Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1064

Dealing of Chapter 1061 Cultivation World Sought the subscription, asked to hit to enjoy, asks, watched the floating astronomy study literary show, clear(ly) space presented respectfully! ........................................................................ Tiande behind that influence, to establish a point in Underworld here, but has spent many skill, uses the method of having taken time to deliver to Underworld to come Tiande , because Underworld here has plenty thing is Heaven and Earth Treasure that Cultivation World there needs. If general Lower Realm, that naturally is impossible so many Heaven and Earth Treasure, because Lower Realm and Cultivation World there has too many were different, because of relationship of environment, these Heaven and Earth Treasure simply not appears in Lower Realm. However Underworld here is actually different, because Underworld here almost equal to is boundary of the pure yin, in such place, can birth many yin attribute Heaven and Earth Treasure, but these thing attain in Cultivation World, has in a big way uses. Status of Tiande, but is in Cultivation World, by person control Battle Corpse, but his behind person, to let him can arrive in Underworld, has selected strength not strong Battle Corpse specially, then after refining, enabling him to wield strength, in hard sledding delivers to Underworld here him, for is must want to obtain Underworld here thing. Tiande these days in the Underworld here actions, after person control by his body, because of this, therefore Tiande control Freedom Alliance, will do business, will use also the method of balance, making Underworld here achieve the one type of subtle balance, they good efficient. However all these changed after Zhao Hai appears , Zhao Hai of strength, in hand undead, complete left their imagination, is in Underworld Dark Spirit Temple of first big influence, unexpectedly within short time by Zhao Hai destroying completely, this broke completely Tiande their planning, the excellent situation that these many years they hit with great difficulty, a dynasty completely vanished. For this reason, therefore they have to discuss the condition with Zhao Hai, hoping Zhao Hai can promise them to request independently, before they had not thought, Zhao Hai also will really have Cultivation World background. Feared that they have not thought that Zhao Hai simply does not have Cultivation World background, conversely, he to has many Cultivation World personal enemies, but now Cultivation World these people, how do not have round do not think that Zhao Hai dares such big courage, to dare in Lower Realm, to plan the Cultivation World person unexpectedly unexpectedly.

Before long, on Transmission Formation flashed with brilliant rays, beast skin curled appears in Transmission Formation, took the beast skin volume Tiande immediately, he opened the beast skin volume gently, saw in the beast skin volume to write: Must protect in the Underworld domain, a while pass on several weapon with you, you use these weapon to repel Zhao Hai, best to strike to kill him, Underworld completely control.” At this moment, on Transmission radiance is flashes, then one pile of weapon appears in Transmission Formation, this pile of weapon had several hundred, these weapon mostly are not very big, for example that sword, looks like simply likely is not weapon, instead to likely is a small hairpin. However actually knows Tiande that these may be Upper Realm weapon, has big Might thing, these weapon have nothing to compare xing with Underworld here these ordinary weapon simply. His immediately took from Transmission Formation these weapon, before long on Transmission Formation, radiance is flashes, a batch weapon appears in Transmission Formation. Then, before long has taken about 3000 weapon from Transmission Formation Tiande. Later on Transmission Formation in up, has not taken up the beast skin volume Tiande immediately/on horseback, writes said : to invite Lordship feel relieved above, the subordinate fixed light cuts to kill Zhao Hai, protect Underworld.” Said that after Tiande the beast skin volume passed on, these weapon has attained in the following hall, then received his under the hand/subordinate these undead, told them these weapon usages, then made them select some strength formidable undead, these weapon to these undead, making them use. They will be naturally impolite the virtue day, everyone kept most handy weapon, these weapon although look like, so long as they energy in within the body toward a weapon transportation, that weapon immediately turn into a big way, moreover does not need them to use the hand to take, that weapon can fly around their bodies, but they can control these weapon, depart several li (0.5km) remote, carries on attack to the enemy. It can be said that this weapon wants your spiritual force enough great strength, he can fly hundred li (0.5km), even in the line beside cuts to kill your enemy, naturally, this weapon regarding the spiritual force need is also very big, spiritual force that more far of flying, needs is bigger, like these undead, even if has attained this weapon, they most can look like the enemy several li (0.5km) away five times attack, five times, their spiritual force on will have exhausted, feared that is weapon receives does not come back. However had this weapon, regarding them, fighting strength minimum mentioned above three layers, this was too important, said on equal to, they with their strength suitable person to the war, can completely at the winning side. But their don’t know is, their these movements, were watched by Zhao Hai completely, Zhao Hai after Tiande there vanishes, on returned to Space, then the surveillance Tiande they, Zhao Hai believes that Tiande, if has Cultivation World background, after he said these words, certainly will ask for instructions to his lord, really made him guess right, asked for instructions Tiande , and has gotten so far as that many Cultivation World weapon.

Zhao Hai looked that these undead use these Cultivation World weapon, cannot help but face changes, then his coldly snorted said : wants to come to the protect domain with these weapon, but also wants to kill me? Really has a dream.” Laura they in the Zhao Hai side, they outside research Universal Machine, Zhao Hai have not been managing them now, he waved, position that on his front screen immediately appears a map, on the map appears some small points, these dot were then , before is Zhao Hai , the place that has wanted to find, defends a heart clan to place these storehouse treasure troves in Dark Spirit Temple domain to be. Zhao Hai knows from inheritance there of big heart that in Dark Spirit Temple these conceal treasure trove here, in buried treasure that hides, some has plenty ores and plants refinement essence, these thing were defended a heart clan to protect with Secret Technique, even if places the long time, will not expire. Except that these thing, in five storehouse treasure houses, are putting is not these raw materials, but is some end products Magical Artifact, these law are very Advanced level thing, just in the refinement, has not refined on difference last, therefore cannot be complete to become Koufa. Zhao Hai from defending heart clan there also knew this refines the Magical Artifact process, in defending a crafting rare book of heart clan has the record, builds up is divided into four steps, these four steps separately are, the smelting, the temperance, to become Pi, attaches the spirit! Smelting and temperance are actually simplest, so long as you material equipment, have projected on to be able the flame that the material dissolves to smelt the material, duration of smelting, will decide a weapon strong and weak. Tempers a has plenty method, one type of is simplest, uses the hammer to come for the original material to carry on the hammer to hit, but manufactures the method that some low level Magical Artifact can use generally, high level Magical Artifact, generally is the person through own spiritual force, or own strength/Origin Qi tempers these materials, through material that planting the method tempers, tenacious. Third is not that simple, if you must manufacture weapon to yourself, that tenth semifinished product process wanted on very heavy. weapon that everyone uses, the request is not quite same, even if two exactly the same blades, gives two people to use, finally these two blades, even if has not been cut off, after the attrition, their shapes will also live the change, this has direct relationship with the habit of person. If you manufacture weapon to yourself, must in becoming semifinished product process next skill, you must defer to oneself most custom the way, manufactures this weapon, like this waits for weapon true system good later, you in use handy.

But this last step, is most important one step, that was attaches spirit, whether lane weapon could attach the spirit, had decided directly this weapon level, compared with saying some low grade, like arrived at 3rd level this level Magical Artifact, did not have the means to attach the spirit, when this with the Magical Artifact manufacture, the process that the material of use and made had big relationship, therefore one to 3rd level Magical Artifact, was also called low grade Magical Artifact, this Magical Artifact in defending a heart clan looked like, was belongs to that most common weapon, the popular goods. But four arrive at 6th level Magical Artifact, can attach the spirit, the spirit that but attaches like Magical Artifact in generally is some low level spirit soul, these spirit soul look like the puppets, they will only listen with the conduct, will not be accommodating, such Magical Artifact is called medium grade Magical Artifact. But seven arrive at 9th level Magical Artifact, is called high grade Magical Artifact, these Magical Artifact can also certainly attach the spirit, moreover can attach some high level spirits, after these spirits attach on Magical Artifact, they in the attack, some independent absorption Heaven and Earth strength/Origin Qi, will be helping the Master attack, even can help the Master practice, very formidable. But above this 7th level Magical Artifact, one type of weapon, known as treasure, this type of treasure also has Artifact Spirit . Moreover the Artifact Spirit wisdom is very high, weapon like treasure, was weapon and Master pair has chosen, like did not arrive at weapon that 9th level that wanted, completely was the Master manufacture, the single item choice, treasure even can select the lord freely, first treasure had world-shaking to be able, naturally, manufactured is also extremely difficult, defended a heart clan likely, after years of effort, manufactured five treasures. But in these five treasure, four, had been destroyed in that time war, last also received the severe wound, is that cauldron that Zhao Hai sees, because was seriously injured, Artifact Spirit is damaged seriously, can say that cauldron, could not be genuine treasure. But in defending a heart clan below that five storehouse weapon, all weapon, are seven arrives at 9th level higher Magical Artifact, but has not attached the spirit, one, but weapon attaches the spirit success, immediately can demonstrate that high level Magical Artifact, had formidable how. Zhao Hai from the mouth of Tiande, knows that Transmission Formation cannot Transmission have mystical powers soul thing, but weapon Artifact Spirit is also spirit soul one type of, these weapon that also in other words, Intermediate level and Advanced level Magical Artifact cannot through that Transmission Formation, attain the Tiande hand, is some Inferior level Magical Artifact. roa.