Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1060

Had been tidied up by Zhao Hai including Spirit Moon Wind Emperor projection, other these undead is a cinch, moreover just as is such that Zhao Hai thinks, later fight, because Dark Spirit Temple is razed, but lost any suspense. Status of Dark Spirit Temple in these undead hearts was really too high, regarding many undead, Dark Spirit Temple was the true God in their heart, under the instruction of Dark God, they were invincible, invincible, nobody can block their army. However now their suddenly present, in oneself heart omnipotent god, had been defeated unexpectedly, Divine Palace was razed, this regarding their attack of morale and confidence, beyond comparison. The army of Zhao Hai this side more hits, moreover morale surges upward, has luck command(er), but Dark Spirit Temple there is morale is low, the group dragon does not have, such weaponry hits naturally not to have the slight his difficulty. In fact these days, Megan and Lizzy, not command(er) these undead have done to fight, they have given the Eddie woods and Coulee the command(er) these undead matters they, making them do, is marching with the formation arrangement issue, Lizzy and Megan will instruct their. Zhao Hai now also relaxed, the Dark Spirit Temple here domain, already by almost that they subdued, in Zhao Hai look at Space undead quantity growth fast, soon was numb. This also no wonder Zhao Hai, recognizes whose look at that digit everyday can over a billion over a billion upward jumps, will be numb, the words of stock phrases dog blood, this skeleton were many, is a digit. The although these days Dark Spirit Temple domain they had been given to hit almost by Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai anxiously has not been actually searching for the treasure, he does not worry, he wants to wait[, from] has also been solved after alliance there in searches for the treasure. [ From] by alliance there, although in being inferior to Dark Spirit Temple here formidable such, moreover there does not have existence like Dark Spirit Temple, but Zhao Hai not feel relieved, if[ from] what high level character control that by the alliance is also may what to do? His secret are too many, if releases 1 u to exit, Cultivation World these almighty, feared that is casually with any method, may in tidying up his, even if makes undead he, this feared for a lifetime was also can only hide in Space, Zhao Hai has not thought such life, he also wants to go to Cultivation World there to have a look. Besides coping with Dark Spirit Temple here undead Zhao Hai also using these days,[, from] was received in Space by the alliance there map, simultaneously[ from] was monitored by various alliance cities. Zhao Hai such does also has one of the reason is his preparation next step copes[ from] by alliance,

Two are Zhao Hai very clear,[ from] was seen them extinguishing Dark Spirit Temple by alliance there, feared that will guard certainly their, therefore he first[ from] by the alliance monitoring, how has wanted to have a look at the opposite party to do. [ From] really had the response by alliance there,[ from] by alliance there undead, has not thought that continuously by Rebel Army that Dark Spirit Temple is pressing hitting, met among suddenly extinguishing Dark Spirit Temple unexpectedly, moreover gave to destroy completely Dark God of that being as deep as a well, this stemmed from their anticipation. [ From] by alliance originally between existence that Rebel Army and Dark Spirit Temple can achieve success one way or another, they are also letting simultaneously Rebel Army and Dark Spirit Temple with their strength achieve the one type of subtle balance, they good to be able seize the opportunity to do business in two clans. But they let Rebel Army and Dark Spirit Temple meet the balanced standard, very simple, a business of control two clans can achieve. undead wants Level Up, on some although plants, or some ores, or is some high level the fires of spirit soul but these thing,[ from] by alliance here, but are many,[, from] , will therefore be will make this life intent they will use the method in business by the alliance, will come control Dark Spirit Temple and Rebel Army strength for example they, if sold to Dark Spirit Temple one group of high level fire of spirit soul, will sell to Rebel Army one type of can let record spirit Level Up specially plants, like this strengths of two sides on can achieve one type of to be balanced, but[ from] by alliance, not only gained to massively. The fire of spirit soul, can be promoted by own strength, such entire Underworld influence placed this level, three influences, achieve the one type of subtle balance, but[ from] by the alliance, is this balanced intermediate point. However now this type balanced actually by Rebel Army breaking, Rebel Army has destroyed completely Dark Spirit Temple, then on the strength of equal to collection two groups of influences in one, in this case, Rebel Army will possibly have let off[ from] by alliance? Complies naturally negative, even if does not have the small skeleton of intelligence was just born to fear that knows this[ answered] case, in this case,[ from] by alliance, if did not react, that felt strange. It looks like in Zhao Hai,[ from] by the alliance is a very loose organization, moreover many by Merchant give priority to, they in this case, should be contact with Rebel Army on own initiative, even hires oneself they to be right, because this conforms to the Merchant style. However what makes Zhao Hai not think,[ from] by alliance after knowing these information, has not wanted to hire oneself their meanings, conversely, they have put out the accumulations of these many year of doing business, then uses these thing , to promote oneself under the hand/subordinate strength fully, made large quantities of Expert unexpectedly in a short time, prepared with Zhao Hai evidently unexpectedly their a batch. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, knows that did not have the means to be friendly, without the means friendly child, that can only start, Zhao Hai was not the kindhearted generation,[ from] was known by method Zhao Hai of alliance, he naturally cannot make their then such free and unfettered get down, hitting was affirmative.

However[ from] by the alliance also worthily is Underworld Merchant, rich very much, can make large quantities of Expert to come unexpectedly in a short time, this arrives to go out of the anticipation of Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai also has the card in a hand not to take, now should also use. Before Zhao Hai from[ from] was obtained that ossiculum beast by alliance there, this ossiculum beast can turn into bone armor unexpectedly, moreover can carry on a value, later Zhao Hai also obtained some ossiculum beasts from Jim there, but these thing, had been planted bone field there by the color name, now Zhao Hai in hand had undead bone armor Battalion. This only undead bone armor Battalion, is not comprised of ordinary undead, this only undead bone armor Battalion, is follows comprised in undead that the Zhao Hai body clamps continually very much, they are most familiar with Battle Formation, moreover Zhao Hai to increase their strengths, used many obtained plants and high level the fire of spirit soul from deep armor there, now this team of people, have achieved the king level strength. This king level strength, misses one step to want king level Expert, but this bone armor Battalion population, 10,000, 10,000 king level undead Expert, are adding on them to wear bone armor fully, like this their fighting strength, compare general king level Expert also to want somewhat stronger absolutely, is adding on the coordination of their Battle Formation, can say that is only they, fully can sweep away entire Underworld. This team of people are the same with devil Battle Formation, is Zhao Hai key training, mainly after later goes to Cultivation World uses, but now[ from] by alliance such action, truly is makes Zhao Hai somewhat annoyed. [ From] is caused these many Expert by the alliance in a short time, if he cannot send out Expert[ from] defeats within the shortest time by the alliance, that will incur the massive loss to his undead under the hand/subordinate , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai wants to use undead bone armor Battalion to cope[ from] by the person of alliance. However in coping[ from] before the alliance, Zhao Hai needs first influence thorough eradication of Dark Spirit Temple here, only then they can feel at ease like this copes[ from] by alliance. Zhao Hai naturally not to[ from] does not have by an alliance protection,[ from] by the alliance massive manufacture Expert, clarifies now has done against with them, that[ from] what move of technique will use to come by the alliance, did not say, if their suddenly in back sneak attack Zhao Hai they, but Zhao Hai they do not have what protection words, that will be will suffer a loss, after all now[ from] by alliance there Expert, but has plenty. Therefore Zhao Hai has also made the preparation, he in[ from] by alliance nearby Blood River on, has concentrated massive Blood Spirit Beast, simultaneously uses Magic, has started out several branches Blood River, lets these branches,[ from] by alliance surrounding, this equal to[ from] was being brought shackles by the alliance,[ from] was wanted the words that had anything to move by the alliance, first shook off this shackles to be good. Had Blood Spirit Beast look at[ from] by the alliance, Zhao Hai on feel relieved, simultaneously he also has also let the attention of Cai'er time[ from] by the alliance there trend, if[ from] is moved by alliance there undead, Cai'er can send directly undead bone armor Battalion, first teaches[ from] was being said by the alliance.

Regarding the fight of Dark Spirit Temple here, Zhao Hai has not cared, absolutely does not have that necessity, some Dark Spirit Temple here although also influences to resist, is after autumn grasshopper, did not have several days to jump, Zhao Hai must do, has tidied up these fellows, avoid when the time comes they with[ from] was made war by the alliance, these fellows the morning like fly came out, if the person disliked. However these matter Zhao Hai have given the Eddie woods to do, the Eddie woods are Zhao Hai prepare to manage the Underworld here person with the autumn, naturally must let his many to gain experience one. How platoon soldier formation arrangement these days the Eddie woods not only need they study with Lizzy, how management entire Underworld they are studying also with Laura. Arranges soldier formation arrangement, this they looks like in Lizzy, studies some, after all later Underworld here is impossible to live any war, if they have hit in Cultivation World there and person, depending on the strength of Underworld here person, is impossible to add on anything busy, therefore this row of soldier formation arrangement, understood some to be OK. But must speak of manages Underworld here, actually ting is also simple, Zhao Hai can manage other places in Space to be the same, establishes several church same thing in here, making Underworld here undead[ from] by exchange, this almost does not need the Eddie woods extremely in managing. However Underworld here after all not in Zhao Hai Space, if outside fellow of Underworld here in appears like Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, that fantastic, therefore the necessary management does not need, but the Eddie woods is a very appropriate candidate. a.