Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1057
Zhao Hai calm look at these Ghost, he felt, now these Ghost count attack give priority to by the essence, but these Ghost are absorbing Underworld Dark mist energy probably, moreover these Ghost are substantializing probably. Now Zhao Hai spiritual force obtained very big enhancement, was adding on him to learn many spiritual force utilization methods from Berry there these days, therefore his utilization to the spiritual force was also more skillful. Must mention the spiritual force intensity, Berry their Succubus clan possibly is not strongest, but must mention to spiritual force has utilized slightly, feared that does not have that race to be able with a Succubus clan to compare. A Succubus clan will use inborn spiritual force, this is one type of race innate skill, did not want underestimated this race innate skill, the person said that the talent was 9% abundant nine diligence, in addition was 1% innate skill, but this 1% innate skill often compared 99% diligent important, looked like Dwarf Race makes inborn regarding made of metal very sensitively is the same, race innate skill of Succubus clan, regarding the micro control of spiritual force. The micro control and ordinary control are different, if the ordinary control is taking the needle in the seam clothes, that micro control is embroidering hua. The micro control changes into the filament spiritual force, then controls, that does not keep one eye on that simply, that was don’t know must many use simply wholeheartedly. Arranges in order is the micro control of spiritual force Zhao Hai uses, because he has analyzed Dark Spirit Temple here these Formation ahead of time, therefore he early is prepared to this time attack , after Spirit Moon Wind Emperor moved Formation, Zhao Hai with own micro control ability, own spiritual force has covered on entire Formation. What changes has a look at this Formation some , because of this ability, making him quite present, not only originally these Ghost can carry on Spiritual Attack, but can also carry on physical attack. This to is makes Zhao Hai some not think that ” Spiritual Attack and physical attack is different, moreover such transformation will also make people virtually impossible to guard against. For example Zhao Hai saw that Ghost threw to him, is that Ghost actually passed through from his body, simply has not become to other party anything injures ”, but next this Ghost is flushing Zhao Hai to throw, Zhao Hai will not care, at this time this Ghost suddenly carried on the attack words to Zhao Hai, that consequence was dreadful. Because has such idea, therefore Zhao Hai thinks that this Great Formation is really changeable, Might is infinite. But what actually Zhao Hai don’t know is, this Great Formation simply does not have noon that many changes, this Great Formation " actually collects ten thousand people of living soul, lives soul these,

refining to, then release lives soul to attack the enemy, belongs to n product of ghost sea tactic, its change is not many. Person lives fire of soul and spirit soul is completely different, the fire of spirit soul, is one type of can make Undead Creature obtain energy, the strength of variation spirit soul even can bring back to life, but living soul of person, actually shortly after is the person in just died, or the spirit soul ability of person, when will live is very being strongwill also form to live soul after dying, what on was these has not to wrong the report, will change will turn into after dying Malicious Ghost, these were live in the soul range actually, and fire of spirit soul was completely different. Spirit Moon Wind Emperor also in paying attention to Zhao Hai was looking that Zhao Hai has stood in there has not movedhim somewhat to be in doubt Zhao Hai to do at heart, but he does not think that Zhao Hai does not dare to move, before although him, has not fought with Zhao Hai, moreover in Underworld here, is Spirit Moon Wind Emperor Doppelganger projection, does not have too strong strength ”, but is strength formidable Expert, his eyesight not difference, his very clear, the Zhao Hai strength is not weak, after being able be said as he to Underworld here, a strongest person who sees, by the Zhao Hai strength, like this. Formation, should not frighten Zhao Hai. In fact his release this false Ten Thousand Ghosts Great Formation comes, mainly gives to surround Zhao Hai, confuses his seeing and hearing, then makes these bone Monster Beast seize the opportunity massacre Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has been paying attention to Great Formation, in paying attention to that several skull Monster Beast, before these skull Monster Beast, Zhao Hai does not have presently their place of fierce, afterward Zhao Hai when observed Dark Spirit Temple, on a bone of bone Monster Beast, presently a small formation trace, this has let Zhao Hai being startled, he then started careful observation these skull Monster Beast, after the nose, presently these skull Monster Beast uncommon places. Original Zhao Hai does not have presently these skull Monster Beast has anything to be different from Underworld here these Magic Beast, but afterward Cai'er a few words to reminded Zhao Hai. How many skull Monster Beast is Cai'er after seeing that suddenly said :, Young Master, these what Magic Beast? Aren't they Underworld here Magic Beast? You looked that they really have eye!” These words one reminded Zhao Hai, in Underworld here, besides these undead, these Magic Beast almost does not have the eye, but these skull Monster Beast have the eye, in thinks position that their formation, they are, in adding on to the bosom of Spirit Moon Wind Emperor status is, Zhao Hai naturally also guessed correctly these bone Monster Beast status, when talked with Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, Zhao Hai on specially took this matter to suppose Spirit Moon Wind Emperor one, has not thought that also was really given to guess right by him. That several skull Monster Beast also moved now, their sounds very leisurely, moreover is treading some gauge rate, in Ten Thousand Ghosts Great Formation, it can be said that walks freely, if Zhao Hai is not has been paying attention to them with the spiritual force micro control, simply presently they. On these bone Monster Beast was sought probably also formation by Spirit Moon Wind Emperor to arrange , because of this, they possible complete hiding their energy bo move.

Any thing, so long as there is energy, will produce energy bo to move, but on that several bone Monster Beast does not have slight energy bo to move, this may not be accidental, certainly was Spirit Moon Wind Emperor moved any trick/hand and foot on bone Monster Beast. When Zhao Hai is thinking these, skull Monster Beast the diameter changed to Zhao Hai, dived Zhao Hai behind about five meters place, bent down the body, prepared strikes to Zhao Hai! When that skull Monster Beast moon/month must throw, hand of Zhao Hai fierce will wield in the future, his in hand Blood Staff turned into a sledgehammer of long handle directly, this hammer is hitting in the head of that skull Monster Beast, that skull Monster Beast one was hit méng, when he has not responded, the sledgehammer turned into one large net, under one on has given to cover that skull Monster Beast in, then Zhao Hai pull large net, on probably was taking one rubber ball that used the net bag to install to be the same, he fierce has flung that skull Monster Beast., Has then thrown into Space. This process although said very slow, actually is actually very quick, probably is your front is suspending a rubber ball, you have hit a fist according to the rubber ball first, then worked on the rubber ball to throw into nearby basket to be the same, entire process very rapid. But that skull Monster Beast one was thrown into Space, Spirit Moon Wind Emperor felt own lost the contact with that skull Monster Beast, this makes him be surprised, must know that these skull Monster Beast strengths in Cultivation World there although are not very formidable, but actually also spent his a lot of time to refine successfully, now such makes the person robbing unexpectedly, how he can not get angry! Spirit Moon Wind Emperor felt that own lung soon exploded with rage, but at this moment, several other bone Monster Beast also threw toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai just that several movement although were quick, but also made his 1 u leave the flaw, that several bone Monster Beast saw opportunity, immediately threw. However Zhao Hai does not have such as their intent, under he just that flung taking advantage of the moon/month, a personal appearance revolution, one changed to beyond several meters, equal to one has changed a position, this made that several skull Monster Beast one throw spatial. Zhao Hai has not thought must such put them, his personal appearance moves, throws toward skull Monster Beast, but that several skull Monster Beast also very skidding, throws not vertical, immediately rolled to enter in these Ghost vanish from sight. Zhao Hai can overrun capture that several skull Monster Beast, was a pity, he by several substantialized Ghost blocking. These Ghost because of the Underworld Dark mist reason, substantialized, naturally, they with true lives soul Ghost to have the difference, the strength also differs, but they truly substantialized now, some fighting strength.

At this time Zhao Hai stopped fiercely, then his in hand Magic Staff at one fell swoop, his Magic Staff head lotus, fierce has shone, one group of dazzling white light have braved from Magic Staff, looks like Sun that one round just raised. This is Light Element Magic, moreover is wide scope attack Light Element Magic, Holy Light Descent, this Light Element Magic Dark Energy nemesis, but these Ghost actually exactly Dark Energy, this Light Element Magic photo, these Ghost present an incisive yelling sound, then vanished in white light. After using Light Element Magic, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved, appears in expose nearby bone Monster Beast under Light Element Magic, capture that skull Monster Beast neck, sought Monster Beast to throw into Space that. Spirit Moon Wind Emperor has not thought that Zhao Hai however can use Light Element Magic in Underworld here, must know that now Underworld here may all be Darkness energy, almost does not have the means to use other energy in here, but Zhao Hai has actually used, moreover Might are many, in his false Ten Thousand Ghosts Great Formation, Ghost of many substantialization, by this Light Element Magic eliminating, then him lost Monster Beast. Spirit Moon Wind Emperor felt one soon crazy, he really do not think understand, what monster Zhao Hai is, that Continent is an influence does not have to him fortunately, he come and go freely in Great Formation, probably same optional in own latter hua garden. Spirit Moon Wind Emperor look at toward Zhao Hai that another skull Monster Beast compels, two eyes was red, he has put out oneself Ten Thousand Ghosts Ruyi Scepter projection fiercely, muttered has had a thought Incantation. His Incantation, in Ten Thousand Ghosts Ruyi Scepter that two blood red eye, has projected red light at will, this red light has not shot at Zhao Hai together, but shot at Spirit Moon Wind Emperor directly! a.