these monsters hua bird fish insect that changes into, the doorkeeper monster before on roof changes into is[] country traditional Leo or Divine Beast stone carving, that this is one typical[] country architecure. Zhao Hai careful looked to measure this Divine Palace, in suddenly Divine Palace has been transmitting gloomy sound speaking sounds:, Expensive sat to come, why not to come in together.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, deep voice said :, „, if, thank your for your hospitality.” Said that looks like the person who goes to the friend home to seat guests is the same, slowly walks toward Great Hall. However he just arrived at Great Hall in front of the door time, Great Hall in front of the door is suspending skeleton two eyes China , Tunisia of that two monster emits the fires of two spirit soul, moved, turns the head to roar to Zhao Hai one, looked that such resembles immediately to throw to be the same.

Zhao Hai actually often smiles, stops has not stopped, then walks toward inside, at this time in Great Hall that gloomy sound said : evil creature, had not then stopped talking to me.” The bone lou really old feast of that two monster. Zhao Hai entered Great Hall slowly, in this Great Hall within under-construction however like imperial palace, but the general imperial palace in feared that is lordlier, entire Great Hall is divided into nine steps, one rank is higher than one rank, but in the maximum ninth step, is suspending one chair that is put together by Bone, on the skin of chair is the skeleton spells, uppermost the chairback is having huge dragon's head same Skull to overlook under Zhao Hai, gives the greatest pressure. Sits a person on the chair, this person does not look like like undead, a clothes robe of his black , on his clothes robe, embroiders all kinds of undead, in his hand is also taking Ruyi Scepter, but this Ruyi Scepter is actually made by Bone, especially Ruyi Scepter big end of there, is a skeleton. Ruyi Scepter all over the body [gold/metal] , but two eyes of that skeleton is actually inlaying two red Stone, this makes this Ruyi Scepter seem like more like can select Malicious Ghost that the person bites at any time. This person of long side is thin, only then one layer skin covered bones, such as chaotic grass same white, in two eyes ghost flame sparkles, but Zhao Hai can affirm that is not the fire of spirit soul, should be outside one type of Cultivation Method that this person practices 1 u reveals the characteristics that 1 u comes out in outside the body. That person is also sizing up Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is a appearance of method of payment Old Wang, in hand is still taking Blood Staff, that person looked at Zhao Hai some little time, deep voice said :, „aren't you undead?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be very obvious, you have guessed right, I am same as you, is not undead.” How many that face changed changed, deep voice said : suddenly, said that who sent you to come? Dares to go bad my good deed, you think absolutely really my Spirit Moon Wind Emperor these years have a change of heart to raise xing, turned into Monk that was a vegetarian to pray to Buddha!” a.