Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1067

........................................................................ Tiande looked at that Zhao Hai lost his weapon, cannot help but stares, but he has actually been careful, he knows that Zhao Hai the weapon is not every, its hard degree, is stronger than higher flying sword, but cannot regard flying sword to use probably, otherwise, formidable. However actually also knows Tiande that Zhao Hai will not eject own weapon with no reason at all, after he will certainly have any more ruthless, move. Under the gaze of Tiande, Zhao Hai in hand Magic Staff has not fallen the ground, but so is floating in in midair, but also flutters, not flexible flight like his flying sword. Carefully was still gazing at Zhao Hai Tiande, he does not dare neglecting a little, the Zhao Hai prestige he has heard some, oneself Dark Spirit Temple extinguishing, can such person be the simple character? It was clear Tiande, in Dark Spirit Temple lives in that Old Monster thing Doppelganger projection, the strength of that Old Monster thing was not bad, his Doppelganger, was managing many years of Dark Spirit Temple in addition, that was not who dares to rush. Because of this, therefore Tiande, when with Zhao Hai to the war, has been very small Heart, because of his very clear, even if he takes flying sword to go to Dark Spirit Temple there, can ask to be good not necessarily. Zhao Hai look at Tiande, chuckle said : Tiande, you said that I do not have flying sword, this my recognize, but my lord said that delivers to Underworld here flying sword, because does not have the means to attach the spirit, its Might is nothing radically, therefore he has prepared special Magical Artifact to me, this Magical Artifact is, seals Seal Technique!” Hears Zhao Hai spoke of seals Seal Technique the time, changed face of Tiande 1 because of his very clear, fierce place of this Seal Technique. So-called seals Seal Technique, is not used for seal anything thing, but is used for the seal own, seals Seal Technique, with a strength is not very formidable Magical Artifact, uses Secret Technique, a powerful Magical Artifact seal, this Magical Artifact do not manufacture most from the beginning, actually to let Cultivation World there the people of some Cultivator, cultivating the Demonic Artifact seal of person of demon creation one type of weapon. Also has Cultivator with cultivating the division of demon in Cultivation World there, Cultivator like Lu Wei such, but cultivates demon like Spirit Moon Wind Emperor such, formidable cultivating demon, weapon that he uses, certainly is yin attribute, or above is bringing some Ghost Qi or Demon Qi and so on thing, cultivates the demon use, meets Might to be formidable.

Demonic Artifact in cultivating the side of demon was long, will contaminate cultivate on demon some aura, if strength low Cultivator is taking Demonic Artifact, might be infected by Demonic Artifact very much, finally will not become cultivates demon, will be possessed by the Devil dies. Therefore after such Demonic Artifact obtains, generally should better ruin, if because thinks that above Demon Qi refining, was really too difficult. However has plenty cultivates demon weapon, is actually very Advanced level, material also Advanced level of these weapon uses, but ruined has really been a pity, therefore can only think the means to fall Demon Qi refining on weapon. For this reason, the people understand seal weapon. The principle of this seal weapon a Demonic Artifact seal in another weapon, then uses to the person this weapon Lou, in the process of battle, refining Demon Qi bit by bit, when Demonic Artifact by refining, can reuse completely. However afterward seal weapon to had another use, this use in fact is the yin person. A person is taking low level weapon, you will not care comfortably, but when you and his battle, this weapon suddenly de-archiving, turned into Advanced level weapon, that is can play doing of change well bureau to use. This seal weapon material, Zhao Hai from defending heart clan there hears, but was saying to that wisp of Remnants Soul before Lu Wei. Lu Wei that wisp of Remnants Soul, and leaves behind too on the material about weapon, but before Lu Wei, is to actually eat owing of seal weapon, therefore his impression special depth to this seal weapon, wrote down, Zhao Hai naturally also knew. Zhao Hai must by own Magic Staff transformation, be wanted the view, therefore he took seal weapon this speech, Tiande one hear, face cannot help but changed. If Zhao Hai is taking in is really seal weapon, that may on was too scary, the manufacture of each seal weapon not be that easy, even if in Cultivation World there, is some big gate sends the character of elder rank, gives their later generation manufacture, to let the people of their later generation, is in luck in amateur, many several qualifications of maintaining life. It can be said that any seal weapon, is that simple thing, because knows these, will therefore be afraid Tiande. At this moment, listens to Zhao Hai silently said:, De-archiving,[ town] pressure!”

The Zhao Hai words just fell, his front is floating that Magic Staff, suddenly below emits massive red light, then that Magic Staff one changed breaks, then departed a huge red big cauldron from Magic Staff, this big cauldron appears , in the immediately flying apsaras upper air, then the cauldron mouth greatly opened, toward covered Tiande. This big cauldron extremely fast, came in handy flying sword to resist Tiande although, but actually simply could not block, what after all his in hand was only one has not completed high level flying sword that only flash Tiande on bedding bag in cauldron. Then together Space rift appears , was thrown into Tiande Space, but Zhao Hai does not have immediately to enter Space, but fast has flown into the Saint bone city, to tower of Tiande, entered the garret in tower, after letting Cai'er ground Transmission formation writes down, Zhao Hai immediately Transmission formation in garret destroying. To him formation destroying, him had relaxed, Zhao Hai knows, from now on, Underworld official belonged to his all. Reason that Zhao Hai when the Tiande battle, has not spoken the truth, has said one have Master, did not fear that the excessive expose Magic Staff ability, for against the Cultivation World there person, he cannot there to see any flaw actually, that feared with Tiande battle time, Zhao Hai does not dare to have slight relaxation, he for on is acts in a play to develop the complete set, not 1 u slight flaw. Zhao Hai although knows, Tiande with the Cultivation World there person, through beast skin volume relation, but he actually does not dare to be negligent, the method of Cultivation World there person emerges one after another incessantly, but Tiande behind was an influence, but , not only a simple person, in this case, Zhao Hai naturally extremely careful, he feared Tiande brings anything to be able with thing of Cultivation World there contact, if were really such, he will also say front Tiande this did not say, that on can by Tiande behind person presently, that the people after day of Defeng on. In looked for Lu Wei will not have troubled, instead attended the meeting to him to annoy the next extraordinary personal enemy! Zhao Hai is a careful person, he rather misses some opportunity, will not go to the excessive risk, to be honest, his such character, is the impossible achievement important matter, but he obtained doing shortcoming of Space this going against heaven's will, makes him have today's such achievement unexpectedly. When Zhao Hai handled the Saint bone city here matter, his then returned to Space, looked to Space that Zhao Hai one was happy, Laura their several still played to stress the game of undead in there unexpectedly, looked at their person full of enthusiasm appearance, Zhao Hai somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry. However changed mind he to smile, Laura they displayed like this, Zhao Hai also on complete feel relieved, Laura they are happy, Zhao Hai was also happy. Zhao Hai has not gone to disturb them, but was returned to own room, then Tiande incurring, just has been staying in Space Warehouse Tiande, now one was summoned by Zhao Hai, immediately/on horseback Space has transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Existing hostility procedure enters Space, surrenders, surrenders successfully, presently on some undead has unusual communication bo to move, intercepts, intercepts successfully.” Then was not having the sound. However makes Zhao Hai at heart one startled on such a small segment prompt sound, does Space really presently have unusual communication bo to move the body of Tiande? That said that can contact with Cultivation World there Tiande, thought of here, Zhao Hai immediately look at Tiande said : Tiande, could you directly contact with Cultivation World there? Matter that your here lives, told them?”

Actually shook the head said : to return to the Young Master words Tiande, cannot, I and Cultivation World there carries on the relation, must pass the beast skin volume to be good.” Zhao Hai knit the brows said :, how that just that [say / way] unusual communication did bo move is the dish matter?” Tiande immediately/on horseback said :, returned to Young Master, that [say / way] communication bo moved, was Tiande , was refined successful that day to have Yu Tiande[ body], so long as the Tiande body died, but Tiande[ body] Spiritual Imprint that in Cultivation World Daoist/actual person left behind was cancelled, appears that will say bo to move, that said that bo moved will die Tiande within the beforehand double-hour, the matter that experiences, passed on returned to Cultivation World there to go, this can believe bo to move, Tiande did not have the means to relieve.” Zhao Hai nodded, his understand what's the matter, moved that any communication bo that Tiande said that actually with that Earth performed, the control bomb was been same by the beat of heart, one, but thought of the person of this type of bomb dead, the bomb will explode, Tiande was also same, one, but died Tiande, that [say / way] communication will be exited, he was control not. However as the matter stands Zhao Hai to was feel relieved, so long as did not result in the day the matter that Underworld here lived, direct passed to the Cultivation World there person to be good, otherwise Zhao Hai also real don’t know, can the Cultivation World there person, see the flaw from these thing. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, look at Tiande said :, Tiande, you said that you are Cultivation World that influence?” Nodded said : Tiande, returns to the Young Master words, I am belongs to Cultivation World of Millions Treasure pavilions five big Trading Company, before Millions Treasure pavilions, was obtaining a Coordinate, they were reporting the idea of trying, making the elder in pavilion search the place that Coordinate was at with Divine Sense, presently unexpectedly is Underworld here, moreover they also present Underworld here unique element, therefore they on thinking to send a person to here, collected some yin attribute thing for them, therefore on having subordinate.” a.