Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1058

.............................................................................. As red light enters Spirit Moon Wind Emperor[ body], his body becomes more and more pale, finally completely vanished, but that Ten Thousand Ghosts Ruyi Scepter actually gets bigger and bigger, beautifully is bigger, finally the Ruyi Scepter handle position, completely vanished, only Skull of remaining [gold/metal] , this Skull became with the ordinary head similar size, simultaneously on this Skull also braves golden yellow the hot flame. soul sacrifice! This is Spirit Moon Wind Emperor meeting the ability of one type of very special, goes to sacrificial offering Ten Thousand Ghosts Ruyi Scepter with own spirit soul, this belongs to one type of self-destruct Spell, but Might ten hugeness. Can say this Spell, if not compel in Spirit Moon Wind Emperor the dead end, he will not use, actually does not matter in Underworld here, because in Underworld here, no matter Spirit Moon Wind Emperor multipurpose Ruyi Scepter, are only projection, what Spirit Moon Wind Emperor in Underworld here is only wisp of Remnants Soul, even if lost did not have anything at the worst, Ten Thousand Ghosts Ruyi Scepter was only projection, now Spirit Moon Wind Emperor gives up this wisp of Remnants Soul, must make Zhao Hai die! Zhao Hai also presently change of his Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, his face not Ran a dignity, because he presently Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, in unifies after Ten Thousand Ghosts Ruyi Scepter, the strength one becomes very formidable. At this time that Skull also unified to complete, his two blood red eyes look at Zhao Hai, fierce face upwarded a long and loud cry! This long and loud cry looks like sound bo attack is the same, from his mouth, flushes away toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai wields, in his front appears the light screen of one layer hydron blue , this light screen like the water, has been rotating, that [say / way] is shot sound bo attack by the [gold/metal] skeleton, meets this light screen slowly was counter-balanced. Spirit Moon Wind Emperor has not thought obviously such easily can cope with Zhao Hai, after this infrasonic sound bo attack, on him the golden yellow flame has exploded fiercely, looks like the golden yellow silk threads is the same, poured into these Ghost[ body]. Flash these Ghost turned into golden yellow , then Zhao Hai feels that Underworld here Dark mistlike probably flows like the ocean creek, injection fast to these Ghost[ body], these Ghost strengths, fast is increasing. He He He Jie!” Spirit Moon Wind Emperor turned into golden skeleton smiles said : strangely, „ is small I must make you know today, 10.000 Spirit Tearing Souls is anything bites the taste, I also want to keep your wisp of Remnants Soul to suffer your well, now you give me dead! ”

Said that his command(er) these Ghost were throwing coming ” the brow of Zhao Hai by to wrinkle toward Zhao Hai lightly, when these Ghost present strength very formidable, do not compare unexpectedly has not promoted Coulee to king level they to miss, such strength put Dark God here, is top existed, but here Ghost, in addition enough over ten thousand numbers, by these many strength such strong Ghost attack, were not an amusing matter. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback Holy Light Descent, but he has not thought that this white lightthese Ghost still in there, look like a change will not have from now on. , HaHaHa, 1 Bo Zi, your too underestimated my method, your low level Spell Also wants to break my sub- ghost to bite soul Great Formation, you were too naive, dies to me! ” Was saying Spirit Moon Wind Emperor while command(er) these Ghost are throwing toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked at these Ghost one, coldly snorted, his manual, the in hand Magic Staff flash turned into that Qu sword who he and Eddie makes the wartime use, then the hand of Zhao Hai wipes on the sword, on the tune sword immediately has emitted golden yellow radiance, then hand of Zhao Hai fast is wielding Qu sword, therefore approaches Ghost within tune sword range, every time was traded cutting of sentiment to kill by Zhao. However Zhao Hai quickly presently incorrect placethese Ghost after was crushed by him, immediately/on horseback demobilized, then throws to him, probably is inexhaustibly same, moreover these Ghost probably compared with just also wanted formidable. 1 Bo Zi, do not struggle, useless, offers a sacrifice to the later 10.000 Spirit Tearing Souls big thing after soul, may spit to bite the world myriad things, these attack do not have any use to them, the little darling suffers to death.” Zhao Hai coldly snorted, the hand wields, water of one group of red has sprinkled from in his hand, the water of this group of red , is in Space the Blood Pond pool of water, in this water includes huge Blood Pond energy, moreover belongs to positive xing energy, if general Ghost meets, that certainly by this blood burning. However Zhao Hai has not thought that the after blood of these Blood Pond sprinkle, probably is using the gasoline watering to be the same, these ghosts with meet this blood, probably met the thing of any big making up to be the same, each and every one has burnt instantaneously, then the personal appearance instantaneously grew, the appearance became is also fiercer. HaHaHa!” Spirit Moon Wind Emperor laughing wildly, his said loudly:, „ 1 Bo Zi, I must thank, you have given my these many energy unexpectedly, HaHaHa, you are feared one die unhappy? Do not struggle. ” These Ghost attack were more violent, Zhao Hai is avoiding these Ghost attack, while frowns, Ghost generally is yin attribute, yin attribute Ghost, most fears positive attribute thing.

But the Zhao Hai Space Blood Pond water, passed through several times evolution, after adding on Zhao Hai obtained the heart, successful evolution has become the blood of pure Yang attribute, in originally Blood Pond belongs to yin attribute energy, was attracted don't in a Black Sea pond. This Black Sea pond is the sea water of Underworld Black Sea, after the sea water of this Black Sea enters Space, definition of Space to this water is the water of pure yin attribute, because of this Black Sea water join, therefore Space has achieved the one type of Yin-Yang balanced condition. No matter the blood of Blood Pond, is the water in Black Sea pond, can be used to manufacture weapon, is very formidable weapon. The Yin-Yang pond that in Blood Lotus Zhao Hai Blood Staff changes, turned into half black half red face , obviously these two types of water fierce places. Normally copes with yin attribute Ghost, uses the Blood Pond water, that is uses one to be right, originally these Ghost are the illusions, now turned into the entity, naturally can cope with them with the Blood Pond water. However the present situation is actually not such, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai feel that extremely puzzled, a Zhao Hai side bumper these Ghost attack, are trying to find the solution at the same time. These Ghost strengths truly once again increased, the originally these Ghost strengths, had Coulee their originally level, now was to press up to king level Expert, Zhao Hai deals with be somewhat strenuous. suddenly Zhao Hai noted these Ghost face , golden , little had Ghost is this face , this face generally was respectively in pure positive attribute face , how possibly was Ghost face ? Thinks of here, Zhao Hai decides to try, his hand moves, water appears of one group of black in in his hand, his hand handle black water one has then sprinkled. This black water moistens to the bodies of these Ghost, starts, incites braves the green smoke, these Ghost also presently painful keenly blowing sound. Spirit Moon Wind Emperor has gawked, then he screamed said :, this was impossible, will you possibly have the day Divine Water? Is impossible, is absolutely impossible.” The water of pure yin Zhao Hai then understand, in Space defines, in the Spirit Moon Wind Emperor mouth, appeals to heaven unexpectedly Divine Water, it seems like that this water in Cultivation World there was also a treasure, otherwise Spirit Moon Wind Emperor so will not be surprised.

Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but secretly reminded itself, was certainly careful, thing of Space product, may be the high-quality goods, if he took casually outward, certainly will remember of person to covet, that may very not be wonderful. Zhao Hai coldly snorted said :, day Divine Water has anything to be great, Young Master I want many to have many.” Said that his hand is wielding, on that day Divine Water greatly sprinkles, all meets this water Ghost, shortly will vanish. But at this time Spirit Moon Wind Emperor distant avoid, is Cultivation World one, his naturally very clear day Divine Water to has how, that is called world to the water of yin, may break the myriad things, heavy, if bell quicksilver, toxin to god soul, existence of non- asking. In Cultivation World there, no matter any ordinary thing, so long as has achieved to pure boundary, that walks the great treasure, looks like has to day Divine Water of name of water of yin, on this day Divine Water not only can break the world myriad things, but can also through Secret Technique, refine into weapon him, Might is infinite, in Cultivation World there, weapon that only then a day Divine Water palace, day Divine Water makes, known as god water current Yun Shang, is ribbon same weapon, but transformation, may transform the myriad things, may firm, if the ice, may supple such as the water, may corrode the weapon of enemy. Person who by god water current water clothes moistening, will be poisoned, moreover is almost not strives, is the day Divine Water palace the treasure of shaking palace, in Cultivation World that is ominous top Magical Treasure outside. But Divine Water of this day, in Cultivation World there is very rare treasure, needs to produce in the very special environment, therefore is Cultivation World, that may also with the most precious object that cannot be asked that even if the day a Divine Water palace, under god palace that in they are, in a ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) underground limestone cave, every millenniums a drop, that on sufficiently enviablly died, if a person by day Divine Water palace is known, Zhao Hai in here, day Divine Water, regards to eradicate Ghost talisman Shui to use, feared that will be will walk on the violent at the scene.. Actually if only Underworld here the water of Black Sea, cannot achieve the day Divine Water degree, that water of Black Sea cannot completely be to the thing of yin, only passed through that water after Space , before having absorbed Zhao Hai , the poison and yin that in attribute ingredient some water collected, this slowly turned into day Divine Water. Now day god pool and Blood Pond in Space about in together, became a Yin-Yang pond, by the Zhao Hai villa, to hundred Spirit Tree not far places, the water in that is maintaining half black half red condition, distinguishes right from wrong, looks like very striking. After Zhao Hai these Ghost eliminate, look at Spirit Moon Wind Emperor that decides, now Spirit Moon Wind Emperor side, but also with four remaining bone Monster Beast, must say that this bone Monster Beast is more intelligent than these Ghost, these bone Monster Beast saw day Divine Water that Zhao Hai sprinkles is so fierce, avoid early, therefore had not been sprinkled, this lives now, otherwise feared that also died. a.