Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1071

............................................................ But at this time, Laura they actually anxious serious in Space, just Zhao Hai stood, when there is motionless, they saw the incorrect place, because Zhao Hai unexpectedly motionless, and between them a relation did not have, this was very abnormal. Cai'er also present Zhao Hai situation, but she not hurried, she knows Zhao Hai not any danger, but is comprehending any thing. Looked appearance that Laura they worry, Cai'er immediately/on horseback said : Laura Elder Sister, you do not need to be worried, Young Master now in comprehending any thing, does not have the danger, if we receive in Young Master returned to Space now, instead to may destroy the comprehension of Young Master, such Young Master will be more dangerous.” One hear of Cai'er said that Laura their then let out a long breath, but Lizzy looked at screen one, immediately/on horseback to Cai'er said : Cai'er, immediately/on horseback sends some undead to protect Elder Brother Hai, has many Magic Beast in the Elder Brother Hai surroundings, what to do if makes these Magic Beast attack Elder Brother Hai be possible.” Cai'er smiles said :Lizzy Elder Sister feel relieved, if I want to guess that wrong, Young Master now in comprehending Cultivation Method, Young Master Cultivation Method is very unusual, he when comprehends Cultivation Method, the environment of body and all around ends a fusion in together, these Magic Beast will only regard Young Master is part in that environment, looks like a piece Stone, a grass is the same, will not go to attack Young Master, conversely, if we send out undead to protect Young Master, these Magic Beast attack these undead, when the time comes will make affirmative the move on to alarm Young Master, the comprehension of Young Master on can. Was broken. Laura they then nodded, but quick Megan is angry said : on jiao Elder Brother Hai is really, comprehended any Cultivation Method at this time unexpectedly, frightened the person half dead, snort|hum several Elder Sister, when Elder Brother Hai came back, our together asked him to do accounts.” Laura one hear of Megan said that cannot help but teased said : well that we to press out to do Elder Brother Hai, I looked that in first was good by Sister Megan!” One hear of Laura said that Lizzy several people of jiao have smiled, Megan is actually the face one red, throws to look like Laura said : Laura Elder Sister, you dare to ridicule me.” Said makes threatening gestures throws toward Laura. A Laura scream, turn around runs, Lizzy they also in the one side join regiment at once in villa in great confusion. But outside is comprehending Cultivation Method Zhao Hai and don’t know, his xing luck must come! In Zhao Hai present mind, often flashes in Universe the stars of that boundless non- mark to flash before the [say / way] of Yin-Yang change, this Universe is by the Yin-Yang two material constitutions, therefore this world myriad things, have yin to have the positivity, this will be one will forever weigh the invariable theorem. Moreover by Yin-Yang Five Elements, by the Five Elements myriad things, comprised of Universe the myriad things, this is one by Jane Huafan in the from complex to simple process, is produces to state the entire Universe Law process. Similar to the Yin-Yang fish is the same, in yin has the positivity, positive brings yin, the Yin-Yang rotation is incessant, this is Universe unsurpassed Grand Dao. Zhao Hai in this most profound sensibility, how long don’t know stayed, he suddenly awoke to transfer, this awoke to turn around, Zhao Hai presently[ body] in Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula, deep several points, moreover utilization time flexible[ from] by, having at one's command smooth nature. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, to be honest he also really somewhat feared, if just he has immersed in that comprehension, possibly Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula can achieve Peak, when the time comes he muddled ascend, fortunately his prompt waking.

Zhao Hai looked at all around one, his all around although also has many Magic Beast, but these Magic Beast do not fear Zhao Hai probably, or their simply has not regarded the enemy Zhao Hai, some Magic Beast looked at Zhao Hai one, then handles own matter, could not see that a point must escape or the meaning of attack. Zhao Hai looked at these Magic Beast one, shows a faint smile, personal appearance flashes returned to in Space, but in returned to Space, the brow of Zhao Hai wrinkles, because he was still worrying for his ascend place. He has decided in Atlanta Continent there ascend, but Atlanta Continent there that unusual Law of the Heaven and Earth, most lets the Zhao Hai headache the place. Zhao Hai is thinking while entered Space Villa, as soon as he entered to a feast villa were shocked, Laura several people of tigers the face was standing in there, this made Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled. Does the appearance that he pretends to wither, to several people of said : several wife Sirs, what I make the mistake?” Laura their look at Zhao Hai type, could not bear want to smile, but several people think of their plan, has borne, Megan first stands said : „, Elder Brother Hai, you unexpectedly when our many entire don’t know, comprehend Cultivation Method outside, frightens us half dead, you said that should be punished?” Zhao Hai stares, but he is immediately/on horseback said : this, should, too should, several wives, how to punish me?” Megan snort|hum said : came with us.” Said that turns the head to walk toward the villa, but Zhao Hai looks at the direction that Megan walks, is two eyes one bright, direction that because Megan goes, is the underground room in villa, that Hot Spring room. Laura they also pretend the appearance of lawbreaker in detention person, detains Zhao Hai to walk toward the Hot Spring room, Zhao Hai at heart cannot help but one happy, he also looked, Laura they want to make him relax, will therefore find out such one hua move, he will certainly coordinate. ................................................ After several hours of corner/horn act game, Zhao Hai and Laura several people, lie down in the Hot Spring pond do not want, Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, but also is the ascend matter worries?” Zhao Hai sighed said : „, Atlanta Continent there Law of the Heaven and Earth was really too strange, I am know that now why the there person wanted ascend, must use ascend Magic Armor, did not need ascend Magic Armor not to have means ascend, but is to give my ascend Magic Armor now, I feared that was is also very difficult in there ascend, because I always felt, oneself very did not like there, don’t know.” What to do does Megan also frown said : that? Elder Brother Hai, can you really in here ascend? We are don’t know will go to there from here ascend, really what to do if meets ascend to Lu Wei there? Doesn't that deliver the extreme danger?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, if in God Realm here ascend, really will possibly be chased down by Lu Wei, but we protect oneself are not a problem, but I want in Atlanta Continent there ascend, no matter what to be much safer in there ascend.”

Does Lizzy frown said : Bruce Willis there not information about ascend Magic Armor? If his there has information about ascend Magic Armor, we to can try with ascend Magic Armor first, Elder Brother Hai, did you say?” Zhao Hai noddedthen forced smile said : issue is we do not have that many time, I have calculated, after just comprehension, I[ body] in energy in one time increased, so long as about two months accumulations, I ascend, otherwise only has been able to hide in Space does not exit, however two months of time, Bruce Willis feared that was is also very difficult to find the clue about ascend Magic Armor, this was I awkwardest place.” Megan said : suddenly Elder Brother Hai, I looked, or we directly go to Atlanta Continent there to snatch to consider as finished the Atlanta Continent there situation, we also know, their there Strongest, in Strongest with God Realm is the same, if we go to there to snatch, by our present strengths, put down Atlanta Continent not to be a problem. ” Zhao Hai forced smile said : considers as finished, you have forgotten God Realm here Atlanta Continent here ascend, compared with God Realm here must specially, if we go to there to snatch, but also has killed many people, may offend control Atlanta Continent plane that person, when the time comes our ascend comes up, feared that was must be chased down, why this was also I not to the reason that Atlanta Continent began. ” Laura oh said : I said that Elder Brother Hai you so have been polite to the Atlanta Continent there person, what originally thinks is this, um, really it seems like was unable with snatching otherwise might as well directly in God Realm here ascend, avoid also troubles, but wantsto fear that in Atlanta Continent here ascend is really not easy. ” Zhao Hai nodded, said : maliciously „is really not then good on I have to the flying idea time, I go to Atlanta Continent there, I to have a look, at that time, Atlanta Continent there Law of the Heaven and Earth also like the present. ” Meg suddenly said : that at this time had not spoken Young Master, why didn't you go to Atlanta Continent Magic Continent or Warrior Continent there have a look?” Zhao Hai does said : have difference? Isn't Atlanta Continent?” Megan smiles said :Young Master, Atlanta Continent is divided into three, Magic Armor Continent here ascend uses Magic Armor, their Warrior Continent and doesn't the Magic Continent person use ascend? Moreover in them Warrior Continent and Magic Continent with relationship of Magic Armor Continent are not quite good, is adding on Warrior Continent and Magic Continent person, may not drive Magic Armor, if they ascend, were naturally impossible to use Magic Armor ascend, if they did not use Magic Armor ascend, what thing that can use to come ascend? ” Zhao Hai one hear of Megan said that he one was shocked, to be honest, he has not thought of this point, he had thought that Atlanta Continent is overall Space, their Law of the Heaven and Earth should also be the same. Now by a Meg such saying, Zhao Hai one has been thought through, right, Atlanta Continent there may, not only has Magic Armor Continent, Warrior Continent and Magic Continent, these two Continent people like Ark Continent and God Realm there, are use Martial Skill and Magic, moreover these two Continent resisted these many years not to drop the wind with Magic Armor Continent, this explained that these two Continent Martial Skill and Magic also had his unique point. Moreover ascend, no matter in that Space, is considered that is the loftiest ideal, if Atlanta Continent there Warrior Continent and Magic Continent person, did not have ascend, but some Magic Armor Continent here actually person of ascend, some do that also people study Martial Skill and Magic? If that two Continent some people of ascend, they use certainly is not ascend Magic Armor, but is other thing, or directly carries on ascend, if is really such, that Zhao Hai issue has been solved, simply does not use worry anything. Zhao Hai laughs, rises with a spring from the Hot Spring pond, grasps Meg, from the sky flies round, Laura they have also smiled, their several are also intelligent the extremely person, the reminder of nature understand Meg means anything regarding Zhao Hai, they are also Zhao Hai happy.

Some little time Zhao Hai they walked out from the Hot Spring pond, several people sat in the living room, adjusted Atlanta Continent Magic Armor Continent there the screen. The scene on look at Magic Armor Continent, before Zhao Hai also fell tone said : „, the light is thinking here, actually two Continent forgetting , should go to two Continent not to have a look now.” Laura nodded said : Elder Brother Hai, now goes?” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, assigns out a Atlanta Continent overall map, has a look at that two Continent in there, then we in the past.” Cai'er has complied with one, has put on a set of maps the screen, this thunder map is not as before, takes in Space with Blood Staff, one point of ordinary map that but buys in Magic Armor Continent there, then through the scanning, puts in Space, therefore before this map cannot look like in Space map, can the broadcast of three-dimensional hologram, only be able to regard an ordinary map to enable to have. However Zhao Hai wants this stretch a map, does not want immediately to go to that two Continent, but must think that two Continent positions and area these basic information, then he has a look in that two Continent. Zhao Hai carefully looked at that stretch a map one, from this stretch a map can very clear sees the distributions of these three big pictures, these three Continent, in Atlanta Space, become the branches of triangle, leaves two Continent area, is not smaller than Magic Armor Continent, in Magic Armor Continent northeast a piece Continent is Warrior Continent, in Magic Armor Continent southeast side a piece Continent is Magic Continent, these three Continent distances are not very far, among also has many islands. Zhao Hai carefully observed, near that several that these three Continent are near if puts together together, but also almost can put together the a piece Continent appearance , of Zhao Hai on regarding Magic Armor Continent about these three Continent originally is the a piece Continent legend, to believes several points. Zhao Hai looked at three Continent one, deep voice said : we first went to Warrior Continent there to have a look, if there Law of the Heaven and Earth were the same with God Realm there, we did not need to be worried.” Laura nodded said : „, about two months, enough we Warrior Continent Magic Continent income to the Space map, so long as there Law of the Heaven and Earth suits ascend, that Elder Brother Hai you on these two Continent, looked for appropriate place ascend to be OK.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, must look for appropriate place ascend, the sound that ascend this matter makes is not certainly small, best finds an unvisited place, such has insured, ok, does not think that but also don’t know there Law of the Heaven and Earth suitable not suitable ascend, if there suits ascend, we are finding the place not to be late.” a.