Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1076

........................................................................... Old Magician looked Zhao Hai moves motionless also takes that paper to look, knows he in thinking anything, old Magician chuckle said : young man, goes to rest well, was just this wants ascend to a machine person, you can ascend, this explain that you are you in plane Strongest, but to machine, you also just crossed the threshold, went, rest well, some tomorrow person belts you a place, in there you on know you want to know all.” Zhao Hai one hear of old Magician said that he received the paper hastily, to old Magician respectful gave a salute said : was, thanked the Old Gentleman direction.” Said that Zhao Hai turned the head to walk with that five robot Magician. To Zhao Hai leave, old Magician nod of gently, muttered said : rarely, is Magician, does not have the proud mood, in the future will certainly be able to develop one's ability to the full.” Said that old Magician has had a yawn, lay on the table, muttered said : to hope that these fellows can train become a useful person him.” Hears final sound getting lower and lower, probably fell asleep. Zhao Hai with that five robot Magician leave the room, upward one layer walked, Zhao Hai has swept all around one with own spiritual force, presently the here building material possibly is made of the special material, can isolate Divine Sense of person unexpectedly, his Divine Sense could not search unexpectedly. Saw this situation, Zhao Hai cannot help but has been careful, his Divine Sense very formidable, but compared with general Magician don’t know formidable many times, even if were this, his Divine Sense could not search, obviously material of this building use how special. Did not play saying that old Magician strength, on the light was this building material, no matter in Atlanta Continent there or Underworld there, did not have appears , was adding on these five robot Magician, Zhao Hai to this machine feel curiously. But the Zhao Hai most curious place lies, his ascend place unexpectedly is not Cultivation World, but is machine, this is he had not heard plane, Lu Wei that Remnants Soul did lie? Is impossible, at that time he by Space surrendering, is impossible to lie? That because of him in Atlanta Continent here ascend, therefore his ascend place is not Cultivation World, but is machine. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but somewhat regretted, if knows one meet ascend to this place, perhaps he will not run up to Magic Continent there to go to ascend, but in God Realm there ascend, he returned have some understanding to Cultivation World after all, but regarding this machine, he is an understanding does not have. However changes mind thinks that he somewhat rejoiced, from today's here situation, here regarding receiving Ascender not very strangely, moreover probably also has own one set of reception system, this is the extraordinary matter, this explained that here received, not only Ascender, that in other words, this plane strength, truly is also higher than Magic Continent there, wants to come not to compare Cultivation World to be bad to that.

At the same time is thinking these, that five robot Magician received room in front of the door in building Zhao Hai, Magician mister of No. 1 robot Magician respect to Zhao Hai said :, please go in the rest, several of us will wait for outside, if you have any need, please freely tell.” Zhao Hai one recovers, he after that several robot Magician expressed gratitude, turns the head to push the door, but sees the door plate, Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, because in that house number is writing four Arabic numerals 2 o 46! Sees these four characters, the feeling that some Zhao Hai cannot help but one type of do not know whether to laugh or cry, good, this arrived at the 2 o 46 number to come, ok, had a look, this room had any different places. Shaking the head of gently, pushed the door to enter the room, Zhao Hai also knows that this was a coincidence, he now some Earth plots. This is an ordinary room, the room is divided into two to enter, a small living room, inside is a bedroom, between the living room and bedroom, Dao Sect, that Dao Sect is opening, Zhao Hai looked that in one looks, is the bathroom. Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile, has not cared, walks toward the bedroom. In the bedroom very ordinary, does not have any special place, a netg gate cabinet, on a netg cabinet is putting Gu Lin a hanging lamp, very ordinary. Zhao Hai has gawked, but he has not cared, but has arrived on netg, let out a long breath, called Cai'er in mind, Cai'er immediately. One hear of Cai'er, Zhao Hai then feel relieved, he in mind Cai'er to Cai'er said :, today I have not been accordingly able to enter Space, you do not need to be worried that I feared this in the room will have the surveillance, waits after a period of time, when I had understood after this plane situation, was saying that you do not need to be worried.” Cai'er crisp complied with one, Zhao Hai this stopped with her communicate, sat cross-legged to sit on netg rests. But what Zhao Hai don’t know is, he had not decided that enters Space is right, because in this place building, each room will be monitored. In Zhao Hai enters to the 2 o 46 number room, his situation was known, knows his complete material at once machine vibrated. Zhao Hai just came machine and don’t know, machine here regarding from Lower Realm Ascenders, looks after, because Lower Realm Spiritual Qi and machine spleen here difference many times, but practices oneself in Lower Realm to the ascend situation person, is the rare talent characters, such person, to machine here, so long as training well, will be will move a side in the future Expert.

Naturally, this must think you whether diligently, after all Ascenders, when Lower Realm are extremely talented, but to machine here is only ordinary one, some people cannot bear the change of this status, henceforth digs dispiritedly, vanishes however in the people. Some people arrived at machine here, was been more mysterious than much the huahua world to attract Lower Realm by machine this, since is considering only the amusement, was not having the heart of progress, is naturally impossible to mature. But place that Zhao Hai is at now, machine here specifically is used to receive the Ascender place, machine here control Lower Realm plane and being not infrequent, almost will have some Lower Realm person ascend to come to machine here every year, the person but who can mature truly was few, although they are the talents, because of this and that reason, finally became ordinary is not wonderful. However receives the place that ascend strikes in this specially, actually room very special, this room is the 2 o 46 room! The entire Ascender reception tower, besides the one layer staff member room, two arrives at eleven layers to the occupying position place that Ascender provides, altogether 100 rooms, above eleven layers are the staff member rooms. In machine here, eastern Ascenders, not necessarily 100, moreover they live in one in here late leave, therefore these 100 rooms, the majority of time are emptying, general time, are responsible for giving to register ascend staff Magician, will give the ascend staff assignment room, this room at will does not assign. The assignment of room with according to ascend staff aptitude decided that apportions your room to be higher, that represents your aptitude to be better, conversely, assigns to your room is lowest, represents your aptitude to be worse, but the Zhao Hai room in second floor, should be the worst room, but the 2 o 46 number room is actually an exception. the 2 o 46 number room, receives inside tower in ascend staff, has very special status. Must say that the 2 o 46 room does not have anything most from the beginning specially, is only an ordinary room, but one day he changed, Magician that comes up from Lower Realm ascend, he is referred to as aptitude is low, without any future, therefore was divided the 2 o 46 room, but has not thought that he has actually created miracle, finally becomes machine famous Expert, in his old age, he sits the ascend staff reception tower finally, but each by the person who he settles on, by minute to the 2 o 46 room, but all was helped the room the minute to 2 o 46. The person, became moves a side finally Expert, but this person, returned to ascend staff received inside tower finally, but person who they elect, finally became Expert, therefore, ascend staff receives inside tower slowly, has formed an unwritten custom, all the 2 o 46 number in the room person, is future Expert that is favored. Therefore all ascend come, is occupied by the person in 2 o 46 room, will be paid attention, but Zhao Hai and don’t know these, he defers to the arrangements of these robot Magician, has been admitted to the 2 o 46 number room. But at this time, the Zhao Hai image, passed to in hand of machine all influences, all the people of influence noted Zhao Hai this person.

Zhao Hai continuously in the room practice, but he somewhat is a little strange, he regarding energy is very sensitive, therefore his very clear, he just when that all was made of metal in the room, energy between Heaven and Earth may not have to be big in this in the room, although here Law of the Heaven and Earth was the same, but among Heaven and Earth the energy intensity, was actually the lane very big change. Zhao Hai although is somewhat puzzled, but he has not expressed that old Magician said that some tomorrow people will lead him to go to a place, all his puzzled matters, will have the result to there, therefore Zhao Hai had not asked. To a new place, maintained the low key must, therefore Zhao Hai thought that continuously performance very low key, but this generation of accents, have aroused the interest of that old Magician, therefore old Magician will give Zhao Hai the 2 o 46 number room abundantly. If Zhao Hai knows that old Magician is because this has given him the 2 o 46 room, his don’t know should cry or should smile. He is careful fortunately, has not entered to Space, otherwise, he biggest secret feared that wanted expose. But when Zhao Hai don’t know, his all materials have arranged at the table-top of major influences, these big influences see Zhao Hai are Magician of entire department, they paid attention. Before Zhao Hai, energy that when God Realm there, they use, can[ from] by the transformation Magic energy and Battle Qi energy, in Magic Continent there, these energy, are however impossible to transform Battle Qi energy, but Zhao Hai present this point, is not short in the Magic Continent there dull time because of him. a.