Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1068

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Did Zhao Hai nod said : how these matters you to know?” Tiande one hear of Zhao Hai such departments, on the face that withered body on own initiative did not beat several, then his deep voice said : returned to the Young Master words, Tiande, when Cultivation World there, was not since birth is Zombie, but was Cultivator Sect, disciple of real sword sect, afterward was refined Zombie.” The brow of Zhao Hai cannot help but jumps, his look at said carefully Tiande said :.” Nodded Tiande, deep voice said : my real sword sect in Cultivation World there although is not considered as that the big gate faction extremely, but in medium grade Sect, is good existence, but my originally is in Sect the famous talent, at age 20, has been the body tempering ten steps, at age 21 on successful entered Qi Condensation Stage, in many people by Sect was called for the rare talent.” Said that here Tiande that pair of blood red eye, has shown light of recalling unexpectedly. Then left woods cold killing intent two eyes 1 u of Tiande, his sound also became jumps over low and deep, said : „, but has not thought that was because I was too outstanding, instead has actually drawn on the fatal disaster, our real sword sect had an elder, his alone grandson was actually waste material of practice, Ying Ran since childhood eats various medicine pill to grow up, but he, was at age 20 equally matched with my strength, if gave me to use these medicine pill, I already became Foundation Establishment Expert, because like this, that. The people are jealous to me, finally through his main father, gives me to get down duty that must die unexpectedly, at that time I and don’t know, when I go to value line of this duty I know, in this duty, must cope unexpectedly is devil famous devil Infant Stage time Expert, Ghost Hand Merchant, Jia Dingtian.” Speaking of here deeply to sigh said : Tiande this Jia Dingtian although is only Expert of Infant Stage time, but his method ruthless spicy, moreover could be said as Cultivation World Assassin, he was draws cash generally the management, moreover he also met one type of Demon Sect unsurpassed Cultivation Method, living person corpse refinement technique.” Zhao Hai hears to brave the cold air at heart, this living person corpse refinement technique one hear is not good Lu technique thing, but he has not disturbed Tiande, Tiande then said : this living person corpse refinement technique, as the name suggests living person, refined Living Corpse, the refined person not only will retain his living soul, preserved all memories, even can retain all feelings, in the process of refinement, the pain of must bearing, was a silk not difference, can feel to!” Zhao Hai smart spirit has fought a cold war, what method builds up Living Corpse living person with, he is don’t know, but can this to retain remembers that retains the feeling, this was too scary feared that is the ratio is burnt alive also to want the pain not to have the several fold. After Tiande then said : I by that Ghost Hand Merchant Jia Ding Ha Ha capture, he with Secret Technique Living Corpse that I build up, in process of refinement he told me, was actually in our gate that elder, asking his make a move to kill my person, but that elder in our gate has not made him build up Living Corpse to ask him me to build up Living Corpse me, was the concubine's child of that elder, Gu Fei.” Speaking of here to refine Living Corpse Tiande let out a long breath then said : a person is impossible to promote level of this person, I was only a Qi Condensation Stage person refine Living Corpse me, I was also most am Qi Condensation one rank Living Corpse, Living Corpse like me, is not useful in Cultivation World there, but at this time, happen to Millions Treasure pavilions needed and other low level Living Corpse, Jia Dingtian on buys to give Millions Treasure pavilions me.” After Tiande let out a long breath said : to Millions Treasure pavilions, they again have carried on the refinement me, moreover I knew from their talks the sequence of events of matter, they use Secret Technique finally, my lives soul and body separates, has delivered to Underworld here my body, then uses Secret Technique, let my live soul to be attached to low level Magical Artifact, has delivered to Underworld here, after here, that low level Magical Artifact, on with grasping aura attraction, my belt to my body there, my was lived in the soul returned to body again, This wanted me again to live in Underworld here.” Zhao Hai has not thought really that Tiande's experience such twists and turns, his immediately/on horseback said : you will arrive at Underworld here unexpectedly, can't be separated from Millions Treasure pavilions control?” Swung said : „unable Tiande, Millions Treasure pavilions when carried on to me refined, already in my god soul under sub- restriction, if I dare to be separated from the idea of their control, that restriction will move, cancelled my god soul directly, I was also the penetrating death!”

Zhao Hai knit the brows said : that you to mean, so long as Millions Treasure pavilions wants, he can also send the person like you to arrive at Underworld here innumerably?” Shook the head said : this to fear that Tiande is impossible, these years I have lived in Underworld here, I presently Underworld here bit by bit is living the change, even if the beforehand doing sign, was impossible in finding present Underworld, if were not I just arrived at Underworld the time, the prepare that Transmission Formation, had feared that was I and Cultivation World there already lost has related, moreover these were Spirit Moon Wind Emperor do not have the means in giving own projection probably supplement energy, not , and other aspect his projection did not need everyday dull not to dare to come out in Dark Spirit Temple., I think that Spirit Moon Wind Emperor there also certainly had problems.” Zhao Hai then relaxed, to be honest, just these words that Tiande spoke, truly had a scare Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai regarding Cultivation World there the people of these Cultivator, looked very high, but listened one to say Tiande that they were also thorough understand, Cultivation World there is much more dangerous , the method of Cultivation World there person he imagined, imagined him must be much more. Regarding Tiande said that the change of Underworld here, Zhao Hai almost can affirm that is the big heart makes certainly, the big heart here year, is only a point exists, preserves him, is going out in this point, therefore big heart these years have been changing Underworld here all silently, look like the result are remarkable, felt that Tiande Underworld here was different from before. However Zhao Hai was curious look at Tiande said : how you knows that Underworld here was different from before?” Returned to Young Master Tiande deep voice said :, these years I felt that Cultivation World there was getting more and more weak to my control, moreover they except for can through Transmission Formation, not have the means to issuing now to order through other method, I just came Underworld time, their sometimes even can directly issue the order through Divine Sense to me, now was impossible.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : I that Transmission Formation to white, Cultivation World these people kept on you that saying that now spiritual wave moved also vanished, you did not need to be worried about anything.” Bowed said : Tiande to thank thanks Young Master Tiande to Zhao Hai, if were not Young Master, Young Master forever will not have such one day.” Zhao Hai nodded said : you saying that you did preserve before death complete memory? How many do you still remember regarding Cultivation Method of real sword sect?” Tiande quickly said: Invited Young Master feel relieved, this I all remember.” Zhao Hai cannot help but happy said : good, these days your anything should not be dry, with Cai'er, you remembers all about Cultivation World studies also has the Cultivation World there situation, writes down to me, goes.” Has complied with Tiande, followed Cai'er turn around, Zhao Hai from own in the room walked out, slowly has then arrived in the hall. In the hall Laura they are still playing, several people now also nothing are in any case good to do, happen to took these undead to play the hobby.

These undead attack under Lizzy and Megan control, they want to attack attacks, wants to defend defends , because of this, therefore they can play is so happy. But reason that they like before, did not see that undead has grasped toward Space, also has the reason, Space here the undead quantity quickly has been achieving 50 billion counting now, was really suffices many, therefore they continually will play grasp continually. Zhao Hai looked at screen one, presently on screen[ from] were not been many by undead of alliance, saw here, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be good, do not play, quickly finishing.” Laura they hear the Zhao Hai sound, turns the head, the happiness of just several people of playing, don’t know Zhao Hai came back, now looks at Zhao Hai to come out, several people somewhat are surprised. Laura stood hastily got up said : Elder Brother Hai, did you come back? When comes back?” Zhao Hai smiles said : I already to come back, but looks at the happiness that you play, therefore has not disturbed you, just with ended matter explain/transfer Tiande, has not thought that you are still playing, was good, do not play, a bit faster finished, tidies up, we go to Underworld to play, there completely is us now!” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura they are one cheer, they and other this day for a long time, now have waited finally till. Underworld here is different from other places, like Ark Continent there, one, but Law of the Heaven and Earth was destroyed, there simply is the city that does not garrison, but Underworld here is different, the Underworld here special environment, makes any non- undead race shrink back at the sight, is adding on here to have the big heart, constantly is not making the change, can say that here most lets the person feel relieved rear base. Naturally, if other any races, will not regard the rear base here, that feared that is the Cultivation World person is also same, if Cultivation World person, when here is dull is too long, will come under the influences of Underworld here these Death Qi, finally does not turn into undead also turns into a devil, finally will lose the intelligence dead. Is adding on the Law of the Heaven and Earth influence of here, the Cultivation World person is impossible to come, therefore here can be said as to the base that the person nobody wants. Reason that Spirit Moon Wind Emperor can want a Underworld such place, for must collect some under the hand/subordinate, collects some Strength of Faith. However passed through transform of these many year of big hearts, Spirit Moon Wind Emperor did not have the means to receive under the hand/subordinate from Underworld here, can only collect some Strength of Faith. However now Dark Spirit Temple one is destroyed, he could not collect Strength of Faith, moreover he impossible to come in returned to Underworld here, now here is really complete belonged to Zhao Hai.

Does not have the use regarding others, only then Underworld of harm, is a point influence does not have regarding Zhao Hai, he has Space, Underworld here can become his latter hua garden, here not only can provide many ores to Zhao Hai, Strength of Faith that some special plants, countless under the hand/subordinate, could not have used up, these thing are the Cultivation World there people, snatches thing that the broken head wants to obtain, now all was obtained by Zhao Hai. Underworld here regarding their important meanings, Laura they are clear, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that several people naturally were happy extremely. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, showed a faint smile said : to be good, quickly outside matter solution.” Lizzy and Megan have complied with one, their immediately/on horseback command(er) undead army, is pressing instantaneously, These also in rebel[ from] by alliance undead, shortly will be eliminated. After waiting for these to record the spirit was eliminated, Zhao Hai waves, called Eddie, in the Eddie woods enter to Space comes, is face happy look at Zhao Hai. The appearance of Zhao Hai look at Eddie woods, smiles said : „the Eddie woods, now Underworld here completely is our, I want to listen to your idea, now I, can you two choices, walk to enter to Hell Space there, you can in the Hell Space there practice, the Hell Space there situation, you also be very clear, in the Hell Space there practice, be quicker than in Underworld there, will arrive at your achievement to be higher, leaves a choice is, you keep Underworld here, manages Underworld for me, you will be Underworld it. The hosts, besides me, Underworld here all undead turn over to you to manage, this is not a relaxed work, will affect your practice, you decide.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that the Eddie woods have cannot help but smiled, he bows to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you also forgot saying that several matters, I kept Underworld here to help Young Master you manage Underworld, to Zhao Hai you, advantage even bigger, Young Master, the Eddie woods I knows that Young Master you do not want to say this, but wants to let me with according to own liked to choose, but invited Young Master your feel relieved, I am willing to keep Underworld here, I am willing you to manage Underworld for Young Master, that feared is this whole life, has kept Underworld here, I also wanted, because Young Master you were first, Is willing to us a undead clan official status, to regard an independence us, has thought the person of race, for Young Master, I makes anything to want.” The Zhao Hai look at Eddie woods, show a faint smile said : well, the Eddie woods, your regard my understand, you kept Underworld here, but your feel relieved, after my ascend to Immortal Realm, certainly seeks for one, suits Cultivation Method that you practice, when the time comes you can also practice in Underworld here, so long as the practice has, I momentarily can pick you.” Eddie woods two eyes one bright, bows to Zhao Hai said : thanks Young Master, invited Young Master feel relieved, I will certainly manage good Underworld, here forever was Young Master.” Zhao Hai laughed, pats Eddie woods shoulder said : to go, here well cleaned, after here, was your domain.” a.