Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1061
.............................................................................. The Dark Spirit Temple domain stilled, now the rebel grass and Dark Spirit Temple domain belonged to Zhao Hai, remaining[ from] by alliance. Those who stem from the Zhao Hai anticipation is,[ from] by the person of alliance, had not been calling when Zhao Hai they sweep the dang Dark Spirit Temple domain, but begins to them, but is defending still own domain, probably is planned that clings to tenaciously is the same. Some Zhao Hai do not understand[ from] by the meaning of alliance,[ from] by the alliance there person, manufacture Expert that they also went all out before, must they die to put together appearance with Zhao Hai, now also to be how honest? This makes Zhao Hai really somewhat unable to think through. However now Dark Spirit Temple domain their just taking over, moreover there has experienced the war, needs to repair and maintain well, the domain these destroys thing that to repair, domain in these[ from] by undead, well tidies up, has consolidated after the domain completely, copes[ from] by alliance. Zhao Hai now to is very relaxed, he diameter has given the Eddie woods to manage the Underworld here matter, now he almost little will go to Underworld. Lizzy they are also, after them tidying up Dark Spirit Temple these people, several people ran research Universal Machine to go, regarding their procedures, Zhao Hai to has not gone to prevent, Universal Machine to put it bluntly was only a quite mysterious machine, but this machine, you must understand that his xing energy, can make him wield 100% strengths, before Zhao Hai regarding the understanding of Universal Machine very few, east he was busy all day the busy west, simply time tube these thing, Laura they have not liked research now, on research was been good by them. Dark Spirit Temple was eliminated completely has five days, these five days of Eddie woods they have been beginning to reconstruct ” this Dark Spirit Temple domain are not a relaxed work, because of them, not only need reconstruct, but also is expanding. Zhao Hai knew, Underworld here undead several today enemiesany Acid Rain, strong winds and so on has, each will live such disaster, Underworld here will have massive low level Undead Creature undead, but the meaning of Zhao Hai will be, the Underworld here city, extension some well, letting these low leveldoes not have undead of what self-preservation strength, place that will have. However Zhao Hai also knows that this is a long-term matterimpossible one to achieve, even if impossible by his strength, therefore he has not worried, making the Eddie woods they reconstruct the Dark Spirit Temple domain, but is a guise, they want to do truly, is same,[ from] by alliance! [ From] by alliance there now is also not the Zhao Hai domain ”, moreover Zhao Hai always felt[ from] what secret is also being hidden probably by alliance there, you said some undead, they will do the business is so smooth? This was too strange, therefore did not have to move Zhao Hai to the present[ from] by alliance, he in observing Has a look[ from] will also make anything by alliance there. Zhao Hai is sitting in study room now contemplates, he also in keeping turns in the head the big heart to pass to his these to defend inheritance Cultivation Method of heart clan.

Zhao Hai has to recognize, this inherit Cultivation Method is really very good, includes the rotary, making Zhao Hai profit quite a lot, ” suddenly Zhao Hai was feeling that in this time Eddie woods in calling him, he has gawked, he already gave the Eddie woods to order ” , if no what important matter, do not look for him, the Eddie woods are not the person who is not divided the weight, now such calls him, certainly has any important matter, thought of here, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback has carried on the contact in the head and Eddie woods. The Eddie woods equal to was Zhao Hai summon Battle Beast, Zhao Hai naturally can carry on to contact with the Eddie woods now, the Eddie woods just also called Zhao Hai in head. Could see the response of Zhao Hai, Eddie woods immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said :, Young Master, just[ from] sent for seeing me by the alliance, he said that wanted to see you.” Zhao Hai stares, then he gently knit the brows said :, wants to see me? Will they know my existence? Did you tell them?” The Eddie woods listen to Zhao Hai some not happy, his quickly said:, Was not, is they present, they possibly went to the there transaction from previous time both of us the time, what saw, will therefore propose that wanted to see you, Young Master, you looked how this matter can reply?” Zhao Hai nodded, he also believes that the Eddie woods will not speak irresponsibly, person who he is ten points has the discretion, will not do such foolish matter. Zhao Hai thinks said :, wants to see me? Good, that sees, told them that I agreed met with them, which machine in sees.” The Eddie woods have complied with one, then did not have information, Zhao Hai actually to wave, place that the Eddie woods that his front appears a ray of light curtain, on this light screen has demonstrated are at now. Eddie woods now in the Dark God city, in Dark God city Dark Spirit Temple had been destroyed, in the original position, Zhao Hai has constructed a church, this Zhao Hai does not have to select[] country -type construction, but is use the architectural style of one type of elder brother -type, the entire church looks like the style is extraordinary, has filled with the artistic aura. Reason that Zhao Hai does not have to elect[] country -type construction, for with Spirit Moon Wind Emperor all discriminations, lets understand of Underworld here person, his Zhao Hai is different from Spirit Moon Wind Emperor. Not only this church can make these Pu Xiao undead come here to exchange thing, can be used for the person, the Eddie woods lives in this church now. vampire, lives in the church -type construction, Zhao Hai thinks to feel that very interesting, but at this time in the reception room in church, the Eddie woods were meeting with Lich. Zhao Hai carefully looked at this Lich, presently this Lich actually knew that City Lord of this Lich Dry-Bone city, is Zhao Hai buys thing that Merchant Lich in his there.

The Eddie woods obviously were also returned to this reception room just, after he sits down, what matter City Lord these time comes to see Young Master don’t know to said : to have?” They have guessed correctly the Zhao Hai status in any case, therefore the Eddie woods in concealing the truth, were calling Young Master directly, listened to the Eddie woods saying that two eyes one bright, but he concealed said : quickly this time is we[ from] in all High level by the alliance, wanted to meet with mister, discussed Rebel Army and[ among] matter by alliances.” Eddie woods look at deep voice said : don’t know[ from] what meaning by the alliance is?” Shows a faint smile said :, I[ from] by alliance continuously Faith[ from] by, naturally is hopes that energy as before[ from] was lived comfortably, whether don’t know this simple request Mr. Zhao Hai can comply?” Eddie woods look at, coldly snorted said : don’t know City Lord to us now this situation time, can accept this request?” Zhao Hai hears the Eddie woods the words, what unconscious nod Eddie woods saying of said is very good, now Rebel Army holds the absolute superiority, in this case, how they possibly give up unifying the plan of Underworld, his rhetorical question, is very good. Has thought probably the response of Eddie woods, he shows a faint smile said : this is my this time invites the Mr. Zhao Hai reason, we want to ask Mr. Zhao Hai to go[ from] by alliance there when the time comes is believed that mister will possibly change the mind.” [ From] is being done by alliance there, Eddie woods and don’t know, therefore he, as soon as listened to say that cannot help but somewhat has hesitated, in this time, Eddie woods suddenly is hearing the Zhao Hai sound to resound in his brain, Zhao Hai said : told them, do not think that in a short time made massive high level undead with us to contend, useless.” The Eddie woods hear Zhao Hai this saying, cannot help but two eyes one bright, his look at said :, City Lord you think that use[ from] by the alliance there massive commodities, made a batch high level undead with us to contend? Not told you, useless, such as wanted you are is having this idea I to urge you saying that really early cancelled this thought.” Listened to the Eddie woods saying that cannot help but has gawked, then his face changed, look at Eddie woods said :, has not thought that Eddie woods mister in spite of being very busy, the understanding that can also find time unexpectedly we[ from] by alliance us[ from] only will not make Expert by alliance there, a matter, wants to speak face-to-face I to make a bet with Mr. Zhao Hai, this matter Mr. Zhao Hai will certainly be interested.” These, not only some Eddie woods Zhao Hai feelings[ is popular] exerts, listens to the meaning in words, they[ from] also has the subsequent party from the alliance, Zhao Hai to wants to have a look, this[ from] by the card in a hand of alliance is anything. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai to Eddie woods said :, promises him, making him set the place and time, I will go to discuss that with them personally.”

The Eddie woods have complied with one, this turns the head to said :, City Lord said that I am also speechless, asking City Lord to say the time and place, Young Master said that he will go.” Looks at Eddie woods slightly dumbfounded, then accepted his request, he has cannot help but gawked, in Underworld here, don’t know contract Magic, but also really few, so long as has the contract in the body, Master and contract slave can direct communicate, not by the bystander present, looks at the Eddie woods the appearance, just probably was with Zhao Hai Ran Tong, this possibility? Eddie woods in the Underworld here reputation very loud, not only because of his strength formidable, what is main is because, he is unruly, looks like, such person will be dies will not lower the head to who, therefore he noticed that the Eddie woods unexpectedly probably became others' contract slave, he really being startled. However is also the plans deep generation, his immediately/on horseback said :, is so best, that invited mister three days later, in together to the Saint bone city, didn't know to be able?” The Eddie woods in receiving the instruction of Zhao Hai, obviously complied in Zhao Hai, he nodded said : well, three days later, the Saint bone city, Young Master will certainly go.” Nodded, he stands up, bows to the Eddie woods said : so, I said goodbye, three days later, I in the Saint bone city, was waiting for the mister undercarriage visits.” The Eddie woods also stood got up said :, good, City Lord was good to walk, does not deliver below.” Nodded, fluttered to go outward, the Eddie woods look at appearance, actually a coldly snorted place institute, in the brain to Zhao Hai said :, Young Master, must give him a lesson, this male servant was too impolite.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, does not need, three days later I can you, you remain in the deep idea city.” The Eddie woods have complied with one. a.