Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1074

.................................................................. Zhao Hai static standing on a desert island, this desert island is very far from Magic Continent, moreover in the route, in the island is not any thing does not have, only then pile of quarry stone and weeds, said with the sentence proverb that this is the place that a bird does not defecate. But ascend place that here actually Zhao Hai chooses, although here is very far from Magic Continent, but generally speaking, here turns over to the Magic Continent jurisdiction, not only this island leaves Magic big Lu Yuan, is far from Warrior Continent and Magic Armor Continent, is the desert island of being worthy of the reputation. Cannot be the supply point use like, in the island does not have any available material, does not have any available ore, such place, some simply not people. Zhao Hai after receives Magic Continent and Warrior Continent there books to Space, In using rest of the time in research must ascend on that Continent. Since Zhao Hai present, Magic Armor Continent with Magic Continent here Law of the Heaven and Earth is the different time, Zhao Hai knows that feared is in different place ascend, appears also meets in the Cultivation World there place is different, but he has chosen Magic Continent finally. Reason that Zhao Hai will choose Magic Continent , because Magician after all be less than Warrior, Lou Shi practice although also needs innate skill, but compares Magician, the practice of Warrior actually wants to be simpler, therefore quantitatively, Magician be less than Warrior. The when a thing is rare , it becomes precious, few thing are valuable, although Zhao Hai don’t know in Cultivation World there, Magician status how, but in his opinion, this Magician should be higher than the Warrior status. In adding on his normally is the appearance of Magic Robe and Magic Staff, moreover knew about Magic Continent here Magic through these days that Zhao Hai the Magic Continent here level, Magic Continent here Magic although was also very wonderful compared with these Magic that but comes out with Underworld there bored undead research, actually must fall far short, Zhao Hai has studied these undead Magic almost, Magic Continent here Magic naturally looks does not glance. look at bo Tao of Zhao Hai static standing on the desert island in the sea water that tumbles, at heart is actually somewhat moved, although he comes Atlanta Continent not long after, but no matter what, here is also interlinked with Ark Continent, Zhao Hai in the Ark Continent here rebirth, actually must forever leave here, probably say that now not moved that really deceived people at heart. Zhao Hai wants after leaving gong, in blowing well this sea breeze, breath here air well, because Zhao Hai felt, in two days, he[ body] in energy will accumulate to a critical point, so long as he also stays in here, meets ascend. Zhao Hai sighed, sitting cross-legged slowly sat, full was transferring Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula, to be honest after obtaining this Cultivation Method, besides in that time of Central Continent sensibility, Zhao Hai almost earnestly has not practiced this Cultivation Method, he has been making this Cultivation Method voluntarily was transferring. Zhao Hai sits in there, is actually analyzing own heart with own complete mind, he presently are really a timid person, reason that he does not practice Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula desirably, actually achieves ascend boundary for the late point, he wants to be many in here stays some time.

But reason that he such does \; first, because to here yearns for two is because he is afraid! He is afraid facing new environment, he feared that facing formidable Cultivator, perhaps he had not realized that this point this is only the behavior of his subconscious, because this therefore he did not have to practice Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula desirably. One presently own will have at heart really such idea, Zhao Hai at heart cannot help but inwardly shouted in shame, no wonder some people have said that in this world most does not understand your person, only then you, it seems like are really this. If he is not ascend, is analyzing itself with own complete mind, feared that will be not present this point, but now he present was not late, Zhao Hai immediately with own Divine Sense will be a sword, cut to massacre this fear. Before Zhao Hai has heard a few words, was called the bright sword to cut the emotions, he too did not understand these words were any meaning, but at this moment the meaning of his finally understand these words, when his Divine Sense achieved the perfectly round insightful place to be many, he can the tragic feeling his seven emotions six yu, he be able to feel his heart of hearts clearly,[ really] solid idea, because of this, therefore Zhao Hai without hesitation own Divine Sense sword, cut in oneself heart that silk to future frightened. Besides the sentiment of this fear, Zhao Hai with the sword of own Divine Sense, has also cut off in his heart all negative mood, he such does did not certainly mean that he from now henceforth in having the negative mood, in the reason heart, the sentiment will be lives by person bottom of the heart, you will be think that against will unable to defend, he will be only temporary these negative mood cutting off, after a period of time, these sentiment oaks has met appears . Reason that Zhao Hai will do such , because he must welcome the coming of ascend time with the best condition, when he to time of getting closer and closer ascend, he will always have some bewildered feelings, these feelings told him, in ascend, was not that safe, ascend also had the danger, if cannot maintain by oneself the optimum condition, that ascend might be defeated very much. If the ascend failure is the Magic Continent here native, that has dead Unborn, even if Zhao Hai feared that will be also seriously injured, Zhao Hai does not hope this. After Zhao Hai has cut off all negative mood, he felt that oneself unprecedented neatness, this type neat is not come from outside the body, but from[ body], making him feel comfortable from inside to outside. Not only comfortable, Zhao Hai felt that own mind was more insightful, in Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula some originally somewhat are jerky the place that does not pass, now also transfers freely. The bright sword cuts the emotions, called the bright sword to cut the emotions worthily! Slowly, centered on Zhao Hai energy whirlpool is forming a slowly, this energy whirlpool getting bigger and bigger, getting bigger and bigger, looked like from small tornado turns into giant tornado to be the same, was similar to the black hole same was swallowing all around energy. But equally is motionless like the rock in Zhao Hai of whirlpool center, but he does not feel better now, he felt that his all around Law of the Heaven and Earth to his repel getting bigger and bigger, the tremendous strengths, has pushed him to him push to this Space probably.

But at this time, in the Zhao Hai top of the head, accumulation slowly dark clouds, this dark clouds has been getting bigger and bigger, dark cloud in slowly appears a dodging Lou of faint trace, that lightning has been similar to the light snake same alternates in the dark cloud, probably momentarily is throwing, selects person to bite. Zhao Hai also felt that his head dark cloud, he stopped running Cultivation Method fiercely, one has stood, gains ground the dark cloud on look at top of the head he to know that this is the test of ascend. Zhao Hai does not dare to neglect, his hand inserted Blood Lotus Magic Staff to attain in hand, this Magic Staff underwent the multiple revision of Zhao Hai, now looked like became very attractive, the stick body of blood red , above was bringing ten constellations symbol, seemed like attractive and mysterious, entire Magic Staff altogether length three meters, two meters four were on the stick body stick every 20 centimeters distance, was bringing constellation symbol, but in going against there, was actually 60 centimeters blood red lotus, in lotus had seven root hua pistil entire lotus to be divided into ten eight layers, each one layer 18 hua petals, on each hua petal have small red ting to sell, that Little Bell along with breeze shaking gently, leaves the intermittent delightful sound. What Zhao Hai was taking is Staff, not long, only then more than one meter, with in hand very convenient, but this Staff above, if makes into lotus appearance not fantastic, with in hand uncomfortable , must therefore turn into Staff Magic Staff time, Zhao Hai the head of Staff, will turn into an appearance of skeleton. But this long Magic Staff, is actually Laura their together designs, Zhao Hai also agreed that three meters Magic Staff, is not short, but regarding Magician , is not very long. About three meters Magic Staff, has plenty Magician is taking, even some Magician will also make into four meters Magic Staff or is longer, for above Magic Staff, arranges a small shape Magic Formation, to facilitate oneself resist the enemy. However when Laura they design this Magic Staff, Zhao Hai actually felt how this thing saw how likely is Monk Staff that person of the Buddhist uses, but he has not said anything, this Staff may, not only Magic Staff, in adding on head that huge lotus, Zhao Hai can definitely regard Invisible Weapon to use him, before this weapon Zhao Hai, really checked on Earth, has the person to be used for this type of weapon, the name of weapon on calling, caltrop mace-like weapon! Naturally, Zhao Hai Magic Staff be more attractive than the caltrop mace-like weapon, Zhao Hai is taking Magic Staff, in look at sky more and more thick dark cloud, a face heaviness. His very clear, this is a pass/test that he does not evade, does not pass through this pass/test, his impossible ascend , he if hides in Space, this dark cloud will possibly diverge, so long as he comes out from Space, this dark cloud certainly in time appears . Zhao Hai[ body] in Gold Core revolved fully, each revolving will inhale massive energy to enter Zhao Hai from outside world[ body], but Zhao Hai[ body] in Dao Lotus, is revolving gently, this Dao Lotus will rotate every time one time, Gold Core inspiration these energy will obtain the further compression, was being operated according to a very mysterious route by Dao Lotus slowly, so that Zhao Hai momentarily can oppose the enemy with this energy. Zhao Hai stands in there, in hand is taking Magic Staff, motionless, the wind of his head by whirlpool, was blown slightly raises, however his two eyes, actually motionless is staring at the dark cloud on top of the head, is waiting for the arrival of test. Laura they in Space tight is staring at that dark clouds, they are being Zhao Hai were worried, but they also know that this dark clouds are the test on Zhao Hai, they busily cannot add on. Karen that not only Laura they, Green they in look at outside situation, too did not care about to outside matter is also paying attention to the here situation.

The dark cloud in quick sky accumulated a certain degree, hears hōng lóng lóng a loud sound, huge lightning, chops toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at that said lightning, coldly snorted, in hand Magic Staff at one fell swoop, radiance of tea projected from Magic Staff, this yellow light projected from Magic Staff, immediately in airborne fast was absorbing energy, before long yellow War Hammer on appears in airborne, toward that said that lightning welcomed. This escapes from Magic Staff the sledgehammer of yellow , gives people one type of to be very heavy, the attack strength very strong feeling, puts in order the sledgehammer yellow light twinkle, looks like looks like casts by the gold, only blinks, the sledgehammer welcomed lightning. Boom! a loud sound, in the head of Zhao Hai, was similar to put fireworks same blew out fire hua, waited for fire hua to diverge, the sledgehammer and lightning completely vanished. However this has not ended, after the flame diverges, second lightning chops, Zhao Hai Magic Staff these time in one time has emitted one group of purple radiance, that radiance in airborne fast has composed a big shield, this big shield to the person the one type of sincere incomparable feeling, that lightning chops on the shield, the good entire earth in shivering to be the same. However after lightning vanishes, that big shield miracle ting, Zhao Hai in hand Magic Staff continually has actually wielded, the below of a streak of golden light present surface big shield, is together blue , is together cyan light, is together the purple light, is golden light, is blue light, is cyan light, these radiance have composed giant stick same thing unexpectedly slowly, but this stick thing, from big shield, continuously to the small island land, and thorough under about hundred meters. This stick just formed, third lightning has shot, the big shield collapsed finally, but that lightning in front of the energy stick several ray of light that also after crushing Zhao Hai has made, completely vanished. After three lightning, fourth lightning immediately has divided, this Zhao Hai did not have the time in Magic, his in hand Magic Staff, Magic Staff was turning into large Glaive at one fell swoop instantaneously, a detachment of Zhao Hai blade on toward that lightning. That looks like Might infinite lightning, dividing to disperse by this blade in airborne, but lightning to the Zhao Hai setup time, fifth lightning has not actually divided, Zhao Hai wanted change the maneuver at this time already without enough time, however his body in instantaneously on Crystallization, hardly has actually met this lightning to strike, although lightning strikes the personal appearance Zhao Hai in a flash, Zhao Hai has not actually dropped down, his in hand Magic Staff instantaneously was also turning into 100 big shields, keeps off in his above. The big shield just lifted, sixth lightning has divided on the shield, the big shield gently shivered, does not have any change, then seventh lightning, eighth lightning, ninth lightning chops, compares together quickly, compares together fiercely, but the big shield of that blood red , is only shivering was fiercer, actually still ting past. After nine lightning, the dark cloud of space also slowly used, Zhao Hai then turned into the Magic Staff appearance Blood Staff, after the dark cloud dispersed completely was static, together more than ten meters, about three meters wide Space rift appears in sky, then a huge suction toward cracking Lou Li blotted Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai presently the present powerfully cannot cause, that suction was too big, the qualifications of his rebel, had not been attracted going on one under by the crack. After waiting for Zhao Hai to enter the crack, crack vanishes instantaneously, all belong to calm, just in this Space, was not having Zhao Hai this person! a.