Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1070

! .............................................................................. The Cultivation World person, cannot true control plane, but their in hand has one with small plane related thing, or is thing that looks like communication device wants, enabling them to deliver to small plane Remnants Soul, collects some Strength of Faith to here. However if the Cultivation World person wants to collect Strength of Faith in small plane, did not send to be OK Remnants Soul, but was needs to resort to the method, let this plane person, you regarded the god same respects, this will produce Strength of Faith, they can collect Strength of Faith. However this is this, is very great matter, generally these Cultivator people, so long as small plane, has been able very smoothly to become god like existence, because they have the formidable strength, has the experience of far small plane here person, even if they lower Doppelganger projection , can definitely dominate in small plane. Now Underworld here Law of the Heaven and Earth is changing slowly, even if were Spirit Moon Wind Emperor impossible in finding Underworld, Dark World under promotion of big heart, from a fixed city, turned into planet that has been able to move, the original Coordinate has not used, originally can with thing that Underworld contacted, has not used, because the big heart changed all these. Moreover Zhao Hai also presently, Underworld and that between Ark Continent says Space rift, under patching of big heart, is gathering the ridge slowly, believes soon, that said that Space rift completely vanished. Reason that the big heart such does, for protects itself, that [say / way] and Ark Continent interlinked Space rift, although can make Underworld be protected to open, but similarly, equal to is expose Underworld in passage of position, how the big heart possibly allows this kind of thing to exist, therefore he patching bit by bit that crack. Regarding this point Zhao Hai will not oppose that conversely, he also very agreed the big heart such does, Underworld now is his domain, naturally is turns over to be better occult. However no matter Underworld here the change, is an influence does not have regarding Zhao Hai, heart that but in his body inherits with the big heart, in adding on Space received Underworld there to Space, Zhao Hai is naturally impossible unable to go back Underworld. However Zhao Hai does not have the mood to take care the Underworld there matter now, Underworld there has the Eddie woods to manage, does not need him to worry, big heart, although will not take the initiative attack of big heart, but Zhao Hai actually knows, so long as he wants, in entire Underworld all strengths, Law of the Heaven and Earth he can transfer, can say that the big heart is in Underworld the Law of the Heaven and Earth true core, therefore nobody can be what kind to the big heart in Underworld there.

But reason that big heart initially will accept Zhao Hai, because of Zhao Hai by the jurisdiction of Underworld Law, Zhao Hai in Underworld there, it can be said that was not jumped out beside 3 Realms, the character in Five Elements, is not adding on Zhao Hai strength formidable, the big heart also takes Zhao Hai not to have the means. duty that now Zhao Hai wants, is projects on one to be able ascend plane, Underworld there definitely is incorrect, Zhao Hai Underworld control in the hand, has been separated from Cultivation World with great difficulty completely, if he in there ascend, can let between Underworld and Cultivation World, from new has the relation, when the time comes no matter Spirit Moon Wind Emperor or Millions Treasure pavilions, will not let off Underworld this fat, therefore Zhao Hai now in any event impossible in Underworld there ascend. God Realm, Ark Continent, Demon Realm, said that these places, is actually with being one is small plane, in here ascend, delivers the meat on equal to toward the mouth of Lu Wei, Zhao Hai does not want to do. although in his Underworld there, has thrown twice filthy water toward the body of Lu Wei, but then past two years, two years what can do? Perhaps can do many matters regarding present Zhao Hai, but regarding the Cultivation World there person, these two years time, almost blinked on the past, Zhao Hai does not believe that two years of time, can Lu Wei by Spirit Moon Wind Emperor and Millions Treasure pavilions killing, in the two years Spirit Moon Wind Emperor and Millions Treasure pavilions find Lu Wei two saying that do not say killed him. Therefore God Realm and Ark Continent, Demon Realm here not suitable Zhao Hai ascend, that Zhao Hai wants in ascend, only then last place he, Atlanta Continent. Atlanta Continent there now although and Ark Continent is interlinked, but Zhao Hai almost can affirm that the Atlanta Continent there situation is similar to Underworld here, but the core big heart of Underworld here, had own Spiritual Wisdom, he knows the protection person on one's own side, therefore his constantly in changing all in Underworld, but Atlanta Continent there, actually not appears this situation. Zhao Hai also present, no matter God Realm there, is Ark Continent there, is Atlanta Continent there, there Law of the Heaven and Earth although can also carry on some changes, but that change, is actually the orderly homing, looked like lifts to be established the computer of procedure to be the same, he can only do according to certain rule, will not have the too big change. But the big heart is different, the big heart is the Underworld Law core, but not only he actually a computer, he had his Spiritual Wisdom, in other words, he became was soon same as the person, such existence, is naturally different from other plane Law cores. Therefore ascend place of Zhao Hai finally designation, is Atlanta Continent there, his these time comes to God Race, but before has a look at itself, to fight the place responsibility, if after his ascend, impossible returned to here, even if he can through Space returned to here, will cause endless preemption of this plane Law of the Heaven and Earth, therefore he one, but walks, impossible.

However Zhao Hai present, Atlanta Continent there Law of the Heaven and Earth somewhat is also strange, takes Magic Armor Continent, the Magic Armor Continent there person, wants the ascend words, must depend on ascend Magic Armor, other methods probably are not good. Atlanta Continent there Law of the Heaven and Earth very unusual, will also be repelled Zhao Hai to Atlanta Continent there although, but the strength of that repel is not quite same, other when Zhao Hai plane Law of the Heaven and Earth repels, person who that feeling probably is you arrives at one to have innumerably to you have the hostility the place that has, all people are pushing you, is kicking you, wishes one could immediately to kick out you. But in Atlanta Continent here, the feeling of that repel is actually not this, that repel feeling of here, probably was you arrives at one to let you uncomfortable place, you want a bit faster leave, the quarter not to stay in there are the same. Passive, one is driving, this is two completely different concepts, this like was grasped the prison and you wants to enter the prison, complete cannot be matter. This is also the Zhao Hai most worried place, if he in God Realm here, he knew ascend what's the matter, so long as his strength were carrying on some time accumulation, can completely with strength of Space to his repel, direct ascend. However the present issue is, as soon as he arrives at Atlanta Continent there, will feel that an intermittent annoyance, does not want to stay in there, but there Space, does not have the strength of repel to him probably, this makes Zhao Hai very puzzled. In this case, how ascend his simply don’t know must, this be he most worried reason, if before is, he can also in previous some time, well looks to have a look what's the matter. However now is not good, Zhao Hai general has calculated, feared in less than several months, he[ body] in all energy will save has filled, when the time comes he has to ascend, in other words, why he must make understand Atlanta Continent there Law of Space to be able such, has several months. Several months looks like probably is not short, but, is not really long, moreover this Zhao Hai must look, but change of Strength of Law, these months appeared shorter. Strength of Law, is Cultivation World there the people of these Cultivator, existence that is unable to understand, lets Zhao Hai several months within, why will want rub clear Atlanta Continent here Law of the Heaven and Earth like this, this really somewhat forced someone to do something against his will.

Zhao Hai is changing this matter is now worried, he cannot find out any good means at once, therefore in all directions walks, unconscious arrived at Central Continent here. Central Continent here has left uncultivated completely, here became the Magic Beast paradise, finds at everywhere various level Magic Beast, beforehand Welcoming Heaven Palace, there changed in stretch of ruins. look at these Zhao Hai also cannot help but sighed, although these were other party become, but looks like he does not sob now by. Humanity has the construction probably since birth and destroys two completely different abilities, humanity establishes magnificent civilization, then in destroying them, is then constructing, in destroying, this looks like one type of day xing, but humanity also during these constructions and destructions, moving forward slowly, was fearing that will be human don’t know finally will arrive at there. Unconscious Zhao Hai has thought Cultivation Method that oneself practice, Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula, when obtains this Cultivation Method Zhao Hai to know that this is great Divine Art, but he in the practice, actually felt that what has probably been short, what has been short of? Before and don’t know. However now sees this stretch of ruins, Zhao Hai suddenly understand, he practices Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula time, his few is that sensibility, one type of to the stars, to Universe, pair, to the sensibility of Yin-Yang. Before Zhao Hai, is practicing, but regards Cultivation Method to practice Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula, although Cultivation Method lets him[ body] in energy, doubts reality over ten times compared with ordinary Cultivation Method, but he true intention has not actually sensed this Cultivation Method, can say that before Zhao Hai had not learned including Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula fur/superficial knowledge. Zhao Hai static standing in there, he completely immersed during that sensibility, knew nothing about the outside world matter, must know that this was very dangerous, because now Central Continent here in all directions is Magic Beast, perhaps when will jump out Magic Beast to come to Zhao Hai attack. However unusually strange, Zhao Hai has stood in there, but some Central Continent here Magic Beast, even if has arrived at the Zhao Hai side, will regard not to see to him, is really wonderful strange. a.