Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1075

.................................... After dazzling white light, Zhao Hai has opened the eye slowly, four size up stares, among him presently however in in the room, but this in the room also some people! This is a very big room, entire room more than thousand square meters, fully about ten meters high, room the day hua board of wall also has the floor, is flashing all over the body the metal same bright silver gloss. Obviously, this room, no matter wall, is a ceiling, is by made of metal, in these metals, is carving very mysterious Magic Formation, these Magic Formation superimpose mutually, looks like mysterious incomparable, but if one understood that the Magic Formation person, sees these Magic Formation, feared that will be immediately will sink mi in, because these Magic Formation were really extremely in abstruse. This room very spacious, entire thousand square meters in the room, completely empty, is standing several people besides side, in not any thing. Zhao Hai looked at that several people of one, that several people are Magic Robe, this Magic Robe that ten nose ancient styles, covered the whole person in inside, in their side, was putting Magic Staff, but this Magic Staff Magic Staff is different from he has seen, this Magic Staff unexpectedly was entire made of metal. In Zhao Hai look at that several person times, suddenly that several people walked toward him, Zhao Hai moves, Blood Staff appears in in his hand, look at that several that he decides, face prepares. However Zhao Hai also notes, after here, energy between here Heaven and Earth, compared with Atlanta Continent there in many, do not say Atlanta Continent there can't compare with, even if Underworld there can't compare with and here Law of the Heaven and Earth, does not repel regarding Zhao Hai, the feeling that this type does not repel, Zhao Hai very long had not felt. However the Zhao Hai attention on the body of that several Magician in this in the room Magician altogether five, Zhao Hai has swept with spiritual force, he presently on these five Magician actually does not have any energy bo to move, does not have any life bo to move, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat stare. At this moment that several Magician have arrived at the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai then presently, the bodies of these Magician are bringing the numberplate, but unexpectedly what the number on this numberplate uses is the Arabic numerals. And brings that Magician of No. 1 numberplate to make noise said : hello, ascend comes Magician Expert, welcome you to arrive at machine to ask you to come with us.”

The sound that she spoke was the female voice, this sound very gentle, very gentle, but Zhao Hai from this sound, has not actually felt a human spirit, not only did not have the human spirit, but also has been full of a metal combination tone flavor. Zhao Hai definitely, these Magician are not the genuine person they are only some robots! although has thought of this point, but Zhao Hai or deep voice said : thanks.” Said that walks toward the room outside with that several robot Magician. However makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, this room does not have the gate, does not have the window, looks like looks like a square iron box this makes Zhao Hai cannot help but feel strange, he really wants to know, they must from there leave this room. This is also Zhao Hai now present, because just in the room very bright, therefore he has not noted this room not to have the gate not to have the window, reason that now he notes this room so will be bright, is because this room, no matter four sides the wall also good day hua board and floor, are unfolding flickering white light this white light very gentle, is not dazzling. Zhao Hai arrived at a wall there this wall with that robot has looked like with several other hundred wall not any differences, saw No. 1 robot Magician, put out a hand on the wall on that numerous Magic Symbol to press several, then that several Magic Symbol have shone, then on that wall, suddenly appears Dao Sect, this Dao Sect appears ten points suddenly, how Zhao Hai has not noted to him is to come out. This is can accommodate two parallel through the gate, the gate is not big, No. 1 robot Magician turns the head to hand signaled said : that Zhao Hai has made invitation respect Magician mister, please.” Zhao Hai nodded, walked from the gate, in this came out Zhao Hai to be shocked, because he came out from that station, arrived at a room unexpectedly, but this room was different from just that room. This room is not very big, only then more than hundred about square meters, the wall of room seems like pieces Stone builds, in the top of room, a style very ancient hanging lamp, this hanging lamp is comprised of iron chain and iron discs, looks like strong/sturdy, hanging lamp above is putting fluorescent stones, emits the white fluorescence. The ground upper berth of room one layer thick carpet, is stepping on very comfortably, those who most make Zhao Hai pay attention, this in the room suspended five giant bookshelves, on the bookshelf has been chocking up the books, but these books looked like have not moved for a long time had been same.

Is placed a table in the innermost in room, table behind is sitting a person, this person nose lies on the table rests, fell asleep evidently probably. Zhao Hai felt that from the body of this person a very formidable strength, this strength is he is unprecedented, even if at his present level, runs into this person, share that also is failed. Five robot Magician were bringing Zhao Hai before the table, No. 1 robot open the mouth and said: mister, today Magician mister ascend to machine, asking mister to register.” That person has groaned they, sitting slowly straight body, then stretched oneself said : „is really, big evening's does not let person quiet a while.,... Said that took up a goose on table to smile, looked at Zhao Hai said :name, from that plane, Magician of what department?” Zhao Hai look at this Magician appearance, cannot help but knitting the brows head of gently, but he is said : „below Zhao Hai, from Atlanta Continent, below is Magician.” Was saying Zhao Hai while careful is sizing up this Magician, this Magician year diameter seems like not small, the beard hua was white, black Mage robe, is the knitting the brows eyebrow, and beard is in great confusion, the appearance is really not much. What that old Magician takes goose feathers to smile writes on the table directly, but heard Zhao Hai to say he was is Magician time, his pen cannot help but stopped, then gained ground look at Zhao Hai, gently frowned said : you saying that you were all are Magician?” Zhao Hai actually attracted by his pen and table, to present Zhao Hai present, old person in hand that quill pen was not the genuine quill pen, that pen tip there simply did not have the ink, instead to like the ji light, very beautiful. But the table of that table, although normally looks like wooden, but Zhao Hai just paid attention, that simply is thing of one like touching rub screen, light falls to that screen that on the pen tip shoots, can write above directly. One hear of old Magician asked that his words, Zhao Hai one recovers, he nodded said : „, below is one is Magician.” Old Magician two eyes one bright, smiles said : well, is very good, you use two Magic to make me have a look.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he looked at all around one, turns the head „the present to put to old Magician said :?” The old Magician look at Zhao Hai appearance, smiles said : to put, do not use the too big shape Magic to be OK.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he to does not oppose such to do, in his opinion, this should be one type of tests to teach, his left hand light waving, one group of small tornados on appears in his control, this group of winds are similar to beautiful Elf, in his control gently is swaying from side to side, drills in his referring to seam, looks like a mischievous child, is playing the game to be the same in there. This has not ended, then in Zhao Hai the control of right hand appears small Fireball, this Fireball was also rolling in in his hand, then Zhao Hai throws toward the left hand on Fireball, that Fireball appears in side of that group small tornado, Fireball, one group of tornados, mutually is pursuing in there. Then the right hand of Zhao Hai appears water ball mi, he as usual lost water ball to the left hand on, after appears stone blocks, is white black two air masses, after waiting for Magic appears of six departments, they flew, is centered on the body of Zhao Hai, is revolving, looks like several mischievous children is gathering round own father to create a disturbance to be the same. Demonstrated here, Zhao Hai also knows similarly, he drank one lightly, these six Magic element immediately vanished in the air, Zhao Hai then look at old Magician said : mister, did you look to be OK?” look at Zhao Hai that old Magician two eyes shines, nod said : „, has been OK again and again, you wait / etc..” Said that takes the quill pen completely, on table fast writes, some little time he puts down the quill pen, then nearby suddenly of table spits a paper, old Magician takes the paper, looked at the content on paper, nodded, gives Zhao Hai said : this you to take, will then rest with them first, tomorrow some people will look for you in the morning, leading you to go to a place, to there you knows all that you want to know.” Zhao Hai received that sub- to look at one, on that paper writes is some[] country character, but is the traditional form, but content Zhao Hai can look, the content on that paper has relationship with him, nothing but is he came from that plane, his name, he is that is Magician, has some appraisals. Also let alone, that old Magician is really not low regarding the appraisal of Zhao Hai, above writes Zhao Hai is being is Magician, and has reached the higher level regarding Magic control, suggestion key training. Sees here Zhao Hai at heart cannot help but a forced smile, he in Atlanta Continent there is Expert extremely, but in here, writes unexpectedly is wanting key training, this is makes him somewhat not know whether to laugh or cry. However Zhao Hai actually does not dare to have the slight disaffection, because he felt, that old Magician strength, is not only weaker than him, if he dares to have anything to be discontented, that old Magician feared that did not mind teaches his, where before has not clarified here is, he does not dare to act unreasonably. a.