Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1069

Standing of Zhao Hai calm on Blood Lotus, in his front, is piece of abundant minute of complete Continent, above was growing all kinds of Qi rare grass, looked like li shines. But if you carefully look presently, in these plants below, will be hiding remnants of destroyed buildings, will look like ruined. This place is not other place, but is Central Continent in God Realm ten three Continent, is Zhao Hai has attacked and captured a place. Central Continent here had already left uncultivated, in the past after the Zhao Hai person destroyed completely, Central Continent here few people will come, even if were present different God Race rules entire God Realm the time, they have almost not sent for Central Continent coming, because now different God Race with O'Neal Clan to the war, not having the spirit to send out too many armies. Comes Zhao Hai to God Realm here, but thinks of here to come to see, is away from his conquer entire Underworld, already past two years of time, these two years time, Space show all normal, just because of Zhao Hai several Continent, were received by him was similar, therefore Space that blows in Level Up, now still has not been 100 two Level 10, but the show in Space to is all normal. Various clan exhibitions is very good, even if Ark Continent and in a Gnome clan, appears some Expert, this arrived somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. Especially a Gnome clan, a physique of Gnome clan is not the very suitable practice, but these Gnome have actually found out the one type of practice way, this practice way lets Zhao Hai is also profits significantly. A Gnome clan also very clear their weak point, they also know that own strong point, possibly is because many years ago the war of that extermination of the clan, regarding a Gnome clan, the impression was really too deep, therefore a present Gnome clan, has plenty person, in research Magic Formation also in practice of going all out. However has to recognize, practice innate skill of Gnome clan really be not much, although they also located in Space exchanged many Cultivation Method rare books from church there of Zhao Hai, when these Gnome practiced most from the beginning the progress was actually very slow. Zhao Hai wants to urge these Gnome to make them not use in practicing, wholly-absorbed research Magic Formation is good, but he gave up finally, studies anything is a Gnome clan[ from] by, him will not manage, he in academy of Earth clan, increased some Magic and Martial Skill teacher, moreover these teachers are Expert in various clans for on is teaches a Gnome clan to study Martial Skill and Magic. However Zhao Hai such arrangement, not necessarily will actually play anything to do to use, how because innate skill of Gnome clan is practicing in that pendulum is also same, this resembled you to make one result in the patient of dwarfism to play the basketball to be the same, forced someone to do something against his will completely. However what Zhao Hai never expected is, in he sends in Gnome clan there teacher, Demon Race teacher, most likes research unexpectedly is the Potion study, but this Demon Race person, made their research leave one type of very unusual practice method with a Gnome clansman cooperation unexpectedly, this practice method, Zhao Hai heard something never heard of before.

This method in fact the Potion study and Magic Formation study union, but that Demon Race person and that Gnome clansman, gave a name to be called the demon min study to this method. The so-called demon min study, actually is also very simple, with some herbal medicine, refines special Potion, then in using thin needle, was similar to these Potion min body same min was natural on a body of Gnome clan, this min body was not chaotic min, must find the xué position to find the meridians, then on min corresponding Magic Formation this played the effect, but this final effect, real was good extraordinary. Practiced a innate skill very bad Gnome clan, so long as on min Magic Formation in meridians and xué, they, no matter studies Martial Skill to study Magic, is twice the result with half the effort, does not compare other race difference unexpectedly, this was a Ming Dynasty creates absolutely. Zhao Hai knows after this situation, naturally cannot stingy, his immediately reward to that Demon Race person and Gnome clansman large quantities of thing, moreover is compliled into books their theories, the line in entire Space, lets them not only obtained large quantities of rewards, obtained the name. Naturally, this demon min study is also not that good research, first does not have the compound of this Potion, needs greatly fine medicinal herbs, many are high level medicinal herbs, next is Magic Formation, these Magic Formation cannot certainly make any mistake, otherwise that is a point with also no, finally on is this meridians and xué, this different thing may not be Ark Continent or God Realm there has, but is obtains from Cultivation World Cultivation Method, these thing set, created the demon min study. Zhao Hai very appreciates regarding this creation, this demon min study truly gave him one type of to open, now this demon min study use was also only ordinary Magic Formation, what if this demon magic studies use was Cultivation World formation, how can that effect? To come Might to meet even bigger. In Space all exhibitions are normal, Underworld there was more normal, really like Tiande said that Underworld there by big heart frequently transform, with before completely different, the Cultivation World there person, simply could not be being been finding the Underworld here Coordinate now. Before the big heart does not dare too quick carried on transform \; first, vegetation Cultivation World person present, two were he at that time did not have that strong strength. However passes through these many years the exhibitions, now already complete is different, person who now Underworld here does not have Cultivation World . Moreover the strength of big heart was also promoted, very smooth that also therefore this Underworld here transform carries on, more than two years, Cultivation World there did not have presently the Underworld trail, this regarding Zhao Hai, absolutely is good information. So long as the Cultivation World there person could not find Underworld, Underworld here was safe, Zhao Hai has also been short of an enemy, later Underworld here naturally did not need Zhao Hai to hold too many hearts.

In Underworld show good of , in Space also show good of , but God Realm here show is not quite good, the idea unfolds here, since Dwarf God Race moved in Space, Beastman God Race and Elf God Race continue with the O'Neal Clan war, afterward although turned into the small war, but for these years, their fights had not actually broken. Moreover different God Race person, somewhat underestimates O'Neal Clan, O'Neal Clan these Magic Armor not to be trifled with, fighting strength very formidable, moreover is extremely quick, so long as there is War Chariot/Tank to supplement energy to them, their fighting strength will not fall, therefore in these time small In the war, different God Race has been at a disadvantage. Zhao Hai regarding the God Realm here war very cared that the God Realm here war, is he causes after all, can he wants to have a look at the O'Neal Clan person and different God Race decide a victory and defeat. However after more than two years of observation, Zhao Hai felt finally some not bear, now different God Race and O'Neal Clan person although is still fighting, but the scale was very small, was in the situation of not having had a fracture, to their show not too many influences. Such result, Zhao Hai is not quite to be honest satisfied, although said Zhao Hai regarding Beastman God Race and some Elf God Race opinions, but if there are opportunity to get so far as in Space them, he very wants, looks like in Zhao Hai, so long as O'Neal Clan is willing with Beastman God Race and Elf God Race war, hits the pain Elf God Race and Beastman God Race, hits remnantly, that two clans have big opportunity to enter Space. But now different God Race and O'Neal Clan have made into the one type of balanced situation unexpectedly, such Beastman God Race and Elf God Race are impossible to enter Space. God Realm here is maintaining balanced, in Atlanta Continent pi not necessarily is balanced, in fact Atlanta Continent there to does not have the too big change, must say that changes that also only then one, is that factory that Zhao Hai establishes, after these two years exhibitions, turned into a large-scale factory, can capture the business with some established factories. This is a very great result, must know that these established factories, have Atlanta Continent Noble background, Zhao Hai labor Stone Xiang captures the business with them, is not that easy matter. However through this matter, made Zhao Hai see the Bruce Willis strength, Bruce Willis regarding the management together, really very much had the talent, short two years, he can expand the factory show to this degree, this was really astonishing.

Naturally, in the two years harvests in a big way, was Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai in the body had Dao Lotus, Gold Core, was adding on that spiritual force villain, moreover Cultivation Method that he practiced, Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula that most top practiced, his equal to was constantly not practicing, therefore his these two progress degrees absolutely will draw near the extreme, now the Zhao Hai strength, has achieved Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang to remember the First Layer peak, crisp hidden had the sign of breakthrough. Now God Realm here Law of the Heaven and Earth, started to repel Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai knows, this time his not ascend also ascend. Must say that Zhao Hai arrives at Underworld, will not receive the restraint of this Law of the Heaven and Earth, after all he[ body] in has one to leave a source heart with the big heart of Underworld, the big heart is naturally impossible to repel him, but Zhao Hai actually knows that he cannot in the Underworld there too long time, otherwise possibly change Underworld there Law of the Heaven and Earth dull, such as was Underworld there Law of the Heaven and Earth changed, Underworld very much might be connected with Cultivation World, when the time comes this next hua garden may on turning into the populace hua garden. Zhao Hai may not have to probably naturally own thing, with situation that others share, since on him appears that repel feeling, Zhao Hai did not go to Underworld there. Now Zhao Hai regarding Law of the Heaven and Earth have some understanding, Law of the Heaven and Earth is not one layer is also invariable, the polarity, Law of the Heaven and Earth is constantly not changing, in plane, because of a mountain, a piece of sea, a tree, a grass, will possibly make Law of the Heaven and Earth have the subtle change, this type does not only change sometimes to be minimal, simply will not have the too tremendous influence. But if in plane, appears level Expert, but this Expert actually still stays in that plane, Law of the Heaven and Earth possibly appears change of that plane. Any plane, has oneself unique Law of the Heaven and Earth, even in each plane, can control Law of the Heaven and Earth thing exist, but that thing, is this plane most important thing, the core is. a.