Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1065

........................................................................ Obtained these weapon Tiande, is one arrives at 3rd level low level Magical Artifact, is some popular goods, is not good thing. However these thing attain Underworld here to come, is actually top good thing. Material that Magical Treasure uses, before Zhao Hai is different in these weapon that Ark Continent or God Race there sees, even if most low grade 1st level Magical Artifact, use is also some Advanced level materials, some are God Realm and Ark Continent there simply do not have. These Magical Artifact are most low grade, these Divine Weapon efficient instrument that also makes God Race or Ark Continent are much sharper, moreover can use with spiritual force control, it can be said that absolutely strong weapon. However Zhao Hai was not worried that although he from defending a buried treasure of heart clan obtains, possibly is some high level Magical Artifact, but has not manufactured to complete, only completes becomes semifinished product Stage high level Magical Artifact, but this does not represent this Magical Artifact to be unuseful. In fact like arrives at 3rd level Magical Artifact, only then top three step, not last step, therefore high level Magical Artifact, even if has not attached the spirit, can use, although will not have too formidable powerful energy, but compares to these low level Magical Artifact that Tiande obtained comes, but wanted much better. Reason that this Zhao Hai such is doing in haste a buried treasure of guard heart clan taking, must use this a batch high level Magical Artifact, they gave thorough extinguishing Tiande. After original Zhao Hai wants to wait to eliminate Tiande them, is using these weapon, but now looks like, is not good, the time does not wait for the person, he did not have the means to wait, can only the present use. although Zhao Hai here had one team to put on bone armor undead army, but Zhao Hai and don’t knowthis bone armor whether to block these Inferior level Magical Artifact attack. Tiande their strength Zhao Hai very clear, to be honest, if only then the words of Tiande, Zhao Hai were not worried unable to tidy up they ”, but these Inferior level Magical Artifact appears , let some Zhao Hai headaches. Obviously wants Tiande these Inferior level Magical Artifact now, hands over in the undead hands of some strength formidable, making these undead form corps, but the strength of this corps, actually solid does not allow to be small Regarding. The meaning of this corps, is actually same as the meaning of that bone armor Battalion Zhao Hai composes, to cope with this corpsonly then the force corps like bone armor army can achieve. However Zhao Hai now also don’t know these low level Magical Artifact attack strength how, if bone armor cannot block these low level Magical Artifact attack, his bone armor corps lost were possibly big, this was not Zhao Hai desired, therefore prepared to guard a buried treasure of heart clan to get up to come out, with Magical Artifact to Magical Artifact, must this corps extinguishing, otherwise this corps, will become he will unify the entire Underworld biggest barrier. Zhao Hai extracts this batch of buried treasures point, within the shortest time, solves[ from] ” has been killed by alliance Tiande, has destroyed that Transmission Formation. Regarding Zhao Hai, threat biggest against delivered Tiande and that Cultivation World the person on Tiande, his certainly cloth against will deliver, if not kill him, he can at any time related with Cultivation World, Cultivation World there can continuous like low grade Magical Artifact delivered to thing in hand of Tiande, Tiande can with Zhao Hai deal with.

If puts together this consumption, Zhao Hai very much suffers a loss, after all he presently in hand thing, compared with Cultivation World thing, must miss on some, now therefore Zhao Hai must dois the war decides! Only then has solved as soon as possible Tiande they, has killed or turns into his personto destroy that Transmission Formation Tiande, broke the relation of Cultivation World and Underworld, Underworld can truly be his. Now Zhao Hai complete control the Dark Spirit Temple domain, naturally has not used like before secretly rub rub the digging treasure, he can digging of open and aboveboard, in his control domain, these undead be is being instead impossible to betray his, he does not have what good worry, feel relieved bold digging walked. However his so-called feel relieved bold digging, is he begins, because of the situations in these storehouse treasure houses, is not truly, that dot, what represents is piece of region, Zhao Hai wants to get up to come out thing in treasure house, but must he begin to be good. Extracts the buried treasure is not the too difficult matter, defends these storehouse treasure houses that a heart clan constructs, itself uses to the person on one's own side, therefore they have not constructed any mechanism trap in treasure house there and so on thing. Zhao Hai makes the Eddie woods they assemble army, toward[ from] catches up by the domain of alliance , since he while goes to these buried treasures, five days later, Zhao Hai finally all buried treasures, army also[ from] by the domain of alliance encircling watertight. Zhao Hai this harvest is not small, this time he in these treasure houses some ores and plants purify essence fluids, are the high grade high-quality goods, not only made Zhao Hai in hand many many good thing, was makes his Space level one promote 100 two Level 10, this was a very big span. Besides these thing, Zhao Hai also obtained 10,000 higher Magical Artifact, these Magical Artifact although have not manufactured to complete finally, but on the present, Zhao Hai gave his hand even use to be enough. These 10,000 Magical Artifact, Zhao Hai prepares to the bone armor undead corps uses, these undead put on Gu Jia, in hand takes high grade Magical Artifact to tidy up Tiande that 3000 people are taking low grade Magical Artifact undead, that was also not easy, without any suspense. Was not worried about Tiande that in Underworld these many years, his very clear Underworld here strength, these Magical Artifact although is not the Advanced level goods, but used in Underworld here is enough. Reason that had such strong confidence Tiande, was because he was come from cultivates to have, although he in Cultivation World there was also Battle Corpse, but he after Battle Corpse of careful refinement, he had the memory, his very clear, in Lower Realm, was impossible to have Magical Artifact appears , therefore that feared that was 1st level Magical Artifact, has attained Lower Realm, that was also an extraordinary treasure, now he under one on having 3000 Magical Artifact, to be how possible not to tidy up Zhao Hai. although now Zhao Hai army already outside the city, but Tiande was actually not worried about that ” he is bringing these high level undead, static standing in there, the look at outside the city arrow armed forces, at their back ” is also blotting out the sky undead army, the both sides war, touches. At this time Zhao Hai rides the bone car(riage), slowly arrived at this known as, did outside the city of bone city, he looked at has stood on city wall Tiande, showed a faint smile said : Tiande, I urged you to pledge allegiance to me to consider as finished this also to be able early dead a person, how Tiande look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted said : that disdained joke Zhao Hai, you and Immortal Realm did right, finally certain soul flying soul was loose, you well think you. ” Zhao Hai look at the appearance of Tiande, showed a faint smile said : well, we had a look, who can soul meet the soul to be loose.” Was saying Zhao Hai waved, his behind undead armythrew toward in the city. Also waved Tiande, his behind army also overran, a war of undead clan is so, they little cause again any scheme, Battle Formation and so on thingeveryone/Great Clan was coming up one to chop, loses lost, won has won, feared is the hoodlum on Earth fights, had the level compared with them.

How hitting Zhao Hai has not managed army, that was not matter that he took carehe already gave Lizzy and Megan, he has been paying attention to Tiande. The side of Tiande also with several high level undead, the bodies of these undead brought Magical Artifact, Zhao Hai to cope Tiande, these undead become a hindrance, therefore Zhao Hai beginning, when he is not wanting to have a look at to send anxiously his person Tiande, that was he begins. Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate undead army carries on very fierce, moreover these army although look like chaotic, however in Lizzy with Megan command(er), these army this has the coordination, with is different the army that Tiande their type has not coordinated completely. A side has the coordination, a side complete has not coordinated, the strength of both sides does not miss many, in this case, the victory and defeat had decided actually already. Tiande looked at own under the hand/subordinate army by Zhao Hai pressing him, he somewhat could not sit still, he waved, killed a 3000 people of squad from in the city, this only undead squad in hand took Magical Artifact, Zhao Hai is knowing that came out Tiande final card in a hand Yu Liang finally, it seems like he counts on this small The team, can the situation of reverse war. That squad just came out, Zhao Hai waves, in the front of that squad, appears has put on bone armor, in hand is taking Magical Artifact undead, this team of undead quantity, has ten thousand people. Tiande just wants to look at that own squad kills the four directions greatly, but looks at now in front of that squad the team of bone armor soldiers now, he one on méng, especially that team of soldier in hand were taking Magical Artifact, was makes him have a dizzy spell. Has not thought of Tiande, in Underworld here, besides he has Magical Artifact, Zhao Hai really also has Magical Artifact, moreover are more than him! suddenly thinks of Tiande that Zhao Hai also has the Underworld background person, thinks of here, a Tiande cannot help but nuisance, his too proud, this matter forgetting. Besides the nuisance, Tiande was some hearts startled, his back influence, in Cultivation World, was not any small influence, otherwise, will not frighten Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, lets Spirit Moon Wind Emperor did not dare actively look for their troubles, but was such influence, put out 3000 Magical Artifact all of a sudden, is very great matter, but now he faces was actually Battalion that can ten thousand undead compose, moreover everyone in hand was taking Magical Artifact, ten thousand Magical Artifact, enough were his three times also many, behind that Zhao Hai influence was that.? In Cultivation World, are these levels the formidable influences? Thinks of here, was not having the mood to stand Tiande on city wall, he made these under the hand/subordinate defend on city wall, his hurried went toward retreat, simultaneously leave fast has done the bone city. Tiande thinks now quick point returned to Saint bone city, quick point told his behind person this information, but he and don’t know, Zhao Hai was his leave. In front of although dozen of liveliness of , but Zhao Hai had not actually moved, his attention all concentrated the body of Tiande, now looks at Tiande leave, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved, vanished in Great Formation. Was flying Tiande fully, he now is really burning with impatience, he knows that he will certainly defeat, moreover was the disastrous defeat, was taking Spiritual Artifact undead appears from that 10,000 the time, he knows own turning over opportunity did not have.

He only hopes that now Zhao Hai attention centralized in battlefield, like this to make him go to the Saint bone city on the ear smoothly, tells his behind person who he knows. Does the bone city to Saint bone city is not very far, Tiande they to deal with Zhao Hai, has cut back in the military strength several cities, now control in[ from] the alliance in hand city, less than ten, these cities comprised of a circular defensive system, protects the Saint bone city in the middle. Therefore leave does the bone city, the flight words, it will not take long can arrive in the Saint bone city fully, city wall of Tiande look at Saint bone city, at heart cannot help but loosen slightly. Air/Qi. In this time, a sigh is transmitting, Tiande at heart cannot help but one tight, he listened, this sound Zhao Hai, along with sound, his front about hundred meters place appears Space rift, walked out of Zhao Hai from Space rift. Sees Zhao Hai, cannot help but sank the heart of Tiande, he has pulled out oneself sword, was pointing at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : Zhao Hai, do you want to be ruthless really?” Zhao Hai look at Tiande, showing a faint smile said : suddenly Tiande, you thinks that I will go back to notify opportunity that to you? you and I should know that we are the young privates, the true struggle does not have our anything matter, but my lord makes me unify Underworld, I am naturally impossible any mistake, otherwise I may not have means explain/transfer, cannot make you tell your behind person this information, will otherwise probably bring to my lord troublesome, therefore you must die today!” Downward sank the heart of Tiande, he knows that own today ended, but he wanted to spell, because he presently Zhao Hai is all alone comes, so long as has killed Zhao Hai, that all were easy to do. Thinks of here, cannot help but sneered Tiande said : Zhao Hai, you have pulled rank, dared a person to pursue me unexpectedly, the truth told you, I came from Cultivation World Tiande, my body after Master refining, was far from general undead may compare, you die today.” Zhao Hai curious did look at Tiande, show a faint smile said : „? I to have a look.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, toward overran Tiande. Also was one calls out Tiande, a hand spear|gun, his Magic Sword withdrew, flew toward Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai actually stopped has not stopped, proceeded to clash, just outside the body of Zhao Hai, instantaneously has wrapped up one layer bone armor! Clang! a loud sound, flying sword that Tiande release goes, one on thorn on bone armor, what made Tiande surprised was, that bone armor has defended this sword unexpectedly, his flying sword cannot puncture bone armor unexpectedly! a.