Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1063

Chapter 1060 instruction of Tiande Sought the subscription, asked to hit to enjoy, asks, watched the floating astronomy study literary show, clear(ly) space presented respectfully! ............................................................ Said Tiande one hear of Zhao Hai that cannot help but has gawked, then his surface strange look at Zhao Hai, he really has not thought that Zhao Hai such quickly gets angry Wuqing/ruthless, other these undead also one face strange look at Zhao Hai, that look probably must look at the good play to be the same. Zhao Hai knows certainly that not to have the Tiande impossible subsequent party, reason that he said that must in this way, give to try the Tiande final subsequent parties, then he in taking an action. Tiande look at Zhao Hai suddenly smiles said : Mr. Zhao Hai also is really the reality, such quickly has thought of this point, but feared that must disappoint mister you, our behind backers, are support certainly my, my behind backer only works with me, besides my this, they will not cooperate with others, therefore mister , to trade with a Immortal Realm people, left me is incorrect.” At this time all person look at Zhao Hai in hall, what response want to take a look at Zhao Hai then to be. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, suddenly smiles said : also in other words, people behind good to monopolize the transaction of Underworld here personally?” Tiande look at Zhao Hai, two eyes flash of cold light, deep voice said : good, is this meaning!” He wants at this time, to give a Zhao Hai lesson, lets Zhao Hai understand, Underworld here , to improve, left him not to be good! Zhao Hai look at the appearance of Tiande, sighing gently, then waved, turns the head to Coulee said : Coulee, told him, played them quite a while, I really did not have patience.” Coulee just obtained Zhao Hai explain/transfer, how at this time naturally knew saying that he bows to Zhao Hai said : is, Young Master.” Said that he such shifted look at Tiande they, deep voice said : Tiande, your behind that person was too greedy, moreover you understanding Young Master were really too few, you think really Young Master don’t know that so-called Immortal Realm was actually Cultivation World? Do you think the Young Master don’t know Spirit Moon Wind Emperor status really? Young Master wants to draw out you behind is who, since you did not say that did not have the means that Young Master does not want to know, the truth you told that reason that Young Master met appears in Underworld here, received the order that Cultivator has managed, the Young Master back backer, itself on control God Realm, was having contact Demon Realm with us, Ark Continent wait / etc. dozens size plane Cultivation World Expert, otherwise, you think that Young Master was gets so far as that many undead from there? You also want to monopolize transaction? Do not have a dream, Young Master comes here, for Underworld here all thing, takes back to Young Master in hand, is handing over Young Master behind that person, who that person is, has sorry, we do not want to tell you, understand that now you can die?”

If makes Lu Wei hear these words, he can be mad spits blood, this how long, Zhao Hai has set upright two powerful enemies to him, is two not affable powerful enemies. Reason that Coulee will say that naturally is Zhao Hai tells him, Zhao Hai must exhibit this rampant appearance, let thinks Tiande and his behind person that he was also the Cultivation World person sends, like this will look up Tiande behind person, they will look for the trouble of Lu Wei. Now the matter unfolded this situation, believes when the time comes was Lu Wei wants to explain anything, could not explain, moreover Zhao Hai also looked, that Spirit Moon Wind Emperor and Tiande behind person, was not remains the oil the lamp, feared that will be simply will not give opportunity that Lu Wei anything explained. Lu Wei is the Zhao Hai at heart biggest a piece worry , after is Zhao Hai to Cultivation World , the biggest threat, Zhao Hai fell his several times face after all, so long as Zhao Hai ascend, so long as he can be found by Lu Wei, Lu Wei certainly will chase down him, this point can affirm. Because of this, therefore there is such opportunity, Zhao Hai naturally is many throws some filthy water toward the body of Lu Wei, if Spirit Moon Wind Emperor or Tiande behind strength, can eliminate Lu Wei, that eliminated a biggest hidden danger for Zhao Hai. Tiande they, as soon as listened to Coulee saying that was shocked, then their face big change, they have not thought that Coulee actually will say this. Zhao Hai look at face big change Tiande they, showed a faint smile said : Tiande, this Underworld can be our, you actually also wanted to be free when Underworld, courted death simply, ok, I cannot ask in any case anything, above practiced physiognomy also the will not blame crime, today your person are many, I first walked, after I went back, was we make war.” Said that Zhao Hai waved, Space rift appears , had with Coulee Zhao Hai the three people together has wrapped, then the crack vanished, the Zhao Hai three people also vanished. Looked at Zhao Hai to vanish Tiande, his face one was black, he can affirm finally, oneself by Zhao Hai playing, moreover ten points that played thorough. Looked at these undead in hall Tiande, sighed said : everybody, it seems like that this time we really by Zhao Hai playing, everybody did not use in thinking, went back to prepare, between we and Zhao Hai, one will certainly have fought, I went saying that with Exalted Immortal this matter, hoping Exalted Immortal can help us.”

These undead complied with one, turn around walked, Tiande looked at that these people walked, his then personal appearance moved, fluttered toward the top on, then he gently knocked on the ceiling several, on the ceiling immediately appears has been able to let Fang Kou who the person went, then flew Tiande flashes body. This is not big Space, looks like a Georgian building in building is the same, this Space few people know that but on this Space floor on, was actually portrayed formation, this formation all over the body with one type of made of stone, this Stone looks like glittering and translucent carving, probably is gemstone is the same, but is in itself actually dispersing the sparkling stone light, is more attractive than gemstone. This is one type of Cultivation World there unique Spirit Stone, but this Formation, actually needs these Spirit Stone to start. Besides these formation, in this Space, a table, on the table has beast skin also to have a body root pen. Arrived by Tiande the table, took the bone pen fast wrote said : on beast skin Lordship, presently Underworld here Zhao Hai, was in Cultivation World sends the person, its Master grasped God Realm, with Demon Realm that Underworld was near, known as Ark Continent plane Expert, who specific was, Zhao Hai had not said that the clue only then these many, presently Zhao Hai yu resorts to arms to me, asking Lordship to decide.” After finishing these, Tiande beast skin careful curling, has then put on that formation in ground, then input energy of own within the body to formation, above formation flashed with brilliant rays, that curled disappeared. The beast skin volume of Tiande look at that disappearance, sighed said : this Transmission Formation is really good thing, but can the strength of Transmission spirit soul be OK, such I can returned to Cultivation World, Cultivation World also be able to send almighty to come Zhao Hai tidying up, remaining fee such talkative.” Good, what was carving Tiande this garret was Transmission Formation, this Transmission Formation two were one set, specifically was used for Transmission thing, so long as put on thing Transmission Formation, then input energy to Transmission Formation, this Transmission Formation can pass to thing with he one set of another Transmission Formation on, was not separated by many can the twinkling arrive, very convenient. However this Transmission Formation has a shortcoming, this Formation cannot Transmission have life thing, cannot the Transmission belt have mystical powers thing of strength of soul, can only the Transmission dying thing, even if has Artifact Spirit weapon impossible Transmission, Transmission has Artifact Spirit thing, that will be twisted spirit soul by Transmission Formation broken, the soul flying soul is henceforth loose. Actually in Cultivation World there, can use some to be able Transmission Formation of Transmission person, but this type can Transmission Formation of Transmission person, actually some shortcomings, they unable to step the use of plane, in other words, like puts Transmission Formation on Underworld here, is arriving at Cultivation World there to put Transmission Formation not. But this type cannot Transmission Formation of Transmission living creature actually be able to achieve this point , because of this, therefore Tiande behind influence, will suppose such in here, can only Transmission dying thing Transmission Formation.

Actually just said Tiande that asking Cultivation World person Lower Realm to tidy up Zhao Hai, that was impossible, Law of the Heaven and Earth will not permit, must know that strength stronger person, came under the influence of Law of the Heaven and Earth is big, likely was Ark Continent and God Realm there, their strengths are not considered as that very strong, even if were this, the God Realm person entered to Ark Continent, will also be repelled by Law of the Heaven and Earth, cannot dull too long the time on Ark Continent. But Cultivation World there shouted a person casually, were too more than God Realm there Expert, therefore they wanted Lower Realm to come, simply was impossible \; first, their simply could not come, two is they want to come, Law of the Heaven and Earth will also lower Divine Retribution, no matter what Expert, will be struck the severe wound by Law of the Heaven and Earth, making his strength drop, was equal with that plane that they must go, will let them, in this case, these Cultivation World person, was that is not willing such to do, because that Heaven Punishment may not be feels better, did not do well. Has disappeared on the body dying [say / way], these Cultivator that will take risk. But Cultivation World person, reason that can make some Doppelganger projection to come to Lower Realm , because their Doppelganger projection is not very strong, will therefore not receive Heaven Punishment. But has spent many matters appears of Tiande, because of this Transmission Formation, cannot come to Underworld living creature Transmission, therefore Tiande behind influence, obtained first Tiande this Zombie, then uses Secret Technique refining Zombie, after refining, they in Zombie and Zombie in lives soul to divide leave, then first delivers Secret Technique to deliver to Underworld to come Zombie, finally in using one can the load bearing live soul Spiritual Artifact, is bringing Zombie living soul, enters to Underworld, then in grounded Zombie and lives the wonderful relation between soul, was lived soul returned to Zombie again., This made into existed Tiande such one. This method is also Spirit Moon Wind Emperor the method that several bone monsters deliver, they such do, does not use Transmission Formation, but must have almighty strength, use ** the strength, discovers a Space barrier the weak point, then delivers to Lower Realm to come with own Law Force these thing, but delivers every time one time, regarding the consumptions of these people is also very big, therefore the average person little uses this method. roa.