Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1062

.................................................................. Zhao Hai static standing on the Coulee bone vehicle, the Saint bone city of look at not far away, naturally, he is using spiritual force to look, this Saint bone city is also a Underworld city, here may not have to isolate the Dark mist effect. This Saint bone outside the city table looks like with the Dry-Bone city does not have what difference, but compared with the Dry-Bone city slightly greatly, but Zhao Hai actually noted, although the Saint bone city in was also builds by Stone, but Bone of manufacture city gate, was actually not ordinary Bone, but received like him to the big skeleton in Space, one type of pure white such as jade Stone spelled, the although this city appeared very low key in other's place, but this big gate, actually demonstrated the uncommon place of this city. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, his don’t know this is the rampancy of one type of low key, looks like some rich men on Earth, they obviously very rich, but actually likes the low key, for example rides one not to calculate that the good bicycle, puts on one looks like not good clothes, however their a piece tables, possibly are in the world with limited quantity good that expensive can be scary, this is also the one type of low key rampant. This Zhao Hai has not led too many people to come, but Coulee and actually will be following in the Zhao Hai side, they are Zhao Hai in the person of Underworld here earliest understanding, the sentiment naturally are not common, therefore they after stilling the Dark Spirit Temple person, has followed in the Zhao Hai side. However their normally practices in Hell Space, always does not follow in the Zhao Hai side, is follows, when side Zhao Hai, becomes is the same with the normal person, not with appearance appears of Zombie or skeleton in Zhao Hai nearby. This Zhao Hai leads them to come Saint bone city here with[ from] cannot be met by the people of alliance, they naturally cannot in appearance appears of according to average person, turned into the skeleton and Zombie appearance. Bone car(riage) close Saint bone city slowly, when the bone car(riage) just arrived at outside the Saint bone city gate, city gate with a bang sound of Saint bone city opened, then again arranges the skeleton from in the city lining up, stands two emperors, on these skeletons puts on bone armor, their bone armor are not that bone armor in Zhao Hai Space, their bone armorare uses in Underworld everywhere Bone to make, but since looks arrives at also awe-inspiring. When these skeleton weapon are the same styles, is long spear, each undead moves also motionless standing in there, to has turns the power and influence. Then dozens undead from in the city walked out, these undead have altogether monster, has the skeleton also to have Zombie, vampire, but can look, they are king level Expert. Zhao Hai made the bone car(riage) stop, walked outCoulee from the bone car(riage) and will be following in his, three people welcomed toward that crowd of undead. That crowd of undead work as first one is actually Zombie, skin of black , the muscle withered completely, the dark and thin arm makes the person look like looks like a old tree root. However this common Zombie is makes Zhao Hai two eyes shrink, because he felt that from the body of this Zombie one type of very dangerous aura, this lets Zhao Hai accident. What most important is, Zhao Haifelt that on the body of this Zombie Spirit Moon Wind Emperor that several bone beast same energy bo moved, but also is the place that Zhao Hai most pays attention.

Follows in this Zombie side, evidently this Zombie unexpectedly is in these undead, status highest, Zhao Hai paid attention to this Zombie. In Zhao Hai sizes up that Zombie time, that Zombie has arrived at Zhao Hai, he laughs first, then bows to Zhao Hai said :, sees Mr. Zhao Hai Tiande, mister has been able to come today, was really the good fortune of Tiande.” Zhao Hai returns salute, smiles said :, was polite everybody to summon mister, how dare Zhao Hai did not come. ” Other these undead also salute to Zhao Hai, but on these undead faintly had the hostilityZhao Hai to not to care, he also returned salute. After the people saw delivered the betrothal gifts, ” Tiande then to Zhao Hai salute said : in mister to request personally.” Said that directs Zhao Hai to walk toward in the city. Zhao Hai will be naturally impolite, is bringing Coulee they, followed the side of Tiande, walked toward in the city, this Saint bone city altogether five tower, Tiande Zhao Hai directed a middle tower most top layer, here obviously after cleaning, moreover underwent ahead of time arrangement, was placed many chairs in this in the room, these chairs were made by Bone, above covered with beast skins, in the room has also used Magic Formation, separated Dark mist outside, on ceiling, same was also putting Magic Formation, was dispersing gentle radiance. After the minute guests and hosts sit down, Tiande not polite, today asks mister to come to Zhao Hai said : directly, mainly discussed with mister, I[ from] by the future of alliance, mister Huwei, has destroyed completely Dark Spirit Temple at one fell swoop, presently to faintly have to unify Underworld condition, I[ from] by alliance although had yearned[ from] by, but similarly, hoped to see the Underworld peace, does not hope that saw Underworld here had too many conflicts, therefore we can agree with the rule of mister.” Speaking of here to stop Tiande, Looked at Zhao Hai. On the face of Zhao Hai the bedding bag, naturally cannot be looking at any expression. Zhao Hai has not worried, he knows that the opposite party also has certainly as follows, he is waiting. Tiande looked at that Zhao Hai has not spoken, he then said : I and others can submit to Master Yu, but we hope certainly to obtain[ from] by, but also has hoped on the present life, doesn't know mister what do you think?” Zhao Hai looked at Tiande one, his very clear the meaning of Tiande, was wants to come to a state within a state Tiande this, their meanings were, submitted to him, he obtained was a reputation, but he to[ from] by alliance here, still did not have the too big authority. Zhao Hai look at Tiande, he was really somewhat puzzled, was any thing unexpectedly has given him such big energy, making him dare to discuss the condition with oneself. although said that these days[ from] was made many Expert by the alliance, but compared with beforehand Dark Spirit Temple, but must miss on some, but Zhao Hai after obtaining the Dark Spirit Temple domain and material, the present strength increases steadily, normally[ from] did not have that strength to dare with him to discuss the condition by the alliance, but now[ from] such has actually been done by the people of alliance, moreover righteousness that made, this made Zhao Hai some puzzled. Tiande looked at that Zhao Hai quite a while has not made noise, he does not worry probably, is only sitting of static table in there, look at Zhao Hai, aim xiong has the appearance of bamboo.

Zhao Hai look at appearance of Tiandedeep voice said :, I needed a reason, why mister you to think that I should give us such allowance?” Tiande already thinks of probably Zhao Hai will ask such, he shows a faint smile said : to Zhao Hai, mister do not worry, listening to me saying that mister should also see, I[ from] is not been weak by the strength of alliance, if spells , the loss of mister will not be small.” Speaking of him to stop at this time, Zhao Hai shook the head said :, this sought is not the reason, you and I should be clear, in Underworld here, the death did not represent anything.” Nodded said : Tiande, mister said right in Underworld here, what the death truly did not represent, how many but don’t know did mister have to understand to Dark God?” Tiande this saying asked that the Zhao Hai look cannot help but shrinks, Dark God in Tiande mouth, naturally was Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, is not Spirit Moon Wind Emperor Dark God this status that Tiande said obviously, but referred to the Spirit Moon Wind Emperor main body! But this is the Zhao Hai surprised place, the Spirit Moon Wind Emperor main body, can definitely be the Cultivation World person, but listened to the meaning in Tiande words he is knows probably Spirit Moon Wind Emperor this person, was he also the Cultivation World person? Thought of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but wants to try Tiande, he nodded said :, has almost understood, Dark God when clamped the war with me has used several very mystical Magic, moreover he said that he was the ghost emperor, was he that plane Emperor? However he is really any Emperor, I did not fear that I can defeat his one time, can defeat his twice.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but 1 u on the face of Tiande left a smiling face, his look at Zhao Hai, shook the head said : mister looks like about Dark God had not known that very much Dark God is just he with according to Underworld, given name this known as Spirit Moon Wind Emperor that oneself have, but he is not that plane Empire, he is actually high level plane Expert.” Zhao Hai pretends shocking appearance said :, high level plane? Also has our Underworld higher level plane is more inadequate than? That is impossible, my under the hand/subordinate also has much has undead of intelligence since birth, I heard big size small table ten plane from their there, but in these plane, did not have that plane to be higher than Underworld level!” Looked at the Zhao Hai appearance Tiande, on the face cannot help but 1 u leaves one to sneer, his said :, mister has then misunderstood, our Underworld was not highest level plane, above our Underworld, higher level plane, that plane was called Immortal Realm!” , Immortal Realm?” Zhao Hai these was startled, he thinks that will say Cultivation World Tiande, has not actually thought that he actually will say Immortal Realm, in Cultivation World above, plane is inadequate? Tiande look at Zhao Hai appearance, nodded said :, good, is Immortal Realm, Spirit Moon Wind Emperor is come from Immortal Realm, he is not that plane Empire, he is only in Immortal Realm ordinary Expert, in Immortal Realm there, Expert like Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, but also has plenty, but with the mister war, is not Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, but is Spirit Moon Wind Emperor projection, Remnants Soul, does not have including the Spirit Moon Wind Emperor 1% strengths.” Zhao Hai has been able to affirm now that Immortal Realm in Tiande mouth, was actually Cultivation World, but was traded a name, sounded to be imposing, his did look at Tiande said :, know from there mister these matters? How I know that isn't is deceiving me mister?”

Tiande look at Zhao Hai, smiles said : mister not to need to suspect my words, because we[ from] by alliance, there is a come from Immortal Realm backer , because of this, therefore Spirit Moon Wind Emperor does not dare to compel too ruthlessly us.” Zhao Hai although had already thought of this result, but listened to Tiande personally recognize, he was surprised, his look at Tiande said :, what said mister was really?” Tiande nod said :, naturally real, our backers Spirit Moon Wind Emperor is presently different, Spirit Moon Wind Emperor in Immortal Realm is ordinary Expert, but our backers, are actually in Immortal Realm the famous big influence, but we backer in Immortal Realm, are not that ten points overbearing influences, but is one to do business the give priority to influence, but we[ from] by the alliance, is our backers is located in Underworld here one acquisition point, the branch store is not continually, moreover to our in hand thing, there are 99% is useless, can have a liking for by Immortal Realm. Eye thing, little little.” Zhao Hai one hear said Tiande that knows Tiande that so-called backer was any influence, that certainly was influence a like Trading Company, but they can arrive at Underworld here to come the shop, moreover can make Spirit Moon Wind Emperor not look for their troubles on own initiative, that explained that their influences, in Cultivation World there feared that will not be small. Zhao Hai look at Tiande said :, does not know that mister me told these are useful? mister behind person is the Immortal Realm person, how many faces do I want to give mister? mister, do not forget, Spirit Moon Wind Emperor gives you face , because he is the Immortal Realm person, he feared that your behind influence retaliates him, but I actually am not the Immortal Realm person, I am the Underworld person, I do not want to go to Immortal Realm, your behind person , is also impossible to run up to Immortal Realm to cope with me? If they have that big ability, you will not abandon these many with me today, makes them send a person to get down directly, extinguished me also walks.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that gawked Tiande, Zhao Hai this saying also was really to the point on, was because the Cultivation World person cannot arrive at Underworld here to come, therefore their talent has to discuss with Zhao Hai, if they can mobilize the Cultivation World strength, already cut void, Underworld occupying. Just has not spoken the truth Tiande, actually in Underworld here, has plenty thing is Cultivation World there needs, otherwise Tiande behind influence, will not brave the danger that offended Spirit Moon Wind Emperor this old devil, but also ran up to Underworld here to set up such an acquisition point. Some face yin of Tiande, but he is said : mister, the words cannot say that thinks Underworld here, commodity so deficient, how even if were mister becomes the entire Underworld king has been able? mister still everyday must face Dark mist, must face Blood Pond, so long as mister makes us retain[ from] by, us can trade with the person of Immortal Realm, mister can enjoy Immortal Realm there unique thing at the appointed time, mister can eat the immortal fruit, drinks the immortal liquor, that is a King should life, not?” Zhao Hai appearance that pretends one ten to divert attention, look at Tiande said :, does not know that your behind that influence does name? Whether I do hear fortunately?” Said Tiande one hear of Zhao Hai that somewhat cannot help but awkward, he does not dare to say him behind the name of that influence, he has hesitated, cannot help but shook the head said :, „ is unfair to mister, the name of Upper Realm, I do not dare optional mention, but invited mister feel relieved, I had said to mister transaction, can certainly complete. Zhao Hai look at Tiande, laughed said :, Tiande, you were too naive? If I have killed you, I am not same can trade with Upper Realm, why must leave behind you[ from] by alliance?” a.