Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1056

........................................................................ Zhao Hai one hear of Spirit Moon Wind Emperor said that cannot help but stares, then his immediately understand, Spirit Moon Wind Emperor this is probing, first he asked who first Zhao Hai is sends, then sent out own name, this was testing the response of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai can affirm that this Spirit Moon Wind Emperor in Cultivation World there, feared was also an ominous character outside. Zhao Hai has not guessed wrong, who this Spirit Moon Wind Emperor truly was one saw the headache character in Cultivation World there, this person of Ghost Dao cultivation level was immeasurably deep, may control Ten Thousand Ghosts, was adding on a yin wind leisurely technique is Unparalleled Under The Heaven. Moreover this person bearing a grudge of , does not care about own status, such as was that big gate faction annoys him, he was hits these elders and Expert in this Sect, to this Sect these Inferior level disciple make a move, absolutely will not have a Expert style. Because his technique leisurely is very very fierce, even if answers you, the running average person cannot overtake, is repairing there, is no matter who mentioned that will feel the headache character. In cultivating there, your family property is big, strength, does not represent nobody to dare to annoy you, but like Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, complete does not attend to the face countenance, the person who only depends on the likes and dislikes conduct, most makes head painful. However what is a pity, Spirit Moon Wind Emperor is doomed today disappointedly, what because he faces is Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai is not the person of Cultivation World, does not have regarding any Spirit Moon Wind Emperor point concept. Zhao Hai looked at Spirit Moon Wind Emperor one, shows a faint smile said :, has seen the ghost emperor below, please below friendless and unlearned, has not heard the given name of ghost emperor Sir, today here, but wants to discuss with ghost emperor Sir, invited ghost emperor Sir leave Underworld, later this Underworld was said considering as finished by me.” Spirit Moon Wind Emperor dull look at Zhao Hai, solid don’t know must say that any was good, expression and word usage very polite of Zhao Hai speech, the content that but he said was actually point also impolite, like the person, Spirit Moon Wind Emperor first meeting. Some little time Spirit Moon Wind Emperor responded that his face pale said :, 1 Bo Zi, you knows you were speaking to whom? Said that is who sends you to come? Feared that is person who sends you to come, how also doesn't dare to speak to the old man?” A Zhao Hai eyeball revolution, suddenly had an idea, he laughs said :, Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, I have said that I had not heard you have not heard you as for my behind person, ahem, did not fear that told youmy behind person, controlled the Underworld person to want much better compared with person one, his not only control God Realm, Demon Realm, but also control Ark Continent, Barbarian Continent wait / etc. big size small table ten plane, how you can compare favorably with. ” Who Zhao Hai although has not said his behind person is, but he said God Realm and Demon Realm also has Ark Continent and Barbarian wait / etc. these plane namesmust change to telling Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, what his back is standing is Lu Wei. What character although Zhao Hai don’t know Spirit Moon Wind Emperor is, but Zhao Hai actually also knows that can increase two enemies to be also good to Lu Wei. Reason that said Ark Continent and Barbarian these names, was feared that Spirit Moon Wind Emperor found fault the personafter all the name like God Realm and Demon Realm, feared that is some high level positions has much will use, if Spirit Moon Wind Emperor found fault the person, that had the meaning.

Actually also really made Zhao Hai guess right, Cultivation World there can other control plane influences, not have that many that Zhao Hai imagined, but was this, in these by control small plane, also has plenty called God Realm with Demon Realmafter all small plane person, and don’t know Cultivation World here matterlooked like person in a small village, was forever impossible to know that what the big city city was same, therefore in small village, when Village Chief on thinking were very great, 1 divination plane was also same, in these person who in small plane dominated, will always give to be used to one. The quite aggressive point name, any god, the demon came out. Spirit Moon Wind Emperor one hear of Zhao Hai said that two eyes a flash of divine light, his coldly snorted said :, that is also then what kind, so long as annoys my Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, decides to ask you undead also to escape the level, today I catch you, pulls out soul to build up the soul, making your forever not probably live.” Zhao Hai laughs said :, Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, you were really too Overestimated yourself, how even if were you have exceedingly high ability to be able, here was not Cultivation World, here is Underworld, your true body was as impossible to come as here, now in here was just your Doppelganger projection, how many strengths he can have your, 1/10? 1/20? Depending on your present level, but also wants to catch to pull out soul to build up the soul me, do you awake? Do not think that you have been disturbing me with the spirit, my don’t know, Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, I have to recognize, you really be too naive!” Spirit Moon Wind Emperor one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but the face drastic change, Zhao Hai said does not have the mistake, lets Zhao Hai enters to Divine Palace in the time from his making noise, started to carry on Spiritual Attack to Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai is did not pretend the present appearance, was calling this opportunity said that routed the Spirit Moon Wind Emperor confidence at one fell swoop. Lived many years facing Spirit Moon Wind Emperor this don’t know, hits many Old Monster thing, Zhao Hai has not dared to treat it lightly, when he Dark Spirit Temple income to the Space city, has carried on to analyze to Dark Spirit Temple through Universal Analyzer, deep palace god's design and construction not for attractive, he has his fight significance to be. Entire Dark Spirit Temple in the construction, inside has arranged many formation, but these formation functions vary, some specifically aim at these Undead Creature, lets with Spirit Moon Wind Emperor that these Undead Creature can be dead set on, some are actually used to promote Spirit Moon Wind Emperor Spiritual Attack. Very obviously, Spirit Moon Wind Emperor also knows that he in Underworld here the Doppelganger is not invincible existence, therefore his entering quantity was been formidable in Underworld here Doppelganger by oneself, but Doppelganger uses Spiritual Attack is the best choice, therefore he, when constructs Dark Spirit Temple, has arranged many formation in inside, to strengthen his spiritual force. Another reason to protect this Doppelganger, this Doppelganger projection can be said as Spirit Moon Wind Emperor spiritual projection, this projection strength in Underworld here is not very strong ”, but Spirit Moon Wind Emperor also present another matter, is Underworld here Dark mist, is influential to his Doppelganger projection, if lets his Doppelganger long time in Underworld here, inspiration too many Dark mist, his Doppelganger projection will possibly be separated from the main body control, becomes thorough Underworld undead life form. Spirit Moon Wind Emperor will certainly not make this situation present, therefore he constructs Dark Spirit Temple time, played protects doing of this Doppelganger projection to use, Underworld Dark mist to complete keeping off in the Divine Palace annihilation surface. For this reason therefore Spirit Moon Wind Emperor status, not leave Divine Palace. Spirit Moon Wind Emperor already presently the Zhao Hai uncommon place, at his profound eyesight, unexpectedly cannot see the Zhao Hai depth, this makes him be startled, is because of this, therefore he from started our bureau to cope with Zhao Hai most from the beginning, from calling Zhao Hai entered Divine Palace to arrive at the palace in front of the door monster to want attack Zhao Hai, in first few words that spoke to inside and Zhao Hai, was he plans good him to use this ways, to the Zhao Hai implementation spiritual pressure, in unknowingly in fell by Zhao Hai to his trap. But Spirit Moon Wind Emperor has a dream has not thought that Zhao Hai plans him, but plan Zhao Hai to be early more than him, these analyses of Zhao Hai Dark Spirit Temple are not the white analyses, since Zhao Hai has been defended an inheritance of heart clansman, he had to some formation that Analyzer analyzed had understood Zhao Hai also knows, this entire Dark Spirit Temple was actually Spirit Moon Wind Emperor weapon, very formidable weapon, this weapon not only can protect Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, same may also deal with the enemy especially regarding entering to the Dark Spirit Temple person, bad risk.

However Zhao Hai decided that must enter to Dark Spirit Temple, goes well can this Dark God, how he want to take a look at the Spirit Moon Wind Emperor strength, what most important is, Zhao Hai wants to give capture to be able Spirit Moon Wind Emperor the projection well a better understanding Cultivation World situation. Spirit Moon Wind Emperor face pale look at Zhao Hai, clenching jaws said : good, great not to have thought that the person actually already knew. The radish knew can be what kind, you entered in Dark Spirit Temple, that do not want to exit, I think that my this Dark Spirit Temple, wants to come to come?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I also real don’t know this Dark Spirit Temple to have anything unable to come, your although has arranged many formation in Dark Spirit Temple, but these formation are some by spiritual force attack give priority to formation, or some trapped enemy formation, these formation are honest useless to me, Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, I urged you to take back my Doppelganger projection am good, otherwise, I did not mind his refining.” Spirit Moon Wind Emperor laughs said : well, young man, you are really enough extremely arrogant, these many years, you are first dare such to the person who I spoke, HaHaHa, but you think that Dark Spirit Temple only did meet Spiritual Attack? Did you forget how many bones to be beastly? You do not think that is only several bone beasts that I look for casually?” How dare Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to underestimate that below ghost emperor senior your scheme, how many monsters on this Great Hall roof, in front of the door how many monsters, are in Cultivation World famous Monster Beast, wants to come senior to increase oneself this projection strength, kills these Monster Beast specially, then loses to Underworld here, good to look to have Protect Guard to you? By these Monster Beast strengths, even if died, is very formidable, let alone ghost emperor senior you have carried on the refinement to these Magic Beast, builds up Puppet Beast them, haven't I spoken incorrectly?” Spirit Moon Wind Emperor originally pale face , was completely black, he has not thought that matter Zhao Hai of these bone beasts actually also know, this equal to was his another card in a hand also exposes. Spirit Moon Wind Emperor shouted angrily said : to say uselessly, under the hand/subordinate saw the true facts.” The Spirit Moon Wind Emperor whole person flew, slowly hidden entered in Great Hall, then several bone beasts flushed from the palace. That several bone beasts crash in Great Hall from palace, in the blink of an eye vanished, but some Zhao sea surface scenery to also change, before is not that him sees wants, he one arrived at Ninth Nether Hell to be common from Dark Spirit Temple Great Hall probably, in all directions was the Ghost Qi forests, various visible invisible Malicious Ghost, walked randomly in his side. Zhao Hai knows that this was Spirit Moon Wind Emperor moved Formation, this Formation looked like 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation is obviously same, was Killing Formation. However Zhao Hai was not worried that several bone beasts are also are certainly coordinating this Killing Formation to come attack he, Zhao Hai wants to have a look, this Killing Formation fierce. Zhao Hai already made Cai'er pay attention to this Killing Formation, in fact this Killing Formation moves, Laura they in another a piece screen through Space noted the here situation, this Killing Formation obvious did not have 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation to be so high certainly, Zhao Hai although at present in appears innumerable Ghost, but in these Ghost, did not have the appears strength to the present, had several monster bone beasts also in the big in the formation static ambush, was waiting for attack Zhao Hai opportunity.

But in the Space screen, had not demonstrated regarding Ghost that these transform, in other words these Ghost do not have no attack strength, they are used to frighten the person and mix Tao seeing and hearing. But regarding six bone beasts, on the Space screen has demonstrated his position clearly, because has such protection, therefore Zhao Hai was not worried. Zhao Hai static standing in there look at these Ghost, these Ghost although are transforms, but looks like actually incomparable[ really] reality, Malicious Ghost that probably each and every one makes threatening gestures, in Zhao Hai actually completely regards this is the ghost piece movie, does not have a fear place. The time that Zhao Hai and undead contact was too long, regarding such Ghost, will not certainly pay attention. But Spirit Moon Wind Emperor looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, face is ineffective ugly. This Great Formation is imitating Spirit Moon Wind Emperor weapon, Ten Thousand Ghosts Ruyi Scepter inside Ten Thousand Ghosts Great Formation, but Bu to become, what is different from Ten Thousand Ghosts Ruyi Scepter, this big in the formation all Ghost, almost transform, only then in starting some time, has absorbed Underworld here Dark mist after slowly, can transform some to be competent slowly, can carry on physical attack Ghost to come, but is not likely true Ten Thousand Ghosts Ruyi Scepter, was refining in Ten Thousand Ghosts and Ruyi Scepter, one, but used, Ten Thousand Ghosts killing, fierce incomparable. Ten Thousand Ghosts Ruyi Scepter is Spirit Moon Wind Emperor in hand is taking that golden yellow Ruyi Scepter, but that Ruyi Scepter is also projection, Spirit Moon Wind Emperor will not put Underworld here oneself most important Magical Treasure, such meets hua to go to his a lot of time, wants hua to go to he very big strength. The person like Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, it can be said that the personal enemy everywhere, in this case, how he possibly puts Underworld here oneself most important weapon, although here is very big to his practice help, but compares with his life, must miss on some. Before Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, has not said to Zhao Hai hurriedly, he in Cultivation World truly was already honest a long time, but this was not he is voluntary, reason that he so will be honest, was because he offended an extraordinary personal enemy, if made his personal enemy know that presently he is, he may probably but actually big mildew, therefore he in Cultivation World there honest, started the full management Underworld here. a.