Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1073
Chapter 1070 sweeps the dang center floating astronomy study literary show, clear(ly) space presents respectfully! ............................................................ big city that Shang Wucheng was on Warrior Continent becoming famous, this big city constructed according to completely, about 30 ten feets in height city wall, the thickness or was about ten zhang (3.33 m), moreover this city wall not with the ordinary thing construction, but used on Warrior Continent the one type of unique profound iron stone construction. The profound iron stone is the Warrior Continent here one type of quite common iron ore, the profound iron stone can refine the profound iron, but this profound iron was actually not treated in Warrior Continent here sees, because this profound iron compares with other steel and iron, almost does not have any merit, if one by one is only considered as on is special xing of merit, that is heavy! Profound iron that the profound iron stone refines, in the situation of same level volume, the weight is ten times of ordinary steel and iron, but profound iron no matter in strong xing on hard degree, cannot compare with the ordinary steel and iron, it can be said that existence of one type of weak, in Warrior Continent here, the profound iron was made very generally is used to hammer the Qi Refining strength attaches the heavy tool to use specially. However this type of profound iron stone and profound iron are different, the profound iron stone can be said as on Continent one of the hardest several Stone, when has not refined into the profound iron, the degree of hardness of profound iron stone on the no less than steel and iron, after refining profound iron, the degree of hardness of that profound iron instead to being inferior to profound iron stone, this is also the Warrior Continent here very puzzled place. However this profound iron stone actually constructs the city wall best material, even is manufacturing the weapon time in a Warrior clan, must have wants some join profound iron stones. On at the back of counter- fiery red Great Sword, warrior cloth, appearance can young man, is walking toward in the city from outside the city, appearance ten ordinary of this young man, what puts on is Warrior Continent here most common warrior cloth, but behind him that looks like Great Sword is not every. This person naturally is Zhao Hai, defends a city the Warrior look at Zhao Hai appearance, line of what movements, in Warrior Continent here, the full avenue have not been leading the weapon person, if not bring Warrior, to be will be very instead conspicuous. Zhao Hai looked at one still city wall of Wucheng, in the eye twinkling brightly, in this Stone his Space does not have probably, having the time must get so far as in Space this Stone some. Is thinking Zhao Hai while entered still Wucheng. Entered still Wucheng, Zhao Hai first looked for small restaurant, wanted several small side dish, wanted pot liquor, drank with flies in there, to did not have also nobody to pay attention to him, but the ear of Zhao Hai actually in listening all around to be eating the talks of restaurant these Warrior. Reason that Zhao Hai will run up to still Wucheng here to come, for must inquire well here information, must collect some Warrior Continent here Martial Skill practice method.

Listened to these Warrior to say did not have the words of what nutrition, Zhao Hai also to know such was useless, but he to knew some thing from these Warrior mouths, for example, Warrior Continent here, was everybody study literary, moreover in each city the bookstore, in this bookstore, you can see Warrior Continent here all foundation practice method, but some profound practice method, were actually must can study to some aristocratic families or the dojos to. The aristocratic family and dojo are the Warrior Continent important constituents, in Warrior Continent here, does not have the division of country, in each city, several aristocratic families or the dojos in managing this city, the army including city, come to control by the aristocratic family and dojo. Aristocratic family that as the name suggests, they are Great Clan that Warrior Continent here inherits, these Great Clan have their giving up study generally, giving up study of these aristocratic families, absolutely are not that simple thing, each type gives up study, is existences of very formidable. But the dojo is actually the institute of practicing martial art some Expert build, looks like the school is the same, in the city no matter the person after what family background, can go to the dojo to study, therefore the dojo is also various urban essential constituents. Knew these information were easy to do, Zhao Hai immediately paid up, from restaurant leave, walks toward the bookstore, in here, the bookstore is many, in these bookstores sells with the Martial arts related books, but the central bookstore in each city, is in that city, various Martial arts books most entire places, Zhao Hai naturally cannot go to other place, went to the central bookstore directly. Still Wucheng here central bookstore was very lordly, in the city the highest construction was the central bookstore, the entire bookstore was divided into ten layers, arrived at five layers is sells the book the place, in this five layers, you can buy any one type of Martial arts basic practice method. But six arrive at eight layers to buy book the place, if Warrior, in other where, obtains some Martial arts rare books, he practices besides himself, but can also attain here to sell, so long as the person by bookstore settled on, will give you a good price. But nine layers and ten layers, are actually a borrowing books place, the there book is not who can borrow, is not who can come up, between nine layers and ten layers, can the energy barrier protection, wants to enter nine layers and ten layers, must rush in energy barrier to be good. Zhao Hai arrived at the central bookstore, look at this huge construction, cannot help but a feeling, these three buildings were really not at heart small, on the markets of some big shapes compared with Earth is not bad. Zhao Hai calm entered in the bookstore, entered to bookstore Zhao Hai was shocked, this bookstore First Layer, had to deliver ten meters high raising-of-truss method, in this one layer, found at everywhere these rows of big bookshelves, on these bookshelves was going against the ceiling, below being near ground, but also had the feeling of one type of able to hold up the Heavens and support the Earth. Above entire this one layer has a such bookshelf, under each bookshelf, has wears the warrior cloth person to choose the books in there, looks like extremely busy.

Zhao Hai has swept person in the city, has not stayed in this one layer, but has arrived around staircase there, went upstairs following the staircase, has not stayed in former eight layers Zhao Hai, thing that here he has not needed, he in each nine layers, naturally he also has met directly that impediment in each nine layers staircase there, what that type is also cut off regarding Zhao Hai simply is not, very relaxed in Ninth Layer. The Ninth Layer here person must little, moreover nearby here several layers is different, in here bookshelf not that many, between the bookshelf and bookshelf also has the rest area, can rest in there well, reads. Zhao Hai transferred in the nine layers hall, outside bookshelves among fast entered the flying needle outside, making Cai'er record the book title on bookshelf, then he projected on the book that oneself needed, attained a remote uninhabited rest area to look. These books that Zhao Hai looks, is some introduction the book about high level Martial arts, besides these, records the miscellany of Warrior Continent here fresh unusual matter, such book in Warrior Continent here, but is rarely seen. Reason that Zhao Hai will read these high level Martial Skill books, must general understand, what Warrior Continent here Martial Skill is, strength how. But he reads these miscellanies, wants to have a look, whether inside has the content about ascend. Zhao Hai may , are not only reading, he release flying needle, has let fly in view of entire study room in all books to carry on the scanning, then must give Cai'er to reorganize, the division, Warrior Continent here after is specially the Martial Arts place, they also certainly have their unique point in the Martial arts practice, Zhao Hai want to know that their here Martial Skill practice has achieved any degree. Stayed a small little while in Ninth Layer, when flying needle there was easy to scan, Zhao Hai then received the flying needle, walked toward ten layers. He stays in nine layers here does not have the matter of means that between nine layers and ten layers have the barrier protection, if makes flying needle come, certainly will provoke the response of barrier, such he had possibility expose, therefore Zhao Hai came up. Short the stay in ten layers there Zhao Hai, after all books scanned, on leave study room, toward outside the city walked. Shang Wucheng was big city, the people who entered a city and goes out of town are many every year, will therefore also pay attention to Zhao Hai on nobody, several great families in original city note Zhao Hai, when they received about Zhao Hai information, Zhao Hai already to city returned to in Space. In the central bookstore in Warrior Continent each city, has the informers of this urban various aristocratic families, so long as there is in qualifications nine layers and ten layers person, these informers will look like various great families to report that must know can on nine layers and ten layers, has calculated Expert in Warrior Continent here, strange Expert arrives at in the city, naturally will cause the person to pay attention. Zhao Hai and don’t know these, the time that but he stays in central study room is not long, moreover quick on leave, waits for these Clan to receive information wants to look for his time, other people already in Space.

Zhao Hai returned to Space, immediately/on horseback to Cai'er said : Cai'er, what kind, how many books these does time receive in Space?” Cai'er immediately/on horseback said : returns to few of Young Master, various books of this income to Space has more than 10,000 volume, the book about Martial Skill has 10,000 volume, about other books, has more than 1000 volume.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, you reorganize these books, if some low level are not useful, direct processing, if a little use, remains, then makes the book, delivers to various academy to go, pays attention to with emphasis these high level Martial Skill books and these miscellanies, has a look thing that has us to need.” Cai'er complied with one to process, Zhao Hai then sat, Meg delivered one cup of herb tea to Zhao Hai, look at Zhao Hai has smiled said : Elder Brother Hai, your can tomorrow also go to Magic Continent there? Or also leads us to play?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : tomorrow I go am go to there to make some books to come back, do not have the time of too many playing, or you play, this several days I must have a look at these books well, looks for the information about ascend , can don’t know find.” Laura in side said : Elder Brother Hai, wants me to look that you did not use fee that many matters, directly grasping high level Warrior carried on, made into undead him, then asks that he was good, Magic Continent there also such processed, that was is not quicker.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Ok, I wanted ascend, did not think to kill people, read to consider as finished, research these books, while looked for the ascend place, Magic Continent there looked for one, Warrior Continent there looks for one, finally in there ascend, what information must have a look at these books to us to supply!” roa.